How often do you give your child soda and candy?

4 is too young. Try fresh juice, milk, bottle water, etc. instead. Kids love bottle water.

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Mine are 2 and 3 no pop/soda it’s bad on their teeth no bags of candy a piece here or there and not everyday

Sprite on special occasions but never caffeine. My teenager was never had caffeine in his life.
I don’t buy candy but they get it for special treats at school, birthday parties, etc

Only on holidays or birthdays. Keeps it special

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My youngest is 11 and just recently been allowed soda. She doesnt drink it ofter even now as she preferes tea or juice.

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Didn’t give them soda or candy until they were 6 or 7. Now, my parents did when we went to visit. That was a Grandma/ Grampa treat.

On special occasion i allow. My kids teeth are important.

Soda, never.
We as adults here don’t drink soda. Never really juice either. My 5 year old didn’t have a sip of juice until about 3 at a birthday party.
Candy, that’s a bit harder as I’m a sour candy freak and have it hidden sometimes lol I do share (at times)… but it’s not a daily thing. I’m trying to avoid it all together.

we have a candy tray on our table and we don’t restrict it. they might eat 3 pieces of candy a week. our 12 year old occasionally drinks a soda (1 maybe a week,) but our younger 2 think its disgusting.

When my girls were little we didn’t let them drink soda then when they were about 6/8 we let them split a caffeine free pop at dinner. But made sure they drank water throughout the day. Candy on occasion letting them go extra crazy on Halloween and birthdays…

My son by choice only drinks water. He has a small basket of treats but that’s because he eats only a couple at times.

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My kids are now 25, 23, & 12, but I never really restricted soda & candy. All were or are top athletes & worry about fitness. I don’t believe restricting sweets will make any difference. They will follow your example… But I say let a person eat what they’re craving… Don’t make such a big issue with food… that way a child grows into an adult with their own tastes


When they were little, not very often. Maybe once or twice a month. Now that they’re teens, far too often for my liking. It’s at least 3-4 times a week now.

3x a day if they ask fir it

Soda, never.
Candy,a piece a day.

Even our 13,11, and 9 year old only get soda if we go out to eat or as a reward for grades, finishing hard tasks etc. Candy is a holiday, birthday or grandparent treat. Our newest addition will not get soda or candy until he is at least in kindergarten

My oldest didn’t have it till Even Easter was a fruit basket. Still doesn’t eat much sweets
Gram moved in to live with no two. Hw was given sweets. He has a huge sweet tooth
More restricted on no three. Limited in sweet use

I don’t restrict it and I feel that’s why my kids usually choose healthier snacks.


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My kids were always aloud to have whatever,because they are not very big pop drinkers anyway or candy eaters,my son now 13 stopped trick or treating at an early age he says why should i trick or treat when i dont eat candy anyway he does like his pop sometimes though and i keep it in the house for him,but a case of pop in my house last way over a month,because we dont really drink it my grown kids drink pop more than he does

My kids r 15 10 7 7 4 and 3 they get a pop once or twice a week and they split one can between 2 kids. Candy they if they pick that for their snack they get 5 pieces snack time is after lunch and after dinner

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A bag or so a week. Soda really only on special occasions and not coke/pepsi.

My kids rarely get pop, but they have candy as a little snack before bed if they choose, so maybe like 2-3 pieces.

Never had soda in our fridge…so kids were never tempted, candy and baked goods usually dessert if healthy dinner was eaten :yum:

No restrictions on candy but my 5 and 2 year old have never had pop, we don’t buy or drink it so I guess they won’t try it for a while, lol

No pop (we don’t drink it or have it in the house)
Candy, a piece or two when they ask.

No soda or candy for my kiddo . She’s 2 but she thinks Perrier is soda :joy:

My kids can have candy and soda allday long. But my kids were never big on drinking soda or eating candy.

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My kids usually only get soda on special occasions, candy every so often. I don’t really restrict it but I don’t it really but it all that often either

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My almost 2 yr old gets a cup of sprite or root beer with lunch or dinner sometimes. She also gets cookie/cake/candy for a snack or desert. At least 1 time a day.

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My older two never tasted pop until 6 years old and it was only a taste. They are both 7 year olds now. At this age I think it’s okay to have a tiny cup of pop for special occasions.

And they don’t get candy regularly either. Perhaps maybe once every 2 weeks? Maybe even longer than that. I don’t really keep count. Usually it’s just a chocolate kinder egg.

Our dentist told me that it’s okay for them to have candy at least once a week :joy:

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There’s restrictions in my house it’s you want it eat it. You want soda drink it he might have 1/2 with dinner sometimes he’d rather drink water or milk or juice

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My kids are allowed to have whatever…but we are big drinkers here in this family, we always have to have stuff to drink. And they can choose whatever they want to drink. My Mom once told me, how could I drink something in front of them and not allow them to drink the same thing. That if I dont want them to drink pop, then to model the example I want them to follow. My kids always seem to make healthy choices though, even the 5 year old, we go through a 40 pack of water every other day and the fruits and vegetables always get eaten anyways.

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Overreacting to who? If it isn’t your child, you should probably mind your own business.


My 7 year old may have a soda or 2 over the weekend, mainly if we go out to eat or he goes to his grammys or something. He gets 1 or 2 small pieces of candy after dinner through the week. I don’t limit it so much on weekends though.

My son has had small sips of pop only a handful of times ever and I’ve only ordered a pop out to eat once ever. He’s 4. He gets candies sometimes but that’s only occasionally.

I have never had any restrictions on my kids as far as candy and soda. With that being said, they drink water, juice and milk too. They also have regular meals and healthy snacks. Not making it 'off limits" makes it less exciting for them.


We don’t have restrictions but to be fair fizzy juice and sweets isn’t really something we buy. If we’re at the shops out and about and they ask then I’ll allow them to get a wee bottle and some sweets.

My daught gets soda from time to time at home but its a half of a small kids cup and watered down and when we go out to eat she will get a small cup watered down

I don’t drink soda, so she only gets a little cup on holidays or special family get togethers, and she earns a piece of candy or small portion of it after doing chores, when she was potty training, etc… Occasionally some ice cream after a good day and a good dinner.

No pop at all, my kids get 1 juice a day, then after that it’s water or milk. And, only one snack after dinner, doesn’t matter what it is! I have 7 children and have always raised them the same way. Ages 21 to 3.

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I have a 4 year old and every once in awhile I’ll let her have a few drinks of soda if she eats and I give her a piece of candy every so often after she eats her lunch or dinner. She’s a bit high strung so adding sweets hypes her up

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My 3 year old eats candy every day and has a sprite most days too. He will sip our coke or mnt dew occasionally. 🤷


I drink coke and my youngest 5does too. We use the smaller cans and share. Candy we always have and they eat some on occasion but we have noticed when I clean out our candy every few months I toss quite a bit. We don’t restrict food/snacks on our house. My boys have gtubes and don’t eat a ton anyway so we let them have what they want

With my 1st child I tried to limit the soda and candy… ya know be the healthy mom… her grandparents, aunts & uncles would literally go behind my back & give them unhealthy things because they thought I was depriving my kids of enjoying all these drinks & food… made it seem like I was being the “bad guy”

By my 2nd & 3rd child I had completely given up because I couldn’t get any of the other adults in thier lives to support how I wanted to raise my own kids…

I started letting them have however much soda or candy they wanted without restrictions… but explained that they were not as healthy & could cause them problems in the long run…after awhile…they started making healthy choices on their own… all 3 of my kids will willing choose fruits/veggies/water (or other healthier options) over the junk now since I’m not trying to chose for them… they will still drink pop or eat junk but it’s in moderation…

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Soda only at parties, candy as rewards or at parties… juice milk or water other than that.

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13, 5&3

5&3 get no pop

13 year old just on weekends

And limit the candy

A 4 year old just literally shouldn’t be having soda of any kind lol, but we live in America so we for some reason think that’s acceptable

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My daughter is 8 and has never had pop … candy is a different story.

My oldest didn’t have soda until his 2nd birthday. I intended to go longer but my aunt (who had 1 son that’s a diabetic & another who is over 500#) decided to go against my wishes & give him soda, A LOT of soda & candy until he threw up. My 2nd two are 8&10. They have soda rarely. I think they were probably close to 5-6 before they ever had it.

My boy is 3 and I will not give him pop
I hardly like giving him juice. Candy on the other hand he likes his candy but he also loves his veggies ! but I make sure he brushes his teeth twice a day

Never. My daughter does way better without all the sugars, food dyes, preservatives and everything else in processed foods. We changed her diet and her adhd is sooo much better she’s like a different kid.

None. Most " candy " my 11&13yo kids get is one small bag a month, if that. And they have a glass of pop once every couple months maybe a year. They didn’t get pop until they were 8. They don’t like it now as teens. My 3yo has never had pop. Only " candy " he gets is 5 timbits a day lol

Pop no but sweets if she’s good or a family members offers her them, she’s only allowed certain ones though,no lolly’s :blush:

My daughter is almost 2. Besides the occasional fruit snacks , I don’t like her having any candy. And never any soda.

There have been in laws to break this rule or have little regard for these rules……. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

My 5 year old has soda on very very rare occasions. We don’t do candy very often either, but if he finishes his dinner he usually gets a cookie.

I rarely give it to him but other family members give them both excessive amounts even when I’ve told them 184630853 times not to.

My youngest can have I tiny can a day, not to say she had 1 every day, she just can’t have more than that. We have candy in the open at home, and none of my kids have ever eaten too much. Their teeth are all cavity free, they don’t act out because of sugar. :woman_shrugging:t2: All families are different. You do what you think is right.

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I don’t. She’s 3 and just had her third lolipop today. The worst thing she eats is gummies and that’s maybe once every two weeks

Never. Mine are 5 and almost 2. The 5yo has tried it (their fathers doing) and didn’t like it, same with juice. Both kids only drink either water or milk. Lollies/chocolate, not very often. They have bits in choc chip cookies as a snack, but otherwise I don’t buy the stuff.

No soda just candy my oldest just started drinking soda once in a while they are 16 & 6

Soda… never. Candy… once a month at the most.

I didn’t let my daughter start having any soda, at least any with caffeine, until she was 10 and even now, it’s a rare occasion. Root beer and Sprite are ones they can have. Candy, I just monitor and don’t let them overdue it. My step son’s Mom let’s him have soda when he’s with her. Can’t do anything about that though :woman_shrugging:t3:

My kids are 12, 9, 6 and 3 and have never had soda.

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My kids didn’t have soda till they were like 8 or 9?
And at 12 my daughter still can’t regularly drink it🤷🏻‍♀️ literally an only at parties treat.
But I don’t really keep it in the house.
Candy we have when it’s time for candy. (Parties, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc)

I’d never give a 4 year old soda. Why?

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Mom of 6 here, I’ve learned I can bribe my kids to clean for 2 gummy candies haha :sweat_smile:. They tidy up something and earn it.
We don’t give pop to the little ones (8,7,6,4) but they do get pop occasionally at their aunties. The teens (15&13) ask about once a week for a can of pop and we’re fine with that.


My son is two and is an m&m-aholic…
But he also.lovrs fruits and veggies so…


My 6 and 9 year olds have never had soda. I have a candy jar and after school they have 1 piece. But that’s just me. They have soft teeth so I’m hoping to go as long as I can before soda. :wink: Good luck.

My almost 4 year old has had about 2 sips of pop oncce and has “dessert” almost nightly after dinner, typically a small piece of chocolate or a sucker. He’s great with his fruits and veggies so I’m not worried about a little sugar; we’d rather him see candy as a “whatever” kind of thing.

While we don’t give our 7 year old unadulterated amounts of candy or soda, we don’t completely restrict her either. Like last night, she had a Sprite with her dinner. We try to not put those things on some sort of pedastal because we’re trying to teach her self control and “everything in moderation”
So far its working. We have a candy bucket where she can reach it but she’ll only ask about it once in a blue moon.

Wow mine have soda and candy… I didn’t realize they could make it to 12 and never have one :sweat_smile:

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My 3 year old won’t get soda until she’s 6-7 and that’s only on special occasions. My 9 year old gets them on special occasions and will probably continue that until he’s at least 14 maybe 13. As for candy they don’t get much candy. They barely eat any Christmas of their Halloween candy. I let them eat it but they lose interest in it after a while.

She never gets soda. She’s 7.

Candy every so often pop she not really a fan of it but thats only if dad drinks it i dont drink pop unless im at a restaurant and not order a alcoholic drink lol

My 2 yr old will sneaks sips of my sprite but that’s about it. My older ones will get some sprite or ginger ale for upset tummies and then usually something around the holidays bc we’re always at other peoples houses. As far as candy and other treats we don’t really have too much of a limit on it bc they also generally eat really healthy.

I have let me kids have soda but it’s not an every day thing. It’s mainly water tea or juice. My kids did have candy quite a bit but I shut that down! My son was 6 and bit a Jolley rancher and broke his tooth. He’s now fixing to be 10 and still has a spacer in his mouth because of it. But I don’t see chocolate as candy. It once was a bean so it’s a vegetable :rofl:


Omg they drove me crazy with giving my kids pop. The oldest isn’t so bad, the youngest doesn’t like water and would drink pop all day if I would let him. Really though, I don’t care they have as long as it’s in moderation. As far as Candy, it’s always been around. But, I always end up throwing out their Halloween/Xmas/Easter Candy every year.

Soda every once in a while like when we go out to eat. They usually have candy on Friday for movie night.

My son is 3 and has only had a few sips of soda but regularly gets a treat like a dum dum lollipop or a piece of chocolate. Never to excess, but we don’t completely cut it out.

Sprite and root beer. The only pop my 4 year old has ever had.

I didn’t give mine those things every day at the age of 4, but I don’t judge and to each their own

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My kids do not get soda unless we are out to eat at a restaurant and it has to be caffeine free. My kids only get every once in a great while. I personally think to much soda and candy it’s unhealthy and poor parenting

Soda (only sprite for the littles) is eating out and if they behave at the store candy is holidays or if we get lunchables 4,4,5,9

I give my kids soda but they have more juice,tea,& milk than they do soda as far as candy goes I give them candy every so often

My almost 4 year old has never had soda and I’d say he gets candy like once a week? We love beer a bakery and he goes and gets a cookie from there. Idk if that’s considered candy though lol

My 6 yr old is just now allowed to get a soda(no caffeine) when we go out to eat at a restaurant.

My son is 5 and has never had an interest in pop. And i dont think id let him have one unless its special occassion lol. Candy is a diff story. I let him enjoy that, we are big candy freaks. :candy: but he earns it.

No. It’s a treat for them, not a common occurrence.

All of ours are limited to one of soda per day. Candy is something they get at holidays or buy at the grocery store with allowance money.

My kids steal my soda while I’m at work. I always have candy out for them. If they ask for some soda I give then my opened one. Usually almost gone. And have them get me a new one. When I was a kid it was few far and in between when we got sweets. Now I’m going to let them have it.

The higher a pedestal you set candy on, the more likely they will be to crave it in the future. When you treat it like some super special rare treat then they are going to want it bad. Keep sweets in their regular diets, just small portions