How do birth control pills work because I've never used them before

As long as you have some you are good

The birth control WORK BEST when you DONT have intimacy…

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What the hell…is this all about

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Hold them between your knees at night…


Ask your doctor what kinda quest is this :woozy_face:

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How about not having sex till your married.


You put the bottle between your knees and keep it there until your man goes home.


Don’t ask me…
I’ve never taken them…

Why y’all do these fans like this with the social media set up that can be a 12 yr old or an 45 yr old shit happens

Take them daily with a glass of water.

there aure are some stupid people in this world


Ask a doctor :woman_facepalming:t2: not Facebook :crazy_face:


I’ve got a 12 year old to prove they don’t

I get the shot so I don’t have to worry about missing any

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There’s different ones so Google is your friend but it’s just low doses of hormones that keep your body from dropping eggs. They take a week to kick in. Once you’re on them the placebo pills will help you stay in the habit if you still want a period and you’re still protected during that week.
Certain herbal supplements and antibiotics will interfere with the pills and cause them to be ineffective. If you have to take antibiotics you need to abstain during the medication and 1 week after

You crush them up put them in your mans drink.

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Add them to your milkshake!!

You pop one a day in your filthy whore mouth like me, cross your fingers and hope for the best 🤷🤘

What’s with these questions? The other day how to use a pregnancy test and now how birth control works? Not the page I remember it being.

It was hell for me, I got pregnant with my daughter and I took them every day at the same time. Than I had an IUD guess what my son managed to make it around the IUD. My kids are that 1 out of 99.9%.
Now I’ve just refused to date or have sex going on 9 years now.

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You take one pill daily until the pills are gone…remember though, If you are On any medications like, Penicillin etc, it will LESSON the affects of the birth control and you can get pregnant. So always consult with your doctor about other medications,l affecting the birth control. Something doctors forget to tell patients who are on birth control. :+1:

I wouldn’t know they all just make me pregnant

Google people, GOOGLE

If this is truly a Legitimate question, Then the gynecologist
really should explain, usefulness
pro/con, about taking then
Becareful about asking questions
from outsiders, the info might not be the best. Blessing

Most of you need to take a Reading class :roll_eyes:

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