Snacks to eat to help with nausea and heartburn?

What is something light i can eat that will help with nausea and heartburn…this pregnancy is kicking my butt


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Soda crackers and toast. Drink water and you can have tums too

Apples help with heartburn is what my nurse told me.

I know it sounds crazy but I drank pickle juice for my heartburn and acid reflux. :sweat_smile:

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Nothing helped me. I’m 22 weeks & barley stopped taking zofran like 2-3 weeks ago. Lost 25 pounds & still haven’t gained any weight yet. This one has kicked my ass to. I feel for you.

Pickle juice. Milk. Pretzels and ranch

Tums and tiny sips of iced tea helped with my nausea. Even 8 1/2 months in and a little bit of sugar really helps to keep my sickness at bay.

Burnt/almost burnt toast is great for nausea during pregnancy, saltine crackers also

La Croix lemon flavor sparkling water does wonders for morning sickness.

Literally saved this yesterday

Ginger snaps and ginger ale.

Suck on jolly ranchers. A lot of people suggested preggie pops to me, but it’s more expensive for the same thing. Tums helped for heartburn.

Chocolate milk always helps my heartburn. Also, fudge sicles have been life savers too.

Sunflower seeds in your cheeks seem to help a lot of people. Hope it works for you.

Unisom sleep tablets and Vitamin B6. You can also buy over the counter omeprazole and take it daily. Talk to your doctor. I did this with 2 of my pregnancies. None of the home remedies ever worked for me.

Banana for heartburn and saltines with 7up for nausea.

Nothing helps me. I have GERD on top of pregnancy tho.

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Soda crackers. Keep them with you. Cold water nothing carbonated.

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Saltiness crackers,peppermint, gingerale

Crackers and either ginger ale or 7 up. Also peppermint tea.

Papya pills are my go to for heartburn relief and they give pretty instant results

Unsalted crackers and Ginger ale.

Crackers…toadst…scrambled eggs…tortillad

I tried gingerale, but it didn’t really work for me. The thing that worked was the jolly rancher cinnamon hard candies…I had to keep them with me at all times.I hope you find the thing that works for you. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Lettuce & avocado help with heartburn/reflux. You can make lettuce, tomato, avocado sandwhichs heavy on the lettuce.

Milk helped me the most with heartburn, and acupuncture bands were the ONLY thing that helped my nausea

I carried saltines with me everywhere when I was pregnant. Those and ginger ale were my best friends.

About the only thing that will settle your stomach is crackers and ginger ale. Or maybe Sprite or 7Up. If you want to know about a meal, go non-greasy. Cantaloupe, watermelon, berries, all those are good. Also, cereal is good.

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Strawberries are a natural anti reflux

Pickles will help nausea and ice cream will help with heartburn.

Watermelon,crackers, peppermints, tbsp of mustard for heartburn. Make sure to have something to chase it with. Usually works for me in seconds.