Is it normal to have pimples under your breast?

Try medicated powder

A dermatologist would know.

Maybe from sweating along bra line

Dnt use talc try medicine powder called …medipure body power it’s in a blue and yellow tub same as talc x about one pound it’s got corn starch in xx


Use Antiperspirant deodorant not just plain deodorant

Normal use Neosporin

Go see your doctor or a dermatologist.

I don’t know the answer to this, but maybe try to exfoliate the skin in that area every time you shower? That might help any pores that may be blocked.

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Boob sweat + bra friction = boob pimples. It’s normal.

I have these too but they’re not really pimples. Like little whiteheads. Sometimes they’ll turn to pimples. I think it’s like clogged pores due to friction. They dont bother me but I dont like them either

Pimples or skin tags

After your daily shower. Dry well and then use apple cider vinegar under breast’s with cotton balls. Pimples and orders are all gone

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It’s the baby powder

Could be something close to thrush or yeast…your dermatologist should help

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I use yeast infection cream for 7-10 days to clear mine up, then my YL thieves roller to keep it gone .

You can try the cheapest of the cheap panty liners ! Stick them in bottom of bra or half inside half outside horizontally, to keep your skin dry :heart:

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Try to lose weight.
You lose with gravity.
Breasts that are heavy are nothing but Fat Mamallories.

Dispense with the baby powder!

These are normal. They are called Montgomery’s tubercles. Everyone has them. They release oils to keep your nipples moist and supple. No worries unless they’re leaking fluid or are swollen and warm to the touch.


People with hidradenitis suppurtiva, also called acne inversa, develop red, inflamed, painful bumps or lesions anywhere on the body, but most often near sweat glands and where areas of skin rub together. Women may find the lesions under the breasts up to the axilla (underarm), as well as on the breasts themselves.
Just a possibility.
Also mayb e
White spots often result from a blocked nipple pore when someone is breast-feeding, or as a normal reaction to changing levels of hormones within the body. In this article, we look at the following possible causes of white spots on the nipples and areolas: pregnancy and hormone changes. blocked nipple pores and ducts. Hope this helps but as always check with your doctor!

It sounds like it could be your bra or you simply sweat a lot. I get them sometimes on the side. No biggie.

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It can be clogged pores. Especially in the summer. Them babies be sweating lolll

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Asda liquid talc is a huge help for bigger boobies that sweat

I get ingrown hairs around my areolas. It’s totally normal.

Sweaty boob rash. I live in Florida of course I do :woozy_face:

Calamine lotion works for me every time Its brilliant for all rashes and skin problems *

Go to a dermatologist

Go to a dermatologist.

See a dermatologist…

Rule out a yeast infection first, here are the simple steps.

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Pics please so we can better analyze.

I would be happy to have a look


My daughter had it. Go to the doc.

Maybe you should go see a doctor. !

Have you gone to see a doctor? You should

I get them in warmer weather

It could be cystic acne

Go to the doctor to be safe

Talk to you doctor and also maybe a dermatologist. Ive gone thru this as well and in the heat it gets worse to the point they would burn an itch. Found out its a skin condition called HS and can be treated with prescription medication but need to see the docs for proper diagnosis to get it treated

I have it all the time, I talked to my doctor when they first started happening a little more than 10 years ago and after an exam she just said it was because I had bigger boobs and no matter what there is always moisture down there. If you are bigger chested it is probably just that but if you are worried I would make an appointment

Use meds for athletes foot

Gold bond powder from the dollar tree. Works wonders.

I’m just so happy I’m not the only one with this issue and appreciate all the tips on here :slightly_smiling_face:

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You could try antifungal cream that is sold for athletes foot…think it is called lamisil. POWDER will not help.

Official under breast inspector. Call me. :smiley: