What are the side effects of Mirena?

My minera was inplace of a full hysterectomy. It wasn’t good for the first few weeks, a lot of bleeding, but then I had a few years of symptom free bliss. I had it removed then as all my old symptoms returned…That was in my 40’s. Now I’m in Menopause. Give it a go. If it’s not good for you
, just have it removed. I had mine removed in the Drs just lime having a pap smear.

Mary Joie Gonzales Mildred Gonzales

I loved it for 10 years. I got it removed and my period won’t come back. No one knows why.

Liz N Terrell Washington -teach em’. Seriously though, do your research. I had mine for 8 years. Got bald spots from lost hair and migraines bad.

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My periods became super light. But I would bleed for 3 weeks a month. (Spotting… Almost like a super long, light period.)

I Got pregnant with identical twins while having this


Message kimberly, she had one for 7yrs. Kimberly Coffman
Lots of trouble and displacement, almost immediately got pregnant after removed!!!

My OB did the same. Pressured me into after I asked for Paraguard because my body doesn’t respond well to hormones. She insisted that most of the hormones would stay in my uterus… I had it removed two weeks later.

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Has been amazing for me. Of course it hurt at first but honestly it was so worth it. I stopped getting my period a couple months after. No pain or issues. It also takes about a year for your body to adjust.

It was absolutely horrible for me. I bled heavily for over 7 months straight. no breaks in bleeding at all, to where i became anemic… it caused a bunch of weight gain, acne, horrible moodiness, stomach pains & cramps were seriously horrible. it caused an infection in the lymph nodes of my stomach… migraines…some hair loss, and then some… It was just so awful… had it removed & there was so much relief from it being removed.


Horrible for me i was so moody and anything bothered me i gained so much weight my period completely stopped i was always so tired where i couldnt get out if bed most days i would have cramping but no period i was going crazy to keep it short i hated it i have the copper iud and i actually love this one no hormones and regular periods no side effects

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I bleed for 6 months both time so tried it… wish my body would of liked it though… but I’m loving the ring

Don’t do it. All woman contraceptives are bad.
I’m a mother of 5, 4 of them are birth control babies. I am now 38 already 2 years of starting menopause because of all those evil ass things.

All medications effect everyone differently. I’ve had it for a little while now and haven’t had any issues

Going on 14 yrs with one and love it! Placement was painless for me. A very light period following placement and the last few months before its time to change it out!

I have heard nothing but bad things about iuds from women I know who tried them. Also why would you want to chance your ability to have children? There is a risk that it can move and cause an issue that can permanently make you infertile and or get pregnant and lose the baby etc… big risks with this form of BC. I knew a girl who it moved, she got pregnant and they never found it. The dr said it probably implanted into the uterus wall. Not worth the risks at all in my opinion, not when it can make you infertile if it shifts wrong and causes damage etc.

Best decision I did was getting off of it. Made it to 10 months with it. My body just wasn’t the same after getting it. It also moved out of place and caused other issues for me too.

I hated it made me retain so much water and my bf at time could feel it

I had it about 5 years ago and it was amazing. No side effects, no period, no nothing. Well I recently just got it and it was MISERABLE. I bled everyday for 8 weeks straight and it felt like the devil was pinching my ovaries every other day. I got it taken out but still feel a little different but it’s so much better than it being inside me!

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I have had mine for 5 years, best thing I ever did ! No more cramping, heavy bleeding and had no side affects.I love it :+1:

I was previously on the depo shot, and then BC pills. Both had horrible side effects and the pills gave me aural migraines which which doc said means the pill is increasing my risk of stroke and she could no longer prescribe it to me. Having the Mirena inserted was honestly the worst part of the whole thing. I’ve had it for 3 years now and I spot 1 day at a time a couple of days out of the year. No other noticeable side effects.

Great experience for me. Had it for almost 12 years with no problems. Removed it because we wanted to try for a third child and successfully got pregnant 6 months later.

I’ve had Mirena in for 8 months now and it’s been a miracle I’ve had no bleeding what so ever and no other side effects, best thing I did as I had such heavy bleeding and big clots I was hospitalised nearly every time I had a period.

