My potty trained child has started having accidents: Advice?

My neice started having accidents and just found out shes borderline diabetic. Have her checked out.


Likely UTI please take her to the doctors.

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It is normal for a child to regress and some point … I always suggest go back to basics like when you started …… make her go every half hour/hour regardless of if she “needs to or not” … she’ll soon get bored of constant reminding and taking she’ll get back into it x

Yep. Potty trained for a year and my daughter is doing this. Some days its constant accidents. We saw a doctor incase it was an infection… but nope. I feel it’s part laziness and part attention seeking. I’ve tried been understand. I’ve tried telling her off. I’ve tried asking her why… nothing is helping. But when she goes to the toilet and stays dry she will point it out and say I’m been a good girl. I didnt wee myself

Having accidents when they don’t usually is a sign of trauma, stress or anxiety. Take the child to a gp🙈


Totally normal both mine have gone through a regression, probs jsut be temporary x

My daughter did this on an off for years. She has ADHD and when she is super into something, because she didnt want to miss anything a accident would happen. Or if she was playing she wouldn’t want to stop to go potty. I just kept reminding her to go and sometimes i had to physically stop her from playing so she would go ( I would hear no I am ok and 5 minutes later an accident) bed was a hard too. Months she would be fine then some accidents. Doc said that was from her body growing faster then her bladder. She could consume more then what her body could hold overnight. So i cut out alot drinks right before bed. She is great now but had a couple of tough years


Not a lazy thing a control thing…give her choices in her life when its appropriate …u wear this or this…breakfast is this or this…she knows u can not physically stop her from going in her pants it’s her choice and her choice alone she also gets extra attention when she does it stop making a big deal out of it talk to her once well u get her fixed up and let it go

Children speak through their behavior because they don’t have the words. Or may be having emotions they can’t tell about. Just hold her and let know she has a safe place with you.


I think a lot of times kids they potty train early end up having problems with accidents and bed wetting so I don’t think it is uncommon.


This just happened with my 3.5 year old. I found that I think I was so used to working on her cues and her knowing when she needed to go, I wasnt reminding her as much. And she was ignoring her cues to go because she was having too much fun playing. I kept reminding her i would never be upset about accidents, but not going and ignoring that you have to go is not okay. If you pee while at the park, we have to leave, etc. Its not the same as running to the potty and missing because you didnt get there in time.
I just keep reminding her and let her know it’s ok to pause playing and you can always come back to play. But you cant if you have a pee accident.
Weve been good for the last month now.


Had her checked for yeast infection or UTI? There’s alot of reasons for this to happen


Is there a lil potty at grandma’s? Is it comfortable there for her or does she feel unsafe? Idk why I have to go back and re read my child education books but i remember learning not to say “you’re a big girl now” comments as it teaches them shame when they regress.

I have no advice tho just wish u luck


Sometimes children regress when they are stressed. What had changed in her life?

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I’d set up reminders
For her and possibly have her going once an hour just to be safe. School have designated potty breaks so make sure you incorporate that at home too :relaxed: also, young kids just don’t read their cues like we do as adults lol so she could just need lots practice recognizing the signs to go. Be patient and best of luck

Not lazy. Sounds like a regression and something else bigger might be going on.

I would take her to the doctor and get her checked for a Yeast infection and maybe make sure no one is touching her I know that is something no parent ever wants to think of but sometimes an when a child who was previously potty trained suddenly starts having accidents and can’t seem to stop them it’s S.A not saying it would be any family or anything but I had this problem with my younger brother I raised and come to find out my grandfather was touching him. So I would go to the doctors first and check that out . But just in case it isn’t sometimes it is this


Yes my 7 year old had been wetting the bed at night she wouldn’t wake up on her own so I would have to wake her up took her to the doctors and they advised I stop her from eating and drinking atleast 2 to 3 hrs before bed I started doing that and haven’t had any recent issues there might be other underlying issue like a uti or something maybe make an appointment to find out

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UTI? My daughter would do the same because she couldn’t control it and couldn’t feel it coming out until it was too late

My daughter, who will be 4 in November, has started doing this, but the weather has been nice here so I think she just gets lazy and doesn’t want to stop playing to go to the bathroom. She still goes just fine at night, and has an accident in bed maybe once every two weeks. But I think she’s just having so much fun that she forgets to stop and go


Please note her actions leading up to it and talk with the pediatrician. We have a close friend whose child started doing that. It turned out to be absence seizures - real wound up, stopped a moment like they were rebooting and the accident would happen. Does she seem surprised or upset after it happens? No matter what, the pediatrician needs to be part of the conversation

Sounds pretty normal some kids regress a little once potty trained. Maybe go back to the beginning and have her sit on the potty every 15-20 minutes also maybe the daycare does a reward system for going potty and not having an accident. And take away all drinks an hour before bedtime. If it continues after going back to the beginning talk with her pediatrician and see if there may be an underlying problem like uti or possibly childhood diabetes.

