My mother in law keeps making comments about my weight: Advice?

Tell her that you’re perfectly content with the way you are and if she’s not, then it’s her problem to work on/deal with. There’s nothing wrong with kindly, tactfully, and respectfully telling someone to go to hell, in such a way that they might look forward to the trip :smirk::v:t3:

I’m 44 and weigh 260. I care less what other people think of me. If you’re happy with yourself. Then tell her to …well you know

Tell her that you may be fat but she’s ugly and you can lose the weight and they can’t change ugly

Set clear boundaries tell her to stop.

It sounds like she is just wanting to help you stay healthy. Aside from the comments about working out how has the relationship been? If the family is super fit and likes to work out that could also be her way of wanting to get closer to you, not her ACTUALLY thinking you are obese.


I would just tell her straight that you are comfortable with who you are. That said, could it be coming from a place of concern? Does she actually care about your health or is she just being a condescending asshat? If I have the help I’d take it! As long as it was genuine.

You husband has voiced his opinion about it to her which is y she feels so comfortable saying it he doesnt want to tell you this is how he feels so is mom is wich is another reason y he is telling you you are overreacting


I would Offer her food every time she comments on my weight and she might see how annoying she is being. But then again I’m petty. :joy:

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Address it with her! If she doesn’t stop then tell your husband he is underreacting

Sure as hell not acceptable and i definitely would not of wanted to be a part of that family. Your husband should be sticking up for you and your feelings i dont care how he grew up!!

Make comments about how poorly of a job she did with her son and how hard you have been working on him

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Just don’t go around her if she makes you uncomfortable.

I’d tell her to fuck off and mind her own damn business!!! But that’s just me cuz that how I roll

I’d tell her to fuck off and move on.

Your mother-in-law sounds too bossy tell her to mind her own business

If he thinks you are overreacting now just wait untill you snap and go off on her …no really just tell her that the hubby loves your body the way it is

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Tell her when and IF I decide to work out you will be the first to know!

Not everyone wants to be super skinny! U do u boo as long as u love urself. I was always shamed by my husbands family for being too skinny and they had bigger boobs than me. Ofc his sister was like 400 lbs with triple k boobs; she could literally could use them as pillows. I have a lot of auto immune diseases along with food allergies that would cause me to bloat and they would comment on that too which would hurt my feelings. I finally took so much and snapped. My husband would blow it off bc he was like they are just jealous but it really does hurt! I still have issues with myself and don’t like to look in the mirror. They probably need to feel better about themselves too.

Just tell her she’s hurting your feelings.
Communication goes a long ways in EVERY situation.

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I’ll consult with my doctor, thank you

I would tell her how you feel (in a non confronting way) You don’t need to lose weight and it’s a hard thing to brush off so defenitly chat with her! Maybe see if maybe she would like to join you guys for an outdoor adventure (a hike or something) that would be a fun family outing. Not to lose weight or anything but clearly being active is important to her so this may be a way to include everyone, have a fun time and not have it be about losing weight/dieting etc.

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What’s wrong with telling her exactly what you just said here?


Be direct. Tell her you understand that her family is genetically prone to thinness and that’s great, but you don’t share her genes. And that you were fine with your weight until her continual hinting about working out and dieting made you feel self conscious, and to please stop. You are fine with body and that if your Dr. thinks you need to do either of those things then you will discuss it with him and do it on your own. And if she continues it will be obvious that she has a problem with you.

Clearly I dont know the entire situation, but maybe dieting and fitness is a huge part of her life and she’s trying to bond with you over it, looking for companionship with you over something that interests her. Just a different perspective to think about. I am not fit and have weight to lose as well so I totally get where you’d feel uncomfortable about this, but she may not be intending to be judgmental or offensive, she may want to make you feel included and closer to her :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: but with that being said, if she’s just a petty brat then disregard all of this :rofl:

Tell her that her son LOVES all that extra cushion in the bedroom. The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin. That should shut her up.

If you can tell a complete stranger this you can tell her this as well. Don’t be afraid . Speak up about how you’re feeling !

Tell her you don’t want to join her with dieting or exercising, that it really doesn’t show much improvement in her at all.

You pull her aside and tell her how this is making you feel. If she continues , gloves are off, and you need to defend yourself with whatever means necessary.

EVERY TIME she does this, look at her completely shocked and horrified and go “oh GOD NO, im almost TOO THIN, youre actually really really starting to look malnourished. Do you want me to cook something for you?!” Then look at her with a straight face and dead eyes. She should get the hint soon enough.

You have a right to feel the way you do. Maybe tell her you don’t want to discuss weight or working out with her. Set boundaries

My exhusbands family did that to me all the time. Tell her it’s not her business and to shut up. In all honesty it won’t stop.

Tell her that her son doesnt seem to have a problem with ur extra weight

Wanting to express something that matters to you, or something that is upsetting you, is NOT overreacting. You need to do so for your mental health, which is just as important as your physical. Trust me, you will keep your feelings bottled up and to yourself, until you explode with anger. It is always better/ in my opinion, to have the Husband address his family about things that are bothering you first, and if it’s not resolved then don’t hesitate to take action yourself. It sounds to me like she may be the type to just pick away at people. If that is the case then you are better off avoiding her. Never feel guilty for doing what you need to do to protect you metal well-being.

Tell her how you feel and that she will not talk about you dieting again

Bring her a cake next time and tell her she’s too skinny. They hate that shit. Lol

Tell her your not interested and your happy with yourself the way you are but if you do ever decide you’ll let her know (not) !

Just be petty and start pointing things out about her everytime she mentions your weight :rofl: like “you’re hair is getting really thin, do you wanna try the thickening shampoo I use?”


Tell her to mins her own damn business

Tell her to fuck off yonder plain as that.

I had gastric bypass in 2019. Ive lost 130 pounds. I get comments daily about my weight. I normally let them go on and my face is just blank. And then hopefully they get the hint. Sometimes I’ll cut them off and ask if they’re my dr.

If im in a fucking pissed off mood, ill nitpick their weight. You think its okay to talk shit about mine ill talk shit about yours.

Tell her to stop talking about certain things. Draw your boundaries and don’t be afraid to stop talking yourself up!

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Tell her you’ve got a nutritionist that has a great smoothie recipe, offer to make her one and instead make her a 3,000 calorie delicious shake with some safe edibles.


Tell her to mind her business and not yours

Since your already healthy and happy dont let anyone bring you down ! …tell her what you think of her …

Speak up before it happens to your children… my X-mother in law was able to say that about my daughter one time when she was 8 and I put a stop to it then she started in on my son that was 6 saying he needs to put a shirt on because he’s too skinny and looks gay, as soon as I heard that I confronted her and told her and her boyfriend to leave, my now X-husband and I fought about it for maybe 5 minutes, he called his mom and told her she needed to respect our kids or not come back over and she quickly apologized to the kids and us… now since we’re not together and my kids are 15 and 13 they don’t talk to them.

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Tell her to stay in her lane

I told my ex’s mom off before. I was losing weight, and was craving sweets and was snacking on some. She told my ex something on the lines that he will have to watch what I ate or I’m going to get fat.

Really, old lady? Like you’re a catch to begin with? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m happy I’ve dodged the damn bullet with him…

Maybe she wants to bond more with you but she don’t know how ? Sometimes people just don’t think about what or how they say things but have only good intentions ?? I try to think positive before I go to a dark place lol

Be direct. If she still chooses to be an ass then start knit picking every little thing about her: oh if you want i can recommend a cream that will help get rid of those wrinkles; i can help you buy a good gin that will make you less of a twatwaffle ect ect

Maybe exercising is how her family bonds and she’s trying to include you. But if you know that’s not the case and want it to stop, you could 1) Have your husband talk to his mom and let her know he thinks its making you feel bad…or 2) Be funny but direct. Say something like, “I’m not big into exercising like you guys are, but thanks for offering.”
Or just tell her you are consulting a doctor and doing your own health plan. Tell her any way that makes you feel comfortable more than uncomfortable. Don’t worry too much about how the MIL takes it. She was already bold enough to risk her comment offending you, so now you can just choose which way to turn down her exercise requests.

Tell her to stop mentioning your weight and that if she doesn’t that you won’t be involved in her life anymore and you’ll cut her off from yourself

Girl you better speak up and tell that woman to mind her goddamn business! Or threaten to eat her next time she says somethiny


Tell the fat phobe to back off- beauty comes in all sizes!!!

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Girl, stand up to that woman! You don’t like it, tell her so! If it tramples some feelings, oh well. Don’t wait on your hubby to do it for you because he’s not going to. They’ll get over it or they won’t. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just flat out tell her to stop talking about your weight…


I’d go and bring a cake, eat it right in front of them and not offer to share.


Tell her ur fat but u can diet but there is not much u can do about ugly!!!

Sounds like my husband’s Grandmother. Only she tells me not to sit on her swing because “you’re too fat you’ll break it”. Honestly, I just stopped going over.

If they can’t respect your feelings then don’t go :woman_shrugging:t3: he can’t defend you against his mom then he’s got the problem not you

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Ask her if she wants to go get a facelift with you.


I’d pull out a candy bar and take a bite and say NO I’M GOOD!


My husband would lose his mind if anyone did this to me. He should speak to her and tell her she’s making you uncomfortable. If he won’t, you can explain your feelings to her. It’s likely that this is just her thing and she wants to include you.

I don’t get it. Why do people tell others they’re overreacting? If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel. It’s not right or wrong, theres no opinion on it. You feel, how you feel. It hurts your feelings and makes you insecure, therefore, it is not ok. If your husband won’t stick up for you, sick up for yourself. My mom used to make comments when I was growing up about my weight and body. She tried it once with my kids and I shut that shit down immediately.

She makes you feel bad stay away and tell her why x

Tell her to fuck off! That should do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Your hubby should see an issue with this because it’s making you feel awful, he should respect your feelings, your his wife, he needs to talk to his mother.:heart:

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Tell her what she is saying is INAPPROPRIATE and NON of her business and do NOT mention your weight issue Again or you are going to do some to embarrass her in Public beyond belief…

I experienced this with my father in law and my husband also dismissed it so the next time my father in law said something I told him my weight isnt his concern and I’d appreciate if he stopped talking about it. Turns out he started commenting abt my weight to our kids saying your mom is fat etc and my then 7 yr old stopped him short and told him to stop saying stuff about her mommy. That was the last time I heard anything from him regarding my weight

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I’m too petty. I’d never be invited back over! Problem solved kinda😂

Tell her she looks like she has a eating disorder and offer her a cheeseburger. See how she likes it


Tell her if she brings up your weight or fitness again you will eat her. Hopefully after you stop laughing you can tell her how much her words hurt your feelings and directly ask her to stop. When she does it again, put up your hand and say “Please stop!” After about a month of this you should have her trained.


Whew Chile! Everybody would be getting cussed out. Starting with the husband who thinks it’s okay for people to criticize his wife and make her feel bad about her weight.
Next, the mother in law. She would get ONE warning. I’m fine with my body and I’m happy with myself plus your son LOVES this 200lbs of lovin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If that doesn’t do it, then hey. You tried being nice. Now it’s time to check her a**. But that’s just me. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Tell her her son loves larger ladies as they are built for comfort and he doesn’t like honey girls

I would would just tell her your fine with your weight and you don’t appreciate her to keep asking and making comments. Leave it at that. Also if your husband can’t speak up and back u up maybe u need a new one.

I’d take off my pants and sit down beside her in my undies and ask what’s more uncomfortable, your weight or the fact you aren’t wearing pants?


I would not go because they can’t say nice things

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Just be like nah im good… your son loves these lil rolls​:sweat_drops::sweat_drops::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If she really thinks SHE needs to lose weight then she may just be asking you so she has a partner. It may seem rude but it’s not always ill mannered.

Put the betch in her place!!

My one simple reply when anyone acts like that….”get fcked”. And they included your husband. He needs to stand by you or her can get fucked too.

Tell ur husband and ur mother in law if they have a problem with ur weight then that’s their problem as long as u feel comfortable in and with ur body don’t listen to them if husband can’t back u up on this then tell him to go home to mom and leave u alone don’t be around her if she’s always talking about ur weight everyone can’t be a perfect size zero it takes a good woman to carry a little extra weight

Sorry this is hurting you. Maybe you could take her up on her offer? Couldn’t hurt to get in shape… beter for your health?


I would tell her to kiss my a**
It’s none of her business.
If your happy with yourself that’s all that matters.Your husband should stand behind you and tell her to stop or further more you need speak up or she will probably keep saying it


I would say "uhhh excuse me, but are you feeding me, buying my clothes? If not then it’s none of your business how I look or how much I weigh. "

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Just say no. If she asks if you want to diet with her say No thank you. She cannot make you feel anything. You choose to feel it. So simply say no and ignore her.


I don’t think I’d take it like you did. Seeing how this is what this woman does all the time maybe it was a way for y’all to spend more time together and talk more. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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You need to tackle it head on. politely tell her to knock it off and it’s insulting. If she cares, she will stop and if she doesn’t then it’s time to stop subjecting yourself to her rudeness.

*Or you can call her daily and ask if she wants to go out for dessert :ice_cream: :rofl:


Start offering her make-up tips and advice on how to clean her house or whatever you know will bother her. She will stop talking to you soon enough!


What do you do? Tell her to knock it off. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Next time , walk up to her, hug her and tell her that no matter what your appearance that you will always be the same caring, loving compassionate, understanding daughter in law that you have always been and that you will always love her the same regardless if you weigh 120 lbs or 300 lbs. Smile and walk away. :wink:


My exes mom once said that I look like a beached whale. He said nothing. People suck. It’s never ok to comment on someone’s weight no matter if they are heavier or skinny.

I’d say your son clearly doesn’t have an issue so y the fk do u :woman_shrugging:t2:

No that’s fkn rude I wouldn’t Wana go either lol

Stay away from her I would.

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Tell her to mind her business!

Tell her you’d ask for advice if you wanted it. She needs to mind her damn bussiness.

Wait what??? 5ft8 200 pounds that sounds good to me that’s great size…u got me worried bout my weight now I’m 5ft7 198 …what hell we suppose to be 80pounds


Tell her you are fine with how you look and she offends you.

You tell her to STFU and leave you alone. Thats what you do!!

Take her up on the offer and annoy the heck out of her. What ever you can think of. I’d personally complain the whole time and talk nonstop.