Would I Be in the Wrong to Tell My Boyfriend I Do Not Want to Watch His Child?

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"I’ll be staying home with my kids this summer. My boyfriend just mentioned his child staying with me as well Said child does not listen, is very disrespectful, and does not get along with my children. Would I be in the wrong if I told him I did not want to keep his child while he works?"

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"If you’re in a relationship with someone and don’t treat their children as if they are your own, you need to rethink your relationship."

"Once you’re with the parent then you’re with the kid/s"

"You guys must not be serious then. Kids are a package deal. If you guys are serious then yes, you’re wrong. Eventually, his kid will be your step kid so you guys must not be serious. Kids are disrespectful for many reasons and most of the time it’s on their parents so why not be a positive influence."

"If you are in a relationship w someone with children you need to be able to accept them as yours and love them just as much if you can’t do that do the man a favor and leave"

"I understand where ur coming from and I probably wouldn’t want to watch the kid either but thinking long term if the kid is a problem now he/she probably will be down the road too… can’t see the relationship going very far if you don’t enjoy being around his kid"

"If you see this being long term, you should probably talk to him and maybe set some boundries and have a talk with child about behavior and whats expected. Because his child will be yours too if you stay together. When i worked at a school and would have “difficult” kids. Id ask myself how would i want MY child treated in this situation. And i found that really helpful."

"You should probably do the dad a favor and move on. He doesn’t need anyone who only wants him in his life and not the child as well. You are just wasting his time"

"Sounds like you should never had moved in with each other I’d your wasn’t serious about accepting his child. And from the sounds of it, you treat the child differently then your own… their is always a reaction from a child for a reason. Maybe it’s the child’s way of expressing their feelings."

"This is exactly why I refused to ever get involved with someone with children. The Cinderella effect is real and was never gonna put myself in a position to reject someone else’s children and have that level of negative impact on their little lives"

"Anytime my significant other tells me not to bring my children around then that would be the last he would see of me. It’s a package deal. If you guys get serious how’s that going to work out when you single his kid out. Don’t even think that the child don’t pick up on that. Best be looking for a guy that doesn’t have kids and hopefully that he will treat your good."

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