Thoughts on VBAC?

Hey FTM here! I’m curious to hear people opinions and experiences with VBAC after one c section. I had a c section for my son due to him not being positioned right his head started molding in the wrong position, and I was induced so I had petocin. After 15 hours in labor the contractions were making his heart rate drop and then they stopped the Iv it returned to normal. So I was sent for a non emergency c section. I’m young, 21, kind of on the bigger side, 250 lbs. but I would like to have another baby someday in the not so distant future and would really like to try VBAC. C section was my worst fear during pregnancy, as I really wanted to experience natural birth. Thank you in advance :relaxed:

It is very possible to have a vbac instead of another csection

I had a vbac after 2 sections. Everything went well just a few grazes. It was scary but our bodies can do it :relaxed:

It’s possible. Although, being that overweight certainly increases your chances of another c section. You may have better success if you lost some weight. Not being mean. That’s just medical fact

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4 kids… vaginally, C-section, vaginally, C-section

I could see it being done with the right doctor. I’m sure the biggest concern they would have would he your weight and may want you to lose a little. My cousin had the weight issue even after almost 7 years after her first and only csection. She wanted to try for a vbac, but was unable to due to very high blood pressure near the end of her pregnancy. Good luck honey. The most important thing here os your health and the health of your future child. Take care hon.

My first was a c-section and my second was a successful VBAC it was amazing.

I had a vbac after 2 csections. Everything went well. I had a csection march 2010 & April 2011 then a vbac February 2017.

My first was c section and then had 4 successful vbacs. 3 with no pain meds. It’s more than possible and my experiences were great. You can do it!!