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My kiddo was just too busy to potty around that age. Is she a busy busy bee? Have you had her checked for uti or yeast infections?


My daughter was the same way I had to take her to a specialist and they put her in to do some tests in the hospital with the balloon and then had to put her on medication for six months then she was fine but it runs on her dad’s side of the family her cousin had the same thing

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My son did it cone to find out he had a uti plus when he was at his other grandmas house she was making him go into a public bathroom alone so he is very scared to got to public bathrooms n its been since last December n he still is afraid but we just go with him like we always have but he ended up having to see a kidney specialist

my daughter did this. i just asked her every hour or so and if she said no but clearly had to go i had her sit on the toilet anyway. good luck!

Is there anything new or distressing to her? My son did the same thing in preschool. He came home one day in his extra set of clothes, I chalked it up to an accident. (He was potty trained at 1 1/2 and never had accidents.) The very next day, he came home in someone else’s extra clothes, so I sat him down to see if he was okay. Come to find out couple of the kids had told the other kids not to play with him because he was black…


Could be a plethora of reasons. All of the scary reasons people are throwing out as in sexual assault, diabetes, etc are all possible causes. But it also could be something as simple as a UTI, change in routine, or simply a slight regression which btw is normal. My 3 year old just went through one. It resolved itself within a few days. Good luck mama! Try not to worry. :heart:


My son started doing the same things, I had no choice but to him back in pull ups after buying a new mattress for his bed. He’s getting better at waking up and going but still has accidents

Any other symptoms? Excessive thirst? Tiredness, being hungry? Sleeping more? Type 1 diabetes can cause urine issues. Definitely get it checked out.


I’d get checked for a UTI, e-coli,and a yeast infection,thrush (all common for kids) around that age… If it’s not those maybe water consumption (and that alot of foods have water in them )

It could be many things, laziness, a medical issue, change in schedule, inferred toilet trauma (falling in the toilet, etc), normal regression, or even abuse. I would look into every possibility.

Maybe something changed, can be getting a new sibling, change in her life like separation of parents, stress from something that is new. My son been wetting his bed lately since i got pregnant. A dramatic change into their life can cause bed wetting.

School and Daycare have very structured routines.Bathroom is also part of that. Chances are she’s caught up in whatever she’s doing and “forgets”. Shes still little and their attention spans are very short. Being home they drink/eat a lot more also. Try reminding her every hour or so and see if that helps. If not call your pediatrician.

Its a lazy thing. They don’t know their bodies well enough to know how long they can hold it. My son would do it at home because he was busy playing and didn’t want to stop and go to the bathroom and knew I’d change and clean him.

My daughter does this every-time her dad leaves for work and as soon as he gets back he stops. Every now and then she does it randomly and it’s usually because she doesn’t want to stop what she’s doing to go to the bathroom. But other things could be going on. Talk calmly about it to her and see if there’s any stressors or irritations down there or it could be as simple as she fell in the toilet one day and is now scared

Both my girls were potty trained by 2 and each one had a regression around 3. They simply just didn’t wanna go or was playing and distracted. Daniel tiger potty video is a good one. My middle is 4 and will still sing “Stop! And go right away!” And reminding them every hour to go

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I had this happen to one of my daughter’s and found out she had a bladder infection

Praying it’s not her defense mechanism against someone hurting her

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At school they are asked if they need to go to the bathroom. When kids play they don’t have the time to take breaks in their little minds. Start asking more often and that should help.

Could be normal but if it was me I would ask dr if UTI is possible.

First off I’d say you know your child better than any of us. Does she seem to be going through anything else? Any emotions any new tantrums? I have four children and I have raised 13. It might just be my kids but I’ve never gone backwards. I would have an open line of communication and definitely check her for a UTI.

Whenever my daughter peed the bed, it was a bladder infection… cranberry juice should be a staple in all houses with girls… its saved me many times

Has something changed or caused her a lot of stress? Drastic change in schedule, relationships etc?

