My sister is spoiled and has no remorse for anything: Advice?

I would have whooped her assssssssssssss


Good job Mama. Kids remember when they’re older who sticks up for them.

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Is she mentally all there?

If that had been my sister, I would have whooped her ass. There needs to be some discipline and boundaries. She nor my dad would be allowed to attend the birth of my child. Hold your Dad accountable too!

Dont you dare let that little brat show up if she cant respect and love her nephew she doesn’t deserve to see the second one born


Thats absolutely ridiculous. Why does a 15 yr old care about a toy anyways? She sounds like a total brat. Smh, good luck to them & her when she gets older. The worlds gunna kick her ass.

Honestly, I wouldn’t let my child around people like that period. Regardless of if they apologized or not. My oldest sister acted so rudely to me when I was a teenager, and I got fed up and quit caring about her and I still don’t want her in my life even though we have children close in age. I will never let my child be around that toxicity. So I don’t think you’re wrong at all for that. Your son is more important than her bratty ass.

No you are not wrong

She shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near you or your son till she apologizes to both of you. That’s so rude and uncalled for especially from a 15 year old

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Good on you. That behaviour is not acceptable stand your ground

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You’re her sister. Beat her ass. She clearly needs it.

Honestly if that was my sister I would have slapped her along time ago :woman_shrugging:t4: somebody gotta knock some sense into her. Hey that’s just me tho. I’m Puerto Rican & our parents don’t play. I would never be able to even say anything under breath without being in trouble.


I would call her out every time she acted like a brat. And if she talked to my son like that she probly get worse then Walked out on.

I wouldn’t let them bring her regardless if she apologizes or not . Once your mean to my kid , it’s over with . Idc who uou are .

Good lesson for him… stand up for your kid. You are absolutely right. She’s a spoiled brat.

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Wow if my borthers had of spoken to my daughter like that, I would go off on them! My child not yours ypu want to accuse my child of something then act like a toddler having a tantrum! I’d be ropeable.
If you want/need an apology for your son so you and he feel more comfortable around her then yes don’t let ger there until she does, he needs to learn that he doesn’t have to tolerate that behavior and she needs to be held accountable for her behavior before it gets her in trouble later on in life

She doesnt need to be anywhere around you or your children until she apologizes, 15 is well old enough to know better.


What an awful way to raise a child. Acting like that at 15 :woman_shrugging: She’s going to get a real reality check once she’s on her own in the real world.

I wouldn’t want a child like that in my home or around my children. You have a right to be upset.

Any apology won’t mean anything honestly. What’s the point if she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong.

Moving forward I would just avoid her and the family that allows such behavior.

Continue to raise your children properly and teach them respect.

15 years old should know better so no your not wrong sister or not you will not treat my child like shit

Sounds like she needs a throat punch to set her straight… :smirk:


Oh no!!! I totally agree with you… I wouldn’t want her around my kids either…just take a deep breaths and hug your son. ALSO, consider the source where all that drama came from "ONE SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT!!! She’s not worth getting all upset over.

I helped raise my younger sister and wouldve gave her a piece of my mind. :grin:

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I would’ve snapped on her with no fucks given

I’m sorry no, YOU are trying to make it work. Your son should be have to put up with that. And you allowed her to handle it too. His grandma gave it to him so it wasn’t ‘stolen’ it was a gift!

No you aren’t wrong for that, me personally, I wouldn’t allow her to even have anything to do with my child ever if I were you

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This was your sister? You should have asked her to come to the bathroom and whooped her ass… I wish a bitch would… hell no you shouldn’t have her there, especially if you cant check her . I’m completely shocked that you allowed her to disrespect your child. Or for that matter everyone who attended… you should have smacked her so hard in the mouth that her lips instantly swelled and maybe bleed a little. Wow

Good for u dont allow ur sister to treat ur son that way. If u let her get away with it she will do it again

You’re not wrong at all except maybe you should have backhanded her when she was attacking your son. If her parents want to be around a little a$$hole that’s their choice…you don’t have to allow that behavior around you and your family. She needs an attitude adjustment and a reality check. Let her talk to a stranger in the street like that and see what happens. What a little :poop:


Her mother shouldn’t have given her item(s) to your son first of all… secondly its in the past and your son has probably forgotten about it- shes 15 she doesn’t have to come with your father to see the new child but absolutely do not withhold your kids from the grandparents

Keep her away from your children, she is not emotionally stable. She could hurt someone.


You are not wrong I would not let her anywhere near my children after that


Stand up for your son momma!

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Yeah spoiled. I would tell your dad that until she acts her age u will not be returning whatever it was nor go over there.

Your not wrong . I would tell your sister U don’t want her over to your house tell she’s groses up.

If nobody else teaches her boundaries, she will know you did. She needs to be really placed in a child’s place. No way in hell I could get away with that as an adult.

I would have slapped her. Straight up. She needs a good ass whooping and smarten the fuck up.

Dont let her near your 8 year old or your newborn until she can act like a decent human being. I am surprised you didnt smack her senseless. Lord knows l would.

I sure as hell wouldnt want the little b*tch around my kids. Dont see why it would be wrong in any way. She is 15 years old and completely acting like a 5 year old. Hell no. Dont need that type of drama around.

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I would have smacked that little brat upside the head

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Lol…oh nooooo. My lil sister would have gotten her ass whooped by ME.

It sounds to me like the 15 year old needs a good old fashion ass whooping

Most 15 year old girls are brats 💁🏻 your son and her are close to sibling age they will fight and bicker … why not just be open to her and say eh you won’t come to the hospital if you act like this they’ll throw your ass out. Eh not really worth the energy to waste of a LiL sis being a brat

Lets just start off with you are a stronger person then I because I would have laid into everyone in that whole situation!!! No matter what was coming up I wouldn’t have anything to do with them until they all apologized for their behavior!!! I would not and would never put up with being disrespected like that. That is one little girl who is in for a world of hurt when she gets to the real world!!!

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Nah, I wouldn’t be letting a psychopath near my child. And by 15, lacking remorse and empathy is a massive sign of psychological issues. 15 year old demon wouldn’t ever be seeing me again.

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Stand up for your son. At 15 she should know better and your father and her mother should have made that stop and have her apologize before you left. I would not have her at the delivery and have a talk with her moving forward that attitude will not be welcomed or allowed near your kids. She can stay home when your father visits.

But honestly when that went down i would have slapped her for making my child cry

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If they want to be apart of the grandchildren’s life’s they can do it with out her,


I wouldn’t allow her there. Period. And I wouldn’t allow a 15 year old, sibling or not, to speak to my child like that. I would have said something myself.

She will NEVER apologize I’d make sure to get her ass on the people you dont want there and you can always have a nurse kick her ass out if she tries then laugh while she makes a scene YOUR kids come first and sounds like she is a shitty aunt anyway if it were me (my sister and I are 13 months apart and estranged though i see her on holidays) i would never let that little bitch near my kids til.she has a sit down with me and you lay it out on the table if she follows through maybe slowly introduce her back to the kids if not then she can fuck off it’s hard with family I know but don’t let the fact that she is family allow you to have your children around her toxic attitude/personality

she’s not to be trusted! spoiled brats that go to the limits and past them; as you have described. She seems mentally unstable. Somebody better get this girl together before the wrong person does. Your parents should know better than to let these kind of behaviors slide and should be trying to prepare her for a successful adulthood. She is gonna get that ass whooped if she thinks her friends and associates is gonna take her mess once she is an adult. Do what is best for you and your kids. I would do some tuff love stuff on her and try to help her If I were you.

I wouldn’t let that girl near your son ever again. God knows how she’d treat him if you weren’t there for a moment :sweat:

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15 is old enough to know better. She owes several people an apology. She is going to grow into a miserable adult who has no friends. They are hurting her by letting her act this way. I don’t care if it was my sister or whoever… there isn’t a single person who is going to be rude or talk down to my son, ESPECIALLY in front of me. I would tell her to keep her rotten self at home during your delivery. That is a happy time and it doesn’t need to be clouded with her unpredictable behavior.

Oh no, she would not be allowed around my son. Her behavior is that of a one year old laying on the floor kicking and screaming. She should not be allowed around children, and definitely not in the delivery or hospital to visit. If your Dad cannot or will not control her behavior, and won’t leave her home, then they are choosing to miss out on meeting the new grandbaby. As for the toy, mail it back in pieces, one a week, and she can come visit when she gets it all back and changes her attitude.

Your not wrong. Stick to your guns so drama queen doesnt ruin the birth of your 2nd child

Before long, that girl is going to be in for a rude awakening. Her parents are not going to always be able to protect her from her actions and there will be plenty of people who are not going to tolerate it. I say that you need to do what is best and least stressful for your own family. Unfortunately, my step sister passed away, but her alcoholism had gotten to the point that I was going to tell my dad that I would not be bringing my son to his home because I could not have him around that behavior.

Not only are you not wrong, you’re exactly right. You set the standard for how your child will allow people to treat them in the future.

Not wrong
I wouldn’t let her near my house let alone at the hospital about to give birth

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Hell no if they want to see the baby without her then fine but I wouldnt allow her around my children anymore until she can grow the hell up

It takes a village. She’s still a child too. Why did you correct her???

I want to smack the taste out of girls mouth


She’s 15 not 3. Time she starts acting her age and has consequences for being a snot.

She should know how to act. She’s 15 years old. If I was in your shoes I wouldn’t let her around your son unless she’s willing to change her attitude as it really upset your son.

You are one hundred percent right. I would further more tell them in the fetcher I wouldn’t be at their home with my children if she’s allowed to act like that, and don’t want my children to be around her. Because I’m raising my children to be respectful, and not act in public as she does.
If they get their feedings hurt so be it.
You can’t live double stand reds in front of you’re children. Go someplace where acting like that is ok. But telling them it’s not ok.

I 100% agree with you!

Are you wrong for being upset that a brat yelled at your son? You’re kidding right? I wouldn’t even let her around my kids period.

I don’t care WHO you are, but you’re not going to talk to my kid like that. I would’ve slapped her


Nope, you’re totally right. She’s old enough (in my state) to have a job. She needs to stop acting like a toddler and your father needs to stand up and stop it. You have EVERY right to protect your children from this. Grandpa can have time without her around. Unacceptable.

I agree with you! I’m very strict on both my boys and had that been my sister no one would have told me different

Oh God I wish I was there I would have lost my mind and my mouth on that bs AND her parents wtaf

I would tell dad if you and stepmom want to come vist and meet new grandchild your welcome but im sorry but my BABY ACTING SISTER is not welcome after she apologizes then i think about it after baby is norm start making your own holiday tretinoin

I’m with you on this.

Unacceptable behavior, terrible to not correct this from a 15 year old. It will only get worse. No u r not wrong, set boundaries, hold them…require people to behave with some type maturity. I wouldn’t want them there either. However, as she has never been required to take any responsibility for her behavior or actions she may need a prompt. Speak ur mind, tell her the truth, don’t do what others do with her which seems to be ignoring her bs :confused: give her the truth, it’s a favor tbh to give her a taste of the real world that will not tolerate her crap

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I love how you handled this with your son. No you are not wrong and I applaud you for using this as a lesson for him

Stick to your guns girl! Although you handled it better than me.

The kid needs discipline the spoilt brat

I’d of smacked her one!!

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She needs an attitude check and I can do that right at my house! You are not wrong for not wanting her there!!


They will be so embarrassed when they find the toy at their house. Don’t let that negativity around your kids.


You’re better than me. IDGAF what everyone else let’s her get away with but she wouldn’t be talking to my child like that. You should’ve cussed her ass out and left. If it was my sister she would’ve been picking her ass up off the floor but that’s just me. It sounds the whole family let’s her get away with this foolishness. You are not wrong for keeping her from coming to the hospital. Stand your ground. Apology or not she wouldn’t be welcome at the hospital :woman_shrugging:t4:

That young girl was in the wrong, and it’s the parents fault for her being a spoiled rotton no respect damn brat. U and your son did no wrong, what comes around go around and karma will bite her in her ass(

She’s been given a false sense of entitlement all her life and thinks everyone should do as she says. Well she needs to be taken down a peg or two cos she is going to turn into a rotten human by the time she’s an adult. Won’t get far in life with that attitude. Your dad needs to wake up and see how he is ruining her and setting her up for failure as an adult

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She’s an entitled child who will eventually become a handful. Thank God it’s not your son. Their circus and monkeys to deal with. When they decide to start complaining to you about her behavior in the future, you just might as well decide right now that you’re not going to listen to it.
She’s drama. You’re pregnant. I wouldn’t create WW699 before delivery. It’s not worth it. I’d tell them because it’s cold and flu season, you’re only allowing adult visitors or no visitors outside your immediate family.
I’d definitely limit the time my children are around her, though. They don’t need to be around her. She’s bad news.

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Until she changes her attitude completely I wouldn’t let her anywhere near my kids if I were you. And If that means you can’t see your dad and step-mother so be it. You have to protect your babies

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She may absolutely not talk to your kids that way, and I probably would’ve said something then to her but I’m glad you’re ready to now. I agree with you all the way.


I agree with you,and you handled it way better than I would have

I’m glad your teaching your son to be mature,seems like your sister knows she can act anyway she wants and get away with it. So that being said if she does not apologize then she shouldn’t be allowed around you or your son until she grows up and at least starts acting 15


Tell them the truth and be honest and she will be in jail because of the way she is one day

Oh if that was my younger sister she would have been floored, I don’t care that she’s a good head or so taller than me (her dad’s side of the family is polish and huge) no one talks to my children like that. Yeah I’d tell her to stay away until she can grow up and apologize for what she did and tell her how it effected him if she still won’t and if she still refuses after that then it’s her lose and hopefully a life lesson for her

You have a good pan. Stick with it. That girl needs a nice reality check straight to the Jaw. I wouldn’t allow that around my family, especially if pregnant. Unless she or they change her attitude I wouldn’t let them come around if that’s going to happen. Geeze, A 15yr old throwing a fit over a damn toy SMDH 🤦🙄 that’s pathetic.

Leave that circus behind.

Does this 15 year old have other issues? This doesn’t sound like the behavior of a normal 15 year old…autism, development delay, etc.?

I wouldn’t let her around my kids until she learned to act her age and if the parents have a problem with that then they can leave too. The more your kids are around that the more they will start to behave that way and you don’t need toxic people around your babies.


You are absolutely in the right to not want her there and to protect your son. That is your job as a parent.
And it doesn’t matter if your son stole a toy or not she should not act like that. He must have been horrified by her behavior to ask you not to let him act like that. I am a hard mom with two kiddos that we adopted and have some mental issues. I would never let them act that way and they know if they did they would lose electronics for a while.
Your dad and stepmom are not doing your sister any favors by not disciplining her. Not all discipline has to be physical, kids are very attached to their electronics. My 15 year old daughter does not have her phone for at least a week because she didn’t do her chores. Yes she has anxiety over not having her phone but she will live and be a decent human when she’s older.
Good luck and I will send some prayers your way. Stay away from the toxic people and don’t feel bad about protecting your family.


Hell no. You are right and don’t let her hold that baby my gosh if sldhes that crazy over a toy id hate to see what revenge she may be capable of. No she’s toxic a train wreck and she needs to keep away from ur son. In future and I know u shouldn’t have to do this let us son take his own toys and she can’t touch them she is a real.pain


You are not in the wrong. Your sister needs to learn to be accountable for her actions and it has too start somewhere. Otherwise she is going to grow up into a very unhappy woman. I am sure that if your son was in the wrong you would hold him accountable for his actions. Be proud and hold your head up high and be the first to tell the rest of the family that you are disappointed in her behaviour, and she needs to apologise. Goodluck. Xxx


She’ll learn the hard way. I wouldn’t sweat it, because one day she’ll move out and it’s not like that in the real world especially when she gets a job. As far as her apologizing to you and your son, I think it’s a great idea. If she can’t be mature and apologize then what dramatic scene is she going to make at the hospital? I would almost be worried about her being there. I did that with family and they still made a scene. I still regret letting them be there. It’s not like you can rebirth the same child so it’s a blessing that some people take for granted.


Shes a brat and will always be one
My twin sister the same way
Grew up in same home but raised differently
Anyway…I wouldnt let her come to ur birth even if she did apologize
But that’s u

Theres no hope
Even if she hits rock bottom…she nerve really does to help herself be humble brcuz ur parentd will just swoop in and save her
She is how she is becuz of how they raised her

Dont interact
Shes super jealous of u and is taking out on ur son

Narcissism is u ask me


She will never grow up and be responsible if they don’t make her

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I wouldn’t want her at the hospital either sounds like she needs putting in her place if she will grow up to be one messed up adult.


She is 15 and can be left alone at home. She doesn’t need to come to the hospital with her parents to see you. I would say leave her at home or don’t come. Also family or not. I wouldn’t let anyone talk to or act that way about my son. I would also visit your parents while she is in school or not home.


Tu n’as pas tort de te tenir debout .ta soeur est une fouteuse de troubles. Fout la dehors pour un bout de temps


i absolutely love the way you handled making it an example for your son that almost made me cry. but no i wouldnt want her around either considering her additude she may regret it once shes an adult and no longer a hormonal teen she is right in the middle of the hormones. but once shes an adult and life smacks that additude in the face a few times and shes alone bc she treats everyone like that she may come around.