My friend got mad I didn't tell her I had a boyfriend: Advice?

That is not a friend, you’ll find out you really don’t need friends and if she doesn’t talk to you that really could be a blessing

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Move on because she will pull this stunt every time you do something she doesn’t like. Make new friends who are less dramatic


Sounds like she’s an ex, that’s why she’s aggy you didn’t tell her :joy:

How old are the two of you? You said she’s your only friend…that’s not healthy to begin with. True friends understand & celebrate with you. Best wishes, dear one.

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Honey she isn’t your friend… friends thrive for eachother & are happy to see that your happy. If she is getting jelous then the issue is with her and not you. I wouldn’t give her the time of day. Grow on your own, with your boyfriend. Youl be ok x

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She is toooxic lol. She must be in love with you and you unknowingly ( or knowingly) broke her heart.
Move on. She’ll come around… or not.


Maybe she fancies you and is jealous?

Either she isn’t a good friend point blank or she wanted and thought of you as more than just friends…


Just a thought, could she be in love with you?

Wag kang manghinayang sa taong walang malasakit sa yo. Dspat happy sya at nakamove on ka na she should stik to your side to see if you made the right choice. Eag mo nasyang idagdah pa sa mga alalahanin mo.

Sounds like a drama queen who wants to run ur life


She may have felt that you weren’t a true friend to not share that kind of news… It’s a loyalty thing… Or perhaps she wasn’t a true friend, a real friend would be forgiving.You could always send her a message explaining your thoughts like you did in this post. Let her know how you feel and move on.


Sounds like she might be in love with you dude. Just saying 🤷


Lesbihonest, she probably in love with you girl :upside_down_face::joy:


ya friend acts entitled i would drop the loser ya have a bf ya bf is more than just ya friend ya happeness coems first

I can understand her disappointment in not being trusted with your new relationship but I think its uncalled for to not speak to you for so long. Perhaps if not sharing things in your life had been pattern for you then maybe she got fed up. If not, I would try one last time and I would probably tell her this is your last attempt…if she doesn’t reply, then leave it be. Good luck.

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She’s making a mountain out of nothing, and I really doubt you need that kind of a drama queen in your life. Cut ties until she wants to talk. If she never does, then less drama on your life


For whatever reason, you WERE trying to hide it from her. If you can’t share something like that with a friend, what else won’t you share? What’s a friend for if you can’t open up?


If u were in her shoes, were u get mad or affected also?

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Give it time, she don’t get over it, TS, move on your not with her but your boyfriend!!

Maybe she’s angry because he is or was her boyfriend to :woman_shrugging:

You obviously can’t handle handle friends.

Your life is YOUR life

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If she was really your friend she would respect your choice and let you tell her when you were ready .


You just explained to everyone how you didn’t tell anyone cuz he had a baby, but you weren’t trying to hide it…you were hiding it no matter how you slice it.
2020 was a really rough year for ppl, it sounds like you included. But while you were hidingnothiding your relationship, did you maybe neglect your friend? Then she finds out from a friend of a friend you have a man?! Bad actions from a friend.
On the other hand, maybe she is jealous? You said you never spoke about boys…is she lesbian? Maybe she had a crush on you?
I mean, we could play the maybe game all day, but until you show up (cuz it’s not like you don’t know where she lives) she is going to continue to ignore you. Be a real friend and make the first move.


It’s no ones business. You live life for yourself not anyone else. Your friend sounds petty.


Bye “friend”…i feel like this was a middle schooler writing this. You owe her nothing.


If she was a true friend she would not act like that. Seems like it might be time to let her go.

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A real friend wouldnt be like this. Just saying. For whatever your reasons their your period. I would send one last text/phone call and explain all this and then thats its. You can only try for so long. You clearly understand why shes upset. Its time to move on. Being mad at someone for this long is ridiculous for something kinda silly.

Trash took itself out IMO find better friends

She sounds like she wanted you all to herself and jealous your dating someone


Maybe she’s not upset at you maybe she’s upset about other things I tend to shut people outta my life when I’m upset if someone’s doing bad things to me or had done bad things in the past…

I feel like a young, teenage girl wrote this :woman_shrugging:t3:


She is not your friend, she was hoping to date you. Otherwise she’d know that who you date is not her concern.

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Say bye bye ex friend…

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As an aside, and this being your first relationship, I’d be very wary about this young man…and being a daddy at this young age…he seems he could be irresponsible, reading between the lines.


Is she mad cause you didn’t tell her or mad cause of who it is? So was he cheating? Maybe that’s the issue.

Maybe she thought you guys were closer than what you show her? Not sharing something like that and find out through through other friends that found out on fb. I would be hurt anyone who thinks you both are that kind of friend? I don’t know about not answering but that’s my guess?


You might want to move on doesn’t really seem like she’s a friend or that she even cares about you


Friends tell friends stuff like that especially best friends (most of the time) so she’s probably hurt she had to learn about her best friends new boyfriend from someone that wasn’t you or she’s jealous

Or she may be a lesbian and be in love with you idk just a guess


How old are y’all? That’s very immature


These questions are so ridiculous :joy:

You sound like children are you even old enough to be on fb?


Nothing good ever comes from having friends like that. I’d rather have no friends at all than friends who act that petty. Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter why she’s acting that way, her inability to communicate is enough of a problem that I wouldn’t want her around. If you reach out, you’ll be dealing with this again the next time she gets mad. Learn your place in peoples lives and act accordingly.


She was never your friend!! She would be there for you if she was

Theres a possibility she was interested in this guy and is alil jealous. Unless she swings the other way and liked u in that manner

Why have I seen this post, exactly, word for word, typed on here years ago.


Make some new friends. If you have already reached out, it is her turn. New boyfriend sounds a bit irresponsible.

She had feelings for you.

Tell her to get a grip :joy:

It’s YOUR relationship. YOUR choice when, if & who to tell. She has absolutely no choice in that. She doesn’t have a right to know if you don’t want her to. This silent treatment is her punishing you for not letting her control you. You don’t need a relationship like that. You’re better off with no friends than 1 that will be controlling you. Get rid of her. Delete her from your phone, social media etc. Act as if she doesn’t exist. If you continue to contact her youre just showing her that her actions hurt you. If you become friends again she will do this over & over any time you do something without her consent or approval. CUT HER OFF.

Sounds like you need a new friend. Real friends will support you in anything you do and not ignore you or treat you poorly.

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Is she in middle school or something? She sounds like she needs to grow up. You don’t need that nonsense.

Maybe she was interested in you herself… Is hurt you didn’t notice her as more than a friend? you say she was your ‘only friend’… maybe you were Her ‘only friend’ too and she didn’t want to lose you to a guy. who knows, if something so small could totally end your friendship then she wasn’t truly your friend to begin with?

May I ask, how old are you two? It sounds a little petty and juvenile. Maybe she is jealous? If she was a true friend she would not be ignoring you after all this time.


She might of liked you. You guys never talked about boys and then u didn’t tell her you found a boyfriend and now she won’t talk to you. She’s probably hurt as a friend and as someone who feels like she’s lost u

Unless the guy was her friend, ex or her family she doesn’t need to know anything.

Sounds like she may have been into you, like romantically


This sounds like some high school nonsense, and honestly, you’re probably better off without her. Once you reach a certain stage in your life, you shouldn’t have to be in constant contact with or tell your friends every single thing that happens. Unless dude is her ex or a family member of hers, it’s really none of her business. 🤷


I would try to talk with her but if she continues that game I would cut your losses. That is a bunch of drama you don’t need.


Your friend sound like she wanted to be more than just your friend. This reaction is extreme as adults fer to decide what parts of their life they share. Walk away.

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If she was a real friend, she wouldn’t be ignoring you this long. To be mad over something this silly is high school drama. I would try to reach to figure what’s going on, but I wouldn’t keep wasting my time

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Sounds controlling and manipulative…im just wondering if the reason she was your only friend is because she would “get mad” if you made new friends too?..but thats just my observation🤷

Did she somehow think you were more than friends? Sounds like she thought that and thinks you “cheated” on her or something like that…

I think you should reach out to her.just be honest and then ask her if something is bothering her.get things out in the open with her.if she says nothing bothering her make a lunch date.lifes too short to be with people holding grudges.

Sounds like she’s being petty and it’s unnecessary! You don’t need to kiss her ass. If she wants to stop being your friend over something so ridiculous, then she likely wasn’t a good friend. There’s nothing saying you have to tell friends your dating business. I’m sure you would have told her eventually. I wouldn’t worry about it and wouldn’t push to have her in your life.

It’s none of her business whether your in a relationship or not.

Sometimes God removes people from our lives that prevent us from moving forward toward something better. Thank God and move forward.:blush::pray:

If you all were real friends to begin with you wouldn’t have kept anything from her there were clearly reasons you did that. Now she just wants attention I wouldn’t let that drama bomb near me with a 10 foot pole.

Mention her “your friend” at this post, let her read the story from your perspective, and say nothing after that, it’s her call if she want to fix this.

If this is all it took for her to ignore you, then she was never your friend.

Reread your oen post 3 times. Then stop and think: If I read this post, what would I thin about the post?
What would I want to post. Trust your gut feelings. Trust your SELF.

Is she the “someone else” your boyfriend had a baby with?

She doesn’t sound like much of a friend.

Sounds like to me she want you for her self thank about it

She is no friend my dear if she is acting like this…forget it and move on!!!

Wasn’t a real friend to begin with :upside_down_face:

If sha were a real friend she would be happy for you.

Well as much as it sucks you will be ok. A true friend doesn’t end a friendship because you got a boyfriend. Obviously she has issues so consider it a positive. No friends should be like that. Sometimes a loss of a friend is a positive in the end

You haveALREADY reached out to her, now it’s time to move on!!

That’s on her, not you.

Maybe she liked him and didn’t tell u :thinking:

Not a very solid friendship if she gets all bent out of shape that easily.

She became your friend just to get the guys she know will fall for you to pay attention to her by association
She will barely treat you like a friend only when it counts to her to make you feel loved than when you start doing anything that makes you happy she angry yea she ain’t ya friend stop thinking about her period she is a leech on life

Never “talked boys”. Sounds like she may have a crush on You. Now you have a ready made family in the foreseeable future.
She won’t get over this. If she comes around again, she will undermine your new relationship, even when not trying to. Seems she doesn’t want that either. Wish her well, even if she never heard the words, and be glad you got a guy that claims you on FB. (Loads of taken guys still claim single til tax time)

What you mean should I reach out? You been reaching out with no success like:

Maybe she was in love with YOU.

Shes not your friend.

Season over .move on

It sounds like high school shit. It also sounds like you were not that close of friends afterall

Better off without her

That’s not the sort of friend you need in your life. You don’t owe her an explanation of your choices or what you do with your relationships :woman_shrugging:

she’s your only friend, you were really close, but you never talk about your relationships? I think you might have different definitions of friendship and close. you don’t feel like talking about things that go on in your life with her. it’s fine, you can have a friend on whatever level you want, but if your levels don’t match, it’s not going to work out. it sounds like if you want to reach out to her, you would have to be prepared to be a lot more open in the friendship going forward to make it worth it for her.


“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Dr. Seuss


She is secretly attracted to you and feels jealous/threatened. If you aren’t attracted to her the same way, let the friendship go or it will become troublesome for you.

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Your friend is not a friend . If she loves you she should won’t the best for you . She is acting like a princess . You do not have to explain yourself to anybody your private life is your business .

I don’t think she is a “friend” I think she is just somebody you know. Easy to confuse the two. If I am wrong and she was a friend all I can say is she is not a good friend. I would move on, she has clearly let you know how petty she is. Also, this is a classic example of passive/aggressive behavior and you really don’t need that in your life.

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You will come to realise that some friends aren’t worth having around if they cannot be genuinely happy for you, it’s a hard lesson but let her go it will be worth it for your growth :slightly_smiling_face:

Your life is just that YOUR LIFE. You said you and her never talked about boys. My friends all knew what was up. So she is more of a fair weather friend than anything else. So not apologize for having your own life