What to look for in a daycare?

I have a 22 month old and 4 month old. I just started back working and need tips on how to and what to look for in a daycare. This is new for me. Thank you in advance.


My son’s had a camera you could watch! It was cool.


Go and visit different daycares in your area , ask for a tour , check out their reviews, their licenses etc . Make sure that they have cameras than you can assess from your phone , and try to show up unexpectedly :slightly_smiling_face:


The smell, pay attention to the smell, ask if there has ever been a CPS investigation (call CPS and ask this too). Ask about how many incident reports they usually have to write, ask about what food they give, ask about sanitizing procedure, ask what qualifications the workers have, what education the owner has, policy when a child is sick, policy when they are hurt, ask where naps are given, ask about discipline, ask if they also teach or just do fun activities.


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Cameras. In every area. Daily reports via phone, or paper, schedules. Cleaning. Nap time expectations. Food expectations. Sleeping arrangements. Disciplining guidelines. How often cleaning is done.

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As someone who has worked in childcare, make sure they are licensed. Pay attention to your childs demeanor at drop off! Daily reports & diaper reports. I suggest finding out nap times & sleeping arrangements & start out adjusting at home to make the transition easier for both baby & daycare workers!

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