I got the Mirena after my first pregnancy. I couldn’t lose any baby weight and actually gained more consistently after it was placed. I also developed terrible acne. I had it removed around the 10th month mark and I was easily able to lose the weight and my skin cleared up. Ive now have the Kyleena for almost 4 months and no symptoms besides some cramping for the first couple weeks.

I gained like 15kg and lpst my mptivation to dp things, like go for walks and stuff… i had it out almost 4 weeks ago and still have the weight, but have my motivation back… but good that i didn’t get anything more than a tiny bit of blood every now and again… used a pantyliner, but didn’t even need one…

I got the 10 year one. I have loved it. I did gain weight. I’m unsure if it was my IUD or my love for white cheddar cheetos.

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I’ve had 3 never had a problem.

I was on it for years with small problems. It seemed like the best form of birth control for me. Only problem is it tricked my body into thinking I was pregnant so I couldn’t get pregnant. Next form of birth control is getting my tubes tied in the fall.

I got pregnant when I was on it

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Mine migrated and had to be cut out.

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I had it for 5 yrs some cramping at first and periods were very light but no real issues on it


I have it and like it. First three months I had a period then very light spotting afterwards. I like the fact I don’t have to remember taking a pill. But I would def look up all the lawsuits against them. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound to make sure everything was good. Also heard people getting pregnant on it.

Hated it! Had my period for 6 months then would get it every 3 weeks for 3 weeks and weight gain

I don’t remember if I had the mirena exactly but I had an iud for about 4 years with no period and I thought it was the absolutely the best thing ever. My husband and I decided to have kids so I got it removed, getting pregnant was no problem but had 2 miscarriages afterwards. Got pregnant for a 3rd time about a year after removal and my OB strongly thought because I didn’t have a period for so long i had an infection from not being able to shed properly.

Have had it for almost 5 years. No Issues - maybe 5-6 light 3 day cycles the whole time

I’ve had it 6 weeks. No problems, no bleeding

I’m on my 3rd one almost 4th and have had no issues. Some cramping when they put it in and light periods when I do have one. I had one removed when we decided to have a baby and had no issues getting pregnant.

My first one I had for two years before taking out so I could have more kids. Loved not having a period. Did have occasional spotting. The week after removal I was on a hornone trip that felt similar to being pregnant. I did have one occurrence of bacterial vagonisis. My ob said it can happen because of the string. But regardless I ended up getting another because I finished having kids and so far I’ve been spotting on and off since I got it two months ago. Probably will stop soon and I’m not really worried about it.

Hope you like yeast infections

Had mine for 3 years, got it pulled to get pregnant. Loved it, no side effects, and normally birth control makes me have bad mood swings

I had the mirena iud for 5 years. Had mine taken out in november and had my first miscarriage at 10 weeks. I had a healthy first pregnancy before I had the iud. At this point if you want any children or anymore children I wouldn’t get it

I loved it! No periods and no problems with it! Had it taken out to get pregnant.

Ive had mine for 3 years. So far I like it. I had a lot of headaches on the pill and this is way better.

I’ve had no issues. I had it between both kids and not an issue.

I enjoy mine. Only birth control that’s never gave me terrible side effects. It stopped my period completely I’ve been on it for years. The insertion can be pretty uncomfortable. I never thought so till I had it replaced at the beginning of the year. I think that was more in part of the doctor that put it in and not the procedure itself.

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I’m on my second one and love it. No periods, only occasional spotting. No side effects. No pills to take. The insertion hurt pretty bad for me but it’s worth it.

I’m on my 4 th one and love it no problem at all.

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I’ve had it for 3 months. I’m still getting my period every month so far but much lighter bleeding. No problems at all

I had it and got pregnant on it. It moved up above my baby and they couldn’t take it out for fear of bringing the baby with it. I ended up losing my baby at 19 weeks due to the Mirena. I will never get an IUD again.

Best thing I ever did!! I was in my late forties and it eased my transition into menopause. It was great not having a period for five years!

I’ve had the mirena twice now, before and after my son. No problems at all! I will say though if you’re getting it postpartum to wait more then the 8 weeks after delivery. Getting it inserted at 8 weeks pp hurt sooo bad because you’re still recovering down there. I never got my period on it, once in a blue moon spotting but not enough to need a tampon/pad. Just a thin panty liner!

Hated it. Bled constantly and my hair fell out

I’ve had it in for 2 years and have had 0 problems or side effects. Periods stopped after a couple months. No spotting, no cramping , no anything. It did hurt to get put in, but that could just be my low pain tolerance.

Had mine for about 7 months and got pregnant with it still in! My baby is now a happy 12 year old!

I got mine put in 6 months ago ,the minute my doctor’s went to put it in I got the worst period pain cramp I’ve ever got in my life and I’m 45 now I get my period extremely light for a day or 2 which is great but now when I’m due for what would be my period I get really really bad period pain to the stage where I can’t move or walk

It’s great for people that are Celiac ,unlike the pill that’s not safe because they all contain gluten

I used the Mirena, then cysts grew on my ovaries, I had to have a freezing procedure done then a pap every 6 months for the next 4 years. It was scary. I won’t use it again.
I use the Nuva ring, have never had any issues!

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My partner constantly hit it and caused it to rip the tissue inside of me causing issues I was on meds repeatedly and have tons of scar tissue now. I only lasted around 9mths with it before begging the dr to remove it.

I had it for a little over a year. Weight gain, infection, cysts. It was awful. Everyone has different experiences but I would not recommend it based on mine.

I loved mine didn’t get my period for 5 years no. issues was able to get pregnant again about a yr after I got it out

I had Mirena twice 4 years each & loved it, no issues @all

I’ve had it for almost 3 years now with no issues!!


I’m on my second one. No problems. Cramping the day it is inserted, but that’s it.

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I had it after I had my first son in 2011, no complications. Got it taken out in 2014, got pregnant with my second son. Also, no complications. I currently just got it changed out for my 3rd since he is 5 now and still no issues. I have heard some women say they bled with it and it wouldn’t stop. My period is completely gone. I think it depends on the person and your body.

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I had 2 back to back. Pros: Brought my extremely heavy painful periods down to 4 spotting days a year. Felt very low hormonal changes while had them. Minimal bloating and almost no cramping.
Cons: insertion kinda hurts, strings are uncomfortable first two days or so and getting them swapped was painful. If you have a overly long endowed partner he might run into it in a few positions. Thats not pleasant. Good luck. I loved mine. Got my second one taken out and was pregnant within 3 months.

Mirena was the best thing ever. After the Mirena needed replaced they put in Littela so many issue.

I got my Mirena because I had had a heart attack at a young age and the blood thinners made me bleed severely during my cycle. Once I got it, I only had some spotting here or there, but never any more periods. But… when I got it out 5 years later, I thought I was losing my marbles. I started crying over everything and was so depressed. My dr put me on anti-depressants, and that helped alot. I sure wish my gyno had given me a heads up. I had no idea that reaction could happen.

I’m on my second Mirena. I went the full 5 years with the first and will be nearing 5 years with my second Mirena here shortly. I typically “spot” for 6 months after it’s inserted then I have no periods the remainder. Sometimes I’ll spot here and there but it’s rare. I love it and will be getting a third! No cramps/periods every month is the best!!

Weight gain, depression, acne, more. It was horrible and my doctor kept telling me it was impossible that the Mirena was causing it. I should’ve had it removed long before I did. My period never stopped, but became lighter and more frequent. Cramps were alleviated somewhat. It was a snowball of bullshit I’m still trying to climb out of, years later. One of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. I had a uterine ablation a few years ago - FABULOUS. Highly recommend.


I had the mirena 24 years ago and loved everything about it except for the fact i got pregnant with it in. But I wouldnt give my son back for the world

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I’m on my 3rd mirena… and its amazing. Never any issues. No side effects.


I’ve been on it for 5 years and it’s been fine no side effects for me I had hypermenesis when pregnant so this was the best choice for me the doctor said

I am on 2nd IUD. Lighter bleeding for sure but did not completely stop as most woman. Really didn’t notice any side effects at all. No acne, weight same, already have depression. I love it. My bleeding was so heavy which is #1 reason I got it. Mild spotting 1st few months.

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It was mostly fine for me. However iuds have a higher chance of affecting mental illness and also weight. I had irregular, inconsistent bleeding periods but no pains. So had to always be prepared lol. (side note, any doctor who is pressuring you into a choice is someone I would not want to have as a doctor) good luck!

I didn’t bleed at all but I kept constant UTI’s. As soon as I took it out the doctor said I would be safe to not use both control for at least a year. Had my cycle the next month and bam!!! Pregnant

So, this side effect varies from person to person. They will tell you spotting for up to 6 months but if youre like me with a super super heavy flow ( ie youre wearing over night pads that fill completely within an hour) then you may have a moderate rate period for a whole 6 months. If you have light periods should be spotting and if youre lucky your period will stop. Other than that i havent experienced any side effects. Much better than being on yaz or ocella (pill) which can give you super abnormal periods and make you lactate. Yes i learned the hard way.


I’ve had it taken out and put in twice no issues except for the last time I had it removed to be replaced my cervix grew over it so it took a bit more effort to get it out … overall best thing there is I am however thinking about tying my tubes now

I’ve had mine for 1.5 years and couldn’t be happier! My periods are not gone but definitely lighter and it has helped tremendously with my horrible cramps. No side effects and I had a Dr familiar with placing the mirena put mine in. She also had one and was able to give me lots of insight.

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I’m on my 2nd Mirena. Haven’t had a period in 8yrs. The best birth control for me. No side effects for me.


Sounds - horrible- its your choice.
If just had a baby Mirena can effect your milk supply- it takes time for cycles to regular again.
cramping and spotting after getting an IUD, but this almost always goes away within 3-6 months. Hormonal IUDs eventually make periods lighter and less crampy, and you might stop getting a period at all. On the flip side, copper IUDs may make periods heavier and cramps worse. For some people, this goes away over time. If your IUD is causing you pain, discomfort, or side effects- rare those U wall -
My niece this happened to my niece- " she lost her uterus - this rare side effects-
It’s responsibility of you Physician explain all side effects of the EACH birth control method-
It’s same hormones- cancer & blood cot are a risk - if use the copper one - you should know that as well.

I had it for years. Zero side effects. I didn’t have a period. I didn’t get anxiety,sadness, weight gain, acne. Zero. After 6 years I decided to have a baby so I had it removed. It was awesome for me.

Honestly, the bleeding is the only thing with mirena for me. I have to wear a panty liner pad all the time because I never know when I’m gonna be spotting or bleeding a little more than that. It did die down a lot after the first 6-8 months but in those months I was having to wear a pad nonstop, not a panty liner. My doctor said it was normal and that it would go away eventually but it hasn’t yet and it’s been over a year now. I’m considering other options if it doesn’t stop soon.

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Doctor wanted me to have it because he said my periods would stop…instead of me tying my tubes (already have 6 children and do not want anymore). However, this time, the Mirena is not stopping my periods. My son will be 2 in July and I have gotten my period every month like clock work. If you have any other health problems, seriously weigh your options.

Heavy bleeding, weight gain

Ive had it for the last 16 years (since the birth of my youngest). It’s been no trouble at all and I shall keep having it until I’m 55.

I’m on my third. No periods. It’s wonderful. No problems

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I had to have it removed because I had major hair loss because of it.

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Following, my daughter is considering it.

Had mine for 5 years didn’t have a period until I got a boyfriend and started having sex again. Every time I did have sex I would start gushing blood I dealt with it for about4 months went to my doctor and she took it out .now I’m on depo no period and all is good

It was the best birth control ever for me. No bad side effects at all.

They travel just so you know.

Mine would fall out…

I gained major weight. My migraines were severe but i had no cycles. My life is so much better without that specific one. My favorite was paragard. Zero hormones. Pure heaven


I’ve had a total of 3…each I had for the full 5 years. No weight gain, no increase in headaches…only “bad” thing I had was, I’d spot off and on every few months.

I really liked the Mirena, although my husband complained that it “poked” him, but it obviously wasn’t unbearable. :wink: However, ovarian cysts are a common side effect and I had to have surgery to drain mine.

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I wish I would have waited to do mine after I had my son just because my body was getting used to being back to normal.
before I had none. At all then I had to have it removed and there every time I’m around a female that is on hers I end up as well.

Had it in for 5 years, and I developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

I still had my periods every month. My cycle was worse after getting it removed and my cramps are more painful. And I can’t prove it but pretty sure that’s what set off my fibromyalgia.