Pros and cons of getting your tubes tied?

I’ve never been sorry.

Every pain and bad period I’ve had since my tubes removal is MORE than worth it.
One child is definitely enough for me. Best decision I ever made.

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I’ve had my tubes tied for 16 years now (I had them tied when I had my youngest via section) and have had no issues at all. I don’t even cramp with my periods now. The healing process with the c section and tubal ligation was easier, recovery wise than my other 2 natural births.

2 years ago! My pain is worse and I bleed heavy. I am glad for no more babies but I really hoped it would help with the periods and it has not. Pain associated is far worse.

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Over 10 hrs now…no issues what so ever…everyone is diff tho!

To each his own. Had it over 50 years ago. Best thing i ever did.

Amber Nicole Walters

I had mine done after 2 babies. I knew that I personally could not afford to have more, as I also have a disabled husband and that 2 + him would be more than enough for me to handle being the only able-bodied adult in the house. I was right lol. So I got my tubes tied. Sometimes, now that my children are 8 & 10, I wish maybe I hadn’t, so that I could have the chance to have one more, but I think that’s just the strange part of my brain that enjoyed being pregnant. lol. If you feel it’s the right decision for you, go for it. It was the right choice for me.

I had mine cut and not burnt because of some traumas I was going through and I regret the… out of it. But my mom had it done after she had my brother she had to hers cut and burnt and she never regretted it. There is nothing anyone can do to help you make this decision for yourself you asking for people’s experiences is just going to traumatize you

Best decision I’ve made.

Best thing I ever did or I would have had 11 babies like my mum I had 3 that was enough

Go girl u won’t look back,take control

I had my tubes removed during my c-section a week and 2 days ago. I’m sore, more sore than my last c-section, but other than that I don’t see any issues with them being removed. My doctor told me the reason I’m more sore this go round was because it’s my 2nd c-section and the tubal combined just make it a little more sore than a regular 1st time c-section.

Did mine 6 yrs now, best decision… Op was a little soar 2-3 says recovery

It didn’t bother me a bit. They go in through the belly button,two stitches.

Have them removed. Same process and healing time with no chance of tying back together.

My procedure went very well. I’m nearly 2 years post and I have very predictable periods. 4 days long and only one heavy day. Minimal to no cramping.

Following. I’m pregnant now and will have a scheduled c-section. Debating having the tubal at the same time.


I got mine done a little over 4 yrs ago after my 4th via c-section and I don’t feel any different than I did before

I had twins and had a c section, so I could get my tubes tired at the same time. I have had no issues.

Had it done over 16 years ago. It was sore for 2 or 3 days. Two tiny cuts. Havent had a problem since

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So glad I did it. Piece of mind is a wonderful thing to have!

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I had mine tied when I had my last C-section. Best decision I made. No recovery time separate from my c-section, don’t have to worry about birth control, my periods are more regular than ever. The time hasn’t changed…mine are still 6 days long with 2-3 days heavy. But otherwise easiest decision I made!

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I have had mine done a little over a year. I got mine done when I had my csection. Only thing is my ovulation time is when I hurt the worse

Not sure if this is a pro or a con, but my periods have been shorter but much heavier. So instead of 5-7 of “normal” (normal to me anyway) bleeding, I now have 2 days of much heavier bleeding and worse cramps, but then it’s gone by day 4.


14 years post op now wish I didn’t do it messed up periods badly nothing is regular spot for a week then heavy a week every month starts randomly as well wouldn’t suggest tubal ligation to anyone

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I had mine done after i almost died having my youngest in 2010 best choice i made. I have painful cramps sometimes other than that no major problems

I had my banded last month, super easy surgery and easy recovery. Having them cut and tied has a higher fail rate than having them banded. But it feels awesome to not have worry any longer.

Had mine done years ago but still have my Ovaries then had a Hysterectomy best ever decision x

I havnt but i know a few who did. Know of at least 4 who still got preg after.

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I had mine, cut, tied & burned☺ nothing getting through there😃 i did spot randomly after the surgery for about a year after. It did go back to normal though. Recovery wasnt bad from surgery and you can no longer see any scars.

Had a tubal done almost a year ago!! Best decision ever!! But i still have periods haha i didn’t have a period for 4 years prior to having my tubes removed so i find my period still trying to regulate. I love not having to worry about taking birth control or having another baby :heart: my belly button scar is more gnarly than it was because ive had surgery through my belly button before my tubal

I had mine done after my second born in 1983; cut, tied and burned. Never had a problem. :+1:

Do they still “tie” tubes anymore? They took mine completely out. No chance of them ever coming “untied” as they are removed. It’s been a year and I haven’t noticed one bit of difference. 5 babies and 5 c-sections—have to stop some time😜

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I had my tubes removed because my doctor said it was the way a lot of doctors to it now a days.

Had my tubes tied in 1978. Immediately started having outrageously heavy periods, 2- 3 weeks out of each month. Diagnosed with post tubal ligation syndrome. Wound up having to have a hysterectomy. Not a good experience for me.

Had mine done 3 years ago. The only con was my sides were extremely sore for a week after. I had it done the same time as my C-section.

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Pro my kids are grown and I can relax :joy: mine have been tied 18 years now con I get syst on my overies and heavy lifting can cause them to burst :dizzy_face: pro my periods are 3 days long con they are heavy and the syst make them hurt worse pro I can do what I want con I still don’t sleep at night cause now I have a whole new set of worries with 4 grown kids living so far apart I can’t get to them all fast enough if I needed to

My periods Have been way way way worse since having my tubes done. Like large blood clots. 3 Heavy days in a row. Lots of spotting before. Tons of cramping when i ovulate too!!!


Had mine tied and cut at 42, never had a period again, took me into me menopause

I had mine burned and the dr did advice me that i could have heavy periods which it happened not only that but the cramps you get when your on your period and when your ovulating are the worst thats the only bad thing for me

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Had mine clamped 2 weeks ago. So far so good :heartbeat: was sore for like 3 days (5/10 on pain) and some pain from then filling stomach with air ( 8/10 on pain scale)

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Best decision of my life. Surgery was easy to recover from and I have no regrets.

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I got mine done after my second son when I was 21 I’m 49 never had any problems

I’ve had mine done for 5 years now! I’ve had a couple other surgeries and i felt this one was more painful recovery wise but never had problems since

Have mine cut and burned they did it after I had my last baby in 2017, recovered well and have had no issues, I also did it as I was done having kiddos!! Just please make sure it is what u want, sometimes I have 2nd thoughts about why I did it, but I know it was for the best!!

I bleed for maybe 2 days NEVER had cramps or issues… got my tubes tied bleeding lasts 5-8 days now, cramps so bad they make me sick… I ended up with multiple procedures to try and stop and control it… im now also on birth control pills to control the bleeding and cramping… REGRET IT EVERY SECOND!!

Obviously not everyone has this happen bit personally I wish I never did it.


Mine went good at the age 22

Also following, after i have this baby (31 weeks with baby #3) I plan on having my tubes tied and its definitely what I want lol

I had mine done 4 yrs ago. I needed an emergency csection with my daughter and we knew we were done having kids so I had them do it while I was still open. Healing time takes quite a while, can’t lift anything over 5lbs for a while too (it was hard for me cause my son was almost 2yrs old and I’m a stay at home mom with little help). My scar still feels funny, not quite numb but I don’t have full feeling where it is, it’s a weird sensation, and can hurt if my pants sit on it. You will still get your period but there are birth control options to help with that. We have not had any pregnancy scares or anything like that but I’ve heard that it can happen

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I had mine cut and burned and went home and was back to my normal routine the next day no issues. No pain or anything. Best decision I ever made.

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I had it in 2007 no issues

Had mine done 5 years ago. Not one regret. The only minor side affect I got from it is now my periods are 5 days instead of 3. And recovery sucked a lot more than everybody lead me to believe.

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I had a tubal ligation after my 3rd, and last, c-section on 6/18/2019. I was definitely crampy for a few weeks afterward, more than I remember being with my previous 2 c-sections but my doctors warned me to expect that. My periods have been lighter and shorter the last few months, but now I’m gaining weight (which is probably more due to quarantine…) but my docs said that is also a side effect. Otherwise, I feel fine, no issues.

I actually had mine removed after my last baby since then my periods are super light

Had mine done two years ago and on birth control to control bleeding and cramps.

Had mine done in 2014. Super easy recovery. In and out surgery. No problems!

I had mine done 15 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Had no problems at all and recovery was a breeze. I even went to the club the 2 days later (didn’t do much dancing but still felt good enough to go out).

Following bc I’m having mine done as soon as the twins are born. 4 kids are enough for me.

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I had mine removed, healing time was less then a week

I just had mine tied when I had my daughter in April. So far, no additional side effects. I have not had a menstrual cycle yet so I cannot honestly say if that has changed at all.

Had mine 19 months ago during my repeat cesarean section. No issues

Best money I have ever spent

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Does this effecct hormones and moods?

Not sure of the age of a person asking this question but I would just get an IUD. This is the second IUD I’ve had. No periods. No cramps. Nothing. Seems better than going under the knife, so to speak. Yes it needs to be redone every 3 to 5 years but it’s not totally permanent just in case you change your mind or life changes.


I had mine removed. Recovery time was basically nothing, and I had a hernia repaired at the same time. My periods are much worse now, though.


My only con- I was on birth control for so long It hid most of my symptoms of my stage 3-4 endometriosis. It’s rough some months. 1.5 years later my dr and i are still trying to figure out my best option for treatment

15 years later and I have had zero issues with my tubal ligation and I was 22 years old when I had my surgery

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Best thing ever!!! Had my tubes tied 22 years ago. No more birth control. Woohoo!

Mines are clamped I feel some pain in the are when I move in a tight position . But I think the only reason is I’m overweight. But have normal periods.

I had mine done during my c-section for my last child. Recovery was a little harder, but not bad. I was older (41) and after the tubal, my periods were extremely heavy. I eventually had a procedure to fix the bleeding because it was so bad. Other than that, no regrets.

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Had mine cut out and burned (also removed a tone of cysts) after 3 pregnancies, 2 kids. Both c-sections. Didn’t have a period for 2 months. My first period was extremely heavy and lasted a full week, intense cramps. My periods since then (youngest is 1) they’ve lasted about 5 days, the first two being kinda heavy and crampy, the rest being normal.

I’m 72 and one of the first ones to have it done in this area. Never have regretted it one bit.
They didn’t want to do it because I was still in my 20’s,but I had 2 kids and didn’t want any more. They said it was 98 per cent a sure thing of not getting pregnant…good enough for me. Only had 2 small incisions. Sure things have changed since then though.

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Had my tied and burnt…recovery wasn’t bad but I developed really bad periods and pain that I had never had before but the doctor also said my uterus has “lived it’s fullest life” :joy:

Had mine done in 2016. My dr told me there was a small percentage that have heavier periods at first and possibly more cramping. My cycles were a little heavier the first few months and then have been fairly the same as before the procedure. Some achiness a few days after surgery but a quick recovery. I did have severe gas/air buildup in my abdomen for two days and that was terrible and scary but they assured me it was “normal” for some. Just be sure this is what you want for it is a permanent thing so to say. Or real expensive to reverse and sometimes not a guarantee that it can be undone.

I had my tied and clamped last year after needing an emergency c section with my 4th baby was my only c section so unsure of pain as had to recover from both. Recovery was long and hard lifting my 11 and ½lb baby, periods are heavier than my usual heavy ones but on time every month and only lasts between 4-7 days. For me that’s great because regular periods have never been my friend, everyone is different but something I don’t regret yet and no more contraceptive :blush:

Had mine tied and had really heavy and painful periods after. Eventually had a partial hysterectomy, still have my ovaries recovery was quick with both.

Recovering was rough for me. Was so painful to move cuz I use my stomach muscles more than I realized. My periods are alot heavier but only for the first two days. Plus side is not having unplanned pregnancies lol. But there are times where I wish I didn’t get it done cuz I want one more and other times I’m glad cuz there’s no way I could handle one more child lol.

Well I had 3 boys with my ex and we decided that was enough kiddos. We ended up divorced a year after my youngest was born and I couldn’t have any more children but he could. Granted that wasn’t the plan but that’s what happened.

Following; scheduled for mine next week! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I had mine done the day after giving birth since i had a vaginal birth. I have absolutely no regrets. I was going to be in discomfort anyways from child birth. I had 1 little incision in my belly button.

Had heavy periods. No regrets though.

I had my tubes removed at age 26. Don’t regret it. Recovery wasn’t bad and was back to work full time after a week off. Periods are heavier, but that’s comparing it to a period while on birth control which was basically nonexistent. I do have more cramps, which is to be expected now that I don’t take birth control.

If you know you are done do it. I had to schedule mine after an emergency c-section. I didn’t have the proper paperwork when my son was born to do it then. Not for 1 second have I regretted it.

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I had a TL in 1997. I was 29, had 4 kids, and a DVT with the last pregnancy. I was all set with the size of my family, the doctors didn’t try to dissuade me. I had the surgery, took a week off work to recover, and have no regrets. :heart:

I had my tubes tied 14 years ago. No issues at all.

Decided 1 and done. I got the essure procedure which is now black boxed. It was about an one procedure with no recovery time needed. But I can for sure say it works(for me). I have read stories of other health related issues due to essure. I can not pin point whether any issues that I have are directly due to the essure or just my changing body.

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Best thing I ever did. Fast recovery. I recommend it! I’m going on almost 10 years now… I don’t regret my decision. I have 3 beautiful children :heart:

I had mine done during my C-section and my periods became horribly heavy and clotty and ended up getting a hysterectomy

I had mine when I had a c section in 2010. No problems at all… until 2013, I found out I was pregnant YES…, pregnant. This led to 8 weeks of bloodwork and ultrasounds multiple times a week only to find that the baby could not survive. You’re tubes can regenerate. I went through 4 rounds of chemo because of this. That in itself was horrible. It was truly a nightmare but also very rare. Best of luck to you.

Every woman I know who had their tubes tied has complained that period pain increased. My ex husband said to me after our second that since I had the babies,the least he could do was prevent more.


I had my tubes removed when I was 36 after my youngest was born, my recovery was a full six weeks only because I developed the same heart problem I had after I delivered my first son in 2009. I have zero cramps, my periods are heavier than they were when I was on birth control and last the full 7 days most cycles some are shorter and they come each month almost on time

Had it done during Csection. No fuss no muss. Best decision ever

I had mine done when I had my second child during a planned csection. Recovery not bad, i already had a bad period before so no change. Definitely better than the bc options I’d tried.

A friend of mine had hers tied and lost her 4th baby at 6 weeks. She regrets it everyday. It’s too permanent for me even with 5 kids. But to each their own. If you feel like you have even a little doubt just wait :grin:

Make sure your Dr will do it right the first time. When I had mine done I expected cut tie and burn… Well one year after I had my daughter and my tubal ligation I ended up pregnant. So I called my Dr only for her to say… " no I cut them and they must have fused back together " 🤦 that’s not what I wanted… So I had my third daughter on top of my two step children making it 5 kids. I love my children… But I felt lied to when they new I was done and didn’t want anymore

If you have to question it, don’t do it. I had bands on mine. I did regret it for a while. But here is the thing, only you can make this decision. Try another method of birth control til you decide you no longer want your family to grow. This is your body.

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PTLS - research it before making up your mind.

I tied mine in 2015 and honestly, I shouldn’t have. Periods are whacked, hormones out of control, mood swings, etc.
The surgery? A breeze, not really a scar from it either. But… if I could go back, I would have chose just to NOT do it! If he wanted no more, he can snip his lol :joy: but man these mood swings, and the struggle of weight loss :disappointed:

Had mine tied 1 hour after a vaginal, completely natural birth of my second child. I couldn’t even tell the difference except for a tiny incision at my belly button. Periods are a little easier. But for every year your tubes are tied the chances of pregnancy increases by 1%. Mine were tied in 2009 so as of now I have an 11% chance of getting pregnant.

Got mine tied! I had very little pain, felt bloated 4 days after but that went away quickly. I have had no issues since. Everyone told me I was crazy to get it done instead of my husband having a vasectomy, but I think it was the best decision I made.