How to potty train girls?

Suggestions on potty training a two-year-old soon to be a three-year-old little girl. My son was east as pie, but my little girl is SOOO hard to train. I take her with me to the bathroom, and I ask her every 30 minutes. Any watches recommendations? Charts? Something ???


Don’t know if this will work for you but here is what I did with my son. Worked in 3 days!

My son was 3. He absolutely hated being dirty or wet (not just the “potty” part - hands, face, anything!). I put him in those heavy cotton training pants and a pair of rubber pants over it. When he went in his pants I made him wait (not long, just a few minutes - you don’t want to cause a rash or an emotional connection that will work against you). Then I would undress him, put him on the potty and explain that if he let momma know that he had to pee or poop we could get to the potty and he wouldn’t be wet or dirty. The problem is that the little ones don’t yet understand their bodies and they need to learn what it feels like when the need to go.

Like it said, it took us 3 days…but he figured it out! Good luck! Oh yeah, offer some little prize or treat when she does let you know she has to use the potty.

I had 6 children and all I can say is they will start when they understand their bodies, but if it is warm where you are try leaving her with out pants on let her run around I trained my special needs grandson that way it worked. I told him every time he had to go and went in the potty he would get a small chocolate chip. He was great with peeing but pooping took time, now he is a typical Male takes forever on the throne

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to potty train girls? - Mamas Uncut

Just keep practicing and one day she will decide not to :poop: her pants.


My little girl was the same way and eventually I just came to realize when she is ready she will do it. Right after her 3rd birthday she finally started just using the bathroom on her own


My daughter been trained since she turned 2 … Honestly she love videos about paw patrol using the potty. I sat her potty out and left her pull up on and then she just kept going on her own and we switched to panties.

Hmmm maybe take her to a friends house (girl) that is potty trained. And let her see the other child being rewarded for going potty, it may start a little fire in her to want the same thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I put all my kids in real underpants that I was prepared to toss into the garbage. Within 3 days all 3x they were using the potty. With my first child I had tried pull ups for six months prior.
Something about the way it feels grossed them out and they were more than ready.

Get dry erase markers and sit them on the toilet seat the opposite way and let them color on the toilet lid. Saw a post on another site. Might be worth a shot. I’d test the markers first.

I painted one of my daughters nails everytime she used the potty. She loved having her nails painted so I told her If she pottys in the big girl potty she gets one of her nails painted any color she picks. It worked and she loved her rainbow nails.


I am 42, my mom had a hard time with me. She got me pretty panties and I didn’t want to mess in them so I used the potty.

My daughter (only child) was just downright stubborn. When she started daycare at 2, they made all the kids go on the potty every hour or two to get them used to it and yet, she didn’t actually potty train until right after she turned 3​:woman_facepalming:t2:, even after continuing the same pattern at home. Trying a sticker chart, bribery, drawing on the seat, nothing worked until one day she came home after seeing a friend in big girl underwear and decided she didn’t want to be one upped :rofl::joy:. No turning back after that.


Well in all honesty I got my 2 and a 1/2 yr old potty trained by letting her run around the house with no pants or undies on for a few weeks. Everytime I got up to go potty (I’m pregnant so it’s a lot) she would come with me and either sit on her potty or try on the big potty before or after me. And I would get all excited Woo-hoo good job and wows everytime she went on the potty and started incorporating undies and asking after she ate drank anything before we went anywhere and when we arrived places. And now she’s good to go !

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My daughter was super easy, she was potty trained at 17 months, my boys were 3 and half​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Following! I’m in the same boat

Sticker chart!!! Lil girls LOVE stickers! Let her pick out a bunch of stickers and get a poster board let her decorate it and then hang it up 1 sticker for pee 2 for poop then after she potty trained buy her a big girl gift!

Dresses and no underwear worked for me

Rewards and consistency. I would make a huge deal when she would just agree to go sit and rewarded if she did anything. We would read a short book Everytime she was on there too so she wouldnt be impatient

My mom said she gave me one m&m when I went potty. Apparently that was enough incentive for me :woman_shrugging: ahahha

Timer that she can hear. It worked for me and my brothers.

I potty trained myself. My mom told me if I wanted the fun panties I had to use the big girl potty and I did.

I had my daughter potty trained in 5 days. I told her she’d get a sticker every time she peed and 2 stickers and a lollipop (dum dums are what I used) every time she pooped. I was shocked at how well it worked but I consistently asked every 15-30 minutes and even if she said no, I’d put her on the potty anyway just to see and it worked

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I had some trouble with potty training my daughter too. What helped the most was making a chart and let her help me make it. It had her name at the top and it was divided into 2 (pee & poo) with drawings. She would get a sticker and a dance everytime she went and I promised to buy her a gift of she filled up the whole chart. After a couple months she was completely trained :blush:

I tried for 3 months with my daughter, was hit or miss, she was 2. Was always asking though. Tried again a couple of months later, again it was hit or miss. Decided to stop, and leave it a bit…first night she asked again was the night of my sisterinlaws wedding, we never had a problem after that. That night she asked constantly for the toilet, and she was fully toilet trained after that night. Leave it to your child, they know when they are ready, believe you me!

I got my grandson 2.5 a potty watch and it seems to work good. With my granddaughter 5 we were having a hard time with her, but she desperately wanted to start preschool at 3 and we just told her she couldn’t start school until she was going in the toilet every time. That they didn’t take kids still in diapers. She potty trained fast that way

Potty power video, potty watch, m&M’s and a sticker chart, pull ups only at night , regular panties during the day

My 3 year old still won’t potty train. I’ve tried everything.

Just put her on the potty with her own special seat every 30-45 minutes

My daughter was stubborn also but we have tile throughout the house so I kept her without a diaper when we were home
and would have her go every 30 minutes and it worked better than her being in underwear. I guess her not having anything on her butt made her want to use the potty

I used food coloring in the potty… red example …only a princess can change it to orange…blue to green …

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Parents patient with this :relaxed: when she is ready to not you

I’m old school - no diaper or pants so they could figure it out - watching themselves pee on the floor and then explain that that’s what the potty is for - and after a few days it seemed to work out - my 3 kids and 3 grandchildren - everyone was trained before 3.

I have a autistic 4 year old girl still trying to get her to potty train it’s so hard

Go by the farmers almanac

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to potty train girls? - Mamas Uncut

My husband bribed his little girl with Skittles. At first she just had to sit on the potty to get a Skittle, then she had to pee to get one, and if she had a bowel movement she got two. Then once she got really good at it he just quit giving her candy.

Buy her fancy underware put a pull up over it she has to feel wet to understand

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A jar with sugar free natural jelly sweets.
I have the wiggle worm ones for my grandson.
Dedicate a whole week to potty training.

Try to prep meals and all the other stuff.

Give lots of drinks. She will want to pee 10-15mi s after drinking.

Take her to the toilet / potty every 15 mins. Sing the ‘ potty song’ make it fun.

Give a treat from the jar after every wee or poo.

Leave her to run around and play with no panties just a top. To make it easy
Take lots of deep breathes. Lol

Don’t tell her off.
Lots of praise.

Good luck. They all learn at different speeds.

Wait until shes ready. Or any child. If u push it will backfire


Girls love panties. While you are at home put some on her. Take her to the bathroom every 30 minutes and put her on the potty don’t just ask give a couple minutes of sitting before letting her down. She’ll get the hang of it and once they do they are off and running. Don’t really like the pull-ups after they figure it out.


Maybe a favorite treat every time she’s willing to try and us the potty. It worked with my little man, bc my daughters was easy :hugs:

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Shes still little. She will get it when she’s ready x

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I used to put my daughter on the potty every hour( if available. Even if we were out I’d go into the bathroom n just sit her on. Eventually they just go. She was fully potty trained at 23 months. I wouldn’t ask her if she’s gotta go. Just put her on. She will definitely start to go it will just become natural or habit

Yes, boys are definitely alot easier. Anyway, I did a sticker chart. I put it right in the bathroom near the toilet, taped to the door. In the bathroom vanity bottom drawer, I kept sticker sheets, and EVERY time she went potty, she got a sticker AND got to choose a small toy…also kept in the bottom drawer. I called it the treasure chest drawer. I bought a big package of pinata toys. Got it at Walmart in the party section. It maybe was like $10, and soooo worth it. But the key is to praise, act excited, give a sticker, and small toy, EVERY time. Got nice pull up and then big girl underwear. Accidents will happen. Never get mad or perturbed. Just remind them to go on the potty and smile. They will get there. And you will do fine. I wish you luck. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Get her own potty, and put it in the living room. Turn on cartoons and ask her every so often if she has to go potty. Even if she says no put her on there a few times, and give her a sippy cup while shes sitting. I promise this will work. I’ve raised 3 and it worked every time. Hang in there, she’ll get the hang of it.


She’s not ready! Bottom line. The more you force her the longer it will take. Wait a few weeks and try again.

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They sell watches with reminders to sit on the potty

2 year olds are often not ready for potty training.

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I let my little girl wear a dress and training panties. She had her potty chair in the bathroom. I would take her in there, let her look at a book while using potty. The dress made it so much easier, she could manage it herself. She was trained in a week.

With my youngest I did a sticker book but it was detailed lol.
I would give her a little sticker like a star for doing a sit and try, for a pee she got to pick one and put it in, and when she finally pooped in the potty I had some that covered the page of her little book. She was done by the time she was 3. She got so excited for each sticker that she worked to earn them by remembering to take potty breaks!

Reward system and I started out by letting mine run around naked till she caught on.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to potty train girls? - Mamas Uncut

Don’t ask. Tell. It’s time to go potty. Then she gets a little treat every time she goes. 1 m&m for pee. 2 m&m for poop. Or use stickers. Whatever motivates her.

Following but for my son

She needs a whooping but everybody not old school…


Don’t ask her, make her go. Have her go potty every 30 minutes or 10 minutes after drinking


I made a potty chart for my daughter & introduced her to the “potty box” with all her favorite treats & little things from like the dollar store. Every time she peed she put a sticker on her chart and on the chart, I highlighted a random box and when she put a sticker on that specific box, she got to pick whatever she wanted from her potty box ! :blush: I also put her in undies and ask her every 20 mins or so if she had to go.
Good luck mama :heart:


Maybe try timing drinks. It might be difficult but you could try encouraging a little more and then just waiting 15 minutes and setting her on the potty. Sit in there with her, make it a comfortable zone

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Use stickers as a reward. Place her the opposite way on the potty so she can draw on the inside of the lid . Monitor her fluid intake and put her on the potty ever 30/40 mins depending on intake and last time she went. Place her potty in the living room and turn on her fav show. I had my son potty trained at 14 months he potty trained in my living room watching bubble guppies. My girls were potty trained with stickers/ fav snack and drawing

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Honestly I put a potty in the livingroom made both my girls sit on it every 10-20 minutes. If they made a mess they did have to clean it up(the pee one) and everytime ibwent I made them go too sometimes kids take longer its just a matter of finding what works!


My oldest had a potty watch. Its a real thing if you may have never heard of one. When it went off he knew it was time to go. He loved it. It was like a game almost. Worked well to get him started.


Following because my daughter won’t entertain it much herself and she’s also 3.5!

Sit her on the potty every 30 mins or so set a timer

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Bribery works wonderful…. Give special treats for success


I would definitely make her go and every time you go make her go also reward her when she do only if she tells or go on her own make her sit there 30 min a day after meals after a big drink make her go

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My only tip is DO NOT ASK them if they need to go potty. They will always say no, even if they do need to. Going to the bathroom isn’t a choice. It’s a must. Tell them! Don’t ask. Say “ok, child’s name, it’s time to sit on your potty”.


I always started out by bringing them every 30 minutes to an hour and that worked well.

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Pop her in the toilet every 20-30 minutes. Dont asl if she needs to go…just take her to the potty
My daughter is the same age and only just recently started wanting to go, she says shes a big girl now coz she’s a big sister so she has to use the potty. Over a year on and off we’ve been trying to toilet train her. She just wasnt ready until now.
Also, use a potty, not the big toilet. The big toilet can be a bit scary for little one.
You could make a chart and at the end of a successful week, she gets a special treat?

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Don’t ask her if she needs to go potty, just make her. Set a timer for every hour to start with, and increase it by ten to fifteen minutes every few days. I only it may seem excessive, but it really helps to cut down on accidents. Eventually my daughter started running to the bathroom herself when she heard the timer go off. We also eventually ran out of hours on the timer, and that’s about the time she started going to the potty on her own.

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I have 3girls, how I trained them was when I needed to pee ( at home) I would allow them to come in the bathroom with me…they followed after that…worked for me …js

Have her pick out big girl underwear tell her she can only wear it if she uses the potty. Make a huge deal about how much you like her choice and wish they came in your size that will make her want to wear them more. Also Make her hand wah her wet and soiled clothes. Take her to the bathroom and make her sit on the potty. If you we’re using a potty chair that sits on the floor you sit on the toilet if you go show her she will figure it out.

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I highly recommend this book. It helped me get my very oppositional almost 3 and 1/2 yesr old trained with in two weeks

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Put her on a potty every morning. She sits there until she goes. :woman_shrugging: Then, she sits on it every 30-45 mins. Read her a book or sing songs but she stays put for 10-15mins. She needs to start having consequences and rewards. She has no incentive. Good or bad.
So, give them to her.

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take her to the toilet every half an hour and sit down with her, even if you don’t need to wee she might feel comfortable having someone there, or put her potty in a nice quiet area with some toys so she can go and sit on it when she needs to. just keep encouraging her to use it & praise her when she does. make a huge fuss and start clapping etc when she does a wee on the toilet


Stop asking… tell her its time… reward when go… but i know you dont want to negative discipline. But sometimes saying your disappointed in them for not going. Plus help them but make them do the cleanup with you…

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Put food coloring in the toilet and tell her to change the color when she pees.


Set a schedule as suggested previously.
But if she is not ready, she is going to fight the change. I hope it goes well.

Show her when you need to go my first girl was going toilet at 2years old also stickers and singing while they sit in the toilet make it fun when you need to go let her know mummy needs to go pee I’m gonna use the toilet.

I had very special, sitting on the potty toys. He could only hold, read whatever the toy when sitting on the toilet

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Take her every time you go. Let her hear you go. Then praise yourself
Then say, your turn. And praise her. I would sit my daughter on the toilet every 30 minutes. And you also try to go with her. If you can take 3 days to stay home and do this every 30 min she will be potty trained in3 daua


Lots and lots of patience… Make it fun… Show her the potty dance… Sing crazy made up song about poop poop and pee pee in the potty…and how you get to flush it down down down… . Sings songs while they are sitting on the potty… Read a book… Put potty chair in an easy access place like in the living room where kids are most of the time… Turn on a cartoon while on potty so they will sit longer… Etc… Patience and you just have to keep at it…

Under wear that she thinks is pretty and does not want to mess up

I did a skittle for a piddle and a pop for a poo


If they arent trained then you dont ask them. If they are comfortable peeing themselves and u give them the choice to stop what they are doing and to go to the toilet or to keep playing and just pee themselves shes going to choose to keep playing.

It’s time to be tough decide when u can stay home 2-3 days consistently at home feed lots of fluids, set your phone alarm for every 30 minutes, alarm goes off stop what your doing its toilet time! And we will keep doing this until it becomes a habit and you can then take yourself to the toilet without needing the alarm.

Plus who wants to do something unless they get something out of it? So decide on a reward system. E.g sticker chart, stamps, lollipop etc…

Be consistent, reward and postive about it, lots of praise and if she cant take control u have to stand up and take the control


I used Oh Crap Potty Training method with all 3 of my kids. All trained in less than a week. Get this book! My 1st kid I didnt even realize I used the method when I got the book to potty train my 2nd lol

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I did a poop and pee fairy thing lol. Every time she used the toilet for a whole day she would get something little from the fairy (like a dollar store toy) and she was potty trained in like a week or so. The fairy left her a note at the end and everything was good.

Mine was the same way. Once she hit 4-4.5 she had it down from day 1. We’re still working on through the night though.

She’ll go when ready. I have 4 children, 10-2. My youngest is just now getting the hang of going, we still have accidents; like if we’re out in the yard she’ll be too busy playing and throws a huge fit about goin in when asked. I didn’t push her, she’d go with me like all my other children and eventually they think they’re big and want to be big and go…until then I’d just get use to cleaning uo the mess because with kids comes mess :sweat_smile::black_heart:

I grab toys from 5 below or the dollar store and put them in a bin, she knows she gets a new toy everytime she goes potty it’s been going better !!! Then ween it off with candy snacks in the bin when they get better

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Sit her on potty after each time she sleeps/naps and every 30 minutes after a meal

Get a little training potty and put it in your bathroom. Everyone you go, bring her with you and have her sit on it and try even if she doesn’t have to. Asking her if she needs to go will get you nowhere. Try little rewards for for successfully making it to the toilet

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Every time you use the toilet get a lollie/reward in front of her. Might be an insensitive if she sees you getting a treat!


If you stay at home. Let her be naked. The underwear feels like a diaper so she’s still using them.

Put her potty potty where she hangs out the most. Living room. Play room. Whatever. You’ll eventually catch on to cues that she has to go. Once she starts using the potty chair inch it closet to the bathroom where she doesn’t notice. Then eventually you’ll be able to put it in the bathroom. And then before you know it she’ll be using the toilet.

I put my daughter’s potty chair by the toilet and she would go with me to the bathroom and sit on her potty next to me. She was completely potty trained by her 2nd birthday

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I bribed both my girls. Told my oldest I’d give her an oreo if she peed, and 2 if she pooped. She was potty trained the week she turned 3 lol. I did the same for my youngest. She was potty trained at 3.5. Boys are so much harder tho :rofl:


My most difficult one was allowed to chew gum while sitting on the little potty. Every hour. If they got up, they had to spit it out.

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We were trying to get our second girl pottied trained as fast as our first learned, but the preschool she will be attending said it’s perfectly normal for 3 year olds to not know when to use the potty, especially when it comes to pooping. Ours just has to be potty trained before kindergarten, or the school won’t accept them without a doctor’s note.

I have a three year old. I have been trying to potty train her since she was two. About two weeks ago I finally made the decision to take her out of pullups during the day and only let her wear cloth underwear during the day. She knows the difference. At night I allow her to wear pullups. She has done phenomenal.