What causes irregular periods?

My depo shot wore off January 11th. I had my period on the 12th, and since then I’ve had no sign of getting my period. Ive had minor cramps that last two or three minutes, heartburn, and my fiancè says Ive been more cranky than usual​:expressionless::expressionless: I took a pregnancy test and it came out as negative. Did this happen to anybody else when they got off the depo?


Its normal for it to take a couple months to get your hormones back in order.

I did that for almost about a year when it was period time when i got off that shot. It’s super normal apparently. We finally got pregnant 1 year and 6 months after I got off that shot.

It took me over a year

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The hormones have to level off.

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I was on depo for 5 years an it took me another 5 to get pregnant after going off it! Because of depo I don’t ovulate on my own an I had to use fertility medication to conceive my daughter. My periods would be anywhere for 40 to 80 days apart if not more!!

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I didn’t get my period back for almost a year… moody as hell too

Your hormones need ALOT of time to adjust after that type of birth control.


It took me 2 years to finally get period after quitting the shot… 4 years later, I got pregnant.


It took me a year to get my period off the shot and nearly 3 years to get pregnant.

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I got pregnant 3 months after stopping the shot


Took me 4 month’s to get pregnant after stopping the shot

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I was on depo foe for 6years w/o a period. When I got off it was another 3 months w/o but a lot of cramps and moodiness. Then I finally started and bled for 6 months straight

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I’ve been off mine a month and my body has went insane I’ve gained weight , I’m easily annoyed , I’m getting bad cramps and yesterday I cried for 20 mins because my youngest made a noise that sounded like his brothers name . Done 4 tests all negative

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I’ve been off the depo for over a year and I’m the same way as you. I balled every month but I wouldn’t say it’s a period. It’s only 2 days a day off then another day and it’s stumper light.

Yes for my sister. Major mood swings, heavy bleeding for like a year.

After I stopped the Depo it took over a year almost 2 years to get pregnant… I also didn’t get my periods back to normal for about 4-6 months. Hormone levels have to get back to normal… i was on the depo for almost 2 years before stopping it… how long were you on the depo?

It can take a year or longer for period to be normal again . Which is what they told u and everyone else who gets the depot yet once a day someone is on here asking this same question

Depo seriously causes irregular periods hormones and all of it. I was on it for 6 yrs and had my period for a whole yr first yr after i got off it, took 5 yrs to get pregnant again and had 3 misscarriages before my body finally worked out all the kinks. I now have 4 baby girls my oldest is 11. Your body just needs time to re-adjust.

My blood test at the doctor came back negative while I was pregnant :woman_shrugging:t2:

I has one shot of it… I wasn’t able to get pregnant FOR A year that shit should b banned

It took 18 months after stopping for me to ovulate and have a normal period after stopping depo last time. I’ve used it since the early 2000’s I stay on for 3 years and off for a year. Every time it takes every bit of 12 months to regulate after stopping some times more.

That shot messed me up too, took it twice and quit. Also took me years to get pregnant and always irregular periods .

I was on the needle a few years ago. I had my 1st period for 14 days after. I didn’t try to get pregnant at all. I did however get pregnant with my daughter in December of 2005

I got pregnant with my first only a month after my last depo shot could be to early to tell wait couple weeks and take another test!

It’s just your hormones trying to stabilize. Also stress can cause you to not have your period

I had hair loss and a huge weight gain on depo was on it for almost 2 years

I got pregnant with twins within 3 months of coming off of depo. Took me being 13 weeks pregnant to find out I was pregnant on top of it all. That depo shot messes you up badly.

Depo is the devil and will screw up your body so badly. Out of all the methods of birth control I’ve tried, I hated Depo the worst.

May not be a popular opinion, but i know a LOT of women who are experiencing menstrual irregularities after getting the covid shot or being near others who have recently. At least something to consider. :heartbeat:


I had a horrible experience with Mirena and about a year later had to have it surgically removed. I was irregular for several months after but then seemed to level off. Years later my cycle was completely out of whack, exactly as you’re describing, and dr after dr after dr, with zero help!, I decided to remove gluten from my diet. I’ve never been irregular since, 10 years later.

Hormones, diet, lifestyle all play a factor


I am with Sierra Lane-Elverd on this one, ask your dr to test for PCOS

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Ask for an ultrasound. I had a uterine fibroid

The mirena took away my period completely. Caused me so much pain and I ended up having it taken out after a year of causing so many issues.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment are linked to hormonal problems–they imitate estrogen thus causing symptoms of high estrogen which yours are. Organic everything --food, body care products ect, reduce plastics and don’t use any synthetic fragrance, also no pesticides/herbicides (except for true need). Cruciferous vegetables help to bind excess estrogen and excrete it–so lots of those(there are also supplements you can take). If you can afford see an integrative doctor to help you get your hormones balanced. Regular doctors are no help usually as they just want to put you on hormonal bc again.


I’m going Thur this rift now. My periods used to be regular then after I had my last baby 2 yrs ago my periods have been irregular to where I can go weeks or months without getting one and I don’t cramp so I never know when it’s coming. I went to the Dr on Wednesday and she said my hormones are probably not where they should be or I could possibly have PCOS. I had blood work done to see what my hormone levels are at and had an ultrasound done today. She also said I could possibly try birth control to see if that would get it started

Stress, weight gain, weight loss, thyroid concerns, pcos, the list goes on and on. It’s next to impossible to pinpoint would it could be without talking to a health professional. If you have some mental health stuff going on, that would be my first thought. Stress. If that weren’t a thing, I’d then look into my diet and what I was eating. Just talk to your doctor and have them work it out. Most of us on here don’t have our PhD’s.

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Some times birth control and other things can cause cysts and those can affect everything to. I hope you get it figured out.

Pcos, homone imbalance, stress, lifestyle. Best to go to your doctor and get everything all checked out.

Lots of things do stress weight hormones fibroids pcos talk to ur Dr about it

Ask your Dr to run blood work for PCOS.

Pcos and uterine fibroids caused me a whole ass headache. B/c made me a lunatic, too. When your hormones are out of whack already, any fluctuating can likely be felt one way or another. Don’t stress too much until you know what you’re stressing about. Prayers and love girl💕

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I have PCOS and mine wer always irregular, had the implant was fine until the 3rd one then they went irregular again, I would also skip a month or two and then get two a month or one a month! Have a chat with ur gp and get them to do some tests xx


Stress hormone changes maybe you’re not ovulating anymore maybe your fertility has change non-ovulation can cause irregular periods change in medication diet mental health change in vitamins see your OB/GYN get an annual make sure there’s no other issues

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Have you gotten checked for PCOS or other hormonal imbalances? It sounds like that would be a good place to start. I have PCOS and have gone through a lot of the symptoms you’ve experienced.

I’ve had irregular ones since I got my first one at 13 years old! I haven’t been on bc for 4 years now and they’re still irregular even with all the detoxes and eating healthy. Not sure why!

It could be Endometriosis, only way to tell us through a laparoscopic surgery and it’s incurable

After my breakup I had it more often than not. My doctor said its connected with my emotions. Once I knew that it was fine.


Stress always does that to me. Sporadic periods, inconsistent periods. Ones that were too long, ones that were way too short. Skipped months, and had 2 periods. Stress coupled with mental health things like anxiety or depression (I battle with both) will throw your whole cycle out of whack

Thyroid , PCOS , changes in hormones … ask your doctor for some blood work to check your thyroid and hormone levels .


It could be a number of things. Pcos, ovarian cyst, stress, hormones levels fluctuating more than they should/shouldn’t, birth control has always messed up my period and my body. I was on the Depo shot for years and it’s been the cause of 8 miscarriages while me and my husband were trying to get pregnant the first time.

PCOS, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, a lot of different factors can affect your period.

stress, dietary changes and weight changes are the most common I know of

It sounds like PCOS i had all those symptoms. They put me on metformin which is a diabetes medication I don’t have diabetes but it has really help regulate for the past 6 years

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Tell your gp exactly what you’ve written here then

Have them do some scans
Transvaginal scan
Ultra sound on the ovaries
Get referred to a gynecologist depending on your results.

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I have PCOS so it may be a little different. I’ve always had irregulars cycles, sometimes skipping 3-4 months. And always extremely heavy. After having my daughter I got the Nexplanon implant. I had maybe 1-2 periods a year for 4 years. I recently got it taken out. My period came back almost immediately but so far has been manageable unlike before BC. A gyno told me that it’ll take a while for my body to adjust to being off BC. Could take months or even up to a year. So could just be your body still adjusting to the change. Stress and diet also factors. I’d speak to your GP or Gyno. Good luck!

I haven’t looked into it much but I actually had a double period February into March and again March into April. They also lasted about 10 days each. I first thought it was because I switch birth control pills but I heard something about the covid vaccine affected mensturual cycles which would actually line up with when I was affected. First shot end of February and 2nd end of March. Not sure of you got the vaccine or not but I had moderna. Again, I haven’t done much research about it but did hear that there could be side effects. Mine seems to be getting back to normal again so you may just need to wait a month or so to see if it re-regulates itself. Good luck!


See a doctor. Get an ultrasound. Sounds like it could be PCOS or fibroids. Hormone levels could be off.

U need to see a specialist asap, i have a 4 year old, before having her period was regular, after give birth it was very irregular, spotting n bleeding heaving for months, then last year i was diagnosed with adenomyosis, had to go for surgery, adter surgery everything went back to normal now pregnant with number 2. I had the same symptoms. So plz do see a specialist

I have PCOS and cysts on my ovaries and mine have been really irregular since the beginning (I get it a month then don’t for a few then get it twice then it disappears for a bit and so on) when I do get it it’s excruciating and it’s random amounts too (anywhere from 3 to 12 days) so I assume that all people have them different but if it’s changed suddenly I’d go to a gynaecologist

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Same page don’t understand whats happening got an appointment for next month to have an ultrasound to check if i have cysts​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

You just explained how mine have ALWAYS been. Super irregular, sometimes 2-3 times a month, sometimes not at all, then sometimes I’ll bleed for weeks straight :woman_shrugging: can never seem to get the same answer twice out of any doc… but I’m still alive so… oh well​:woman_shrugging:

Ask your dr about PCOS. This sounds exactly like what I went through and I had the mirena as well.

I wonder if I have pcos, I’ve had my blood work done, everything is normal, and a transvaginal ultrasound, no cysts or anything wrong there either. I had absent periods for 9 months after removing nexplanon. Now I have periods monthly but I don’t ovulate and my bleeding is super sporadic.

Don’t put on Facebook ask your Dr for haven sakes all of us don’t want to see this

I’d say it could be stress related

Emotional state and weight can also influence your cycle.

Have you had your thyroid checked?


Iv heard that kind of birth control can take like 2 years before ur back to normal

Do you maybe have a hormone imbalance?

Hormone imbalances like pcos cause this. I have it

Could be pcos, endometriosis, uterine fibroids

Get your thyroid checked!

sounds like a question for your doctor.

Stress… Weight gain… Hormone imbalances… Diet changes… Anything could do it. But get blood work done!!

Could be many things. I have weird period issues too. I was on BCP for 17 yrs. No kids. Have been diagnosed with PCOS and low ovarian reserve… Hard to get a concrete answers with these girl issues :pleading_face: irregular periods since 11 and now 36. Pills def helped but it think I took them for too long hence all the issues I have now

Have your thyroid checked

Your thyroid can cause irregular menstrual cycles

Did you get one of the vaccines? People reporting irregular periods after getting them.

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Small cysts on ovaries, pcos, stress, hormones…

Did you get covid vaccine? I’ve had people say their periods are weird since getting it.

