Halloween baby name ideas?

I’m partial to Lilith, Luna, Aspen, Prue, or Phoebe. Please pick a normal name, not something “quirky”

Ok we’re gonna start out “cute spooky” and go “actually spooky”:

Sidney (lead girl from Scream)
Wednesday (Addams family)
Morticia (Addams family)
Morrigan (Irish mythology “phantom queen”)
Keres (thanos sister in Greek mythology, goddess of violent deaths)
Persephone (goddess of the underworld)
Bellatrix (Harry potter)
Esther (the movie The Orphan)
Aileen (like the serial killer)

I almost named my daughter Santana. I wish I did some days lol …they sing black magic woman :black_heart:


Please don’t. I’m a Halloween eve baby and even though Halloween is my favorite holiday, it’s miserable being associated with a holiday. I’m my own person. A cool quirk is different than an entire name based on it.

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I’m a Halloween baby & my names Whitney :joy::joy:

I have identical twin nieces born on Halloween, no spooky names, they came 3 weeks early, they are almost 25 now, but still love Halloween!!! They are Gabby and Brittany!!!

Salem :heart: it.

P.s. can we just have an update after baby born. :baby:

Just google witch names - my cousin, literally named her middle names of each child a witch name. We had a packed years ago we would name after Mortal combat…she legit stuck with the plan, middle name Sindel.


Len and Minnie, it’s a halloween song

Raven is cute otherwise I’m a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I love Stevie for a girl. She’s the ultimate gold dust woman. lol


Blue moon
My dog was born on Halloween and i called her Cinder.

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Blair; made me think of Blair Witch Project… lol

Carrie, Laurie, Regan, Annabelle, Rosemary, Salem, Trixie, Samantha, Elvira, Edwina, Hazel,Araminta, Morticia, Presphone,Clarice, Absinthe, Belladonna, Arachna, Blair and Autumn

I know a girl who names her daughter October lol

My oldest son was born in October and his name is Ayden like from The Ring. I love love love the name Freya.

Sabrina from Sabrina the the teenage witch…
Hally is a nice name and could be short for Halloween…Halo…
I heard the name Soul recently i like that

Willow from buffy
Carrie from the film
Marley the ghost
Annabel the doll

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We have a Raven who was soooo close to being a Wednesday! :black_heart:

My daughter is called Aemilia - it’s the pagan way of spelling it.

My daughter 's middle name is Autumn Rose.

My youngest was born when the moon was huge in the sky. I wanted Penelope Fae because I LOVED it but my husband wasn’t keen on it. He was looking at the moon as we waited in the hospital for the doctor to show and he said “what about moon?” I fell in love with it. So we have a Penelope Moon <3 Her aunt calls her Miss Moon and I love that as well lol

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I’ve been watching hotel Transylvania on repeat with my kids for the last week. Mavis.

I have a Lydia like Lydia deets in Beetlejuice

My sister was born the day before Halloween, my parents named her Crystal Rose

I love Stevie for a girl.

Not Halloween but I have a Skylar Jayde :sparkling_heart:

My son Levi Luther was born on Halloween. Had awesome themed birthday parties until he turned 18. He’s 22 this year and wants no part of Halloween. My birthday is the 29th and I still want to have Halloween fun! Lol

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I have friends named Salem and pagan, also Blair, hazel and autumn would be Halloween-y

Tabitha. Idk it sounds kinda witchy :grin:

I know a girl who’s daughter is named Oktoberlee if you’re looking for something completely different and unique!


My daughters birthday is October 23rd we always have Halloween birthday parties her name is willow!

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Look at witch goddesses. So many options, my third is named Persephone.

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Wednesday! It was my girl name… but had two boys :laughing:

Grizzly gasby raven Harlow haven travanna batista ghastly Augustine October peppermint patty, willow Phoenix lavender spooky hollow lagoon lunar Lucas Strawberry penny Anastacia dreamy densel fiercely fancy rebel
Horatio Hercules Beckham manual Maurice twilight tiny Havana cyber clevis Clive honcho bevis Baxter bodine mercy faith hope Nadine Pedro Jillian Jasper jasmine Emily emine copy phobe Penelope Elvira malice Winslow wyap Trent treat Fabio buster Brewster Samson prince princess slayer sybil Travis ravish holly Abby

Celisa Celine tatty charise Edmonton emerald diamond opal pearl Bianca blanch Brady Finley mazzeta colon Collin Watson storm stormy rain Evan sparky sparkle peaches joselyn Joshua jaiden Julian Lorenzo candy Candice Dixie Denise petunia Missy Marcella Isaac Isabella trutti Darla darling Helena Lynette Layla lucenda lyric piper page Winnie Salem miracle Mac Macy melody Melanie stony stone chastity Blair destiny Freya windy Victoria Casper luckier Mavis Eileen Blakely Blake Shelton Autumn Angelica slone Wyatt juniper aurora Buffy ebony Spencer ivy

My daughter is Persephonii. Traditionally spelled Persephone. Greek goddess of the underworld :v:

My cousin was born on Halloween and she is named Lillith

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My due date was October 31 too! She was born on the 23rd tho

Courtney Stout that was gonna be my girls name if Grey had ended up being a girl.

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I work with someone who’s granddaughter is named October, they call her Tobie

Just be sure it’s appropriate for a resume down the road and won’t ignite bullying during middle school.


Corpsella, Cadaverlyn, Spider-Lilly. :jack_o_lantern::ghost:

On serious note, I hope you’re somewhat kind and choose something like “Willow”. The kid has got to “live with it”. :cupid:

I was originally due on Halloween. My name is Carrie :joy: I was born 3 years after the movie came out, but my parents hate horror and have never seen it!

I’m due January 31st… But I wanted a dark name so I went with Lilith Jade :black_heart:… Also I’m having a spooky Halloween themed baby shower lol

My name is Jemma, not really Halloween but people seem to think it’s a pretty name :slightly_smiling_face:

I know someone who was born on Halloween and her name is haleen

Throwing in Thorn, Dusk, & Luna in honor of the Hex Girls :purple_heart:


Not a Halloween name but I’ve always loved the name Octavia!

Haha. My daughter went into labor on Halloween, but I refused to bring her to hospital until after midnight. :joy:. Thank God the baby came on Nov 1st. (Halloween is a pagan holiday).

Great suggestions here! Love them!