How much do you spend on groceries a week?

About $500 a week* for 7. Excuse that huge ass original typo.

Monica Margo Mansell

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Weekly we spend for a family of 6 $200 in groceries & about $850 or more in groceries a month in total.

Have breakfast for supper! Make pancakes!

We eat pretty good. & We have 2 adults, 2 kids here full time. & My 3 bonus kids every weekend. (They’re 3 early teen boys and 2 preteen girls.) We do our “big shop” every two weeks and it’s $400-600, we hit up different stores and get meat & pet & household items these weeks. & Then about $200 on the weeks in between. About $1600-$2000 a month. It’s gotten crazy. It was like maybe $1000-$1500 a month for us like a year ago. :sob:

We spend about 300$ a week.

It really depends on what I buy. I’m only a family of 3, but a $5 rotisserie chicken will usually last 2 dinners and sandwiches for lunch the next day. If I was really looking to stretch it further I could make chicken soup and just the cost of rice or noodles and vegetables. So that’s about 4 meals around $20, but typically I spend about $150 a week and buy what we want.

$2-300 here in Alaska.

Homemade soups stews casseroles are healthy and stretch a long way

Family of seven 6males its about 500 a week but I get nice stuff lmao

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We spend roughly $150/week on groceries not including meats. Rough $250 including Meats

For a family of five I spend 200 a week then 70 a week for pet supplies Best way to stretch it is meals that can turn into a meal after like I’ll cook chicken then with the left overs make wraps for lunch eggs there’s alot u can do with those

We spend about 200 a week if we have it. When we were on food stamps we spent around 384 for the month and then got milk when we needed it. But I bought meat in bulk and broke it up and bought other stuff in bulk if it made it cheaper and better to stretch. Now we just buy hamburger in bulk and get the things we need every week.
Buy in bulk if it will end up being cheaper for your family and break it up into a few different meals.


You will be on baked beans eggs on toast that’s not enough to feed my daughter and myself with everything going up n up n up

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Make a list of the weekly meals…when the ads come out compare them to the ingredients you’ll need for the weeks meals…coupons are helpful (I am not patient enough to go through the work to deal with them, maybe enlist the kiddos help) Aldi for what items you can get there. I used to shop at 2-3 stores to really dig in and save money but got tired of that fast, and was my time, the energy, and my patience worth it? I wasn’t saving that much in the long run. When possible, buy in larger quantities after comparing the cost of the size you’d normally buy vs the larger amount. Sometimes it’s less to buy for example 3 boxes of cereal instead of the big bag and both have same amount of ounces. Wal Mart shows next to the price of the item what the cost per ounce is in the cereal example. There are 3 adults in our house, daughter is diabetic and I have a cholesterol and blood pressure problem, so there are certain things that cost more so we cut back on other items. Our budget is usually around $125 (groceries only, no non grocery items) That varies depending on what we’re planning that week for meals and who is going to be home or not, if husband or daughter are packing their lunches or not.

1500.00 to 1600.00 for a family of 3. Used to around 1000.00. A month. Definitely has increased a lot.

I spend $250-300 a week for 8 people

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I spend about 500-600/month for hubs and me and three boys (18, 14, and almost 12) and two girls (16 and 3). And we have family spaghetti dinners with the other two and their families on Sundays at my house. And we eat about 85% organic. The kids still eat their junk snacks now and then that aren’t organic, but I’ve been switching over. I shop at Aldi mostly, but also a mainstream grocer who has bogo’s, and I have a few things on amazon subscribe and save. Also, every couple months I’ll go to sprouts.

I make beans a focal point several times a month… so chili, rice and beans, soups with beans, hummus, etc. You can roast a couple whole chickens and pick all the meat and separate into baggies and make meals that spread the meat out—chicken noodle soup, chicken gravy and rice, chicken pot pie, chicken ala king, white chicken chili, chicken tortilla soup, etc.

I utilize leftover taco meat from taco night into a taco soup by adding broth and (surprise!) beans… and some seasoning of course.

Leftovers are often packed up in dishes for hubs to take to work for lunch the next day.

I like to bake wheat breads, cookies, etc at home to save money (I’m gluten free, so my stuff is a bit pricey and I order in bulk online occasionally, or make a run to sprouts every couple months. Otherwise I just don’t eat breads, pizza and the like.

I stockpile (especially canned goods) when deeply discounted, fresh fruits and veggies are the in season (and on sale) varieties. My husband gets cheap lunches if not leftovers—cucumber and onion salad, sandwich wraps (Buy tortillas on sale), egg salad, deviled eggs, etc. i make up some egg “muffins” and use the food saver to make up five 2 packs for him to take for breakfast.

Also I coupon (not as much as I used to now that we’re mostly organic), and I use apps like fetch and ibotta. Save whenever and wherever I can. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So much I’m ready to tell my lifetime story " how I survived without food stamps."

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250 a week, 2 kids and myself. But in that we get all the snacks for kids lunch, meat for dinners and we eat pretty good and have lots of goodies for snacks

$100 for 6 :thinking::thinking::woman_facepalming:t3:

$200-250 here for family of 5


$130 for 2 adults then a bit more the weeks we have my daughter.

It’s possible if you all eat 2 min noodles and not much else lol
I spend $300 a week on me and 2 kids 1 dog and 2 cats :laughing:

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There is no way that you can get groceries for 6 people for 100 a week with everything so expensive .

In my opinion you spend more buying week by week , try to do it biweekly at least.
Make a list and stick to it , try not to take your kids with you if is possible because you know you might spend a little more because they only ask for something.
Make a dinner plan is possible so you know what to buy .

And very important do not waste the left over if any .

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I shop sales, coupon, shop at Aldi. Compare prices online before going into stores, buy in bulk when possible. Shop dollar stores when possible also.

Used to be about 100 a week for a family of 5. Now it’s easily 300, the price of things is insane


Haa haa 100 wont feed 2 ppl a week


Well, I aways made a lot of chili, spaghetti, goulash, fried rice with bacon-the inexpensive kind, well no kind is really inexpensive anymore…the recipe takes bacon, the whole package, 4 eggs, a medium onion, mixing well, and 3 cups cooked rice. Minute rice is fine. Cut the bacon in bite sized pieces. In a coffee cup, mix egg to scramble in microwave. In an iron skillet, fry bacon and medium chopped onion until bacon is done and onion is clear. Add egg and break up. Mix well. Add cooked rice to hot skillet and fry, stirring constantly to keep rice from sticking. When all is hot, it’s done. Serve. I also liked to make tuna casserole, and stuff like that.

$160-$260 for a family of 4… depends if we need nappies, formula etc

Eat more vegetarian meals. U.S. meat supply is full of hormones, antibiotics and growth hormones, plus it uses up enormous amounts of water & land and is awful for the environment.

Use meat more as a garnish—cut it up to put in soups, on salads, in stews and casseroles so you use less.

Soup is healthy & filling. Carve up a rotisserie chicken or whole chicken you cooked; or 2 or 3. Mix chicken chunks, cut up onion, cream of anything soup and frozen mixed vegetables (and any leftover vegetables on hand). Top with homemade or instant mashed potatoes and a few shakes of Parmesan cheese. Pour into pie shells & heat in oven (@350) until heated through.

Cut up/pull off other bits to make chicken salad. Mix with mayo, lots of cut up celery & celery seed. Add halved grapes, diced pear or apples. And/or add water chestnuts from the can. Or my fave, curry powder, raisins & chopped pecans. Serve on bread ir lettuce.

Boil/simmer the carcass and skin for 1-3 hours. Use a measuring cup to pour water to cover all of the chicken & add one chicken bouillon cube per cup. Strain into another pot for chicken bone broth to use for soup.

Pick off remaining bits of chicken for the soup. Toss the bones but keep the wishbone for a wish. Toss the skin. Add a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and any vegetables you have on hand, cooked chopped onion, and cooked noodles if desired.

Think of centering a meal around colorful vegetables—the largest section of the plate—vs. meat.

Add tofu to anything with liquid for protein. Cubed in soups, stews, casseroles. It will absorb the flavors of the dish. Plain it tastes awful. It’s cheap, so buy organic. Use in blender instead of cream to make cream soups. Crumble in lasagna instead of or in addition to meat. Tofu hot dogs are better for you. Some taste awful, others aren’t bad.

Buy brown rice, whole wheat pasta & 100% whole grain bread (read the label). Get anything other than iceberg lettuce. The darker the greens the healthier. So much more nutritious.

Buy big containers of plain yogurt & skip the processed sugar of the sweet ones. Add your own flavorings: fresh or dried fruit, maple syrup or honey, dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, nutmeg, nuts.

Have breakfast for dinner. Eat more beans. Chick peas & lentils don’t make you gassy. Take Beano until your body adjusts to the fiber. Cook big batches from scratch when you have time & freeze meal-sized portions.


1000 to 1500 a month for 4. We eat very healthy and buy tons of fresh veggies, good lean meats and seafood. We also buy steaks etc, we could spend less but thankfully have the money to get what we want to eat. I feel so bad for the many who are struggling now due to inflation.


I spend about that. But there’s 3 of us.

200 per week 4 adults I meal plan we have to cats to feed to preplanned the month

We spend 300 to 400 a week so I would like to know how to save too

I recommend the following:
-start growing your own produce.
-buy whole chickens
-Spaghetti is always cheap
-Buy in bulk, but sparingly
-Shop in season
-Meatless options
-Use Ibotta and clip coupons

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We just did our weekly shop I’m in nz and we just spent just over $600 :woman_facepalming: that’s for 2 adults 2 teens 3 kids

I spend between $300-$400 for 2 months. Below is about 55 dinners, 48 breakfast sandwiches, 60 smoothies and snacks for lunch for 30 days. I shop at Aldi’s and meal prep like it’s my job to get this done.


If you have a winco near by its possible get alot for $100. Maybe a grocery outlet may get good amount of groceries.

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$275-$325 a week for a family of 5. I meal plan, shop deals and use coupons as much as I can.

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With everything as expensive as it is, I don’t know how you can feed 6 people on $100 a week, and everyone get the proper nutrition they need. Fresh fruits and veggies … lots of casserole dishes with noodles or rice … stuffed cabbage, stuffed bell peppers, tuna casserole, sandwich wraps or hot sandwiches, etc. I can use a package of chicken, boil it, chunk it up, and add it to a can of cream of mushroom soup & a can of cream of chicken soup … then boil a bag of egg noodles, drain, and add to the chicken/soup mixture. It makes a huge pot. Or you can use ring sausage… cut into bite size pieces, add to egg noodles with a jar of Alfredo sauce. Grilled cheese & tomato soup is also a good option. Stir fry a bag of frozen “deluxe stir fry” veggies & make a pot of rice. Dice up a can of spam & mix in with the stir fry veggies & add rice to the mix … use some soy sauce to season.

There’s all kinds of cheap meals you can throw together, but I don’t think you can do it for 6 people for under $100 a week.

Good luck

We have 3 people in the house and we usually spend anywhere from 180 to 300 sometime 400 but we try to keep the cabinets full and the fridge full for our little girl

We spend about $1200-$1500 a month. Family of 4. Were super active and eat out 2 to 3 times a month. My kids eat school lunches which I found is cheaper than buying stuff to make their lunches. Its $300 a month for their school lunches.

Family of 4, we spend $1000 a month but we are in Canada. It also includes more than just food.

Frugal Fit Mom on YouTube!!

Family of 6, we can’t get by on $100/week, but can work our way closer by spending some larger amounts up front. We purchased 1/3 of a cow from a friend which gave us a lot of meat plus saves us each week on groceries. We purchase frozen chicken thighs from Costco and try to go meatless on one meal. I don’t cook Fridays, so Little Ceasars is usually a good, cheap option to feed everyone. Costco frozen lasagna is also a great meal to feed a crowd.

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Cook huge batches of stuff & freeze portions to eat during the week. Make little meatballs. I make my meatloaf/balls/burgers with an egg, Worcestershire sauce, dry mustard, minced onion, parsley, and a squirt of ketchup. Add some breadcrumbs or crumbled tofu (ratio 1/4 or less tofu to 3/4ths hamburger). Freeze so they’re ready to toss in spaghetti sauce, other pasta dishes, with gravy or stroganoff sauce (onions, sour cream, mushrooms) over noodles. Melt equal parts grape jelly & Dijon mustard, toss in meatballs for an appetizer.

I halve the meat & double the vegetables in most recipes for savings and better nutrition.

Easy dinner: Goya canned black bean soup heated, poured over cooked brown basmati rice. Grate onion over the top & squeeze lime juice over it.

Add gelatin to fruit juice or make pudding. Freeze in molds or cups with popsicle sticks for cheap desserts. Serve fresh, frozen or canned fruit for dessert. Dilute juice for breakfast, drink lots of water & teas (hot or iced, black, green, white, decaf, herbal, etc.). Endless variety.

Fancy looking dessert: whip egg whites until stiff. Combine with applesauce. Put in fancy tall glasses & shave chocolate over the top or add tiny chocolate chips.

Eggs are more expensive now but still cheaper than meat. Put anything in a quiche—almost any vegetable cut up. I like artichoke hearts and spinach, just no red cabbage or beets as they will make it a weird color. Add whatever cheese you have on hand plus onions & 2/3 cup table cream per pie shell. Use 2-3 eggs, 1/2 onion per pie, up to 1/2 cup of cheese per pie, depending on sharpness. Add ham &/or bacon or sausage or chicken or hamburger if you want, bake @ 350 until firm in center. Quiches are great places to use up leftover cheeses, meats, vegetables.

Look up recipes & make a cheese soufflé. It’s delish but not particularly filling, so serve with hearty sides.

Do loaded baked potatoes for dinner. Broccoli, grated cheddar or other cheese/s, caramelized onions, salad toppings/Bac-os, sunflower or other seeds, sour cream, butter, chives/green onion. Salsa, olives. Serve with salad.

Stretch tuna salad with lots of celery & water chestnuts.

Three bean salad is easy to make & good on hot days. Everyone likes chili. Stretch the meat with crumbled tofu. No one will notice. Hummous can substitute for meat at a meal & makes a nutritious sandwich spread.

Indian cuisine has lots of cheap & vegetarian recipes.

Look into various whole grains: farro, kasha, millet, barley, amaranth, teff to spice up your dinner plate. Quinoa cooks fast, tastes great, is good hot, cold or room temperature & is the only grain that’s a complete protein (so skip the meat/fish). Couscous is fun, but it’s just tiny white pasta.

Oatmeal and regular Cheerios are cheap, filling healthy.

Could be cheaper to buy powdered milk vs. cartons.

Teach spouse & kids simple dishes & they should help cook.

Halve acorn squash & bake or broil. Fill with your fave Thanksgiving stuffing (add extra celery to make it healthier), broil a tad.

Buy frozen pizza & add any leftover (or new) bell peppers, kalamata olives, spinach, mushrooms, cheese or meat you have on hand. Half the price of ordered & healthier too. Or get whole wheat pizza shells & make from scratch. ALDI supreme pizza is my fave.

100/wk is very very hard with current food prices.
Some cheap meals tho…
Spaghetti just pasta and sauce. Ramen, add a cheap meat. Pasta with butter sauce add tuna. Discount ground beef and make tacos with just meat and cheese. Discount ground beef and make Sloppy Joe’s. Pasta, Broccoli and cheese. Chicken and rice. Macaroni and cheese and tuna. Buy ham, use some for dinner and add the rest to eggs for omlettes. Bologna for lunch.
But the body needs fruits, vegetables, and snacks are important as well. Not to mention drinks like milk , spices, butter, and oil…it adds up. We eat out 1-2x a week and still spend over $1,000/mo in groceries. The best way to save is to meal plan and stick to it. It’s saved us a lot of money.


Giant jugs of salsa save you time in any recipe calling tomatoes & onions.

We spend around 150 a week for a family of six. We shop at Aldi a lot. I think 100 would be pushing it though especially weeks when we have to get the extras, like oil, sugar, seasoning, sauces, salad dressing etc. 150 a week is just the meats, sides, snacks, etc. Not condiments or anything like that.


Hamburger helper cheap as it gets

Probably about $250-300 but my husband eats huge portions and I usually have to make different meals plus I do all the meals and snacks for my daughter for school. Also we spend a lot on drinks.

I do 250 a fortnight for four.
Macaroni and cheese
Spaghetti bol
Curried snags
Roast chicken
Macaroni cheese tuna
Meatloaf with veg n boiled eggs in it
Rissoles/hamburgers home made.
Google 3 or 4 ingredients recipes come up galore!

Family of three get 650 in stamps

I’m a family of 6 and was able to do 100 a week in food till prices went up. This didn’t include house hold items like toilet paper but, strictly food. Lots of pb&j eggs ramen and hot dog.

Dry pastas, rice, potatoes. Cans of campbells soup to serve over rice or pasta. Go sparingly with meats. I stead of serving whole pieces of chicken, dice it and put it in the sauce.(same with any meat. Cut it up, so it goes farther. Bread, eggs milk cheese can make alot of different meal ideas. Egg sandwiches. Scrambled eggs and toast. French toast.

Where’s that place they advertise and always asking for donations where they can feed a family 25 cent ,if thats true rent should be cheap also ,might consider moving there :rofl:

I spend 100 a week on a family of two, mostly just stuff for my kid.

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I have a family of 6 too and I waste $150 a week

That is only like 80 cents per meal. Not sure that is possible.

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This week 3 adults 2 kids we spent $607 1 adult 1 child is for dinners only the other 2 adults and toddler is dinners/lunches/breakfast and snacks

Not entirely sure if it is possible while staying somewhat nutritious. We have a family of 3 and we spent about $500 a month now and that’s with me and my partner who typically only eat 1 actual meal a day with a snack or two. I honestly don’t know how we would afford food if we both ate 3 actual meals plus snacks every day (we eat when we are hungry, we both just tend to only be actually hungry at dinner time).

I think we spend around $250 to $350 a week at the store. It seems like every trip is at least $150. We’re a family of 6 & try to do cheap

lmaoooooo easily $500+ :woman_shrugging:t4:

I used to spend about that much… but since prices went up I’m spending more like $250 a week


A condom … wear it … it will save you $$


Really depends on where you live. Coupons and NECESSITY items only are ideal. Go generic or store brand when possible. Bulk is best.

Think lots of WHOLE fruit, veggies, whole grains and chicken, pork, occasionally beef and fish. Especially a whole turkey like for Thanksgiving…way cheap out of season and it’ll give you plenty for 1-3 meals. Think a Thanksgiving dinner Monday, turkey Noodle casserole Tuesday, and a turkey stir fry Wednesday if you have any left over for example…

My favorite thing to do is mix in pureed veggies and mushrooms into things like burgers, meatloaf, lasagna, spaghetti, etc…

Rice, quinoa, oatmeal, beans and chickpeas are excellent “filler” foods that are also nutritious too.

Vegetarian, Mediterranean and vegan recipes also give a good starter or base to work with and you can add cheese or meat for your family’s preferences.



Buying meat in bulk helps a lot!!

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$100 a week for a family of 6? Better start living off top ramen if you don’t want to spend a lot on food … prices on food has gone up

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It’s hard but that’s what I spend on my groceries and I live alone. You’re going to have to shop multiple stores to keep within that budget. I buy produce at sprouts and Lidl, pantry staples…whatever Publix has on BOGO, meat once a month from Costco, also cheese from Publix (BOGO ONLY). Aldi and Lidl offer great prices. It takes a ton of work and planning but it can be done. Meal planning and preparation also helps keep within your budget range

Try a bulk store or discount store. Idk where your from but i shop at aldis and sharp shopper (discount stores) and also shop at a local grocery story that offers points when you shop there that eventually add up to money off your bill. Also get cheap fresh eggs from my neighbors and grow my own veggies year around with a light in my basement and outside in the summer. I pick fruit in the summer also to can/freeze. Family of 5 and we spend about $150 a week on just food… $50 on drinks… and probably $50 a month on house hold things. I try to never run out so that its not alot of things at one time

lol family of 9 and I’m at 400 that’s going lightly aswell

$400+ family of 2 adults one 3 year old weekly

We’re a family of 5 with 2 dogs and 3 cats. We’re spending around $800-900 for food, pet food, and household junk. We bulk buy when we can and package our meat and I make as much from scratch as I can but the weeks we bulk buy we spend double what we do the other weeks. You might have to look at some extreme couponing and make cheap meals that you can eat multiple times (Spaghetti, rice and beans, goulash, casseroles, pastas). Look at things like Sam’s club or Costco, maybe grow some of your own veggies if you can.

I spend $100 a week for a family of 3 and that’s with my son eating 2 meals a day at school (he’s not here on the weekends) and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday my husband eats at work 2 meals (they provide free meals) he eats one meal when he comes home.

From Massachusetts, family of 5 and I spend at least $400 a week.

$100 a week doesnt even cover gas right now, let alone feed my family. If she thinks she can feed a family of 6 on $100 a week, she’s gonna have some very hungry and malnurished kids


I spend £80 a week (which is the equivalent to $100) for a family of 5.

2 A 3 dogs, we spend anywhere from $100-300 per week. We are in Australia

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2 adults 3 teens and a doggo in my house and I always end up spending no less than $250 every week… One of my favorite 2 day meal ideas is chili. If you make a nice big pot, put the left overs away til the next day, make some baked potatoes and put the chili over top… Same meal feeds all of us 2 days in a row… But trying to keep a $100 weekly budget on food is virtually impossible these days hun. Good luck :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Family of 6, 2 adults & 4 Kids our budget is $200 but we may go up to $250 at max otherwise be scraping for pennies for other things :sweat_smile: We are in NZ

Smaller meat portions and you can stretch it with rice or beans/noodles

We grow as much as we can ,but our shopping is around the 150 mark for 2 + our 2 cats and 1 dog, 1 parrot and 12 chooks

Breakfast food alot for mine at that age. Was cheaper. Eggs, bacon, we at mac/cheese alot too. Big pot of spaghetti/pasta/soup. You can make great french toast sticks with the cheapest bread around. I nade little pizzas with english muffins too. O man my kids love those

Costs me at least 600 a week for groceries for a family of 6. But, I feed my husband and 3 boys…One is 6’6, one is 6’5 and the other is 6 foot and still growing. Good luck with 100 a week.

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I spend anywhere between $150 - $200 a week for a fam of 6

Christopher Albrechtas

We have a family of 6. Kids are 10, 4, almost 2 and 5 months. About 3-400 every 2 weeks

If you have an Aldi near you start there

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From Texas Family of 8 we spend on Average 800 to 1200. A month depending on month. With teenagers


I’m at least 200 on a family of 5 and that’s with meal planning. It’s so hard with today’s inflated prices. My husband started working on couponing and buying in bulk which works in some ways but I’m ocd for 5 years I’ve pre-planned meals for 7 days a week


I started going to Aldi’s and it cut our weekly bill in half.


Not after this election it’s definitely not possible :unamused:


4 people 2 of them kids $350 per week

Maybe 20 bucks a week on random ingredients and 50 a month on staples. Around 1k a year on meat/processing etc.

$100-150 for a family of 3.

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When you figure out how to feed a family of six for a week for $100, LET US KNOW HOW!!!


Omg! 200-400 a week for family of 5

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I spend anywhere from $150-$240. Typically closer to $240
Family of 3 (1 bottomless pit growing boy, 1 pregnant mama who never stops eating and 1 large man who just likes very large portions.) we also have 2 big dogs.

We spend 150 for family of 6

Discount stores help we spend 200 to 350 a week depending what we eat family of 4