You might be pregnant

Speaking from someone who was diagnosed with PCOS. For years my periods would be anywhere from 28 days to over 50 days apart. I knew it would show up eventually so I just dealt with it but then I went to my OB/Gyno and they ran blood work. We had our last kid so I got my tubes tied. For next 7 years I dealt with periods that were sporadic up until I had 3 periods in one month. So now I have tubes tied and an IUD but no periods to deal with.

Sounds like a textbook case of PCOS. I had all of those, they did an ultrasound and I had the strong of pearls all they way around both my ovaries. It’s super common in women and can be determined with ultrasound and/or blood work.

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Mine was PCOS and Severe endometriosis. The only thing that ever helped was birth control and even with birth control I bled non-stop. I had my menstrual cycle from Nov 19, 2019- March 29, 2021 when I finally had a total hysterectomy. They took my implant out and since then my acne has been horrible but I’m not bleeding anymore!

It could be PCOS…one of my girl friends was diagnosed with it after she had her son.

There was a group called “menstrual irregularities 2021” but Facebook deleted it.

Sounds like something I been going thru for years I’m here for info as well

That happened to me and it was PCOS

Reproductive changes are being reported by MASSES of women currently.

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Stress girl. It gets me everytime

Santana Theodorou
Dakota Theodorou
Some ideas to what’s going on with you both

I had this issues last year… was bleeding almost a month… no pregnancy…it was hormonal imbalances…after taking medication it got back to normal until past January this year had the same issue again and I thought it’s the same but still I waited before I go to the doctor and this time it was pregnancy…ETOPIC …with the treatment delayed as usual my tube ruptured and finally removed…but period got back to normal after that. After listening Many good reviews about hormone IUD …had Klyeena…and that was worst part, spotting starts after day 10 and it stayed for next 20 day … which according to doctors was normal… didn’t wait and I got it removed in the first month of insertion…
Most of the time it’s Hormonal imbalances…if otherwise healthy or pregnancy.

I have a muscle disorder, plus I’m very anemic .
I got an ultrasound to check for PCOS. Now I am scheduled to just get my uterus removed. I’m not more kids. Those are a few options to look into. I would definitely talk to your doc about an ultrasound And. Blood work as the first step.

My 17 year old had a issue with her periods. Took her to doctor and had sonogram done. Had a huge cyst on ovary and had to have ovary removed.

Have them do an ultra sound see if they can see why … they did this to me recently and found nothing but it’s always good to check …
also I had my tubes tied at age 22 my periods are regular but long as you said like 8/10 days long. So I’m thinking about cauterization…

My periods became itregular and very heavy after second child. I had my tubes tied. I do not know if it contributed to that. I would get proud twice a month and bleed 2 weeks out of 4. I got on hormonal birth control and as advised by my gynecologist skip placebo pills. I do not get period at all. Not exactly at all. I would get random 1 or 2 a year. Its spotting for about 4-5 weeks. So its only 10 weeks out of a year I would spot. The rest of a year it’s clear. Talk to your gyno.

So irregular periods can be caused by a million things honestly. No two people are going to have the exact same situation and history. For example I along with 3 other people that I know had irregular periods around the same time and each one of us was for a different reason. Just go to your doctor, be completely honest and let them run the tests that they need to run. I can let you know that I didn’t have periods at all while I had the Mirena which ended up being a bit of a problem for me because I had no idea and no way of knowing that I had developed PCOS after my daughter was born (five years ago) I didnt know until my husband and I had some trouble conceiving after getting the Mirena removed early at 3 years. I got tested to find out why and figured out this was the cause of my weight gain and a few other symptoms that we hadn’t put together yet. It can be so many different causes though, the simplest being that your hormones are messed up from your IUD being removed, the hormone it was releasing has been suddenly stopped so your body might just have to get used to it again

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Oh man what doesn’t cause irregular periods. Mine was usually stress or meds.