Tips while you are in labor?

Tips on pushing? In labor now.


Good luck breath you got this

Push like you gotta poop.


What they said!! If you can, see if the hospital will help you squat to deliver. That is how we are meant to. Gravity will help make things faster.

Pretend you have to poop. You got this!!!


Little late to be asking. Sorry out of my area of expertise.

It’s pretty much like having a really constipated poop. Push like you’ve never pushed before

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Baby weight was 4.1kg


Breath and push hard. U got this

Yes push like your trying to take the biggest poop ever lol good luck and so exciting labor was my favorite part :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Push like ur pooping (thank me later) good luck sis


Your body does it for you. If no epidural you’ll see what I mean. It’s like you’re possessed and your whole body will tighten up and MAKE you push. Good luck :+1:


I screamed- not sure how it actually did any help but that’s what I did


Breathe! Good luck to you

Yes breathe, and try not to stress or panic your body will tell u what u need to do. ( Best advice my sister gave me )When your ready to push your body will tell you and when you are almost done pushing you will feel a burning, dont worry push through it as you are at the end. Good luck.

The nurses will coach you, just breath and push, not much to practice

Push with your butt muscles not your face, like in the movies. Rest until doc tells you to do it again.

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Doctor: it’s time to start pushing. Patient: wait!!! I need to ask Facebook how to do this!!!


Push like you’re pooping really hard!! That’s what my nurse told me and he plopped out.

Push like ur pooping amd breathe. U got this

Walk around it helps be carm it help it’s hard to do that in so much pain but I found if ur carm it’s not so painful

Don’t hold your breath


Shes looking for advice…im sure you judgemental women know labor can take hours!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: seriously??? You just push lol

Only push when a contraction comes…Otherwise you will tear!!!:see_no_evil:


Push with contractions and like you’re pooping.

Don’t push when they say don’t push you don’t want to put extra stress on babe

Literally try to poop. :woman_shrugging: I mean that’s basically what it seemed like I was doing. It was a lot easier to push during my labors that I didnt have an epidural cause my body just kinda took over and it was a little faster then when I pushed with an epidural. Good luck mommy! Congratulations


…get off phone. baby is coming .


Put your knees towards your head… I watched a million birthing shows before I had my son and babies come out faster that way! It works for me congratulations on your coming baby!!!

Breath and relax as you can.

Push like ur trying to poop!


She said she was in labor, not active labor. Are you people commenting for her to get off Facebook in the room with her? How do you know it’s time to push?!:unamused:

Anyway your body knows when it’s time to push and just listen to your body’s cues. Try to stay calm, the nurses can help you so you push when you get a contraction. I didn’t have any medications though and I could feel one coming and could prepare myself to push.

Good luck! Soon you’ll have your baby in your arms :heart:


Put your chin on your chest and push with a contraction. Also if you can, don’t scream as it will waste energy.

In labor now could be awhile before she needs to push she might be nervous i was and i was in labor 38 hours so i would have had time to ask for advice

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No tips, but you got this!!!

Your body will know what to do breath through it

Same method as if your pooping, bare down the same way.

Push like you’re pooping

Push when your body tells you to push. Push down like you’re going to the bathroom. Relax between contractions.

Listen to your body. Breath , keep calm, well try too. Push like you mean it girl, You got this :+1:t3:

The baby is going to come if you do or don’t push, so keep doing whatever you are doing

Good luck mama u got this

Your body will do all the work. It’s scary and an over powering feeling but you can do this and don’t forget to breathe. Push through your bum it feels like a massive golf ball popping out but once baby is out the pain goes x

Your body will know what to do when its time to push had 3 kids without pain meds and your body does most the work mentally your just along for the ride. Lol

When I was having one of my sons in Miami fla the Haitian nurse kept telling me “push like you got to doo doo” lol so that’s the way ima say you should push

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Breathing!!! It really works. Mum of 3 here

It just happens naturally. Good luck. Enjoy the wonderful new bundal of joy.

Breathing didn’t work for me lol I yelled it helped take my mind off the pain my 3rd was all natural so it was rough but I yelled and my coach (My best friend at the time) she laughed and it really helped to distract me

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I held my legs up so my knees were at my chin and pushed nice big breath in and pushed mum of 5 no pain meds with any

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Keep breathing! You got this :muscle:t2:

Between how your body feels and tells you and what the nurses/doctors tell you… you’ll get it.

  1. Don’t lay down! Choose an upright position and take advantage of gravity.
  2. Use breathing techniques - they help you push the baby out.
  3. Don’t push blowing your chins up like a hamster. Make sure you’re pushing down, as if you’re sitting on the toilet.
  4. If you can - squat when you push. It gives you strength to push in a good way.
  5. Don’t injure your perineum while pushing - you need it for another 80 years or so. :wink:
  6. Don’t push when you don’t feel a contraction - it’s usually a waste of energy.
  7. DO push when you feel a contraction and use the ENTIRE contraction to push. Renew your breath, and push again until the contraction subsides…
  8. Remember this is just one step away from the beginning of parenthood and your baby.
  9. Stay optimistic.
  10. Think positive!!!

Let your body do the work.

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Press you chin to your chest, take breaks and breathe when you feel it is right.

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Your body will do most of the work, don’t fight it and don’t push if you don’t feel the urge.

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You probably arent reading these now… you probably have a baby in your arms too. So enjoy the baby, congratulations!!!

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In the heat of the moment nothing we say will come to mind but you will do fine. Good luck mama

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Relax, breathe and hands on hips, bend forward and push. Remember to breathe and most importantly, enjoy the birth of your beautiful baby

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Don’t be afraid that you’ll poop. You’re gonna do it anyway. Hahaha hahaha


You will know what to do. There’s no one that can actually tell you how to push. Every birth is different. When the baby is ready you will know.

Get off the book and focus


They kept telling me when to push even when I was exhausted my advice is push when ur body tells you to push unless its an emergency and u really gotta get them out fast otherwose just listen to ur body

Push like you’re taking a dump… seriously


Just control your breathing the best you can. The need to push will come naturally and then just go with what your body tells you to do. Good luck

Gees 6hr ago, God i pray he out!!! :footprints::blue_heart:

?Hope you update how long you pushed. Good luck little momma!

Get off social media and be in the moment.


Push like your pooping!

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Are you at the hospital? They will tell you what to do