My sister in law falsely called CPS on me: Am I wrong for not wanting to be around her?

fact , if she was my “family” she’d be lucky to be alive. I don’t play, those are MY kids. Nobody plays with MY kids, ever.

I dont go to any of my inlaws partys or holiday stuff due to my mil who is petty and snide along with her daughter and granddaughter they all cause drama and love to cause rifts between other family so I refuse to allow unnecessary drama in my life. My husband was mad at first till I explained I just dont want drama and I let him and my son go. If he can’t support this then maybe go and avoid her at all costs when she walks near you hurry up and start walking to the restroom act oblivious. Or I’d really think long and hard about my marriage since my husband doesn’t support me if I was you.

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I would just go be civil and if she tries anything either confront her or leave the party. I had this happened to be. It hurts that they would do it but I won. My child is with me and I know that I will do whatever for my child.

I’d have to give it a miss. It smells like his family may be trying to push you out and take your child. That happened with my ex-husband and his twin brother. If your instinct is to not go, then I wouldn’t; nor would my child.


I say while he is at the party pack up!! If he is acting like that now it will only get worse. That is so humiliating and the fact that’s it’s not true is worse.

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You do not need her in your life or your daughters… It sounds like she is jealous cause she lost her kids…

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No I wouldn’t want to be around her either.


Don’t 1know what your issue is if your doing nothing wrong who cares sounds like your looking for arguments

I would see if I could get a restraining order against her and I would list your daughter so she cannot be around her or you

To support him i understand but also where is youre support. Dcs is nothing to play with and having falsely accusations made on you would make me not want to go around those people what so ever. In my opinion youre husband should understand…


Wow No Way! I’d never forgive her for that. I’d never speak to her again and my kids wouldn’t ever see her or have anything to do with her.


Your right ,screw the party ,screw your husband .I couldnt forgive and forgive . Likely id want to kill her. Have your own little party with your family or friends . Sorry for you.


Forget that, I wouldn’t have anything to do with her and anyone who would question me would get a reminder of the worst case scenario and tell them its unforgivable and to leave it alone.

The fact that your husband says your feelings n happiness doesn’t matter is fucked up! 2, u r not wrong for not wanting to be around her, but I’d go so your kiddos can have a good time…their feelings do matter, but not how your husband puts it. Next, after that gathering, I’d smack your husband for how he said only his n your kids feelings matter n not yours! Then, I’d put him in his place and get his priorities straight. You all matter cuz you’re 1 whole family! If he is that narsacistic, then I’d reevaluate your relationship w him…but again circling back to the main issue of this post, ur sister shot a bullet n u dodged it like the fucking matrix! U go w your head high…be about your kids…n if she even approaches u, turn around, n tell her to kiss your ass. While she’s down there, she can eat the shit that she spills outta her mouth cuz of her guilty conscience. Just cuz u go, doesnt mean u have to have a relationship w her. Ur feelings do matter tho…but still, do it for your kids

Not only you but your daughter. Husband can go and have a wonderful time

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You’re right. He’s wrong. Wife comes first, his family (his mom and siblings) go last. End of story.


Nope I would refuse to go


Be petty as fuck. And find a better husband

If you don’t wanna go then I wouldn’t go. She is toxic.

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Fuck that I’ll go and throat punch a bitch
She tried to get your child taken. Your husband sounds fucking stupid he can go but you and baby needs to stay home. Dont put your child in a situation she can call again for something else stupid. It’s not worth the risk. She might video you drinking or something

Your husband will take your child. I would rather be there to make sure your child isn’t alone with anyone there ESPECIALLY SIL!! You know your husband will allow whoever to be alone with your daughter. Did you have anything to do with CPS being called on her? I don’t understand WHY she would do this to you. Go and have fun with your child, stay with her though. Smile through your grinding teeth if you see her. If she knows you will be there she might back out. She wins if you don’t show up, she will feel she intimidated you, Your husband is another issue!! Non supportive to say the least!!

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She is a great threat to your children and you don’t have to expose them to her. I am a little old fashioned but a husband’s main goal should be to make his wife feel safe. Ask him gently to please protect you and your children. If that doesn’t work then you might have some hard conversations and choices ahead.

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I wouldn’t go and I wouldn’t want my child around her either. I agree with others you should get a restraining order for yourself and your child banning her from either of you.

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Nah girl, I wouldn’t go, I wouldn’t associate or talk with her anymore, she wouldn’t know my children, and my husband could bite it if he didn’t support me. He expects you to bend over backwards for his feelings but he won’t entertain yours. Going for pee tests where they watch you is humiliating, she did that to you for no reason because she’s selfish and petty. Nope.


If he cant understand than he doesnt care about your feelings

I’d go, I’d walk right up to her and tell her. “I just want to make it known I feel sorry for people like you. People that are such Losers they have to make up lies because they’re life is trash. I bet your husband would then wish he didn’t force you to go. After I told her off in a passive aggressive way I would kindly smile and then go home. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope you are right!! He can go by himself if he wants.

Its not good to hold grudges. You still have your kid(s) and you are a better person than she is. Take the high road. Your feelings should matter to your husband. My husband always stood up for me. When I visit them I have a great time.When they came to live with us i moved out and got my own apartment.

Tell your hubby to piss off. Your feelings dont matter? WTH? Your husband doesn’t get it. Men don’t.

Oh hell no.
You show up to that party and make her feel dumb as hell.

I wouldn’t want to be around her either but if you go stay away from her …bet you she will try and speak to you so be sure you have someone with you when that happens …disappointed with husbands remark tho .the twat

My child and I still wouldn’t go. Wife comes before his family


Nope. She might try to call again.

I disagree i feel it was toyally wrong but I feel she was wanting you to suffer as she has and I would show her your the better person, I also wouldnt want my child around her. You dont have to have her in your life but you can be the better person and let her see that you are. Your husband is in the wrong he should stand by you.
Good luck

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Fuck that lady, your “husband” isn’t your parent, you do not have to do as you are told. If you go guarantee you’ll feel like an outcast and his family will want to take the baby from you so that you are isolated and look like a loner. Just stay home with the bub, fuck be an adult stand up or get out.

Put it back on him, he needs to be there for your emotional well being. This is a serious accusation and he could of lost custody of his child due to his sisters action.

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You’re not wrong. I wouldn’t go either. And your husband needs a come to jesus meeting because what he’s doing can be considered emotional abuse.

Had the same thing happen to us. My fiances ex inlaws called dhr on us bcuz we wldnt let them take my bonus kids whenever they wanted anymore and they got pissed off (his ex pawned them off literally every chance she could) they called dhr saying he beat 1 of my bonus sons, forced him to sleep on the floor and we didnt feed them :roll_eyes: dhr lady talked to our son, come to our house and talked to us and straight up told us she knew it was a false report etc …we cut that person out 100% and have not let our kids around them since it happened. Stand ur ground and if he doesnt support it then leave him.


I think this sister in law is looking for a hadouken.


There is no way on Gods green earth she would be around kid!

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This is just my opinion but I wouldn’t go or be forced to go. Yes we need to forgive and mend and all that jazz but at the same time somethings are not so easily forgiven and will never be forgotten! if you’re not ready then you’re not ready. There is nothing wrong with the way you are feeling she straight up put your child in danger. Making a false claim all because she is clearly jealous that she wasn’t able to be the mother she needed to be. there’s no reason on earth for her actions. Your husband needs to have your back and understand what you’re feeling. Having your child threatened to be taken from you is not a lightly taken situation and I personally wouldn’t be able to Be around someone who did this and be expected to keep the peace.


He’s crazy that or he doesn’t care about you at all. Your husband should completely back you over them and your feelings. My Mil did about the same thing, falsely claiming abuse and wasting time and resources but are not allowed to participate in our lives anymore.


Ummm I wouldn’t go! Getting CPS involved when nothing is going on is a huuuuge deal. That is not okay.


Screw that! That is about the lowest S*ittiest thing a person can do to someone, its unforgivable in my opinion. She was jealous and trying to take you down with her. Your husband is wrong for not standing up for you and expecting you to subject yourself to that environment. I hope it works out in the best way possible for you, I wouldn’t go but you have to decided what is best for you and your child.


Hell to the no. Don’t go. She is crazy.

Show up and Tell her that you’re glad she callrd, because now not only is she a druggie but also a liar. Shouldn’t be surprised though, the two usually go hand in hand.


Pass you matter too!

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She vindictive as hell. If my husband didn’t stand by me, i dont know what I’d do. He will jump down anyone’s throat who messes me. Family or not, because i domt do anything to cross them cuz i was raised to have respect

Nobody said you had to be nice to her :woman_shrugging:

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Id go. Its your family too. Just dont talk to her. Id be pissed too cuz If she really thought you were on drugs she shouldve gone to you about it like an adult.

Better place for your fucken dirty washing is not on social media! Sort the shit out yourself.

Smile and be polite. Ask like you don’t know she did it.

Sounds like u need a new hubby support him from his fucked off family. . ur fillings dont matter smh wow …where u get that at

You’re still a woman capable of making her own decisions. Your feelings and thoughts do matter and should matter to him. How selfish for him to say only his matters and your son’s matters bc he’s just using your son to guilt trip you into going. Forget that. If she had called cps fine w/e but the husband not backing you up and basically saying you don’t matter is total bs. I’d not want to nor would I go neither. Not just bc she called cps but to prove to my “husband” ima big girl and I do matter! So take that to your party! P.s I’d keep my son home too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would take them because it’s not like it’s an ex and the kids deserve to see the other family you can’t avoid her for life because the kids are family to the rest of them . This won’t be the only time you will be put in this situation

If you’re husband said that to after what she did to you.Then I would not go come hell or high water Let him go by his self


Go and kill her with kindness.

Hell no! I would not be going and neither would my child. Your husband should be on your side and should respect your feelings. Looks like he doesn’t.


It’s up to you entirely. I might go because I’m a bitch. I wouldn’t let her ruin my children’s time with their family during such a fun holiday.
She’s a miserable bitch and probably always will be and she’s obviously jealous of you. I would go looking like a million bucks and acting like nothing can touch me. Because it can’t. You and your kids are strong. Your husband… Is a mess and weak and I would treat him as such.

Or don’t go. You still hold the power. It is your choice. You were wronged. Don’t let them bully you.

you are right,don’t need toxic people in our life!!!


Toxic people exist. Some are relatives. Avoid them for your own well being.


I’d go. You don’t have to be nice to her. You don’t even have to talk to her. Screw her.


Oh yeah I would go . Is your husband on drugs or just STUPID doesn’t he realize his druggie sister tried to get his (and yours) child taken away ? Yes right off the bat I would get in her face with others present and ask her why would she do this not just to you but her brother ?


If you’re going to be angry, and hubs still wants to go, just have him say you couldn’t make it. If you would have fun with other people at the party, go, and give SIL the cold shoulder.

SIL’s probably jealous she made bad decisions, got addicted & lost her kids & she sees you as the perfect mom with the perfect family, which just makes her look and feel worse in comparison. She wanted you to know how she feels. I hope the family will get her the counseling she needs to get better. This sounds like her cry for help.

In any case, enjoy yourself, your husband and daughter however you choose.

I wouldn’t want to be around her either,but it will eat her up if you go and don’t speak to her and if she looks at you just smile big.


I think your feeling are yours, but holding bad feeling is only hurting yourself believe i know this, its better to let go of bad feeling besides it wqaqs true, so be better than that, you caqn do it , set an example. I know u upset but it wqould be better for u and your family if u let go, it happen you cant change that, just be happy, you can do it.

I wouldn’t but that’s just me, i wouldn’t have my chcild around her after her attempting to hurt my child by having her taken but to each thier own.

Your feelings MATTER, I’m sorry but that’s BS!

Let him go by himself after all its his family if it was ur family that did that I’m sure he wouldn’t just let it go


Family can be Toxic too .

I would go despite her stupidity and rub it all in her face hhhhhmmmmm look at my kids they are with me unlike yours hahaha and see who has the last laugh

Do what is in your heart don’t feel uncomfortable for other people

No you need to go and be happy, smile, play with your child, be by your husband and when she comes around you just say hmm the difference between us is I still have my child because I wasn’t on drugs but where are yours , smile and walk away. But don’t say it loud just enough so only she can hear you

Wow. I would address my husbands statement first about how the only feelings and happiness that matters is his and the child’s? Who says that to their wife??? YOU MATTER…YOUR FEELINGS AND HAPPINESS MATTERS!!

Then for the SIL…well…words would have already happened…I probably wouldn’t be invited to the Halloween party if it were me lol.

Either you will be respected like the human being you are or maybe need to reevaluate the whole relationship…set boundaries…or it just won’t work and you will continue to be treated this way


You’re right.
There is no reasom for you or that LO to be around toxic people. I have recently cut my own mother out of my life because she is too toxic for me and my daughter.
Anyone who is okay with you hanging out with ppl who tried to take your kid away have some serious problems themselves.
Any one who tried to take a kid away for no reason has major problems!

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I wouldn’t go. I would keep your kids home too. That sounds like the behavior of someone who would abuse the kids and say she thinks they are unsafe. Unless you ever did drugs with her and then it’s probably her just making sure you stopped.

I would be livid! And no I wouldn’t go. I would seriously end up in jail!

Dont go. I disowned a sister for doing this when my oldest was a baby. Let her live her own life and rot in hell and keep your family safe. Screw all the other peoples wants. Its your child and its your decision. I too have my son, cps looked at the cameras and told me go get my son from the bitch. So I did. 12 years ago and yes I’m still angry.

Take the kids out and say your stuck in traffic the night of the party or go to your families. I’d be pissed as well and it either go and make it quite clear my feelings towards her in a silent way or I would put my foot right down and if my husband spoke to me the way yours has to you his ass would be on the end of my foot out the door xx

Does your husband not realize that she tried to RUIN your family? She could’ve had HIS child taken away too. His explanation on why you should go was total BS, he could’ve said he wants to go and would enjoy you there or SOMETHING. At least understand WHY you don’t want to go. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: makes me angry that someone would be so low to call cps for zero reason and expect things to be dandy. No. She needs to formally apologize to you and maybe you can consider going to the party. I wouldn’t because my mouth would be too wreckless

She’s not an appropriate person to look after he own children if they were taking into care so why would you want her around your children? I wouldn’t go at all and i can’t understand why your partner would want his child to be around her

no I wouldn’t go either, and I don’t blame you forbeing unable to forgive her

My in laws in the past has done a lot worse. I understand your feelings. I showed kindness anyway, and never talked ill of them Why you may ask? Because no matter what children are going to love family regardless and very forgiving people including this sister law’s children. Be the bigger person, no matter what is thrown at you God is before you and in control. He only allows people hurt His children for so long and He steps in. Smile and go to the party, stand by your husband and child. Your sister in law lost the battle and everyone knows it. Hugs :heart:

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My in laws did the same. Twice. I still go around them. My kids come first. Their relationship with their dad’s family is as important as their relationship with mine. I agree with the husband. Your grudges and refusal to move past should not count. The child’s feelings needs and rights trump those feelings of yours. Not being mean but this is a family event with your child’s family. She should be there despite the actions of one troubled drug addict. They make stupid choices. You need to move past it.

He can go alone. If she wants to call CPS and destroy your family, he can go see them as an adult that makes his own decisions but I wouldn’t let her around my family for her to try something like that again.

Your husband has that screwed up. You were targeted and hurt by his sister…he should back you up and support you

He said your happiness does not matter… then file for a divorce and let him know that u was unhappy dealing with him and his family!


I wouldn’t go, I don’t put myself in situations where I am Not having a good time too

Let him go, he doesn’t need you to go to his mom’s. He doesn’t need to take the baby either if you don’t want him to

YOU do you

Honestly id say go and if they cause you problems leave. Grab ur kid and leave. Husband doesn’t want to go home, have him find a ride home

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Your sister and husband are both extremely in the wrong

That’s not a very nice thing to say to you. What kind of man allows his lady to be disrespected like that. Doesnt matter who it came from, he should stand up for you, with you. Have your back. You have every right to not wanna be around her. She did a very horrible thing. I wouldn’t want my kids around someone like that. Does he get that she tried to make HIS children go away? Does he understand what could have happened? Is he ok with someone doing that to his family? If so, he is a looser, and he needs to grow up. Men are dumb sometimes. But…you are not wrong. They are.

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He’ll no! Don’t go!!

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I’d be FURIOUS at my husband if I were you!!! I wouldn’t have anything to do with his trashy family and :100: wouldn’t be going to that party, neither would MY children. My husband would be getting a bitch slap as well for being a moron :joy:

Go, enjoy. Ignor her.

Your happiness don’t matter??? I am sorry but that is crap! Grow a pair and tell him to kiss it!!!

Wow have we all just become a society that settles now ? You accept that kinda talk out of your husband. When i was married i was told to get ahold of my husband and his ways. If i stepped out he did too . I’m 33 almost 34 . it blows me away to see what girls are settling for now just so they dont have to be a single parent or be single period. Smh time for that so called husband to be snatched up and find God

If it were me, I’d beat her ass, …just saying

NO!!! Stand your ground!!! She is a cancer that doesn’t need to be in “Your” family!

Your feelings do matter and your husband should make sure you’re happy as well as yours and his child. His priorities are messed up as his wife and children are always first then his other family members. I would not go nor would my child.


Your husband should support you 100%. If not his priorities are in the wrong place.