Pros and cons of getting your tubes tied?

Can any women give their experiences, good or bad, with having their tubes tied? We are done having babies and both my mom and Aunt have theirs done, but that’s about all I know who has it. I would love to hear other womens experiences with it. Thanks!


I’m curious too. I’m getting my tubes removed August 3.

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Vasectomy is quicker, easier, safer…


I got the clamps (over the tubal) a couple years ago…best decision ever. I was only down for 3 days. There were only two tiny incisions, one through my belly button, that you don’t even notice scaring from.

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I have had my tube tide 4 years ago. Am ok expect sometime I have 2 periods and month and last year I got pregnant and lost the baby.

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Several of my friends have said their periods are heavier and more painful now


Pros i never have to have another baby. Cons i gained a shit ton of weight. :rofl: period is heavier as well

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Getting my man to do a vasectomy…meanwhile I do surrogacy a few times to help.people and get us a nice house. :blush:

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Periods are heavier but the procedure was easy and mostly pain free

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I had my tubes cut tied and burned and nothing seems to be out of the normal for me period wise just other than not always being a exact schedule

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I have clamps, very quick recovery time.

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Everyone i know that had theirs tied regretted it. My mom has extremely heavy periods, my aunt bled for a month solid and they did an ablation on her. One friend of mine had cysts and it got to the point where she had to have a hysterectomy and the same with my other friend. I wanted mine done but because i have cysts, they wont do it because it will make it worse.

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I’ve had mine done. Honestly it wasn’t horrible. However if you get them done ask if they are using clamps I have a tubal pregnancy about 10 months after I got mine done because they clamped them.

Do your research on PTLS. It’s real and makes you utterly miserable


Have them removed. I had mine"tied" and had baby number 3 because they grew back together. Later had them removed. Had no problems. Went back to work three days later.

Love it easy peasy no regrets :v:

I had my tubes removed 2 weeks ago as well they did full ablation. That will stop the heavy periods and only have one here and there if any at all, is what my dr said it would do. I have endometriosis and had really bad periods before getting pregnant, then had in the mirena for a total of 10 years(2 different ones). I dont want to take the chance of having really bad periods so did full ablation. Hth.

I had it done with last baby, told them to tie them, burn them, and braid then

Had my tied 5 years ago, fast recovery and no problems with surgery or after.

Simple, easy procedure mostly done laparoscopically…I had mine done 3 years ago at age 38 because I wanted a permanent birth control. I have 2 clamps on each tube. I woke up with moderate discomfort due to cramping. After giving me fentanyl for pain with 0 effect, they gave me buscopan for cramps, much more effective. The next few days was a bit sore, only required Tylenol and Advil. Hope this helps!

Mine failed after 8 years. I lost baby at 37 weeks. I wish I would have had my tubes removed. If you can have the removal do it.

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I had mine tied after my third child. With that being said, I had it done during my third caesarean. I was sore, but I also had a lot of scar tissue removed from my previous caesareans. That’s about the only negative in my experience. My periods have been way more painful and heavier, but I’ve also had 3 children. I guess it depends on the person. Best wishes!!!

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Yes you bleed way heavier I dont recommend it

I Have four healthy children as I chose to have my tubes removed no chances of tubal pregnancy. I did it on my two days off an went back to work like normal

Lauren Haven any input. Lol

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I had a horrible experience…ended up having a hysterectomy. My periods were heavy and painful.

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My mom and grandma had serious issues after getting theirs done, long painful heavy periods, me and my husband decided when we are done he is gonna get fixed

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I had mine burned after I had my daughter and it made my periods horrible. They’re super heavy now. If I knew what I know now I probably would have opted for a different option.

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Got tied, cut & burned after da birth of my 5th child 6 yrs ago. No problems. Just heavier period & painful cramps once in awhile. Good luck!

Tammie Norville my mom has had hers cut and tied!

I had my tubes tied with no issues. Then I had a reversal

Getting mine done Friday

Following; seriously considering having them removed.

Michelle Blickenstaff Dwyer well this settles my decision :grimacing: no thanks!!

Following… I’m wanting to get mine done after our daughter gets here in August.

Had mine done though belly button wasn’t even real sore

Definitely heavier more painful periods

I had my tubes removed last year in Feb. everything was fine until recently I’ve been bleeding heavier and cramping more

I was told by my ob a year ago that they no longer tie them they just remove them bc of the risks. Since I have had mine removed my periods are heavier then what they ever were before but not painful

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I had mine tied after 1 baby. I never had any problems.

I had mine removed 6 months ago no cons!

If you do- see if your dr will do an ablation at the same time. Helps with lighter periods

I love it periods are shorter and lighter. No problems what so ever

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I had mine done the day after he was born no problems.they went through my belly button cant see the scar unless you know where to look.

ablation is a in office procedure that helps with heavy periods. look into it can only be done after tubal

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I had so many problems since having mine done!

I got mine tied in 2016. No reversal twins April 2020🤦🏽‍♀️. In just recently got my tubes removed after the twins. But no cramping or heavy bleeding. I think it depends on the body.


I had mine done 18 years ago nothing til now heavy period pain from cramping and shorter periods.

Had my tubes tied i dont have any issues as far as heavier painful periods i think mine actually got lighter and shorter lol i had mine done when i had my daughter since they were cutting me open anyway.

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I bled horrible after my tubes were tied. I then had a ablation. 1 year later I had horrible abdominal pain. The dr found my lining was coming back. I had to have a hysterectomy

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My mom had her tubes tied and a year after my sister passed away from cystic fibrosis she found out she was pregnant with my brother.

I had mine done,through belly button, almost two years ago now. Surgery was fast, second day was a little more sore and bad cramping. By the third day I was moving better. Had 4 days off and went back to work as a server. Cramped bad the day I returned.
I never had cramps with periods but I do now (occasionally).
I use to have 3 to 4 days of bleeding and now I have 5 to 7.
With a heavier flow.
But I went through 3 c sections. After the first two kids I had mirena in and NEVER had a period with it. So I figured this is payback for almost 10 years without a period.


Had mine done when I had my c section with my daughter and no problem or complications don’t have to worry about birth control…its been 10yrs

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12 years ago and no problems

I regret it. Sex drive declined and my periods got longer and heavier. Even tho my doctor said they would be shorter and lighter over time. It’s been 4.5 years and now I’m on BC to skip periods lol.

I had mine tied after my second child done threw my belly button 21years ago ,no problems at all thank God.

No problems here 3 years out

OB told me it’s easier for a man to have a vasectomy than for a woman to have tubes tied. My husband had a vasectomy.

I had mine done 4 years ago, I was 23. Had 3 babies. Best decision I made :relieved: periods only last 3 days.

Had my tied after my 5th… no problems that I know of…but I dont have desire anymore for sex… could that be from having them tied?.. or cuz I have 5 kids n fulltime job so always tired n boyfriend is an ass n only cares for sex??

I haven’t had any issues and I’ve actually had a shorter period! I had my tubes completely removed though

Mine were tied after my 4th and final c section.
My periods are heavy, cramps are terrible, I’m extra emotional/moody. My daughter is 8 now.

Had mine done 13 yrs ago, after the twins were born. Best thing ever! I had no issues at all. To be fair, I had it done right after the c-section.

My tubes were tied following an emergency c section. Ten years - my periods aren’t better and aren’t worse. Can’t really speak to recovery because I was recovering from the c-section. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Had mine done almost 15 years ago when I had my cesarean they were tied and burned ,no reversal, no problems whatsoever but do get back cramps now bad for 2 and by the 3rd day I’m done for the month.

Just had mine tied a month ago, so don’t have much to offer. I will however say that my recovery has taken much longer this time around. And having your tubes tied is very painful. At least in my experience.

It sucks cause if you dont stay with that person and find they right one you cant have a baby with that person

I had mine done with filshie clips six or seven years ago. Recovery was slow for me about ten days to fully feel good. Regret it so much because my periods are awful, cramps are awful. I wish I could get it reversed.

I had mine done in September after my second C-section. No complications, piece of cake. I haven’t noticed any difference other than my period is A LOT lighter and not much cramping at all.

Just google post tubal ligation syndrome then make up your mind ,

I got mine done, I dont have any problems with them but my sisters clamps got loose somehow and now needs surgery to find the clamps and remove them

I had mine removed when my now 8 yr old daughter was 4 months old. No problems with it what so ever. Most of the time my periods are lighter then they use to be and last 3 maybe 4 days.

Make the man get snipped. Easier and cheaper

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No issues and 2-3 day periods, so those don’t really change and I was up the day after because I like to not listen to drs but had no complications.
And they remove tubes now so thats tying tubes now

I had mine done 7 years ago. I don’t regret it but cramping and periods are heavier. I had them burned

The surgery was easy, back to work the next day but everything else has been nearly unbearable

Is vasectomy an option? That’s what we’re doing. I think everyone’s experiences are different. It could be a breeze for you or it could cause u hell. I’m not getting a surgery done when my husband can get a 20 min outpatient procedure done on Fri and return to work Mon.


Just had mine last month, the recovery has been smooth sailing for me. I’m 4 weeks out and haven’t needed my pain meds, hopefully it’ll be smooth for you too. :blush:

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Had mine done 13 years ago, had severe cramping and periods, 5 years ago had a hysterectomy, best decision I ever made

Had mine done 6 years ago. But i had mine tied, cut, and burned!! It’s an incision by your belly button… Second day was painful but healed pretty quick. Periods were always on time but after I had them done periods were always late and even skipped a month or 2 in a row! It’s not 100% either. I got pregnant after mine were done for 5 years and now have a 1 year old… so if you are really wanting to be done I would have him get fixed since it’s more of a chance not getting pregnant. They can actually check his sperm as for us they can’t check anything… best of luck!!

Just had mine done along with a hernia surgery, was still pretty sore until 6 weeks but only needed the ibprophen, not the the narcotics

My mom had hers cut and tied. They never burned them like they were supposed to and one side grew back.

She’s had 7 miscarriages since then amd her periods are god awful.

Make sure you have a Dr that you trust and dont be afraid to ask questions

I had mine done almost 16 years ago now,wasnt as bad as I was expecting BUT my periods since then have been awful, my flow is heavier and longer and the cramps are the worst

I had my tubes removed 15 weeks ago and have had no problems since. Had 2 periods since and haven’t even had any cramping from them. They are a little on the heavier side but I usually have heavy periods.

Got mine tied in 2013 after I had my twins didn’t get it reversed and ended up having my youngest in 2017 so I ended up having a full hysterectomy in 2018 to prevent any more pregnancies 5 kids is enough for this moma

I was going to get mine removed, but I started to read about tubal ligation syndrome. It is a cluster of symptoms reported which include heavy or missing menstrual periods, hormonal problems, or problems that may mimic menopause. So I opted out because the reason I was doing it was to stop hormonal birth control (it makes me fat) but I didn’t want the possibility of the tubal messing with my hormones permanently & causing we more issues with weight gain and loosing weight.
So my BF is getting a vasectomy.

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I had mine done at 36 and never had any problems I am now 73.

Got mine tied in 1998 and untied in 2006. Look up PTLS post tubal litigation syndrome before tying your tubes…

I had mine done right after the c section. I have never had any problems.

Great choice for me 10 yrs ago

I had mine done back in 2013 and was pregnant back in October and had to have a Hysterectomy

I had my tubes removed. My first 2 periods afterwards were extremely painful, I thought I was dying. Since then things have evened out and I have little to no issues

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My experience was horrible. Period was 10x’s worse.


I had 3 sections and had my tubes tied during the last one (16 years ago.) I am 45 now & have had zero issues.

I had my tubes ties after having my 4th child and I don’t regret it. I had my son natural so I went in 6 weeks later. Recovery was easy and I’ve had no issues with my period, they are not heavier or more painful. I would do it again

I was 29 with light periods and no cramps got my tubes tied and now my periods are extremely heavy and the cramps have me balled up unable to do much

loved it, no artificial hormones in my body messing with me, was able to have sex when ever i wanted without the fear of getting pregnant again, i had adenomyosis so period as i got older got worse and horrible but tubes being tied had nothing to do with that

Got mine tied , my guess in 93…everything went fine for me .

Had mine done in 2015. I’ve had a miscarriage and my periods are awful! I use to never have cramps and now I double over because of them and it’s so much heavier and longer

I had a tubal ligation immediately after my c-section with my 3rd baby. I had no problems, the healing from the c-section and tube tying were simultaneous. Not having to worry about birth control was a plus for my love life!