If my partner moves in with me what benefits will I lose?

Are you talking about welfare or ADC or food stamps, or personal things like privacy ?


Your Freedom to chose make decisions on your own. LOL


If you’re thinking of losing instead of gaining,you shouldn’t do it.


I understand the question but I don’t understand any of the answers.

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If you are worried about loosing any benefits. He shouldn’t move in. You aren’t ready.


The benefit of a bed to yourself, snoreless nights, having snacks around…

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It’s like living with your parents again. No more independent choices,but comfort an companionship. No more personal space ,but never alone. Set boundaries,an stick to them. Don’t share bank accounts!!

If this is the question you are asking, I think the misery will be total.

Dear Fan, is your place one or two bathrooms ? one or two bedrooms ? is your fridge big enough to hold the extra food and drink ? If one bedroom you lose part of that freedom same thing if only one bathroom but you gain someone who brings joy and happiness to you and you’ll just have to work out those other issues.

Watching cartoons .cooking what we want and using more sugar on my tea

If you are on disability and you remarry you will not lose all your benefits. However if you marry someone who is also on disability you will lose or whoever gets the lesser of the 2 will lose half their benefits.

Why not ask what benefits you will gain?


Only those what your joint financial circumstances mean you can cope without

I’m not losing nothing behind no other at my age he better have his own cause I’m not running no shelter

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Why not get married and enjoy those benefits?


Nope. Married almost 52 years now and I would never remarry or have anyone move in. Wouldn’t want to start all over again

10 days to report all changes ssi or state. By reporting you may lose some or all benefits. Depends on combined income

You can remarry after the age of 60 and not lose the benefits. If want to be married have a ceremony done by a friend and do NOT file for a marriage license just gave a ceremony. Do not merge bank accounts or other accounts. Live as married in your heart just not on paper.

Depends on the boundaries y’all choose to set. Will y’all share a bedroom or have separate rooms? Joint finances or no? Lots of variables, depends on the relationship and the needs of the people in it.

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None. Don’t get married and you won’t lose anything

It depends what benefits you get… If your in America… I don’t no… As I live in England…

Zero… As long as you don’t put their name on anything!… Especially not the bank card!

None unless you get married then you lose half

If you are questioning it then you are not ready. Just say no

Move in… less likely to ask for your hand in marriage. I’m not providing wife benefits to a boyfriend and neither should he a gf :woman_shrugging:t5:

Hmmm, I think if he was the one this question wouldn’t even be a question.


Judgement free zone to be yourself!


Freedom, independence, choices.


Is she asking about financial and insurance benefits?

? you dot make it clear what benefits you are talking about?

As a single, happy, not involved with anybody at present and hoping to remain so, the most important benefit lost would be the pleasure of doing what you want, when you want, why you want and not having to give explanations to anybody. Ah, friend, that is indeed Heaven on Earth, for me at least. Good luck!


I don’t understand what you mean by benifits


None they raised you for lot of years and filled your needs.

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My friend was already married and got disability

The freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want to do it. Think about it very closely.

Your government assistance for one thing. Are you planning to count your partner as a dependent?

The benefit of going home when he annoys you, don’t give up your freedom until you’re engaged


Sanity, alone time, peace and quiet, privacy, being able to do what you want and when you want. In other words, freedom.

I am a widow. I lost my husband of 53 years in 2019. If and when I find someone else I will have a commitment ceremony instead of getting married. If I ever give my heart again it will be for the rest of my life unless God takes him first. And to be honest I do not know I want to go thru that again.


Everything. No need for them to try and impress, win u over. Why buy the pig when the bacon is free. (No disrespect)

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You need to ask yourself, what will I gain by sharing my life with someone I love.

Why buy the cow if the milk is FREE !


Do what u feel is right n in ur heart. Everyone’s relationship is different.

Your freedom to do what you want to do. Think real hard about this.

Its a shame get married loose every thing.

When she says benefits, does she mean the benefits of living alone, or as I am thinking, state funded benefits.

RESPECT! Why buy the cow when they can get the milk for free!

Oh stop giving moral judgments and just answer the question financially. If they merely live together what benefits will be lost or gained? If they get married what benefits will be lost or gained?

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Sole power of the remote control :grin:

Ya don’t marry anyone, we don’t mind paying your bills. Sad, sad, sad.

You can never tell him to leave when he is annoying you😫

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None unless you get married

Nothing I moved in with my boyfriend 6 years ago just be prepared to be Annoyed at times but laugh a lot

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Nothing if you both work

Oh lord ah if u like ur me time ur alone time ur space well off u don’t demand that u could lose it

Depends on what benefits

Watch the judge show on TV and think you get your answer. I will never be a slave to another.

unless you are putting them on the lease. nothing. but if u are then they will go by both incomes.

Your benefits wont change unless u remarry!
Don’t let others opinions rule your life! Make yourself happy!

Ask yourself what benefits will you gain.

call the social security office… they can tell you everything you need to know.

You’ll lose the remote and bathroom.

Turning up tunes and notb being t ok watch a movie with out partner interfering talk8ng phone ect

Think more of the benefits you will gain

Don’t worry about what you will lose think about what you will gain

The freedom to see other people.

You will lose everything

Spur of the moment farting

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Freedom to do whatever u want.


Your alone time and closet space

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If your partner is a man enjoy everyone needs a friend.

Toilet seat being down.


Freedom, independence, lack of accountability.

What benefits do have ?

Benefits? Wide variety​:joy::joy:

Your freedom… Never move in with anyone or have them move in with you… staying single is best but if you have to be in the ball and chain of a relationship. There’s a reason for separate housing . Use it.

Share all morgage or rental expense plus utilities. Is your relationship respectful to each other?? Examine all avenues!!

The benefit of peace of mind!!! Oh and home!!! Oh and tranquility!!! Oh and----I think you get my drift!


Benefits? What benefits do you have to lose, Other than the benefit of having your own space? And I would’ve give that up.

Mainly your sanity, but you could lose financial benefits on some level. I can’t be entirely certain.

Yes and now that you posted it on line Big Brother will be watching you like a Hawk. Say Goodbye to those Government Benefits

Financial stability and the chance of Marriage. Why buy the cow when the milk’s free?

Freedom, peace, 1/2 of your bed & the remote!


If you are asking this question, you shouldn’t be living together.

don’t do it…after living together for 6 months …you common law married …don’t do it lol …

Banging other girls.

Your chance to get to heaven


A. Whole lot
U need life agreement
Easy come is easy go
P b

Peace and quiet, privacy, me time, etc, etc, etc…

Just your American freedom

Taking a shit privately. You get used to it. :rofl:


You do not have to go home after having sex !!!

Yoir ptesent way of life

Freedom and a clean house.

Heaven…eternity with our creator!

watching stupid trashy tv shows

Being able to starfish your bed.

The benefit of peace

The freedom to pat yourself on the back, through watery eyes when you let rip…:rofl:

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Are you referring to state benefits ? If so you are supposed to report it and it depends on your state I believe what you will lose. But you wouldn’t lose it most likely it would just be lowered