What do you prefer when getting dental work?

When any of you mamas have an dental work or surgery do you prefer the laughing gas or the oral sedation?? I was given halcian for my dental surgery booked at the end of the year but idk how i feel about that. I am very anxious and am very scared of the dentist and i always feel the pain because the numbing shots dont work im trying so hard not to think about it but what do you guys prefer though experience. Id love to know to ease my mind a bit.


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Sedation, I didn’t want to feel a thing.

I had laughing gas for my wisdom teeth. They numb you very well also. I didn’t feel anything at all

Where I have gone they don’t offer sedation. I’ve gone to oral surgeons for work and they don’t offer sedation just shots for numbing. :person_facepalming:

I get the shots and the laughing gas both. It works for me.

To answer the one asking the question: It’s your choice what you would like to have done, if it’s your preference to not feel or remember a thing it’s BEST to be sedated. If you want local lidocaine, you’ll be awake, alert, and jumpy to anything you’ll hear or feel. It’s easier for BOTH you and the DDS performing the surgery​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Just numbing shots for my wisdom teeth was fine. I’m not comfortable going under for PTSD reasons lol

They do numbing on me to and it don’t work they numb Wal away come back I’m unnumbed.they need to knock me out or something.

Lidocaine just numbs the spot for the novacaine shots - I usually require at least 2x normal novacaine I have deep roots - but I don’t like being put to sleep - don’t ever feel pain but do feel the pressure and pulling / tugging to get the tooth out.

And I also am afraid of the dentist online them bad history with dentists

Locals don’t really work on me and when I had my first cavity a couple years back, they ended up having to put me under completely for the surgery. They tried everything else first and that was enough of a nightmare I’ve been super wary about going back- and I always loved going to the dentist before. Now since that tooth is gone my wisdom tooth is erupting and causing its own set of issues, and I already know I’d need the same surgery to get that out.
I’m pretty sure they will bring in the anesthesiologist right away if I ever have another. It would be my preference.
Make sure your insurance will cover whatever. My dentist waives whatever mine won’t.

I get the shots, my daughter likes the gas.

Sedation I don’t do well with the laughing gas at all

You can have both. Laughing gas till you don’t mind the novicaine shot

i get sedation then they can freeze me if you want to say freeze me because i dont hold the freezng long at all at the most 10 min so as long as im out they can work or else its all bets are off

Put me out I don’t wanna know nothing

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Do the numbing shots work at first and then wear off or not at all? Some people do absorb the epinephrine quickly so that the pain part doesn’t stay put. The dentist can continue to administer shots but only if you get some relief. If no benefit, the methods you note would seem to be the best choice. For anxiety, you’d need another medication but, please, ask your dentist first before you try any pills.

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If numbing doesn’t work I like to be passed out lol.

I like to be knocked out. Then when I wake up it’s like nothing happened except a nice nap

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