How to get the smell of urine out of furniture?

Once it’s really in there you can’t get it out of mattresses or the couch. It may have reached the framing of the couch. You could have a company come in and try to professionally clean the couch. The mattress is prob ruined. In the future use a waterproof mattress protector and don’t put them on heat in the dryer.

I go threw the same thing but its. My seven year old pee on himself at night and my 4 year old

If it really is starting to reek, then it’s really already too late to get the smell out. The issue is that the foam in the couch absorbs that stuff all the way to the core and surface cleaning won’t remove it. Use something like Odoban or even Clorox Urine Remover clean according to the directions and let it dry. Then get a waterproof mattress protector to try to contain the odor in the bed until you can get a new one. If the couch cushions are removeable, pull the covers off the cushions, wash the covers in cool water with detergent and Tide odor remover, and then use the other cleaners to really work the urine remover into the cushion foam. Let the foam dry completely. Take the cushions outside in the sun if you can, and then reassemble once everything is dry. Get a waterproof pet cover for the couch.


Vinegar an a carpet cleaner with the hand one attached for mattresses an furniture

Spray water and vinegar then sprinkle baking soda with a little lavender oil
I let it sit for about 12 hours then vacuumed it and the smell was gone from my couch


If all else fails, Angry Orange. It’s an enzyme cleaner, little pricey but it works.

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I heard baking soda peroxide and vinegar or something like that lol

I saw a video of one half cup Mr clean the gain scent multipurpose cleaner, a quarter cup gain fireworks scented laundry beads, and a cup of water in a spray bottle. Let it sit till the beads dissolve. Then you have a deodorizer and a sanitizer in one.

It might have been a half cup of water I can’t remember.

You have to soak up as much as you can. Then you can use some vinegar and resolve spray and scrub. Should work

They have cleaner for pet urine. That’s usually my go to.

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No idea, I only have a cat who uses her litter box faithfully.

My friend swears by this! They have a whole li e of products…

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Vinegar and water spray

I bought a pet stain eraser carpet cleaner but I use regular detergent because we’re allergic to everything else

I use vinegar in my son’s laundry to help with the smell.

Stop using regular cleaners and use enzyme cleaners, though if you’ve been using chemical cleaners, it may be too late at this point for some things. Baking soda brushed in carpet, set for a day, and vacuumed, may help.

Vinegar and a shampooer

Citruso sells a urine eliminator spot cleaner. :ok_hand: I use it when accidents happen. Helps alot. Also sprinkling the carpet with unstoppables before bed and vacuuming it up in the morning for rugs. I sprinkle it in thr car too to help when accidents happen.

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Can soak clothes and bedding in vinegar and baking soda to get rid of smells. Needs to soak for a bit, not a quick spritz :+1:t2:


try bleach along with pine sol or something with a good smell the bleach will break down and open up the fibres a bit so the pine sol will absorb into it

Pet urine cleaner or shout

Walmart sells a spray cleaner that removes the urine smell

Fabulouso mixed with water in a spray bottle :raised_hands:t3:

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Resolve urine gone works amazingly.

I pour a mixture of baking soda and kitty litter on it while it is still wet, let it absorb and it will clump up, you might have to let the soda dry depending on how bad it is. It absorbs most of it, then take 50/50 white vinegar and water, with a couple dots of dawn- it will pull it right out! If it’s an old stain that’s just icky smelling lol I spray with the vinegar water dawn combo, then apply litter/baking soda combo, then repeat with the spray and scrub it out.

Vinegar and dawn dish soap.

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Odoban or plain vodka. Just spray on there and let dry

Enzyme cleaner- I also use norwex in a mini shampooer

Yeah …soak a towel in original Downey… then lay the wet towel on the spot where the smell is coming from …let it dry there …one treatment usually works but sometimes you need to do it twice …

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Cheap vodka and a spray bottle… doesn’t stain and kills and deodorizes

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business…

Odo Ban you can get at Wal mart, Sam’s club home depot