Is it normal for men to think babies are gross?

Babies are gross :woman_shrugging:t2: I have 4 lol to me he sounds immature. My ex bonded with my girls from a previous relationship rather quickly. Like they looked at him as a father figure and he treated them as his own.

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I have 9 kids and I say all the time kids are gross. I guess that depends on the context that he uses it in . I mean they eat boogers, stick their hands in their diapers and play with poop and pick up food off the floor and eat it all of which is gross. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them.


I have children….
But I still think babies are gross. & toddlers are even yuckier. (Just not my own :laughing:)
Some people feel that way, and it’s okay.


My boyfriend is so good with my little boy so it’s not all men that ain’t good xx

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I think babies are gross too and I have two kids. They’re definitely a little gross :joy: but the fact he hasn’t bonded with your child would be where I left.


Kids and babies are gross, and I personally do not find babies cute. I’m past that stage and wouldn’t want more. Also you said the bonding things you planned. You can’t force bonding. Maybe he needs to have the chance to bond in his own way. Also he may just not want kids. You need to have a serious talk and yall may not be a good fit. It happens


They are gross lol but I think he has some other dislikes about children. I personally wouldn’t have him around mine even if he “seemed fine” and I definitely wouldn’t have any with him.


Kids are gross no matter the age. I have 4 kids and they gross me out daily.

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I have 3 kids and think babies can be gross. I mean cleaning a baby that pooped in the carseat all the way up into their hair is absolutely gross lmao. Ya babies and kids can be gross but they can be cute too, most of the time gross though.

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I have two kids and I’m just here to say that babies are in fact gross :crazy_face:

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No my husband loves our daughter

Boys. Boys think babies are “gross”


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for men to think babies are gross? - Mamas Uncut

My cousin thinks baby dribble is gross and gags at it. Isnt one to hold them and gush over them. SHE never wants kids and is living her best life. In your situation wanting a family and the fact he has spent a year living with your child and still feels this way is an issue that needs to be addressed and resolved before deciding whether to continue the relationship. Questions like “are you just saying that in general or do you feel repulsed or what is the extent of your comment?” Its needs to be figured out. My step dad would dry heave at my sisters poopy diapers. Very rarely changed them. If my own husband couldn’t handle a poopy diaper AFTER already deciding to have a kid id lose my shit. Best to know these things before.

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You should be more concerned over the fact that he can’t form a bond with your daughter nor does he try to go out of his way to work on the relationship. Your number one relationship and priority is and will always be your daughter. She deserves someone around her that will love her like their own. When your children are involved you aren’t allowed to accept less for yourself.


I think it depends what context it was said in, does he mean they are gross in general or just when they’re messy etc? I’m not really a kid person, If someone else’s kid came up to me with snot round their face and food round their mouth, I wouldn’t want them to go near me :rofl: but it’s completely different with your own child. He’s my absolute world and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him and the ‘gross’ things don’t bother me at all. However, I think you should be able to tell a lot from how he is with your daughter you already have. It’s been long enough for him to build some sort of bond with her now, and if he hasn’t and he doesn’t treat her like a stepchild, that would be raising red flags for me. I’d speak to him and tell him exactly how you feel about both your current daughter and a potential new baby. You’ll be able to tell from his reaction and response whether it’s worth sticking with him or leaving him x

A lot of people dont want to have babies, and It seems he is one of those people, if you want another kid, you might have to find someone else, dont force him.
Also i be a bit worry about the no connection with your Daughter after years 🤷

Everyone is different. To question whether this thinking is ‘normal’ or not isn’t right. I’m a woman, yet I think babies are gross. I think they’re all ugly and the smell of them makes me feel physically ill. Do I dislike children though? No.

Everyone is different. Some people are maternal/paternal and some are not. It’s no different to people who think reptiles are/aren’t cute

But if it’s important to you to have someone is is paternal, then either discuss this with your partner or maybe it’s best to agree that you’re not right for eachother.

But neither way of thinking is abnormal. Both are acceptable.

Find someone thats not such a pansy when it comes to kids. Indulge in their nasty little behaviors or fuck off in my opinions. Kids are kids. He was one of them “gross” little fuckers at one point

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for men to think babies are gross? - Mamas Uncut

Absolutely noway I’d stay with somebody who thought babies were gross with a child and be trying to integrate my child into that person’s life :expressionless:

Absolute madness get that monster away from your child ASAP and find somebody who’s going to love your daughter as much as you do and not just tolerance her so he can continue to share a bed with you. Put your child first!


If you don’t think that getting poo, pee vomit and snot on you is gross then your made of sterner stuff than I am. Babies are gross but all the grossness is totally worth it.


Not everyone likes kids. But definitely get out of this “relationship”


why would you want a baby with some one that doesn’t even have a relationship with your daughter how big of a red flag do you want?


I think babies and kids are gross. I don’t really like other peoples kids/babies.
I absolutely adore my daughter though. I’m a one and done kind of person though. Won’t have anymore. Among the many reasons of why we don’t want anymore, it’s just that she’s everything we needed and wanted and are perfectly happy with just her. I’m really great with all kids, but I’m just so drained after interacting with them, whereas my daughter I don’t feel like that.
Now for your situation and question, I probably wouldn’t stay. And that has nothing to do with the fact he thinks kids are gross.
But All to do with the fact he hasn’t bonded with your child.
Being a step parent isn’t for everyone. Doesn’t sound like it will work for him, like how I know it wouldn’t work for me.
Your child comes first and foremost, and she should have parent figures that she bonds with and loves.


Man: I dont like kids and babies
Woman: What does it mean?


I think it’s normal for anyone to think babies are gross. They kind of are, lol. They’re goopy- they constantly have something coming out of nearly every orifice, & I personally think they smell weird. But, I also don’t think that has anything to do with whether or not a person likes babies. Some people love the messiness of children, some hate it, some simply can’t handle it & choose to deal with it by not having children.


He is entitled to his opinion and it happens not to fit with yours.
If you stay together what are you going to do? ‘accidentally’ get pregnant and force him into something he doesnt want?
If you are dead set on another child it may have to be with someone else


I mean they are a pooping vomiting machine lol and then there’s the boogers, coughing on you and sneezing, eating food off the floor :joy:
I worked with kids and became a nurse but when it comes to snotty noses no thanks.
Is he a neat freak? Lol
I’m sure if it was his biological child that he was there from the beginning it would be different. You form a different kind of bond.


He’s showing you who he really is believe him. Don’t try to change him it won’t work out. Don’t try to force him to be a father figure to your child either. You two are not meant to be together for the long run. He doesn’t see you and your child as what he wants to commit to for marriage and raising children. Accept who he is at this time of his life he doesn’t want babies. You need to find a man that will love you and your child as a package deal. This guy is just here for the good times and will leave you when it get rough.


Lol I have 2 babies (bit more grown up now) and I think babies are gross!!! Soooo much bodily fluids… my S.O isn’t my kids baby daddy and we have been together for just over a year, he hasn’t bonded so much with my kids as he is still getting to know them. It is a strange land dating as a single parent but don’t ever force a bond or relationship on either of them. If they had of bonded before you separated would you have allowed them to stay close eg visitation and phone calls? It isn’t fair to demand that kind of love if you are not prepared to ensure its longevity regardless of your relationship. Men have every right to protect themselves.


Let’s ask this question, say you stay with him, and cone to the conclusion that he’ll bond with his biological child, even though you know how he feels about babies… what happens when he doesn’t bond with his child?
If you have doubts leave


I’m wondering what his parents relationship is like and what his relationship with his father is like. If he says he wants a family, he may see fatherhood as the hands-off role. He’s the breadwinner, you’re the home maker so to speak. If you’re ok with him possibly not being in the delivery room, not wanting to be around when your breastfeeding, never changing a diaper, never getting up to take care of a sick baby/child- then that’s something for you to decide. If this stereotypical gender/family roles is what he believes, I am not sure it would be any different with his biological child than it is with your daughter.


Can you think, about what you want. Him And sex or a family. It’s you and Him or give kids to their Dads can you do that. Their your answer. My finding if a young child shy’s a way it because of the way he treats them. He shows they are two much for him to care. That how abuse starts. Run before you can’t.

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Lots of people think babies are gross, because they do disgusting things. No red flag there.

Worth asking him about his desire to have a family though.


I would run…not just walk from such person :joy: I think children are the most perfect creatures and provide us with unconditional love and lessons in life and would not tolerate a partner whose thinking is not at least similar. A couple should have more in common than not. Initially, opposite attracts…but in the long run it is a predisposition to a failed relationship.


People don’t really change and men statistically don’t really get married or wanna have kids til about 35 but if he’s made the comment I don’t think there’s really a turning point for him to change his mind and if he hasn’t made a bond with the child you have I really don’t think this relationship is for you. It may suck or break your heart but the right man or woman will want to give you what you want and you won’t have to settle for anything less than


My advice ; I am twice married old lady with four children and three step children, is to dump your boy friend. There are better men out there. My one big regret in life was I didn’t dump my first husband much sooner.


After 3 yrs with no bond why stay, you and your child deserve better.


I’m a women and think babies are gross! :rofl: it’s 2021, it’s OK if you don’t like children, don’t want to have them or don’t want to be around them. Doesn’t make you some sort of awful weirdo.


The question you gotta ask yourself is What is Normal? – No such thing! normal is just a statistical equation relating to ‘what is average’ – Far better for a person to admit that babies are not their ‘thing’ than those who pretend and abuse them.
This is the type of conversation you need to have with your partner as everyone answering (including myself) will have a slightly different view, perception, experience and backgrounds - resulting in their todays thoughts - and yes it is possible that a person will change their view when actually faced with a child of their own but equally possible that they will not! — I know plenty of men who actually really like babies/children and I know a few women who actually really dislike them!!


I agree run away with your child as fast and as far as you can!


Don’t ignore your red flags. It’s important for kids to feel loved by the people in their life. They will either learn to hate him or constantly be trying to win him over. Listen to your instincts.


When people show you who they are, believe them. He’s not magically going to change. Are you willing to live like this?


You have a kid and he doesnt like kids. That should be enough. There is plenty of guys that want to be a dad


I don’t even have kids and it sounds like he’s hinting around to you that he doesn’t want kids. I mean a year living together and he has no sort of bond/connection? Even if I did have kids, I would have to question or not whether I would want to continue the relationship. He needs to have some sort of bond, right???

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So kids are definitely gross but my kids sperm donor wanted kids but isn’t too fond of them… so I left, I moved on and met someone who loves me and my kids and he formed a strong bond with them. There’s no way I could be with anyone who wouldn’t make an effort to bond with my kids but I hope you find what works for you but fair warning if you proceed to stay with him and have a kid with him be sure that’s what he really wants so you won’t have to see about both your kids on your own. Good luck.

Waste of your time and energy.dump him find someone much nicer than him life to short to waste so much time on him xx

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I mean you already know the answer to your question as to who he is as a person. However you can think kids are gross and still want them lol I say they’re gross all the time but I still want one

Puke and poop is automatically gross to most men. What type of bond are you looking for between him and your daughter? Does she have a relationship with her dad? Maybe he doesn’t want to interfere with that relationship. He might not want to dad any time soon. Move on.

Behonest babies are gross…I don’t like kids/babies any children and could not bond with someone else child…but I love my son and I would do anything for him.he is my everything :heart:

If you feel you may want more children then I would not stay with this person.If it happens they will resent the child and always throw a fit that you cannot give them your undivided attention. The same thing goes if they have older kids and don’t want to go through it again. I have known someone who married thinking their spouse would change their mind and their spouse never did so they divorced.

He’s not the right guy for you. There are plenty of men who love children. Wait for one of them.

Maybe big dbag man. If he thinks a baby’s gross hes not a man more of a child.

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A baby will not change him , I love my son but he was not cut out to be a dad, he had 2 children . He was not abusive just selfish and indifferent . It’s his personality . Do yourself a favor and forget it because you can divorce him but for kids, it’s a lifetime.

I used to get nauseous watching my kids eat… lose my appetite lost 15 pounds in a few month’s due to it… kids are gross I watched my son as a baby throw up, scoop it up and eat before I could get him cleaned up. Be realistic, they are gross or we wouldn’t teach them to be better. I love my kids and enjoy watching then grow, but I don’t miss those weird early stages, not like a mom does. I used to throw up changing diapers, people can grow and change doesn’t mean he will and it doesn’t mean he won’t. I’m guessing he likes order and organization and predictable things… kids are none of these but they can become wonderful people.

I don’t really think this is a question of if it’s normal. But more of a question of how you should deal with your significant others viewpoint on children. It’s perfectly OK for him to not like children. But since you have a daughter, children are a part of your life. If he doesn’t want to connect with your child or future children then I’d say that this relationship probably shouldn’t continue.

Your daughter is the most important and she does not deserve to have someone in her life that doesn’t really want to be around her. You also deserve to have someone love you, but I would implore you to look for someone who has similar wants and needs for the future as you do. I hope this helps!

Teenagers are gross. Babies sometimes grow up to be disrespectful, messy, impulsive, at times unlovable teens. My husband and I fight about ours, we both are sometimes disgusted with ours, but we still love them;) Have to say though, I sure miss the babies and elementary stage so child rearing is not for the faint of heart. The bond? I see more dads not bonded to their teens than babies- because many parents judge their teens and dislike many things they do- and it wears away at unconditional love. You better have some good memories in the bank before the kids start making withdrawals lol. Seriously it is about respecting the capacity of the person who is willing to have empathy, energy and enjoyment of parenting. It’s hard. It comes between couples. Most of us though would say it’s worth it;)

Girl there are plenty of men out there that melt at the site of babies and kids. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t like them, which is what he sounds like. You are in a good place to say bye! You’re not living together, married, or have kids together which gives you a huge advantage to moving on. Find a real man who will treat you and your children like the most important things in the world to him. That is a real man. <3

It’s crystal clear and he has used explicit words to show how he feels… i dont see any confusion here. Having a child with someone who is that averse will be disastrous. U will be inviting a lifetime of “how can u think so? Its ur own baby?” And “i always told you how I feel… what did u expect?”

Not to assume, but sounds like he’s probably an only child or the youngest child and has 0 experience around kids. So any time he is around kids they just annoy him and he finds them gross. But beyond assuming now, I’d say you and your child are a package deal. If he doesnt fit with you and your child, you need to realise that it’s not gonna work.

I think you should definitely reconsider not having a relationship with him.

Well to be fair babies are gross. Kids are kind of gross. I had all boys and can honestly say they are kind of gross. Doesn’t always mean they hate kids or whatever. Maybe he wittnessed a kid doing something gross and it’s burned into his mind. I think you are over reacting to that part. Some people don’t attach to other people’s kids. Does he treat her well? Are you looking for a father figure type bond or bonding like they are friends? If they get along and he treats her well then I’m not really sure what the problem is. Some people may not be natural born parents. Some it takes having their own to bring out the parent in them. You need to do whatever it is that you feel you should do. I think you aren’t feeling the relationship anymore and want a excuse to leave. If that’s the case end it and let everyone move on and have a happy life.

I’ve never been maternal, never wanted a baby and at 60 have never changed, l dont ever want to hold them or melt when l see them or kids in general. But show me a cat or dog and l melt. For some people that natural instinct is never there.

The man is a total loss. He would be a lousy father and your children would grow up misserable. I think you already know this or you wouldn’t ask. Go find a good man who will share love of a family with you

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I am in invalidating your feelings whatsoever, but a women becomes a mother the moment they find out they are pregnant. Men do not become fathers until this is a baby born. Just a little food for thought.

I don’t think this is a genuine post … is she saying that because her boyfriend doesn’t like babies, SHE now thinks they are gross ?
Very strange post.

Difficult to face when you two have different desires wrt children and family. If he is indifferent to children, which is unlikely to change, is this a deal breaker for you?

Babies are gross. It would be weirder to find a person who didn’t think that.

It doesn’t stop people loving them.

How young is this guy?… Sounds Extremely immature. And your relationship sounds pretty unstable. Move on and find someone who wants the same things you do.

I think he sounds like he’s not fully matured. Keeping him around isn’t fair to you or you child. Its not that he can’t bond its that he doesn’t want to. There are plenty of guys out there that would love you and you child like their own.

Also babies are not gross :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also also…what if he did bond with biological child really well and then didn’t treat your child very well…

He has a right to not want to have children, it’s not for everyone but he was selfish to get into a relationship with you knowing you have a child and that you’d probably want more. Maybe he tried this thing with you because he thought he’d eventually start to feel differently about it and consider it. The fact that he says he wants to have a family is probably him trying to convince himself that he will be ready for it and want it… I’d say have a conversation with him and ask him outright if you and him should start trying to conceive as you’d want to start your family with him, it’s a tough situation because you say he hasn’t warmed up to your child after so long and even living together but then again he might be totally different once he has his own and it might even change the relationship he has with your daughter. Tbh my s/o was never attached to kids, never played with or picked up his nieces and nephews even when they lived together, having kids was always a distant “plan” for the future but to me it seemed he just didn’t like kids (he’s never said something like that though) when I asked he would always brush it off and say just now he/she cries if he takes them and was always awkward around them. Fast foward 15 years later I fell pregnant with our son me 28 and him 34 and he didn’t immediately feel an attachment when I was pregnant but when our son was born he was very excited and happy he was still nervous to pick him up or sit with him and when he did he wouldn’t move or stand up he’d just sit still and watch him until our son was like 3 months old he was more comfortable, just before my sons 1st birthday last year my s/o got sick and spent 6 months in hospital and since he’s been home January 2021 they’ve been inseparable. Constantly playing/play fighting and hanging on each other. My s/o even warmed up to other kids and is more understanding about the crying, moods and everything else that comes with parenting. His more interested in kids on a whole when they are around and not uncomfortable anymore so he speaks to them and plays with them. I’ve seen so much change since our son was born with him and kids in general it’s so weird!

Sounds like he is a child himself. Age does not indicate maturity. Run, don’t walk.

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When people show you who they are, believe them.

I grew up around many children (1 younger sister, 2 younger brothers and many nieces, nephews and cousins) and I still think children are disgusting and gross. Cause they are. They’re messy on top of being mentally and physically exhausting, financially draining and basically having to put your life/career on hold just to raise them.

You clearly want one thing and he doesn’t want it, or maybe he feels the pressure of having to have a child because it’s what society pushes on people that they need to do in life. But if it’s something he doesn’t want or has interest in doing, don’t force it on him. He clearly doesn’t like kids, so don’t make him feel like he needs to have one to live his life and have a “family”.

There are plenty of other guys who would be happy to help you raise your daughter and have more children with you. But this guy doesn’t seem like that person, and that is okay. Children are not for everyone, and no one should feel like they need to have them because it’s the presumed next step in life. Cause it isn’t. Life can be what you want it to be, not what is expected of you.

For all the reasons (and more) listed above, I’ve chosen not to have kids. I made this clear with my partner (of 4.5 years) at the beginning of our relationship and he knows that’s not something I want and therefore hasn’t made me feel like it’s something we need to do, or asked me about it because I already told him. Kids are just too much, and women in particular have to give up so much for children. It’s just not something I want to put myself through, and your guy seems like that kinda of person too. Again, plenty of other guys who don’t feel this way, maybe you should find someone like that.

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You’ve had a baby. They pee, poop up their back, those boogers are woooooooh Chile, spit up, throw up, drool etc

Your kid comes 1st time to move on

Actually being completely honest, I felt the same. Never wanted children. I now have two grown sons and six grandchildren. I thank God often for my blessings. It’s your choice to give that opportunity. Believe me it’s a 50/50 shot

Move on from HIM! Your child is first, and don’t you want someone who is indifferent to your child, your most prized possession!! Get on the see you later train!!

You really want to have this man in your life? Sounds like a lifetime prison sentence

Babies are ugly, gross, and loud. Those are facts not opinions

From Grandma. You better rethink this at least for your daughters sake. :cry:

Run awayyyyy far away it’ll save ya


if he can’t bond with your kid, then get out of the relationship. people who can’t see a their significant other’s children as their own, aren’t worth the hassle of staying with. it will only cause you more issues in the future.

What is this obsession with baby goats all about? Is this site for farmers?

Why is there laughing Emojis? The young lady is asking for opinions.

He will most likely be jealous of a baby.,run ASAP and do not keep in touch with such a selfish man. Follow your gut feelings!


If a the man doesn’t adore your child because she’s part of you, says he doesn’t adore you.


He is letting you know he doesn’t want kids.


Ever hear of a red flag?

Run ASAP, move on he’s not for you!


I like babies but toddlers nope. :sob: thats why i dont have any i think.

Not everyone wants to be a stepdad

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Move on and find a good man
who loves kids…

Run! Keep your child away from him!

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I think just by asking the question…you know the answer

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Babies are gross. I have two.

Move on with your life.

Well for one how does your daughter feel about him? Sounds very selfish

Yes, but don’t tell their parents