Is zarabees cough syrup good?

Anyone use the zarbee’s baby cough syrup + mucus!? Did your little one take good to it? It says ivy leaf extract, and agave


We used it and I think it worked ok but it tastes horrible

Works for my son. He doesn’t care for the taste though.

That’s the only one we have used for 3 years now and my son loves it

My kids love it and it works great.

I tried it… Idk if it really helped or not. Tastes terrible.

Works so good in my opinion.

Mine loves it!! Been using it since 2 months

We use it and it works great!

Both my grandbabies use it with no problems.

It’s fantastic! I used it religiously when they were little and sometimes I still do now, when the other stuff meant for their age doesn’t work

Was one of the few things I felt comfortable giving my daughter.

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My grandson uses it and it seems to work well

Works good, taste horrible

Yes it worked. She made a face but took it

We loved it! Worked so well!

worked well for my son.

Yes! It was all we used

it isn’t a cure-all and just coats the throat for a little bit, but doesn’t actually do much for a cough and mucus.

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Unfortunately it never worked for my daughter,

My toddlers like it and it usually works pretty good

It works.My two children loves Zarbee’s and it’s have good taste that children loves.

It works but my daughter hated taking it and still does at 3 and she understands she has to to help her, but it tastes disgusting so I don’t blame her haha!

It made my daughter vomit so much

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It doesn’t work on my kids. The only one I ever found that worked was the one that looks like similac. That’s not the name, but that’s what I see every time I look at it lol

I give it to my son it really helps him

Didnt work for either of my boys