I want to have wedding photos done without my husbands kids....advice?

If I was your husband I would say bye tonyou already

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Lmaoooo way to plan the divorce before the wedding happens :joy::joy:


When we have family photos done, we have multiple of everyone. My husband and I, my husband and kids, me and kids, my husband and i with our kids, my husband and i with just my stepkids, the stepkids together, our kids together, all siblings together. And not to even mention separate portraits of everyone. Or one with just the girls (stepdaughter, bio daughter) or boys (step son, bio son). So every session we may have 1-5 photos total that include everyone. The rest we are all kinda broken into groups so everyone can be the center of attention.

I don’t treat my stepkids the same as my own and I never will because they aren’t mine. My husband and I have to consider someone else’s opinions/thoughts (bio moms) before making a decision regarding my stepson and we don’t have to do that with our kids so certain rules apply that they may not to the other. I also wouldn’t want someone else making decisions about my kids without atleast thinking of what I’d think first on some things. I also don’t treat my kids the same as the other because each kid has different needs and it’s not a one size fits all. You can love kids as your own without treating them as your own. My husband and I have been together for almost 6 years and married for 4.

Just tell him upfront so he doesn’t waste his time with you.

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You sound like an evil step mom. Yikes :unamused:

Oh lord you’re going to get a lot of shit for this one :exploding_head:

No words for this one, it’s too much :unamused:

Have pics done with all the kids or it will cause big problems

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You’re joining him as a united couple so the entire family should be united as well. Same day!


I hope he calls off the wedding once you ask him!

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YOU’RE TR@SH. I hope he calls off the wedding. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This can’t be real :woman_facepalming:t2:

Daaayyyyuuummm that’s savage and not in a good way

Here’s an idea… Cancle the wedding.

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Go 50/50 and no one can say anything.

Wow. They should be in the pictures you are hanging around his house.

Please just tell him so he knows not to marry you :+1:

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Wow… just wow. Im speechless

All I have to say is wow…

There shouldn’t be a marriage

This has to be a satire post….it can’t be real.

This shouldn’t even be a question…:woman_facepalming:t2:

If you arent already married, please don’t get married. You have not accepted his children as a permanent fixture in your life so please don’t get married until that changes.

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Wow :open_mouth: Let me get this straight… you want to exclude his kids, but not yours???

Why did you ever marry a man with kids of his own because clearly you are not capable of loving them unconditionally. This is just gross and you’re what gives every “step” parent a bad name Those children are part of his heart whether you like it or not :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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If all those kids aren’t just your kids leave that man to find a real woman who will love those kids like their own! Absolutely disgusting

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This man should run from you! You clearly should not be a step parent


Just curious how you’d respond if he said he wanted pictures of you, him and his children only to exclude yours to be hung around your home?


That is really shitty of you

No ma’am. They are a part of your family now. Do not ask your future husband this. And if he agrees, he’s an A-hole too. Are your kids his kids as well? This is a sure fire way to take your spot on the evil step mom list

That’s really not okay. Those poor kids

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I had a wicked step mom too…that marriage didn’t last and this one won’t either.


I can’t believe what i just read. Shame on you :confused:.

I almost think this has to be a joke because why would somebody be that heartless?

My advice, from the bottom of my bonus mama heart, is don’t be so fuckin gross.
Me and my absolutely beautiful and loved step babies at my wedding, they’re in almost every photo and I never would’ve had it any other way.

I don’t like the word step daughter cause mine is just one of my daughters. But when she got older she told me she loved how I always included her and made her feel special, even on times she wasn’t with us. Kids have big feelings and this will affect them if they are so fled out. IMO if you can’t love his kids as your own and not see a divide, you shouldn’t be marrying him.

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How awful, you’re awful for thinking that way .

Speak to the soon to be husband about it and he might just cancel the whole wedding hopefully, if you can’t accept the kids then am sorry he needs to walk away. It’s all or nothing… what a horrible person you sound like…

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You sound like a real treat! I hope he runs at the altar

Don’t get married because obviously you’re not willing to accept his children and they deserve better

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You should definitely word it exactly the way you did asking this question…maybe a light will go off in his head and he will call off thr wedding! Just curious…how would you like it if your kids step mom was treating them this way?? :poop::poop::poop:

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You sound like an amazing catch. How would you feel if he said he didn’t want any with your kids?

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You shouldn’t even get married. You sound like the proverbial mean old stepmother

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He shouldn’t even go through with this marriage!!!


You may not realize it but you are starting out to be an evil Stepmother. I hope you change your mind or your guy runs. You need to read up on what a blended family is.

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This shits been posted before I’m pretty sure the moderators of this page make this shit up because they are bored and want to see all these dumbass comments…get a life mamas not behind the computer your kids are probably wanting your attention

please tell him exactly like this so he can leave ur azz


Wow u sound like a horrible person i hope he changes his mind

What the hell is wrong with you?!

You are the reason I am scared that my children’s father might remarry.

I couldn’t ever even think about this happening! We are a blended family and that’s thier home too…

If he is ok with this then he is as terrible as you are…

Please rethink this and possibly this whole marriage.

First off, ew. If you think this way about children you are supposed to love as your own, you’re disgusting. I hope he treats your children the same :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: leave them out of every holiday and family event because they aren’t his children

He deserves so much better than the horrible, self centered person that you are. Tell him the truth so he can leave you and find a woman who cares about his kids as much as her own.

This can’t be a serious question and if so, you’re a POS

You’re disgusting. Those are your bonus kids… treat them equally. If I were him I’d be getting divorce photos instead.

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You should be treating his children like your own! You’re all one family, I guess he should have his money and you should have your own money if you’re going to be this bitchy and touchy about “his” kid’s. You’re absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. When you started dating him, his kid’s became yours, and vice versa!

You are a horrible person and don’t need to marry anyone with kids! They are your family too! You are sick!

Don’t waste the time, you’re not really in it for him… his kids are apart of him, if u don’t want them, you don’t want him.

WOW!! You’re trash ! I feel bad for his kids & I hope he leaves you before y’all get married !
How would you feel if he said he wanted pictures of just you & HIS kids but not yours? You seem super toxic … so I’m assuming that wouldn’t be allowed , correct ?? SMH :woman_facepalming:

My husband an I have 7 boys between us. An every single one was in the wedding party much less the pictures. This is insane.

Show the husband this thread immediately so he doesn’t miss the red flag, that is YOU!

Isn’t marriage about “joining families” him and his kids deserve a lot more then that. Bitch.

Hopefully he sees this and calls off the wedding :grimacing::grimacing: poor babies

Tell him to run. He shouldn’t be marrying you🤷🏽‍♀️

youre a horrible person and should be ashamed of yourself, if you got into a relationship with a man with kids and you commit and are marrying them, youre marrying the kids too, they become your kids theres no his kids your kids, gross…m

Did you read this out loud so you can hear yourself?

You should cut him loose cuz he’s too good for you. What a selfish fool you are.

Your a piece of shit plain and simple ,the dad needs to run , while he still can , it’s plain to see , you don’t except his kids. Your so self centered not wanting his kids in pictures

You are a horrible person.

I’m sorry that you even have to ask this question, why are his children from a previous relationship less than your children. i feel so much for all the kids involved here it’s so small minded if you to think that this is ok…………it is not

Lol girl…just don’t even bother getting married. Your insane.

Heartless c o w!! You marry there dad they become YOUR family, imagine being so bitter.

your husband is better off getting out now and take his kids with him, how on earth wud you feel if it was the other way round, selish woman

You should NOT be marrying this man. Those are your kids too. Your selfish, find someone without kids to marry. Wow, unbelievable

I hope he realizes marrying you is likely a huge mistake.

I could see one or two pictures for your biological children to hang in their bedroom but not his kids being excluded from all of the pictures and them hanging all over the house, how is that supposed to make them feel

Hope your make up smudges for pictures

Imagine the poor kids coming your house and you have you perfect happy family photos without them. Heartbreaking

this post made me annoyed! if you dont want the kids your husband had previously, you shouldnt have got invovled!

Definitely sad and not right like someone else had said how would u feel if ur husband came and told u that ?

Please don’t marry someone if your not going to take on their children too. Your expecting him to step up to your children but not the other way round :cry:

Don’t marry him if you can’t accept his kids

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He and his kids deserve better.


You shouldn’t be getting married then :woman_shrugging:

If that’s your attitude, don’t marry him.

If you’re getting married to him , his kids should be as important as your kids.

I think he should not marry you. You took on him as a husband so you took on the kids too. You are evil

Just take a moment to think about how you would feel if your soon to be husband wanted pictures with just his kids and not want to include your kids or have pictures of your kids on the wall. You probably would be pretty crushed because when you are marrying someone the expectation is that your spouse is also going to love and accept your children. If my husband acted that way and did not love and care for my daughter he would not be my husband. I hope you do some real soul searching.

You have no business marrying their father if you can’t expect them like you want him to except yours

He shouldn’t be marrying you. Smh your so in the wrong.

He should run the other way its pretty sorry for you to say his kids m kids what makes you think your kids are better than yours if you do his kids that way about wedding photos then you would do the same about Christmas and birthdays he would be stupid to marry you

Don’t get married to him if you don’t love his children as well. How fucking selfish of you.

Firstly that would be unfair , plus if this was put on ( #am I the Ahole? group … :joy::grin:
My guess they would think YES… Am I The A

you are obviously not wanting a mixed family, so you should stop being selfish, and walk away

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Well you sound like a piece of shit lol… that man should run while he still can :saluting_face:

When my husband and I got married…
We did photos of just us.
We did photos with each of us with both kids.
We did photos of each of us with each kid (oldest is not husband’s bio kid)
We did photos of all of us.
It’s ok to want a MIX of photos.
If you were suggesting doing photos of just his kids as well as photos of just your kids…
I wouldn’t be bothered by this.
I honestly wouldn’t even be that bothered if you wanted some special pics of just you and your kids (I get it)
But that doesn’t…appear…to be this.
You want photos without his kids in them to hang around the house and that’s honestly concerning to me more than the rest of it.


How would you feel if said he wanted photos with you and just his kids ? Jesus lady, get a grip. You are all a family now. He needs to see this post.

What a sick person. U need to tell him that he should find someone who accepts his kids as their own!

Tell him not to marry you. All your kids should be included. Otherwise. You shouldn’t get married.

Yikes. Cant believe people like you exist.

Shouldn’t you hang pictures of his children in his house as well?

What if he requested pictures with just “his kids” and wanted to exclude yours? :thinking: