What are the signs of labor?

I have a question but unsure if it’s ok to ask. I’m 36weeks pregnant with my first set of twins. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my first set of twins, so and there are a lot of things that have been different in this pregnancy compared to my single pregnancies just wondering if it’s normal or if I should worry that every time the babies put pressure on my pelvis fluid comes out. Could it just be Braxton hicks or seeing there is fluid? Could this be early labor and signs my waters are breaking.

Hey I have never had twins but have been pregnant three times and they have all been different. My first started with contractions that dilated me to 5cm so I was admitted and they broke my water etc. with my second my water broke and I had no contractions. While I was in labor with my third I was leaking fluid that didn’t seem normal to me. I went to the hospital with leaking fluid and contractions and got sent home because they tested it and it was allegedly normal discharge but to me it felt like it was gushing out of me lol. I knew I was in labor but they didn’t believe I was. An hour later my water broke and I had the baby within an hour and a half of arriving to the hospital. It could be normal discharge or it could be pee. Sometimes amniotic fluid does leak though so if you’re worried get it checked at the hospital. They won’t mind.