Can you get pregnant on your period?

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I have felt a let down after hearing another baby cry when I wasn’t around my own, maybe a year after finishing up with breastfeeding.

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I have a friend who got pregnant while breastfeeding her 9 months old baby. That pretty much throws everything out the window for me! :joy:

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I had sex on my period, well towards the end of it if you know what I mean, so I thought it would be safe. It wasn’t. So yeah somehow it’s possible


Lactation is not normal until late in pregnancy. If you are lactating, please see your doctor. A pituitary tumor can cause lactation without pregnancy.


While it can happen, you wouldn’t be getting pregnant from the ovulation that just occurred bc your period has already started, it would be from a new ovulation cycle so even if you were able to get pregnant, it shouldn’t be the reason your period stops early.


Go see your doctor to check your pregnancy status n to see why your lactating so early that is not normal.

We are now 33 weeks pregnant lol, I definitely thought I’d be ok haha positive test soon revealed I could fall pregnant on my period lol


Yes you can get pregnant while on your period, I did, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage 3 months after. It happen 27 years ago. I don’t say it might happen to you but please go see your doctor.

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You can get pregnant while on your period, but I doubt the pregnancy would’ve stopped your period that soon after sex. It can take from about 24 hours to 5 days for the sperm to travel to meet the egg. Likely it wasn’t that long after sex that your period stopped. Sex itself, CAN cause your period to stop early. Muscle contractions during an orgasm push out the uterine contents faster possibly resulting in a shorter period. As for lactating, there are other causes for lactation other than pregnancy more that are not so serious than are (medications including birth control, antidepressants, herbal remedies, opiates, or marijuana use, excessive stimulation of the breasts or nipples, irregular periods, …). Your best bet is to see your doctor A.S.A.P., but don’t panic.


Yes, my mom got pregnant with me while she had her period… At least that’s what she told me… Lol


Weird things happen…see your doctor immediately. I know of cases where women ovulate more than once a month … So better to find out.

Definitely, you can lactate when your not pregnant though so if you’re not, I would ask the gp about testing your prolactin levels


I got conceived days after my period so it is likely. Sperm lives in the body for a quick minute before it dies out. Definitely take a test as soon as you can, but it probably won’t show positive until after 3 weeks minimum

You can get pregnant any time. Most women ovulate 12-14 days after the first day of their period but you can ovulate any time.


I got pregnant with both of my kids on the last day of my period. Never tried earlier during my period tho hahaha but it’s possible

You’ll have to wait it out to know for sure but when you are on your period you are shedding your uterine lining that was prepared to receive fertilization as well usually if you have sex on your period you body is like oh man we gotta get ready again. 100% still talk to a doctor


You can get pregnant any time even if you use contraception. It’ll be too early to tell though so wait a week or two to take a test

Yes you can get pregnant on your period the chances are lower but still possible . If your next cycle is abnormal I would test.

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Low probability but not impossible Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period? - American Pregnancy Association

Although it is rare that a woman can get pregnant on her period, 1st day included, it IS possible. I got pregnant the first day of my period (and my wedding day). My period stopped the next day. Found out 4 months pregnant I was having twins :smiley:

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ABSOLUTELY!!! I’ve heard way to many teens think this isn’t possible and it blows my mind. My sisters, mother and I have ALL gotten pregnant on our periods. That’s really the only times I’ve been able to get pregnant is when I’m on it!! Don’t be a fool, make em wrap his tool!!!

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Alot of girls when they have sex on their period it can stop completely for the rest of the cycle. But it’s not always a good thing to do if this happens you. My friend gets alot of pain when she does and her period stops

Not usually, but it’s possible. Take a test in a week or two. If you have other pregnancy symptoms with a negative test, see your doctor to be sure.

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You can fall pregnant while being on your period but it’s not as easy as people think. It’s more less likely to happen.


Yes it is possible. I know someone personally who got pregnant that way. Surprised the hell out of me as well

Also… that period might not even have been a period… it could be implantation bleeding!

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It’s possible, but not common. Just get a test done to be sure.

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Lets just say my first child is here because i didnt know you can get pregnant while on your period. You can get pregnant at ANY point in your cycle, certain points are a lot easier than others (ex, ovulation) sperm can live in the vagina for a couple of days (not sure how many)

In my experience having sex on my period has stopped it or even decreased the severity of it.

When ever I had sex on my period, mine would stop, but Iam fixed I cant have anymore babies

Bigger question is who has sex when the woman’s got her period,must be an Italian who likes wearing the "dolmio grin"yuk lol


Wait…people think you can’t get pregnant on your period?


Yes it can happen. Go to your dr in about two or three weeks to make sure.

Well first of all, having sex on your period is not advisable.

It’s to flush out impurities. Stop it.


It’s rare but yes you can

The only 100% birth control is abstinence!

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What if u had period sex …there is penetration but no ejaculation? Is it still possible??

Yes happened to me. I miscarried though :disappointed:


Yes you can get pregnant on your period, but it is also waaay too early to tell if what you’re saying is that you had sex while on your period and that same day it stopped. Sex can actaully cause you to have shorter periods


I got pregnant on my period but I was irregular

I definitely got period while on my cycle

See your Dr. Not face book please

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No if it was your true period.

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I doubt you’d be lactating that early. It usually doesn’t happen until the end of your pregnancy. For me it wasn’t until after I had my son.

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Having sex while in your period can actually shorten the length and stop cramps!

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Not likely. It wouldn’t be the “norm” to get pregnant on your period but not impossible.

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:100: yes. One of my best friends has a 20 year old to prove lol

When someone asks the Web and not a doctor…


Should go see a doctor.
My daughter was having period irregularities and lactation very young and it was a hormonal imbalance.

Yes you can get pregnant when you are having your period. Make an appointment to see your OB/GYN.

Yes, you can – I did. My period stopped immediately on the fourth day even though they usually lasted 11 to 14 days. Got sick about ten days later! Had a girl 8 -1/2 months later!

Lactating’s not a good sign

Hell yeah… we super fertile before and after our period

Lol get yourself a obstetrician MD.

There’s a lot of factually wrong answers in here and lactating could be for other reasons besides pregnancy even though some here say that’s the only reason possible. Only advice I would ever give to a person saying this would be to see your doctor not ask fb. Please please please just go to your doctor.

No more than likely the sex stopped your period. It’s happened to me a lot


As a 27 year old dude who’s a virgin and whose best friends are almost all female, IDK. I do remember reading a health article that said sex during your period is supposed to be more pleasurable due to nerve endings down there being extremely sensitive.

During Your Period
The chances are pretty good that you will not get pregnant during your period. Menstruation is the signal that the ovum was not fertilized or implanted, leading to a drop in hormone levels and the shedding of the uterine lining. During this stage in your cycle, your risk of pregnancy will remain negligible until you next ovulate.

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Yes tho unlikely … It’s definitely possible … Not everyone has the text menstrual cycle

Reading below comments from facebook doctors cz i gt nothing to do today jeezuuusss :rofl::rofl::rofl:some.of the comments i read myann do they even know what they are saying

Fyi for all ya genuis doctor out here lactation start only around your mid pregnacy which is 3-5 mnths normally

Unless a colostrum situation which can happen at early trimester of your pregnancy

I just Google it because I don’t have periods so I can’t help u sorry hun

i got pregnant on my period

Yes think your more fertile

Check you prolactin levels.

Yes. Its rare, but it does occassionally happen.

Congratulations in advance

So many facebook doctors in here its amazing no wonder why the gov tryna sell off our NHS cz we have so many facebook doctors :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Fyi never give any advice regarding any health issue or medicinal cz every human body is different if it works out for you it might not work out for the person you giving advice to it may cause harm to them so think before giving any medicinal and health advise

Why i say this cz i am a med student and jus want to put out the word every human body is not the same so pls think think before giving any health or meds advise

Oh my goodness with these questions!

… I just want to know the outcome…

The misinformation on this thread is frightening. Our schools really did fail us, didn’t they. :rofl:


Why don’t you just call your doctor?

I wouldn’t be so alarmed just yet. Although this is a mans opinion. Could just be your hormones especially if your new to intercourse. Possibly swelling? Don’t freak out! You got this. If it’s too soon there’s options for you. Don’t be afraid to step into a direction if others disagree. :wink: good luck yo!

2as it comfortable before your 6 week check up ?

Lactating could be a number of things could be a hormone imbalance it could be a tumor or you could be pregnant or it could be what they call false pregnancy because you’re thinking you are I would definitely go and get evaluated by a physician. Your doctor is the only one that will know best.

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Good decision on your part to ask Facebook. Smfh…


Holy shit is this chick retarded

Go see your doctor :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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Google about reproduction

It is likely to become pregnant if you have sex on your period but what I would be more concerned about is why you’re lactating. Lactating while not pregnant could be galactorrhea and should be checked out. Just go to the doctor. They’ll solve the riddle. :grin: Good luck!

anytime you have sex you can get pregnant

You can pretty much get pregnant anytime you’re just “less fertile” at certain times of the month.

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People on this page are actual idiots


It could also be you got pregnant so close to your period that you still got it, but it was short. That happened with my first child. Dr said i conceived christmas weekend but i still got my period the beginning of January like normal. Didnt suspect a thing until i missed Feb.


I bleed a lot when I get pregnant and often confuse it with having a period.

Some of y’all rude as fuck but thanks for the answers :heart::heart::heart::rofl:

Lol! Ur more likely to get pregnant at that time.

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Just go get a morning after pill

Go c a dr., after all we’re not drs…:thinking:js

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I had sex on the fourth day of my period and still had my next period then missed the 3rd found out I was pregnant . Only had sex that one time. Anything is possible

I was been tested for early menopause and it was like surprise, your pregnant. :see_no_evil:

You’ve been lactating? Wait what?? Lol

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Sounds like u been pregnant…go see a doctor

You can get pregnant on your period, but sex does help clear out your down stairs :slight_smile: I bet your fine, just go in to your local public health and get a pee test done if your that stressed!

Yep. I did. Now he is 7 lol

Don’t you all have cramps… I mean when I’m on mine sex is the last thing I want :sweat_smile: lol

I got pregnant with my daughter while I was on my period

THATS exactly how I got pregnant actually :joy::woman_facepalming:t3: