Side effects of the Skyla IUD?

I’m looking to see if anyone has had the same issues I’m having. I gave birth just over a year ago and I started the Skyla IUD a few months after. Back in March, I had the Skyla IUD removed and started my cycle the last full week of April. My cycle before I was pregnant was 28 days on the dot. Well, now it hasn’t started and I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? If it takes a little while to get my cycle back into regularity? Thanks!

With the shot, I wasn’t regular for almost a year post shot and then got pregnant. With the implant (which I still have) I am not regular.

Itll take a while, skyla is a hormonal IUD so your body is adjusting to having no extra hormones. With the mirena I bled for like 3 months straight, and I had horrible mood swings so I had it removed (good thing because then i learned i wasnt even supposed to have it because of previous clot history), but it took like 3 months after removal for my period to be regular, ironically it started exactly on the day it ALWAYS started before, and still does to this day even after a second pregnancy and having the paragard inserted lol

I bled few days after having it removed for two weeks very heavy. Then the next month I got a “normal” length period and was still very heavy and then I got pregnant right after. I probably was supposed to wait until it regulated a little more but :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m due in a month.