Dose she get distracted easy ? My son dose this when he is distracted or really inerrested in what hes doing.and just pees.

She is more than likely very stressed out about something.

Have you taken her to the doctor to rule out a UTI? Is there any chance she could be being molested?

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They are 3. Calm down. Just remind them what they need to do. It will become a habit

My daughter is 4 is just started doing this. We just had another baby & it started about a month after she came home. So, she could just be her way of telling you she needs more time with you. I’ve been so busy with the new baby, I’ve been pushing her to the side :frowning: But, it’s been getting better now that me & her have been getting in some extra play time. OR. like so many others have said… she could just be busy playinh.


Following. My 3 yo son has been potty trained since a little after his third birthday, and he recently started wetting the bed.

Do kids not have accidents… I wet the bed until I was 13

Worms? My kids pee more when they get thread worms…

Can you get her checked at docs? My niece suffered like this and had utis and Immature bladder

They always regress. It’s normal. She’ll grow out of it.

Who else is at grandma’s home?


Check for a possible UTI. My daughter never ever wet the bed until she had a UTI

Should check for bladder infection

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Stress, urinary tract infection, change to routines

I would take her to the pediatrician. My $0.02

Shes resisting not needing mommy so much. Lol.

Has there been a death of a pet or family member…that can cause regression. It did with my daughter when her father passed I had no idea that it could cause that.


Have her checked for a UTI.

Is there anybody in her life that could be molesting her? Perhaps when she in in those places that is where she feels safe and comfortable and is asking for help from you all by peeing her pants.
I hope it is just laziness or the former rather than the latter, but even if it is, getting it caught now is important.

It can sometimes be an indicator of trauma… i dont know your specific situation, but in my line of work it is a sign that we look into as a red flag for trauma. Id keep a close eye on anyone that has been around her etc, or talk to her and ask if anyone or anything has scared her or made her feel uncomfortable etc.
Other than anything like that, it could also be indicative of a UTI or bladder infection, even if she isnt showing any other symptoms.
But if it is purely behavioral, then try a reward system and have her work toward something she really wants. Small daily rewards that lead up to a bigger reward at the end of every week without an accident. It generally works really well with that age group :slight_smile:

In the day time sounds like she doesn’t want to stop playing to go. At night tho if she’s sleeping, maybe she isn’t feeling the sensation to wake up. Simple solution there are night time pull ups. During the day tho you may need to intervene and tell her to go every so often

School and daycare have certain routines that transition the kids through the day with set bathroom breaks (about every 2 hours). She is also at the age where they get “sucked” into stuff. Their attention span is getting longer. Add not having a reminder every 2 hours with wanting to play with all your stuff at home/granny’s house she might just be distracted. My daughter did the same thing. Doctor said it is normal. Just try to remind her to go potty every couple hours and see if that helps. :heart:

FUN FACT: when I was a small girl I had issues making it to the bathroom in time bc of the HEAT! I’d be hydrating a lot and being little I didn’t realize I’d need to use the bathroom more.

Don’t stress if she pees at you mums she’s probably just stressed some grandparents can be a little more strict and children get nervous around them

Get on a mom site and ask these?. This is not what facebook is for


Are there other children that are maybe getting more attention than her and she’s just wanting attention?

Most kids that age get e coli resulting in UTI take to doctor

Check for child sexual abuse talk to her ask if someone hurt her be gentle

If she isn’t having accidents at school or daycare chances are she is experiencing a stressor at home, grandma’s. I don’t think it’s laziness or for attention. There is definitely something going on outside of school or daycare that is causing her to feel stressed and unsafe. I would be trying to find out what it is exactly and fix it. Scolding her and making her feel even worse however Is not the answer. Best of luck.

Any changes in life or routine? Growth spurt? Anything going on during the accidents such as watching video playing at park anything that could be distracting and or more important to her?

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Have you tried asking her more key point questions. Something deeper is going on if she only does it one place and not anywhere else. Whether its stress related etc. I also find that disciplining for accidents just causes this to be worse. Honestly start her all over, have her go every so often limit fluids after a certain hour and start a new routine and see if that helps.

This happens when you potty train too early, they can regress

It honestly could be multiple things. It depends on how much has changed in her routine since starting having these accidents at your house and your mom’s house. It could be simple UTI that needs to be checked out, it could be more of someone in your family is abusing her (I say there and not daycare because daycare is obviously a safe space for her if she isn’t having issues there) It would be good to take her to the pediatrician and have them look her over for a UTI and any sign of assault. Better safe than sorry. It could also be as simple as she’s backtracked and you and your mom need to setup a schedule to remind her to go to the bathroom and retrain. Without better information on the situation nobody can really give you the exact advice you’re searching for. Main thing you need to do is take her for a checkup.

One of mine did that and it was just out of laziness. I made him wear big kid diapers for 2 days and that did the trick. He hated it.

Is something going on at home or gma’s?


I’ve heard that bed wetting can be caused by night terrors.

I would talk to her pediatrician

I would definitely start with a doctor first my love and go from there just have her checked out

My daughter did this for awhile and it seemed to be her way of acting out. She has been fully potty trained since a young age and never had accidents at night. She started having accidents during the day around me and it seemed to correlate with times that I was stressed and needed to be somewhere in a hurry or was busy and not paying enough attention to her.

I would get her checked for a UTI. Just to be sure, and have her go to the bathroom every hour or so.

A trip to your pediatrician may be in order. Have her checked for underlying medical conditions such as UTI. Has she undergone any major changes in life? Sometimes they will regress while adjusting to change, or as a sign of a trauma. Hope it’s something simple and you can remedy it quickly… I know frustrating this can be.

Sometimes their little bodies grow faster than their bladder… If they’re going through a growth spurt they tend to eat and drink more and their bladders fill faster… that’s the explanation my son’s pediatrician gave me. Sure enough, the accidents stopped in a few weeks time.

Has there been any big changes?

Sometimes children are so busy playing they may think they’ll miss something. Often times even when potty trained they have to be reminded. She’s still a little person.

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Sometimes changes can cause this …seeking attention or even sometthing medical


Has something significant happened? to make her regress back?


So my oldest had this problem. He was fully potty-trained by 2 and then about 4 or 5 he started having accidents, the #2 kind, and wetting his bed at night. Took him to a specialist who found nothing wrong. Several years later it was still a problem, he was going to a psychologist to rediagnose what we thought was ADHD, and we discussed the bed-wetting and #2 accidents. His diagnosis was trauma. His dad was very abusive, verbally and emotionally to all of us, and physically to me. And as he was getting older, he started understanding more and basically he was going through it in his head all over again… which caused him to revert due to all of the stress and emotions he was dealing with. Now I’m not saying this is the absolute reason, but it is something to consider. Maybe a big change, maybe a new person a daycare they don’t particularly feel comfortable with, etc. It could also just be that they’re comfortable at home and get too busy or distracted after being at school and day care.


Has she been drinking more as well? Bed wetting, increased thirst, and weight loss (not sure if she has the last 2) are some signs of type 1 diabetes. I would highly recommend getting a well child check up as soon as possible.

Have their been any recent changes for her like a big move, new school, change in family dynamic, a new baby? Kids that age tend to handle stress differently than adult do and that can lead to accidents. I wouldn’t think it’s a major cause for concern and wouldn’t worry too much as long as you’re being consistent. Perhaps remind her to use the potty more often, and just before bed to help.

Good luck!


So as a daycare teacher I have two students going through this lately both are experiencing big changes (new school for one new sibling fpr the other) big changes, uti’s, or even a change from the toddler room to the preschool room at the daycare can cause them to have accidents


Same! It’s normal
I bring my 2.5 to pee at 11 Pm ish in her sleep and normally helps her stay dry
She has occasional day accidents and she trained herself zero accidents the first two weeks
It’s gonna pass!

I would take her to the Dr. Maybe she has a bladder issue that needs to be addressed.

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Is anyone new watching her? Besides what everyone else is saying I’d also check to make sure she’s not being touched in anyway! I’d check all possibilites all situations! Not saying it’s this but something to think about an add to the list of possibilities!


My 4 year old is potty trained now shes wants diapers because her brother still wearing them. Best of luck​:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Following bc I’m dealing with the SAME EXACT ISSUE. I believe she’s just too busy playing and doesn’t want to stop to go potty. I’ve had her checked at the drs and no uti or anything else. So that’s the only explanation I can come up with

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If she to takes baths and not showers I would have her checked for a UTI, little girls can get them as well. I don’t let my daughter bath, she showers, she gets mad a me sometime cause now she’s 8 and wants to sit and chill before washing, but I’m to afraid to let her because I don’t want her getting a UTI. I know it’s probably just a unrational fear of mine

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My little guy does this whenever something big changes in his life or routine is off.