I'm paying for all our dates, is this weird?

Sometimes I wonder if these are all just troll posts. 37, “not divorced yet” and doesn’t pay for anything? You’ve got to be the most gullible side piece I’ve ever seen or this can’t be real


Run like you are on fire :fire::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Not incentive. He has a job, so he obviously has money, just not money to pay for extra things? Going on dates is okay, and you paying once and a while is okay also, but every time?
You are 21, and you should not have to pay for everything. Try to ask him to get something to eat or do something again that cost money and if he says he doesn’t have the cash agree and don’t offer to cover him. See what his reaction is after that, he may be using you at this point! I say RUN, or else he’s going to get to comfortable with that and then you will have a bigger problem on your hands.

Fucking run and don’t look back.

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So he don’t have a bank card or credit cards just because you don’t have cash it’s other ways to pay :thinking: :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_shrugging:t4: girl you better be like Insync and tell him bye bye bye

Uummmm… you need to move on .


Girl leave him behind he’ll never help you have your back financially and will only drain you


Who ever needed an answer to this IS stupid, he’s using you and you’re openly letting him, he’s still working out his marriage and he’s using YOU

Get rind If him now. U r only his meal ticket


Run. Red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: Red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: your too young to deal with baggage


Run run run. He is using you and treating you wrong.


Get out now, he’s using you and probably a narcissist

Girl u need a MAN not a bum boy


Girl get away!

The lord will N E V E R send you another woman’s husband. You don’t need to deal with something someone else signed up for!

Um the 1st red flag he’s MARRIED! I don’t give a rats ass if he’s separated. Not sure if I even believe him in the 1st place. You are offering to take him out… STOP doing that! Let him go! He belongs to someone until his divorce is final.

Sheesh alot of replies are so negative, I’ll try to keep it more mature.
Basically you’ve got two options here.

  1. If you like spending time with him and you genuinely believe that he is going to be divorced and start a life with you then you need to discuss this with him. You need to tell him that you don’t feel it’s fair to be paying for everything and that you would like him to be putting more financially into building your relationship together.

  2. On the other hand, its been months and he still isn’t divorced which does make me feel that you are being used and lied to. For me personally, if I don’t see proof of his words (that they’re actually going to split) I would leave.
    Hope this helps!

First piece of advice is that separated just means still married. Walk away.
The other stuff is a mess too but that one detail alone is enough to walk away from.

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I bet he’s not separated. If he doesn’t have cash I bet he has joint credit cards and she can’t find out

Your situation doesn’t sound promising to me
If I were you I would move on

Sponger …I wud never let a woman pay for a date… Time to walk away xxxx

Sounds like one of the reasons his WIFE and him are not living together and heading for a divorce. Suggest you move on to a single man, that isn’t freshly from a marriage that isn’t divorced.

RUN! Do u even have to ask! It’s a no brainer!!! RUN!


There’s a reason he’s single leave that mooch behind

Don’t sound like he’s separated, sounds like he’s cheating and your unfortunately the mistress. Get out of that mess before it’s too late

I disagree with the posts that say get rid as he is not financially sharing. We don’t know his situation. For me I would be looking at ok, maybe he isn’t doing well financially, but what else is he doing for you. ? Does he make you cuppas in work, does he invite you for tea and cook for you.?. Plenty of romance can be provided with no money. However, if it’s none of those things that is time to question

More importantly, if you called him to say you needed him at 10pm would he be there for you. If no (and no valid reason) say bye bye

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Eww. Not sure why ur so nice! Hard pass for me. Ur clearly a good person…go find a good match

It’ll always be like that if it’s that way now. Wife probably always took care of food/meals, as did his mom.

You’re not his mom or his sugar mama. He’s a man child, I’d walk away now

You don’t need a man child.

Seriously…ok, he is using you like girl’s use guy’s.

Everyone says run. Have you talked to him? You obviously like the guy. It’s not 1920 but you still shouldn’t be paying for everything. Just communicate with him.

You are too young to be a sugar momma

You must like being used or you have an unlimited amount of funds.

Honestly me and my man live together so it’s either or him pay or me pay or 50/50

He thinks “shes super young without kids, she doesnt need the money more than i do. I’ll let her waste it on me :relieved:

Oh just have a talk straight from your heart! He may be in a pinch til divorce is over. However, he definitely needs to do his part and you need to let him know that!

Hes using you. Even if he was broke he wouldn’t let you constantly pay for him. Hes obviously has enough money to feed himself when you’re not treating him- going on this long he could atleast make you a meal. Hes not worth it. Sounds more like hes treating you as a meal ticket side peice

Kick him to the curb.

Gurrrllllllll Run tf away from his ass!!! :running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man:

Girl He’s a bum. You’re wasting your time.


:woman_facepalming:t3: the fact that you even have ask these questions is sad :disappointed:
Next you’ll be paying his child support‼️


Run for the hills hes a free loader getting all he can from you dump him

To me he taking advantage of your generosity

Don’t stay in that relationship. It never ends well.

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We teach people how to treat us. If you’re going to keep doing it, why would he expect anything different?

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You are being used. A grown man will never allow a woman to pay. (Maybe on rare occasions) im 27 and my boyfriend is 37 hes paid simce day 1 on our dates and occasionally ill pay… your being used find some other guy that will value you.


Who goes out to eat without any cash?? All the time?? He’s still married, he’s using you, he’ll tell you he’s struggling he doesn’t have the funds his wife is spending all his money blah blah, you’re not insensitive, you need to run for the hills before he bleeds you dry!!

