How to time contractions?

I’m 38 weeks and 6 days, my contractions started at 6 yesterday. They were 15 mins apart and now they are 5. They hurt but I can talk through them. Should I go to the hospital


Yes go now 5 mins apart because it could go fast from here good luck

Well yeah! You’re in labor!!!

What I was told is hold off until they are 5 minutes apart.

Mine were five mins apart from 7:30am - 4:30pm. I didn’t go to the hospital till after 3:30pm. I went to work instead. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

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Yes love you need to go now x good luck

If they are consistent and persistent, I would go in.

Yes, they say go when they are 5 min apart.

if your first child, you should be prepared to go very soon, yes. If 2nd child yes go!
My 1st was almost 18 hours labor, 2nd child was delivered 2 hours after full blown contractions lol!

You can go but if you arent 5cm dilated they will send you home

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Go and get checked. :heart:

I just had my second child and yea I would go atleast get checked out because you dont want to take any undo chances especially since your past 38 weeks

Go have that precious baby good luck mama

I had a baby while talking perfectly normally. My contractions never got urgent or regular.

Doesn’t matter if you can tak through them :woman_facepalming: Labor for me doesn’t hurt at all

Could be Braxton Hicks my cousin went through that as well but still always safe to get checked out but if you’re not dilating then you’re just going to get sent home with some painkillers

yes mine started yesterday but they ant as strong as hosptail so was sent home last night still getting pains now

I’d go in!! Good luck mama!!!

Yes, go! Always better to be safe than sorry!

Definitely go & get checked mama your baby wants to make there entrance into the world :heart: good luck x

I talked through contractions up until they told me to push. That’s not a good way to measure how bad they are… Go to the hospital.

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Yes go in an get checked

Yes. I went in to go get induced and they told me I was already having contractions. I didn’t even know it

Mine were 3-5 min apart with my first, was sent home as I could talk thru them wasn’t that far dilated. Doesn’t hurt to go in to be checked if you aren’t sure. Best wishes!

Go to the hospital. You need checked ASAP

Is this your first baby? Did you go to antenatal classes while pregnant? How old are you? It’s clear you need help. Do you have a birthing partner?

Urmmmm yes get yourself to the hospital now!! Good luck xx

Of regular at 5 min apart I hope you live close to the hospital. GO!

I say go in. I made the mistake of waiting thinking mine were further apart then they were. My water had broken, and by the time I got in the ambulance my contractions were less than 45 seconds apart. I wasn’t even able to have my pants on at that point, just in case she decided she was ready🤦

My contractions were very mild an irregular but my mom insisted on taking me to the hospital because it was a 25 min drive. My baby was born 12 min after I go to the hospital.

Yes! Call hospital let them know your on your way and contractions are 5 min apart good luck mumma xx

Go in, it is better to be safe than sorry, with my daughter they were 4 minutes apart and very strong got there and was only 1 cm sent me home but I was comfortable knowing where my limit was. By the time I went back they were every minute and was at a 5cm.

Good luck mama! Get your butt to the hospital!

I wasn’t even phased by mine other than a back ache and I was already 6cm. I say go in and get checked, the worst they will do is send you home

I was in labor for 4 days with my son. For 3 of those days my contractions were a minute apart and super painful. I couldn’t talk through them. However, they sent me home 3 times because I wasn’t Progressing. Just keep,in mind your contractions can go for days if not weeks if your not progressing.


I spent all day timing my contractions with my last until they were consistently 5 minutes apart. I just didn’t want to spend all day laboring in a hospital like I did with my 1st (16hrs). Even then I was questioning myself because I could talk through them and walk fine. But on the car ride over to L&D they started coming every 4 minutes. When they checked me I was already at 5cm. I would go get checked just for peace of mind and to know if you are dilated.

Yes but not just yes hell yes that baby may come out sooner than you think… you might want to go ahead and go my sister’s daughter as soon as she got to the hospital was already coming out don’t wait go now

Go now. I waited until I was 5 minutes apart and they had me in an exam room for almost 5 hours to make sure I was really in labor and not just dehydrated. By time I got there I could barely talk through my contractions and right before they had me walk back for my csection I couldn’t talk through them and was in tears.

Yes! They are close. I went when mine were 8 apart and had her as we entered the ER

It’s according to how far you live from the hospital.I think you’ll know when but it’s better to be safe and go now.

I would check in with you’re doctor

I would say yes if nothing else to see if your dilating

No need to rush until your water breaks

If they are consistent and 5 minutes apart, yes go! And congrats mama!

5-1-1 rule. 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute for 1 hour.


Following for update later
please go and get checked at the hospital
3 days before my due date I was in the same situation you were in didn’t go to the hospital until they were a minute apart and it was miserable. Got to the hospital at 8:30 in the morning my son was born at 12:09 that afternoon

Yes. 511 rule. 5 minutes apart 1 minuet long for an hour. I would go in

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I would…I left it 5 mins apart…got there- was 6cm dilated…good luck lady <3

You could, but unless you’re dialating they will send you home until your contractions are 3 min apart.

Yes, good luck krista,

I was afraid to go in because we had really bad weather yesterday. I live in Texas for reference. I am not in labor my contractions stopped last night, so . I’ve only have had 3 so far today but nothing like yesterday. I hesitated to go to the hospital since the nurse told me the doctor might decide to give me a csection it my body won’t labor. I don’t want to have another C-section