Has anyone had their birth control move to their elbow?

Hey, I have a question about nexplanon birth control implant. Mine is lost. I had an x ray and Its near my elbow. It should have been removed over a month ago. And now I’m waiting bc the dr said a general surgeon will have to take it out. I feel like crap the dr insists it’s not the birth control making me feel this way. Has anyone had this happen? How did you feel after the end date? Has anyone gotten pregnant while waiting for it to be removed? I’ve never been able to feel it and it’s always hurt. The whole 3 years. This last month I am so moody and feel sickly. Almost like I have the flu.


I hear sooooo many stories about stuff like this happening to women. Why people still get them is beyond me. I feel like i hear not enough success stories! So sorry you are going through this!


The docs refused to take mine out and I was hemorrhaging for 4 months. after being hospitalized for so much blood loss and for passing blood clots and the docs still insisting that it was not that I signed my AMA papers and went home and cut the damn thing out of my arm myself.

My friend had that happen it made her sick. Once it was removed she felt great.
I would go for other birth controls after that

Keep us updated. I would go to the hospital. And just tell them this and maybe its causung something else to be wrong

it is definitely the foreign expired object in your body making you feel that way. That Dr is a joke!!! Mine moved over a couple inches and then veins attached themselves to the device. Had to have it cut out and my arm still hurts 4 years later. Was 2 months pregnant upon removal :confused:

This is the exact reason I refused this form of BC. Just like the IUD.

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I never had problems with mine. It was my favorite bc because I never had to be seen by a doctor or never had to remember to take a pill. You’re probably sick because it’s out of place, I’m just guessing

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I’ve never felt it. And when it was hurting I asked my dr. He said it was moving it’s fine. That was about a year after I got it. Than last summer I got pregnant. I lost the baby at about 5 weeks. (No one could get me in. For a week) and I started bleeding before the appointment. So we decided to leave it in with only a few months left. About 6 weeks after that I got really sick. My stomach hurt so bad and couldn’t eat. I’ve been seeing a gastroenterologist who has found anything wrong with me. I’ve lost 33 pounds in the last 5 months. The last two months I’ve been dizzy and everything I do make me tired (literally any movement exhausts me) and this last month I’ve been so moody. None of these doctors want to listen idk what to do. I guess just wait.

Girl just demand the implant to be removed. They cant tell you no, the paperwork you get with the implant says you can have it removed at any time. So whoever is telling you no isnt doing their job properly.

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I kept mine in for 5 years. Just took in out 2 weeks ago… It never moved. Just made me gain weight the last 2 years and caused severe migraines