I am annoyed that my partners "number 2" stinks so bad: Advice?

Um yes! That is something out of his control as well

good luck being a mom yo… omg. the poops babies have can never compare to my partners raunchy poops.


Get this. Omg it works so good!!! It’s cheap and it will save your life.

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Wow, I never thought I’d come across someone who actually thinks their shit don’t stink.

Try poo pouri and get a quease ease scent stick. Has helped a ton for me. I would gag everytime I changed my daughter.

Unless you shit roses I’d slow ya roll Karen

How is someone supposed to make their shit stink less? Maybe you need to buy those toilet sprays for him since it’s a problem for you :woman_shrugging:t2:

I envy people who poop every day. What a blessing. All these women being badass ‘keyboard warriors’ may not understand but i do. I’m highly affected by smells and certain sounds and that’s even BEFORE my pregnancy.

Don’t expect most people to relate to that though. Because they won’t. Hope you find a solution for the sake of your sanity :call_me_hand:

He may not be digesting some food well enough such as red meat . If so that will definitely cause stinky bowels .however poor guy cut him a break

What the hell…mate, in answer to your question yes, you are being an arsehole. The guys gotta crap! I can’t believe because you are temporarily pregnant and it’s offensive to your sensitive nasal passages that he’s got to find a solution. Maybe its you that’s the problem, put some vicks on a tissue and sniff it and let the guy do his business.

How do you feel about incense? I feel like that would definitely help! Also, his diet is a huge contributer to the smell. What does he eat? Have you tried probiotics? They make yogurt that actually tastes pretty good and is a lottt cheaper than a capsule. You could also look into a low fodmap diet! It’s designed to help people with ibs. I know you said he flushes multiple times, but maybe he doesn’t understand courtesy flushing? He’s supposed to flush so that nothing is exposed to the air

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I am currently pregnant, almost due, and still have nausea. I too can smell everything and even certain food smells get to me but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to change their ways to accommodate to me. I bought Poo pourri and placed one in our bathroom, everyone knows they spray it in the toliet a few times before going and that way it doesn’t smell as much. We also have BBW scented hand soaps in our bathrooms and we turn on the fan! With this pregnancy I also hated the smell of coffee and many people at work drink coffee in the mornings. Instead of asking everyone to stop drinking coffee. I sprayed peppermint in my mask and chewed ginger gum and walked around with my ginger tea to control my nausea.
His poop, just like everyone elses, is always going to smell but it will not get to you as much as it does right now all your life. Pregnancy is temporary, don’t let your symptoms ruin your relationship :blush: Hope this helps!


I hope your baby’s nappies smell the same


:joy::joy::joy::joy: oh the hormones

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This should have been too personal for the world to read about!!!

Mad over something that’s nature. Smh 🤦

I’m hoping this is just hormones talking because yes you are being very unreasonable

There is something you can put in the potty before your family poops to mask the smell. I’d buy some of that

I had hyperemesis during both my pregnancy’s too try putting vapour rub under your nose when you can smell thing that make you poorly really helped me.


No bitchy lecture, just laughing super hard.

Girl, pregnancy gets us all in some crazy rants. -hug-


You’re right when you say that you shouldn’t be getting mad at him over something he can’t control. He can’t just hold it. Just remember that I’m sure your poop doesn’t smell the greatest to him either :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It’s your hormones talking. When I was pregnant, I got mad at my husband because he was breathing too loud next to me. Maybe light a candle or invest in a wax warmer. Good luck :joy:


Well be grateful for those smells. After covid I can’t smell anything stinky and as bad as it sounds I hate it! It’s normal smells. I don’t feel normal not smelling those things

Try poo pouri best thing out there for this!

Yes you’re an asshole for demanding your husband try and control the smell of his poop.

You need to get ya life and get it together the man has to shit… it’s a normal bodily function…you’ll be alright. Being preg doesn’t mean everything has to go your way let that man shit in peace. I’m sure yours doesn’t smell like roses either.

Yes! Yes you are lol

This made my day but being pregnant i get it. Sometimes my so will fart and it’s gagging I get irritated too but I tell myself the hormones are making me completely irrational. I too suggest peppermint oil to help mask the smell

Straight asshole you sound like. He lives there too!

There is no way this is actually real.

Shit happens, Karen. Plug your nose and deal with it. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t2:

Poo pouri poop spray!! They even make a cheap generic version that you can get in the dollar isle in the dollar general!

Is this real? Like seriously? My SO sounds like a tuba orchestra at night. Deal with it or GTFO.


This. This is what ya need. :100:


Your attitude stinks too. What could we do about that? Poor guy can’t even take a shit in his own home.

“And I can’t ask him not to poop” lol.
Sorry love.

Yeah, you’re an asshole. :joy::grimacing:

I have know words for this

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Get some https://www.poopourri.com/products/tropical-hibiscus-1-4-oz?variant=46767011139&gclid=CjwKCAiAr6-ABhAfEiwADO4sfWe1e4O2ICb0p2l1c8IZpw0hRcXSJ7RasqOuxIphRpRLvo1EW0T8BxoCPf0QAvD_BwE

Is this real? You’re bitching cuz shit stinks too much for you? Get the eff out of here. Are you serious you dumb broad? :joy::joy::joy: He should leave your ass. Petty bich.

This has got to be a joke or you are one of the most self absorbed people to ever exist. If I were him, I’d run for the hills and see you in court my visitation rights. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


This can’t be real :joy::joy:

Ur shit must smell like roses … gal u have a baby on d way d least of ur worries will be the smell of shit!

If you’re not able to handle your partners poop smell are you really ready for a baby??


Do u expect shit to smell like roses?

Candles!!! Light a match

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Oh my ur in for a treat when the baby comes they smell of roses :roll_eyes:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this made my day. You cannot be serious. Does your shit not stink?

I have a friend that makes a spray from essentially oils that you spray on your mask. Maybe that can help you while he is going and it’s airing out. Or start watching for what he’s eating when it at it’s worst.

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Get him some poo-pourri ffs

Bet you think yer shit dont stink.

Get some Poo Pourri and suck it up. You’re pregnant, not disabled and needing special treatment. He’s going to have a damn complex about his bowel movements for the rest of his life because of you acting completely ridiculous. This may be the dumbest and most shallow anonymous question I’ve ever read from this page :woman_facepalming:

Unicorn Gold. Watch the commercials, check out the reviews. It does work, but you sound kind of self absorbed. Dude can’t help it and you just put him on blast for the world.


This is a joke right?. Cause I’m sure your poop doesn’t smell like roses. What are you going to do when baby comes and poops all the time cause your sensitive senses are not going to be back to normal by then?. Send the Baby away?. I would stop badgering him and nagging and deal with it.


Poor mans cant even shit in peace​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Um yeah you are. The man can’t help it. If you can’t deal with this, I dunno how you’re gonna handle a baby shitting on you or up it’s back and into it’s hair, throwing up on you or in your hands so it does t go everywhere. There’s plenty of nasty stuff being a mom. If you can’t handle your mans stink for 10 mins til it goes away, you have a problem.


Grow up!! I’m sure your ass doesn’t smell like roses all the time! Sheesh!

Light a match, buy some VIPoo or get over it.

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What?! Get over it… Everyone poops. And everyone’s poop stinks.


Probiotics and an elimination diet–it is not normal for poop to have that strong of a smell.


My husband was kind enough to have diarrhea one time in our bathroom while I was already in the shower. It was so bad I actually threw up in the shower :upside_down_face:


But poo spray it works miracles

What the fuck is this real life :rofl: my husband has legit man ass I can’t it’s disgusting but wtf can ya do :rofl::rofl:

So your mad because your husbands shitting :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What in the actual fuck​:joy::joy::joy:


What the heck. Yeah you’re an asshole for this whole post. Grow up! You asked and the answer is YES.

Ummmmm yes lmfao can’t believe I just read all of that. A whole paragraph or more about shit, literally. Let the guy poop christ all mighty smh.

Bruh…poop stinks…my husband is the same way and farts like every 20 mins. Get over yourself


This happens in the womens toilets at work :nauseated_face:

V.I.P poo is a good product it gets sprayed in the toilet bowl before and after

Wait till your baby has :poop::joy::joy:


This is so stupid. You’re about to have to change shit diapers on the regular so I suggest you get over it :woman_facepalming:

Poo-pourri is a spray that you spray on the water before pooping and it creates an film which traps the odour molecules. Have a friend who swears it works and makes her bf use it lol

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Yes, you are an asshole.

Who cares,get a life and stop posting such stupid posts.


So you are one of those your shit don’t stink type then. You wouldn’t like my place and me then. Ii suffer from ibs and my farts and bowel movements would knock over a elephant

Is this forreal? Lol. I feel like sometimes this page fucks with us on purpose.

Lmao. He has to poop hahahaha if you’re so keen on a solution what do YOU suggest?? I swear some fucking people man hahahaha

If it bothers you that much, go for a walk after he goes. He can’t not go to appease you.


Just make him poop outside would you be happy then? :joy::joy:


Omg! Your poor husband.


Sew his butt hole shut. Only thing that seems will make you happy.


Are you shitting me? :joy:


1 you’re kind of crazy :joy::joy:
2 try Poo~Pourri


Thanks for the laugh!

My boyfriend poops and it stinks, but there’s nothing that can be done. Poop stinks, I bet your poop stinks as well. I don’t think he should find a different solution. Honestly just deal with it because that’s sad that you’re upset at him for a normal thing we all do

Wow. If you can’t deal with shit from a guy u love how are you gonna deal with shit from a kid. If i had these problems instead of my super serous ones

Open the window in the room your in as well, go take a walk, or even just go outside for a moment until your ok to go in. Buy poo spray stuff, put coffee grounds up to your nose.

Are you serious?! This has gotta be fake right?! If its really get over yourself lol.

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Yes, you ARE an asshole, this is a natural body function. Maybe swipe some Vick’s under your nose.

This is unreal… Who would be upset that their husbands poop stinks I mean hell my husband stinks too bad but I don’t tell him he has to find a solution to it! Poop stinking is normal for pity :roll_eyes:

Brittany Michelle Husted Cody Rettinghaus omg :sweat_smile:

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Mary Plado - Varghese

If you call yourself an asshole, wouldn’t you smell shittty too because of the exit hole?

I mean you gotta be shitting me here lmfaooo

I hope you can stop being annoyed with this by the time you are doing full outfit changes on the new addition to your family after he/she explodes out the top of the diaper. Pregnancy hormones suck. They make everything 100 times worse. And if you are super sensitive to smells I guess I can maybe understand but he doesnt have control of his poop smell anymore than that baby will have control over its poop smell


You need to chill…although I went through the same thing!!. There’s this spray called poo pouri…it helps.

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V. I. Poo. A spray to put own the toilet.

Perhaps he must take probiotics to clean his digestive tract.

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Buy that poop spray stuff it helps lol and stop being so dramatic jeez


Kymberleigh Marcelle May Edwards

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Yes you’re the asshole

Take your self on a walk while he does his business. You don’t just live there yourself.


Wow! Is this a serious post?