Is it silly to refurbish a barbie house for Christmas?

It’s an amazing idea honestly me and my husband truly only buy second hand or third or fourth hand toys fix them up or change it around and give to the kids for Christmas and the kids love it even more because we put our heart into it more than just going and spending money at the store dont get me wrong we do buy new things but they honestly like the thoughtfull revamped second hand toys better anyways!! Dont let him put you down and just wait when your daughter sees it and lights up he will feel like crap for ever doubting you

Redo it for her!!! Personalize it for her!!!


Great idea! Pinterest and YouTube have lots of ideas on refurbishing barbie houses. Your daughter will love it and my kids always appreciated when I would change, tweek, make something “just for them” and what they liked.

I did the same! But due to time limit I am going to let my daughter’s help pick out what they like to refurbish!

Nothing is wrong with second hand. You will thank yourself later for purchasing the house this way. Some of us dummies(including me) paid big money and the house didn’t ever get played with or broke.

I think that’s a wonderful idea

Your child will never remember it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t brand new, and everything wasn’t a perfect match! She will remember Mom & Dad gave it to her and hopefully got down and played with her with it! :heart:

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Ayla jayln on YouTube fixed up an old doll house and even made old doll furniture modern to go with it. I think it’s a cute idea and will mean more to her as she gets older knowing you put so much hard work into. You could possibly even get her to help you and tell her its for someone special for christmas and then surprise her with it on Christmas.


Heck no! Work that project!! That’s awesome, because from my experience with Barbie houses, they are not worth the market prices!!

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God no that sounds awesome!!!
Go for it!!!

That’s a lovely idea

At her age she will love it for Christmas just put some furniture inn it and give her a new Barbie

That’s exactly what I did for my daughter! You can customize it with washi tape and everything! I put some different types of furniture in it- so cute and fun! She’ll love it!

For a 3 year old I think that’s the perfect way to go! She’s not gonna know any different!

Or give it to her as is, guarantee she won’t know or remember the condition of it down the road, she will be glad to have it!

I would redo it for her and wrap it for Christmas

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I’d just clean it really well,touch up bad paint and put some furniture in it. She’ll love it.

It’s a great idea. I had my daughter’s dollhouse 30 years ago. My husband remade all new furniture and repressed for another Xmas. She will love it. Didn’t matter the house wasn’t new, she just loved the new refit, just like we do in our own home when we get new furniture…

She will not know the difference and you will have fun doing it . Save it for big surprise for Christmas. Hubby shouldn’t be like that.

That’s a great idea! Do it, she will remember that forever

I m sure your daughter will love it whatever you decide to do with it. Merry Christmas

Kids have no idea wether it’s new or used…they love it all the same :blush:

Your child will love it.

For me personally, I would tell her a story bout my dollhouse when I was a little girl and tell her how my dollhouse looked then ask afterwards if you had a dollhouse how would your look then you can get some sort of idea , and colors she likes

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:heart::heart::heart: It’s a great idea and she will love it!!! My 6 year old has one as well and the thing takes up half the room.

Sometimes other peoples unwanted items can be other peoples treasures

I think it’s a great idea! And im sure your daughter will love it.

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Last Christmas I got a baby doll cradle and highchair for like 5 bucks and repainted them and that was the gift from Santa so no I think thats a great idea. They don’t know any different

No its perfect shes 3 qnd will be more interested in a box than anything so yes this is more meaningful and awesome.

Amazing Idea!!! Years from now she will remember what her mom did for her!

You can use scrapbook paper on the walls. I think it’s a great idea.

I think she would be over the moon that’s such a lovely idea

I would totally redo a Barbie house and gift it! I was kinda hoping to find one (cheap) that I could do this with this year, but all of them I found were still pricey.

There are Barbie house makeover pictures and ideas on Pinterest :+1:t3: I’m sure whether you give it a makeover or not she’ll love it!

I do this ALL THE TIME! If she is still into then when she’s older you can always upgrade!

I did this for my girls last Christmas. They loved it and still one of there favorite things to play with. I always give my kids something homemade. Or fixed up to look brand new.

I think it’s a beautiful idea and a personal touch is something she will cherish when she is older

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That is an amaizing idea.

Its a great idea… ignore the man … fix it up and make that baby happy!

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Its a great idea. :heartbeat::heartbeat:

I saw someone take a pink barbie house and repaint it brown and it looked like a gingerbread house. Regifting used items are a great idea at any age!!

It’s a great idea, do it! She’ll appreciate it when she gets older too. My mom made me a barbie house from a book case when I was little. I loved that thing. She took her time to make it as realistic as she could and it meant so much to me. My kids played with it as well. I didn’t need no fancy thing, I used my imagination and I was happy with what I got. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes go for it, great idea and you get to have fun with it too!

My aunt was very good with wood and made a room like mine for the Barbies… Even the bed cover as the same fabric (She stole a bit) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Never loved Barbies but I still have the mini furtinure at my parent’s house :heart:

Its a fantastic idea,my daughter is doing the same thing for my granddaughter

It’s a wonderful idea!

Refurb away! She’s 3 she will never know and when she’s older she will appreciate it

It’s an awesome idea I bet she’d love it

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Refurb it girl!!! There are tons of wonderful ideas on pintrest!


Absolutely not, this is awesome you add personal touches and she will love it!


I’m currently redoing a giant 5ft house for my toddler but I’m filling it with maileg! I say do it!

Go to Micheals (or a craft store) and look around they have stuff for people who build their own doll houses so you could probably use that stuff to give it a personal refurbished touch

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I would refurbish. You’re touch will make it more special. Do t take your hubbies laugh as your idea is not important. They just laugh and think, process and cops different. Do it!!

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Great idea. Try the dollar tree for some accessories, I found some Barbie branded ones and some furniture there too

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It’s a lovely idea! :heart::blush:

I love the idea …she will love it

My nan spent years decorating her dolls houses (I know not the same) however she would use anything and everything, an old cloth become carpets,curtains or bedding. She cut out pictures from magazines to look like pictures on walls. Old wrapping paper was used for wall paper, and even post cards. It may not be furniture you are wanting but I’m sure you’ll have stuff around your house that will help make it cosy for her. x

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Take advantage of the younger years- don’t have to buy so much :joy:

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“Under” the tree with a big bow on top, imagine the look on her face when she see it… totally worth it!!


I did that exact thing I even added carpet to some of the rooms and re painted some parts and added kitchen dollar tree barbie furniture they have couches table and toilet for doll houses


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I think that if you can afford it then go for it because that is such a cute idea!

If you really want to and it would make it that much more special go for it! But she is 3, how much will she care? Lol

What a wonderful idea!

I thinks it’s a great and an inexpensive idea.

Clean it up, throw a bow on it, and make sure to get a picture of her cute little surprised face when she sees it Christmas morning!!!

I think she’ll love it! What a great idea

I’m doing this this year with a play kitchen for my daughter she is three and the thing looks brand new. If it makes her happy and saves you some money that’s all that matters!!

I think it’s a sweet idea to spruce it up! Itll be even more special🎁

It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks, only yourself! For the record tho my favourite toy was my pink barbie caravan santa delivered when my dad “went to the shop” and it totally had a make over. I have no doubt your daughter will love it

My kid got so many gently used toys for Christmas when he was smaller. It’s new to her. Go for it!

I’m 23 and personally would love a refurbished Barbie house lol she’ll love it
Honestly at 3 I’d take her to the store with me and just tell her moms working on a top secret project can add for Santa if it’s not going to be from you. And have her help you pick colors and fabrics she likes. And I’m bout to go try it after this comment but if y’all telling you can’t go on Pinterest and type in refurbished Barbie doll house I’m gonna be amazed. Someone somewhere has done this before I just know it.


We were poor growing up. One year, my parents got a doll highchair and crib that someone threw in the trash, and painted it for my present. Of course, it was new to me and I didn’t know until years later that my Christmas gift was gotten at a “dump.”


Pinterest has cool ideas, I would love to do this for my daughter.

Paint it her favorite colors or to match her room! Add whatever furniture you may choose, they frequently have that stuff at dollar store to replace too. I think that’s a cool idea to personalize it for your daughter.

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All she gonna see if that it’s big and pink uhkay lol barbie houses are a right of passage for god sakes lol and last I checked rights of passage are all about the past😉


I think that’s a great idea show love that

i think she would love it as is but most of the time i do projects like that its because i enjoy the challenge of the project, which may be how you are too… or if you are concerned with the way it will look in her room like maybe it’s not updated to the style of the room or something i’d say go for it!

Up cycle that thing!!

It’s a great idea! She’s so young she wouldn’t know the difference anyway. We’re giving our 4year old son a giant Hot Wheels parking garage that we got free from someone as well. Wiped it all off and he is going to love it!

Google it! Look on pinterest. So many cool ideas for doll house refurbs

I say refurbish! It’ll be fun, unique and meaningful.

Follow Ayla Jalyn. She does stuff like this all the time.

Great idea, u can check out the craft isles at the dollar stores they have lots of cute stickers that u can use to decorate it

Of course fix it up. Would be fun.

I would personally refinish it and fix it up but I do that all the time to anything I buy basically lol :joy: she would love it either way but you still got some time to start some of it anyways you can always finish working on it after Christmas too

It’s a wonderful idea

Definitely do it! That’s such a sweet gift. Maybe she won’t appreciate the work now but when she’s older she’ll know her momma spent time to give her something beautiful. It’s a toy if you leave it, but it’s a keepsake if you alter it just for her

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I did it 4 my granddaughters, it came out great.

This is amazing idea! I’d do it just for fun.

Yas!!! Waiti till Christmas and it could be Santas gift… lol… Santa brings a things that are made by elves… by hand… with treats for stockings and hats and gloves… this year it’s going to be workbooks and coloring stuff with chocolates. My daughter loved hers last year

It’s a great idea. I’d do it. Not sure why he doesn’t like the idea.

Amazon has some really modern laminate paper and peel and stick wall paper. Peel and stick tiles. It could be a really fun project!

Clean it fix it up she won’t know it was used. All she will see is a loving gift from Santa/mommy she will play with it love it and maybe some day pass it on to another child.

Yes do it , why is that silly, I think that would a great idea and gift :gift:

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This sounds like an amazing idea! Maybe try that spray paint that’s made for plastic, like you’d usually use it on outdoor furniture. 🤷

Do it. She won’t know the difference.

Fix it up and give it to her for Christmas she will love it

Sounds like you need to get busy with the update!