How long after losing your mucus plug did you give birth?

I lost mine around 3 weeks before I delivered

I had 6 kids. 14 grandchildren. When I wanted to know something like this I asked the Dr. that I was paying.


Everyones different. And your mucus plug well you lose bits and pieces at a time

I’ve never lost mine either with both my babies x

Don’t remember losing it with my first. 2 hours with my second. :scream:

I lost mine about 3 weeks prior

I went into labor about 12 hours later.

Lost mine at 36 had my son at 39 weeks almost 40

Lost mine at 35 gave birth at 42.

Only happened on my 3rd child but a couple of hours after I lost it she was born.

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I was right at 35 with my 1st. And gave birth on my due date at 40 weeks.

Anytime at that point could be days or hours

2 weeks later for me.

I lost mine multiple times (yes it regrows, ew) I sat at 5cm dilated for 2 1/2 before my water finally broke at 39 weeks with my 3RD baby


Lost mine 3x. First time at 19 weeks. Last time was 36 weeks. Still had to be induced at 39 weeks

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2 weeks with my first

Two days later. But you can lose it and grow a new one so it’s not an accurate sign of labor.

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A week or week & a half for me

I think it depends on your dialation. I took long to dialate even though my contractions were growing closer and stronger

With my second child I lost mine at 40 weeks and still had to be induced 3 days after

Lost it at 22 weeks, obgyn confirmed, and it grew back (didnt know it could) then lost it again at 38 weeks, she was born at 39 weeks.

Mine gradually came out over a weeks time before I was induced.

Both kids at 38 weeks and lost my plug… gave birth within 24 hours.

My plug and water went at the same time at work! 19 days early

I lost mine with my first at 24 weeks and it grew back and then I didn’t lose it again until I was in labor at 40 weeks.

I think I’m the only person who has no idea lol

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I went into labor 2 days later. Daughter was born 5 days after plug loss.

I gave birth 3 times and tbh I never even saw my mucus plug. It came out when my water broke everytime and by then I was already in the hospital.

My doctor said that losing your plug does not indicate your going to labor.
I never lost my plug with my first and with my second I lost it but had to be induced.

Only noticeably lost one of my 3. Exactly 38 weeks. I was in active labor about 60 hours later when I arrived at the hospital for my scheduled induction.

With my first I lost mine at 37 weeks and I went into labor the day with my second I lost mine at 35 weeks and I was induced at 37 weeks

I lost mine around the same time and it came back… we made it to 40 weeks on the dot. Doesnt hurt to check with the dr :grin:

I lost mine early on 9/1. Due date was 11/2. Gave birth on 10/3.

Lost at 38+5 had baby at 39weeks so baby was born 2 days after I lost mine.

Lost mine both times at 32 weeks and got induced at 41 weeks

Mine was forced out and I was induced

Lost it at exactly 39 weeks, 2 days later I gave birth

You can lose your plug and your body make a new one!

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I started losing mine at around 26 weeks of my twin pregnancy and went the full 38 weeks with them so it just depends 💁

First time within 12 hours 2nd 17 days later induced! Full term for each birth

Started losing it in pieces around 35/36 weeks and was induced at 38 weeks 6 days, gave birth at 39 weeks exactly.

Gave birth 2 days after I lost mine.

Out of my 4 children, 1st list several times, 2nd lost a week before, 3rd never lost or lost during birth, 4th lost the day before going into labor

I’ve given birth 3 times and only saw it with my last. I lost it the day I had him :blush: like 4 hours beforehand.

Unfortunately it’s not a sign and can even regenerate.

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my first 2 i never did lose it. my 3rd i was having bits come out for weeks (maybe 33-34 wks) and at 36 weeks she was so active and wouldnt stop moving that she caused my water to break exactly at 36 weeks at 5am.

I lost mine randomly all the time. I was suprised i didnt go in but then i heard the plug recreates itself accordingly. So its hard to necessarily pinpoint by that.

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God I hope I never randomly see the words “mucus plug” in my news feed again.


Lost mine during full blown labor, with all three of my pregnancies. All were 40 weeks + a day or two. But I labor for a day at least.

I lost mine around 37 weeks on a Tuesday and had contractions for 2 days and they kept sending me home since I wasn’t dialing and they swore my water didn’t break…which it did the next day after losing the plug. Then after 48 hours of 5-10 minute contractions they said I was dilating. Then 18 hours later that Thursday July 4th 2019 at 8:15 pm gave birth to the most beautiful and amazing girl. :baby::ribbon:

I started losing my mucus plug about a week before my due date. Ended up needing to be induced three days after my due date and after 26 hours of labor, couldn’t dilate past 3cm and needed a c section

Lost it Sunday morning had contractions but wasnt dialating so was sent home. Went back the next day and was in the hospital all Monday with contractions and still nothing. They kept me and not until Tuesday morning did they break my water to spead things up. Had my baby girl Tuesday morning 8:45am :grin:

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I lost mine once I was in labour. So less than 24 hours later I had a baby

Started losing it on the 25th and gave birth the 26th. (my due date)

First, never lost it
Second, 3am and gave birth 9:35pm that same day

Never lost it with all 6 pregnancies that I know of lol but my dr said a mucus plug doesnt mean much and can regenerate. He said to many women base this on them about to give birth. My grandma said she lost hers at 31 weeks and gave birth at 40 weeks

I lost mine at 28 weeks with my daughter. It regenerated and I ended up getting induced after my due date

With my first I lost it 2 days before due date and had my son the day before his due date. With my second I was losing pieces of it for a week and then on my due date they induced me

Lost mine at 38 weeks and had to be induced at 41 weeks

if I did I didnt notice lol

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I lost mine as I was in beginning stages of labor.

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1st kid was few weeks before 2nd kid was 2 days before but my kid was a week past due date

My show came at 7 months mucus plug, they gave me suppositories to stop any dilation with twins

I didn’t my waters just broke then contractions started x

I never noticed when I lost mine. I don’t think I ever did :rofl:

Lost mine at 37 weeks

Lost all 3 of mine about 2 weeks before my due date and was actually 1 week late for my last two. Super discouraging but literally everyone is different :heart:

I lost it in the morning and by the next morning I had delivered my daughter so everyone is different

Losing your mucus plug is not an indication of nearing birth… It can be lost several times, as it regenerates.

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While in early labor, 39+ weeks

Two weeks after it happened I had my son he was 3 weeks early too. So I lost it at 34 going on 35 weeks and I probably wouldn’t of notice if it was night time, if happened during the afternoon so I noticed it

Two pregnancies. So 3 days and 1 week

I lost mine and I never went in labor. I had to be induced.

I started losing mine the other day(35w 3d today), but I’m still going strong. But it can regenerate.

You can lose your plug multiple times. I lost mine at about 25 weeks, but it regrew and I lost some of it again at about 39-40 weeks and then the rest of it a day later and then I went into labor that night with my son.

I lost mine on my due date and water slowly leaked until I had her the next day (should’ve had her sooner we got infections and she was septic from my water being broke)

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My first pregnancy it came out all at once and contractions started a couple hours later. My second pregnancy with my twins I was losing bits and pieces for a couple months and I was induced at 37 weeks

Lost it at 35 weeks gave birth at 39 weeks.

It can regenerate. I lost mine 2 times but I had to be induced still

I lost two. One at 34.5 weeks and the last at 38 then delivered 3 days early.

I lost mine around then but I was a lik over a week late still. So it can be soon or a few weeks still to go. Depends on the baby and your body

Lindsay Alexandra so cool how different everyone is!! Love you!

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Almost exactly a week. With first bub especially there seems to be more time between losing it and going into labour. It was about 24hrs with my second and third bub. But be aware it could be anytime now.

I’ve been losing little bits of mine for the past couple weeks and I’m only 34 weeks. The mucus plug regenerates and is not a good indication of when your going to give birth. But if you have a bloody show that is a sign labour should start soon


Mine passed at 35 weeks, the doctor told me not to worry about it and I was 5cm dilated by the next day and had the baby that morning

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I didn’t lose mine until in labour with all 3 boys.

With my first I lost it a week before birth and with my second lost one at 30 wk and pretty much everytime I sneezed until labor the day before my due date.

Like a half hour before the baby came out.

Lost mine at 37 weeks and I am 39 weeks as of today and no baby yet. I thought it meant I was going to go into labor but the dr says no it just means ur cervix is thining and dialating

I was 37 weeks and had my son about 10 hours after losing my plug. Although, I had a membrane sweep which really sped things up for me.

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Talk to your doctor, let him tell you

I don’t even remember :rofl: lol

Same day I wanna say within a couple hours after losing my mucus plug

When mine dropped with my daughter I was in the hospital within 2 hours with contractions and she was born a few hours after that

Between 37-38 weeks and delivered at 38 weeks 1 day

Lost mine and had my baby the next week

I lost mine a day before going into labour 38-39 weeks

I lost my mucus plug 2 weeks before I had my child.

I lost my mucus plug like 2 weeks before my due date, but ended up being induced 4 days after my due date.

I lost my mucus plug May 13th, went into labor May 14th, gave birth May 15th