My friend went threw the same situation honestly you either gotta talk to him about it or just leave :unamused:

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Quit wasting your time! He can’t pay for even his meal! Loser!


He should be embarrassed by doing that but he sounds like a user

Run :running_woman:t5: 🏃🏾‍♂ :running_woman:t5: now before your feelings get too involved. This man knows what he is doing. And stop offering, let him lead. If was into you he would lead the way. Also he’s still married. Some men lie with that were separated sh&t!!! Let him be free and clear, then we can talk! I think he is using you, you cannot see :eyes: because your feelings are involved. Or how about this just back off a little and see what happens. It just seems something is off already. This is where our Women’s intuition should kick in!!! Just my opinion. #staywoke

Let him go! This will not end well… he is using you and the fact that he lets you pay suggests he doesn’t have much respect for this relationship.


He’s supporting his wife and child. I’d run away and fast.


Stop now because it will continue.

That’s a red flag. He’s probably not even broke but he still has to give explanations about any charges. That’s a sign he’s not really separated🤨


run your wasting your time


Talk to him about it.

If he doesn’t have cash then credit or debit! Remind him. You owe me next time. See how far that takes you.

As long as you pay he will always use the excuse that he doesn’t have money. This was how you began dating this person from the beginning. Ask yourself if you can afford a person depending on you as if he is your child. Bring it up and have a discussion and you will see where you stand. If he has a job there is no excuse for him to let you pay all the time. He is probably very cheap or spending his money on someone else. Also, maybe he is not even going through a divorce and still lives with wife. Open your eyes. He is older than you but you at such a young age have your life together. Find someone more deserving of you.

You are a precious 23 years old with a whole future ahead of you and he has to figure his shit out…. Too many women fall for men like this and end up regretting it, thinking you could have done so much more with your time instead of investing so much into a man. He is too grown for you for one. He doesn’t know what he wants and he has no man pride to even pay up when he spends time with you. Sounds like a coward if you ask me. You’re just getting yourself into a mess don’t waste your precious years on him. He has a lot of figuring out to do and he certainly won’t accomplish that while you’re there holding his hand. It’s best for both of you to exit each other’s lives.

You’re being used. In my experience men have said they are separated and aren’t really. Stop paying. If he wants to really see you then he should come up with money and take you out. No man’s attention is worth being treated like that.

Stop seeing him he’s taking you for a ride a bad one

Just talk to him about it, if you can’t talk now when it’s early days… Then just leave it alone.

Girl get out of it while u can

Girl move on… he hasn’t left his wife which is why he never pays… stop wasting your time

Kinda going through the same thing. The other person doesn’t come out and ask for money, but hints around that she needs this and never has money. Haven’t been dating long, but being realistic she isn’t with me for my looks or anything lol. So I stepped back and if she wants to go out that’s fine, I believe in paying for dates, but I had to quit thinking I can help with her every problem.

No cash on hand? What about debit card? Sounds like a loser to me!

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I think he’s taking advantage because you’re letting him and if you keep letting him it won’t ever stop

You deserve better !!! Sounds like he is using you !!! Cut ties with him and move on !!

You are being taken to the cleaners. He is a User!


He sounds like my ex. Did the same thing to women when we were separated. And refused to pay childsupport or buy his kids Christmas presents. In fact, 4 years later and he still doesn’t pay childsupport nor has bought a single Christmas present for his kids.
I’d keep away if it were me.
He always seems to find money for things he wants tho

Would you say the same thing when a man pays everything

Girl🤦🏼‍♀️ please stop seeing this man.

He’s still married. Say goodbye


You being used. He don’t got cash I’m sure he has a debit or credit card

You know this is wrong is the reason you put it on here. Ditch this guy now.

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Yeah he dosent want wife to see those charges. Hes still involved with wife


U are being used RUN RUN NOW


Maybe he doesn’t have the extra money right now. But he has too much pride to admit that so instead of saying he’s broke, he says he doesn’t have the cash on hand. Talk to him about it. He may be embarrassed to tell you.

First of all, he’s married. I do not care that he’s sperated. A single man is available to date but not a married man, period!

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Oh honey… please end it…. been there done this and it doesn’t end….

That man is broke. And knows your going to pay for things. Everytime… bye boy.


Yes. His WIFE has it!! He is a looser


Sounds like your being used as his sugar mama hun. I’d leave now.

Sounds to me that he doesn’t want the wifey to see said expenses. Also meaning wifey is still very active in being a wife. Not separated etc. He sounds like a liar and a user. He should be at least paying his half if not fully courting you.

Dump him ofcoarse there is so many red flags

This will continue to happen since you are allowing it. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Tell him for now on when we go out to eat we are going duch.He pays for his and you pay for youre

He’s using you. I say get out now. Before it’s too late.

Find a new man sweetie !!!


As in the words of Michael Jackson song beat it and runaway now xx

Hell no! This is how it starts. Once your okay with something your not really okay with your giving him the opportunity to continue to do it to you.

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You gotta get out of there hun before it’s too late, he’s using you

Been there so my advice RUN :running_woman:

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Add it all up and send him a bill for half of the total, then Bye :v:

You’ve got yourself a grown man sugar baby :rofl::rofl:


Girl find someone who isn’t married.

That’s NOT okay!! Ditch him and move on!!!

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Let him go. He’s only in it for the free shit. No wonder he’s headed for divorce.

Dump him! He’ll never change and he already knows you’re desperate :rage: