AITA for getting mad my boyfriend decided to go see his sister instead of me?

Entitled much? I hope he breaks up with you. You obviously don’t understand military life.

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Definitely wrong. I understand that this is important to you. Is there a reason you did not get an invite back home? A reason why you didnt purchase a ticket to go with him?
If his sister is active military it is best for him to see her at every opportunity he can.

Oh man lady …chill I think it is good he goes and takes time to see his sister (who is out in the military not at home doing nothing)and doesn’t make u the *only * important thing in his life. Yes one day u could be married …but not if u don’t figure out there is more people n his life that matter than just u princess

Actually, its a moot point. You said it’s you or his family. He chose family. You lose.
Leave him without giving him any more grief.

You’re definitely wrong in this situation. You are new in his life…his military sister has been around his entire life. Get over yourself. I think he should leave you not the other way around. Just my opinion though.

8 months, his sister is in the military, and me me me was all I heard in that entire rant smh yes u are TA . Ever had immediate family in the military? probably not cause if you did you would know time with them is hard to get and u take every opportunity when u can.

I can understand the disappointment of not seeing your bf for New Years Eve. But his sister is family and in the military. This could possibly be the last time he sees her for a long time and possibly forever. You are only a gf, not family, not wife. You ruined that relationship being selfish. He deserves to be with someone who understands that family comes first before a gf who just throws a tantrum because of one night.

Yes you are wrong. His sister is off serving our country so isn’t able to visit or see family. Your mad his family chose to go see her? I hope he stays gone because he deserves better. Someone who understands.

For one. You’ve only been together for 8 months. His sister is in the military, so who knows when he gets to see her if at all. So that’s a big thing for him to be able to see his sister. If family is important to him, then you should encourage him to see his family. Not call it quits. So yea. You’re in the wrong

Yes you are!!! To make a statement like that shows you are only thinking of yourself and that is selfish. His sister is in the MILITARY- what part of that do you not comprehend? There’s only a certain amount of time he would be able to see her. You’ve got a lot to learn about communication and compromise in a relationship.

Poor guys better off. That’s a terrible ultimatum to give someone let alone a “boyfriend”. To choose you or his family that’s really crappy of you. He definitely made the right choice.

Yikes definitely the a hole. He’s visiting his sister in the military when he can see you anytime. I’d go see my family too and I’m sure he’s lucky to be seeing her and done with you.


Yes you are in the wrong. I see being hurt about it, but you can’t expect to come before family all the time. Leaving him was a big no for me. Hope he enjoys his new years and finds someone that loves and appreciates him.

Girl, bye. 8 months together and you think you’re more important that his sister…who’s in the military. You leaving him would probably be the best thing for him.

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Your selfish his sister is serving our county and you begrudge him of seeing her you don’t deserve him

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Wow. Glad he left. His sister is in the military and has been given an opportunity to go see her. I would have went too! I empathize with you that you want to spend your first NYE together, but come on…

You are wrong. You are not married yet and sorry to say this but family comes first until you are.

Grow up and stop being selfish. Be thankful he has a great relationship with his family and sister. People in the military give so much and greatly limits family time.

Yes you were wrong. His sister is in the military so he doesnt get to see her like he sees you. An understanding partner would be absolutely fine with it. You should want him to go.

Wow! If the situation was reversed, and he gave you that kind of ultimatum, you’d most likely call it abuse. especially you being in a brand new relationship. :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:

He should’ve able to see his sibling without your say so

You sound like a little brat! My husband and I have been together 13 years and married 12 next month I think we’ve stayed up for a new years kiss TWICE in all these years. One of the years he went to a local pool tournament (he ended up winning) another time he went to drop something off at his moms and ended up helping her with a few other things then stayed there because the roads got really bad. He called me and told me the situation, I told him he made a good decision. We both slept for a few hours and he FaceTime me and we shared a over the phone kiss at midnight. If my sister was still in the military and coming home I’d want to spend that time with her and my husband would be totally OK with that just as I would him if he was in that situation. If you can’t handle a situation like this what’s to say you won’t handle any other situation like an adult. Is every fight or disagreement going to be threatening to leave? Maybe you should move on for his sake so he can find someone who is mature and secure in who she is dating and encourages him to see his family especially if one or more is in the military.

YATA! as a retired military member that was overseas for 6.5 yrs, I always enjoyed my family visits. If my siblings picked a measly 8mo relationship over me, I’d be hurt and pissed.

Sounds like he made the right choice. He is your boyfriend, not your fiancee, not your husband. He was offered a chance to see his sister with expenses paid. You should be happy that he gets to do that, and that my friend is what a real relationship is about.

Why do you not feel important? His parents surprised him with a trip to see his sister who he probably doesn’t see often. You should be encouraging your husbands relationship with his family unless they are toxic or harmful to him.

You’ve been his SO for 8 months; his sister has been his family for his entire life. Of course he chose to spend time with her. And setting an ultimatum because you want a NYE kiss…is dramatic and selfish.
If he holds you to your word, you’ve just ended your relationship over this. If he doesn’t, then you’ll have a chance to put his needs over your wants. Try.

Selfish and childish! Clearly he doesn’t get see his sister that often since she is in the military… NYE isn’t even an important holiday and even if it were, you’d still be 100% wrong. Grow up.

He’s better off without you anyways. Doing him a favor

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That is a VERY selfish statement!!!

Are you in middle school? This behavior towards him is totally immature. He damn straight did the right thing. Holy shit girl.

Definitely in the wrong in this one, that is his sister & she’s in the military.! Who would not want to go see there sibling when they don’t get to see them that often? You should be happy for him that he has a chance to see her.

WOW just wow. You’re not even married to him and tried to control who he spends time with. Even married, that’s not okay.

Wow what an entitled and selfish thing to say and think. He deserves better if thats how you treat him

Ytah…. If you had been together longer they may have invited you. But you’ve not even been together a year… His sister is in the military, obviously they don’t see her that often. You’re being selfish. Get over it and apologize before he gets over you. Period. Otherwise do him a favor and move on.

I’m going to assume this is a sarcastic troll question and op is just bored? Nobody is THAT dumb…

Honey… you’re the :triangular_flag_on_post:. Sister is in the military. He doesn’t see her hardly ever I’m sure. Pipe down and see him later. Go spend time with your family or friends for new years. And yes… YATA

You are wrong. You are making it sound like he is going to visit an ex girlfriend, when he is going to see his SISTER.

How old are you? :rofl: 8 months together. Glad he chose his sister. She’s in the military , sounds very immature and selfish.

Military sister? Yeah no your totally wrong. He probably hasn’t seen her in over a year… I’d bounce too

You sound immature and selfish. You can have a special night together anytime. Who knows when he can see his sister again. Or she could even be killed. An ultimatum was a bad move. You don’t sound ready for marriage to me.

You been together for 8months, his sisters been there since day one you sound like a selfish child if I’m honest and it won’t last if you act like this, let him go see his sister if you plan to get married one day I’m sure your have plenty of NYE together

U are in the wrong…he probably hasn’t got to see her in awhile …I know its not how u wanted it to go but u should be happy for him getting to see his sister

I think you’re in the wrong. He can see you when he wants, he can’t see his sister who’s in the military when he wants to. You should be supporting him and her. Family first, that’s what makes a good guy.


You’re selfish and possessive. Hope he has fun trip with his sister.


You’re not a significant other after 8 months. Sorry girl! That bahaviour throws out red flags everywhere. Why would you ever think that after 8 months you’re more important that his parents and sister. I’m baffled at your thought process. You’re not ready for marriage in my opinion. You sounds like a spoiled brat and most men don’t want to have to argue to see their family. You’re going to have to do some soul searching and growing! Cause this situation is ridiculous. I’d leave you too!

I think your boyfriend made the right decision. Life isn’t always about you. Hopefully he and his sister have a blessed time and he will recover from you.

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family always first b4 how u feel if she wwnt off war die and dis would off been last tym he could off seen her he made right choice

My souse and I have been together 3.5 years and this is our 4th New Years together. This will be the first one we have spent together due to his work schedule. Get a grip. He is going to visit his sister that is in the mill start for f*** sakes lol. You see him all of the time. He likely hasn’t seen his sister in a while if he was surprised with a trip to see her. You did right by ended it with him because he deserves so much better

Is this a joke? I would 100% see my sibling in the military who I can’t just see whenever I want. You as his “ girlfriend” should understand why he wants to see her & support him.

You can literally kiss him anytime you want too. He may not get to see his sibling for a long time. Who knows when they get deployed again or this might be his last chance to them… honestly if I was you it wouldn’t bother me I would encourage him to go.


Jealousy at its best like others have said his sister is in the military and doesn’t get to see her often sometimes we have to put our big girl panties on and suck it up

Girl you need to sit down :joy: sounds like he shouldn’t waste any more days with you.

He made the right choice. He needs to see his sister, and you need to grow up before thinking about marriage.

I don’t know how old you are, but you sound like a juvenile! It was a surprise gift to see his sister in the military! Shame on you! Have a Happy New Year.

:triangular_flag_on_post: You’re wrong and sound selfish. Glad he went to see his sister. He should definitely drop you.

Wow grow up , it’s really just another day . Eight months and you want to stop him from going see is his sister who is serving our country !

His sister is in the military. Most don’t get to come home to visit for holidays. I haven’t seen my brother who is in the military in about 2 years. If he came home to visit, I would drop my plans to see him as well. So yes you’re wrong.

This is what I read, ‘I’m selfish and entitled and all that should matter.’ If this is how you behave you won’t have a happy, healthy relationship ever.

Absolutely he was her brother for his whole life only with you for 8 months you should respect sibling bond .

No one comes before family. Especially since you have only been together 8 months. His sister is in the military a dangerous job and i hope i’m wrong but this could be her last christmas

Girl you need to go lol I hope he finds someone new on his trip because your trippin

How old are you? You sound like a teenager having a huff about something not going her way. His sisters in the military, he should take every opportunity he can to see her! So selfish to think otherwise.

I think you’re wrong on this one. Family is important and in the grand scheme of things, one New Year’s Eve apart shouldn’t be the end of a good relationship.

Boy oh boy you are starting the relationship on the wrong foot already! #1 you are not married yet. #2 hopefully there will be plenty of NYE for you to celebrate together and #3 she is his sister! I would be upset if he didn’t go. I told my husband way befire we married that the obe thing I asked of him was for him to never asked not to do for my family just as I woukd never ask him to not do for his family. After 50 years of marriage there have been times when we have each done for our families, gone to see them, taken care if them, etc. And never have we had any problems at all!
It’s not like its another girlfriend, it’s hus sister and i think he made the right choice!

Yes you are. I can’t believe you even have to ask, that’s his sister in the military. You should’ve supported him, not given him an ultimatum.

You’re in the wrong. Family first without a second thought. Having a kiss at New Years…? That’s selfish and not important.


we’ve been seeing each other for 8 months so I think he should ditch his MILITARY SISTER to be with my selfish butt on New Years.

Fixed it.

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Wrong girl, family always comes first. His parents paid for the trip. He wants to see family. Sounds like he can see you any old time. Get real girl.

Your Defently in the wrong here . I mean really she’s been overseas … I would go see her too that’s a understandable reason why he went . If you can’t understand that then yeah he should leave

Your in the wrong. His sister is in the military. You don’t understand what this visit can do for her. Family comes first and you have only been with him for 8 months. You have lost all respect and chances of the family liking you.

Lady, ur outta control. I woulda left too. Who tells someone if they go see their sister our relationship is done. Those are red flags for sure! I wouldn’t marry someone trying to control me like that :v:


I hope he runs fast in the other direction and never comes back

Wow, I guess you got your answer from reading all the comments! Look forward to being single in 2023 and finding a boyfriend without parents or siblings!


So wrong it’s his sister who’s in thr mitary have a heart hum there will be many more NYE im sure

Ew wtf. If my brother had a spouse who acted like this I would tell him to dump her. I’m a military spouse and anytime family can come visit is such a blessing because it’s hard to plan and expensive. His world doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve completely around you especially since y’all are dating and not married

Sounds like only one person in this relationship is planning on getting married one day, why didn’t he ask to bring you along🤔


As he should. Lol and now you’re single and he is free to do what he wants. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: happy new year

WOW!! :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes: He made the right choice.

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You should want a man that puts family first right now. You just showed up yesterday…that’s been his sister his whole life. Give things time to develop.

FaceTime him on New year and wish him and he’s family he’s not going to be there for ever

LOL girl :rofl: you sound so shitty I’m glad he chose his sister :woman_facepalming:

Yes you’re wrong. This is toxic behavior. You don’t own your significant other. Grow up.

May the next woman treat him right and be a respectable human, because you’re not!

YES YATAH, do him a favor let him enjoy his good years, just walk away…

Wow, I think you should go into 2023 single. Selfish is the only kind word I can use.

I’m so happy he was smart enough to leave you !!! Narcissistic behavior

If I was in this situation I’d be saying “What can I do to help make things easier on this end?” And “Enjoy your time with your sister!”

Like come on, get off your high horse!

making him choose between you to isn’t right. There’s not many opportunities for military families to see each other.

His sister serves the country and sacrifices alot and u r very toxic up tight stuck up of your boyfriend was any type of man he should leave u

You should understand he wants to see his sister how long since he saw her and with her in the service is she going to get shipped out

Yes! That’s his sister you’ve been around 8 months. If you ain’t wifey (really wifey not just saying it) you come second for sure

You sure did dodge a bullet, my guy. Enjoy NYE, and thank your sister for her service.


You owe him and his sister an apology for being so selfish. You have been with him what 8 mos his sister has been with him how long???

Is this a joke?! You’ve killed any chance of his family liking you, I think this relationship is a wrap!


Selfish, his sister is serving her country. Shame on you

Is this for real? Girl it’s been 8 months you are so Damn childish, he deserves better.

8 months is peanuts, it sucks for sure. But I’m sure it’s been months since he seen his sister. Wow, can’t believe what I read

As he should be seeing his sister!! Family comes first hun!

His sister in the military…. I would have left you too!!

He has a right to see his sister who is in the Military

Wow what did I just read. You need to step back and think about what you just wrote.
Yes it sucks he won’t be with you but seriously, he is going to see his sister. Maybe ask if you can go to if you bought a ticket.