Mixed baby names?

What ever name you like…

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Our daughters a well mixed (dad is Greek Egyptian, I am English, Australian (and also Aparently) Scottish, Irish (these aren’t confirmed) and our two daughters names are Calista Marie: calista means most beautiful I’m Greek and Marie is my mums middle name.
Athena Anne Joyce: Athena the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Anne is his mums middle name and Joyce is my Nan’s middle name.

…any girl name is fine really.


Any name is beautiful

I have a daughters named Yaneli Mariana and Adriana all Hispanic babies

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Beth, Mary, Tiffany, lizzy… anything. Race shouldn’t matter.

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New names out son Graycin as he the gray son in the middle. Afro America and Cuban

Shaya Or Alizay maybe

Xiomara is a beautiful name. :black_heart:

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We picked a name both families could pronounce. Hope that helps. But any name you love should be your childs name.

Consuella Margarita Di Pablorina Augosrina

Selena Marie… Selena Renee.

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Sienna Raine. Dad is Puerto Rican and Italian. I’m Caucasian.

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My husband is Mexican and I’m Finnish. Our daughters names are Maliegha, Abbigail, Sophie and Roslyn. Our sons are Nixon and Cavan.

Camilla, Clara, Isabella, Emma, Carmen

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Josslyn, keturah. Kalilah.

My hubby is Rican and I’m Caucasian we named our daughter Riley lol

We went with Ezmiralda (Esmeralda) Susie , just cos he didnt like white names for our daughter :joy:🤦

My kids are white and Indian and i have a cheyanna and a cabastion

Whatever names you want. Our daughters are “Reyna” (after his mother) and “Maria” (after his grandmother)


My adopted daughter is half white and half Mexican and I named her Riley. My husband is Spanish and out last name is a Spanish name so she has both I guess you can say

Maria, Selena, Colibri (COH-LEE-BREE it means Hummingbird)

Natalia, Graciela, Susana, Viviana, Gabriela ( Gabi) Melisa❤️

Whatever name you both agree on.


Consuela! His family will call her Consuela and yours can call her Connie! :joy::rofl::woman_facepalming:t2: WTF kinda questing is this!


Whatever name you like! :grin: doesnt even matter girl

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My husband is Mexican and I’m white and together we have a Jayden and Chloe. His family has a hard time saying them but I dont care. My husband can say them just fine.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock


Taco Donald’s ?! Whatever you wantttttt!


Any name!

Lol my youngest is mixed… half Zomi… Burmese… Asian. .

Miss Cordelia Emily…

The look of shock is awesome

Whatever you want to name her! I have mixed granddtr and her name is Kadience Marie

Hispancausian should work


Mariana, Violeta, Amelia

Any name but I hear Lisa is a great name lol


Our daughter is the exact same and We named her Abrianna Destiny

Angelica Delgado somebody said cafe con leche :joy::joy::joy: now i want some


My nephew just married Catalina. Cata for short.

I have 3 half hispanic…Andea, Angelica, Adrian, then Ayianna, Anaya

what different does it make. it’s your baby give it any name you love.


My daughter is half and we named her Emma Christine lol .

She means a name that wont get slaughtered in translation. Marie Gabriela. Rose


Did you really ask that

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But I like Cora or Clayton

All 3 of mine are half Hispanic half white. My boys are Kaden and Adrian and my daughter is Emmersyn but we call her Em or Emmie.


I named my daughter Rebecca should not make a difference

I named my daughters, selena and Naomi

If someone can name their child Marijuana Pepsi, I think you have free reign. Lol

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My grandma was Dolores. Her father was irish, mom Mexican and Spanish (yes, I know…)
2 brothers were frank and jesse

As long as the baby had like 3-4 names it’s all good.

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Mixed baby :joy:. Pick a name and use it names are not race specific.


I named my children based on the meaning of the name. My daughter is Harmony. It doesnt have to do anything with blended ethnic background.

A friend of mine named their daughter cambira it’s really pretty and my husbands nieces name is that too!

Vivian Aneese or Carmen Jade

You mean a more traditional Hispanic girls name?.. My youngest daughters name is Elisela Paola she’s 1/2 Nicaraguan

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A name is a name why should ethnicity matter


The same name as any other baby!!! Sheezz,z,

My girls name is rainnah. Its spanish for queen, but i swiched the letter up so it looks more like a name

I have Andrew. Something neutral but family meaningful

So what is a mixed baby name?

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My son is a “mixed” baby… He’s name is Johnny

My husbands Hispanic and I’m white. Our kids names are Dominic James Theseus (names we liked and my dad and grandpas name) and Issadora Fae Victoria (named after her late grand mother Dora Oliverez and my mother Victoria.
ANY name does just fine (also they’re likely to look as white as you…ours look so white that my husband denies them sometimes and people can’t even tell they belong to him)

I’m due with another girl right now so I’ll be following this.

My boys are mixed with Asian I named them John Isaiah and Lukas Michael James.

What ever name you choose

I don’t understand the question… I am white… married a hispanic… I didn’t label my children as mixed… they are my children… I have all A’s Ariel Adam Abel Aiden Alexander… was I supposed to name them more ethnic names? Lol :upside_down_face:

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My family uses names that are the same or similar in either language. Examples are David, Alex, Elizabeth…
The reason to have names that are good for either language is so those in the family that only speak 1 languages will have an easier time with pronunciation and we want the children to be proud of their entire heritage, both the Hispanic and non Hispanic.

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Some things are better to just Google because race doesn’t matter. Agree on a name like you would if the child wasn’t mixed?

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Me and my siblings are half white/Mexican and we got traditional Mexican names. Alicia, Rodolfo, and Arturo. Me and my older brother are named after our grandparents. I knew a Paloma, Moriah, Alexis, etc as other names for half white/Mexican. I really think it’s up to you

How about whatever name you both like?


So how are you going to introduce the baby? this is our mixed baby girl named her Mixakelly.


My baby is mixed Caucasian-Korean and her name is Evelyn Renée. Her Korean name is Eunji, but only her halmoni and halabuji call her that like once every couple months.
The baby’s name plays 0 part in her culture anymore. Everyone is mixed.


Just get a baby name book. There are TONS of names! Find one you both like and pull the trigger. Easy…


My husband and I chose an English first name and Hispanic middle name. (Alexander Jose and Aidan Juan)

I work with a girl with the same setup and they named their daughter cora

My children are 1/2 latino and their names are Orlando DeJesus, Olivia Angelina, Aiden Nicholas, Alexander Damian and Andres Mateo. We mixed it up lol.

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Jasmine josilyn whitney cecilia

Excuse you.
Hispanic baby.
For some reason this post rubbed me the wrong way.
“Mixed” is a nasty word.


We’re 100% Hispanic and my babies name is Madelynn Savannah. :rofl:


I didn’t know that there was a list of names for mixed kids :roll_eyes: name her whatever name you two love


Wait what? So we need to name a baby something different because she’s mixed? Any beautiful name will do, regardless of her race


My niece is Hispanic and caucasian and her name is zita.

Justine , Jayana , Giavanna , Vanessa , Andrea ,Raylene

Emberly Dream. Sierra Skye, Serenity Faith, Olivia Lashay, Paisley Grace, Lily Brienne, Emerson Rose, Mayson Sloan, Ambrose Nicole, Saylor Reign,Ambrielle

I’m hispanic\ Caucasian my name is Mandy lol my sons name is Elijah
But name the baby whatever you like


Sophia, Isabella, Gabriella, Samantha, Mia, Nicole, Olivia, Melissa.
I just saw these names on a list of popular Hispanic names from 2012 and picked out the ones which I know someone by that name, and all these people are Caucasian.

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Fir those of you judging her I’m sure she obviously wants both cultures incorporated somehow or she would not have sad that


Just look up Caucasian names and Latino names and pick two and use them as first and middle :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sophia, Mia, Jayde (as in Jade), Dakota, Serenity, Skye, Sasha. Your baby will be beautiful!! Congrats!

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Victoria, Rebecca, Gabrielle, Veronica, Janette, Veronica, Alexia, Alexandria, Elizabeth, Mari, Sirena (mermaid), Maya, Sol, Flor, Carmen, Roxana, Rosana, Many, Many, Many! She’s Mexican American! Any Name you Both Agree on!

The correct term is Latino if he is from Central or South American descent. Mixed babies don’t need different names- trust me I’m biracial- all names are good options.

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Who cares…just pick a name you both agree on


this is 1 of the most STUPIDEST things I’ve read so far


Whatever you both agree with is a good name just remember that child will become an adult so what is cute for a baby my not be cute as an adult so be kind to the new person you name and us your best judgement and love

Good names for mixed babies? Never heard of that all names are names


Anything you wanna name her of course!

Ahria, Rain, everleigh

Aroha… It’s a girls name but also is the word for love in the Maori language.

All the people giving her hell saying about her question is petty :joy: like damn she just wants a name that expresses her background as well as her boyfriends? Pretty sure she didnt mean anything over it. I hate that when this acc posts questions they have to tell y’all to be nice like wtf? Be nice on your own? Stop being judgey on your high horse :joy:

Ava Maria, Petra and call her peppy.

Pick a first name and middle to celebrate your different cultures.