Are hiccups normal in babies?

So I am 33 weeks almost 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve noticed recently my baby has been having hiccups like crazy. 4-5 times a day & last about an hour - almost two hours. & I feel like that a really long time for her to be having them? I feel like I’ve been calling my doctor like crazy & just want to see what other Mama’s have experienced and know before going in or calling. :blush:


Completely normal. My baby had hiccups allllll the time. Don’t think it’s anything to worry about!!

I’m 34 and a half weeks my baby has constant hiccups. Practising breathing

My second did this s lot too!

I know your worried but can I say that’s adorable!! I never felt mine hiccup. It is normal though. But if you want to call in anyways, always do. Don’t take advice from anyone if your still concerned and it doesn’t ease your mind. A stressed mommy is a stressed baby.

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It’s good!!! You’ll miss them when they aren’t so often.

She’s exercising how to breathe

My first hiccuped soo much! I think it’s perfectly fine.

Two of my three huccupped the entire time I was pregnant (at least it felt like it lol) perfectly normal

Hiccups are a good thing. Got to get that practice breathing going and hiccups are a part of that.

My boy did this! I’d say check in with your doctor and talk about acid reflux… nothing to be alarmed about though.

my ob told me it was baby practicing breathing and starting to use his lungs! hiccups are totally normal

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My son I just had the 29th did the same thing so hard my belly would jump hard with each one and they lasted for ever and he got them several times a day but he was and is completely healthy he was 8lbs04oz 20.25in. and is two weeks old and weighs 8lbs14oz

The hiccups were the best part for me! My last 2 months it seemed to be constant. 10 years later and I still miss them

I miss feeling that!! X

Totally normal my son had them so much

Very normal towards the end.

My daughter did that all day long and all night long.

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It’s normal lol both my sons had hiccups allllll the time.

Learning how to breathe… super cute. Hiccups are normal

My youngest did this constantly while I was pregnant with her so much it had me worried. My Dr said it was normal. She was born perfectly healthy and still got the hiccups multiple times a day until she was about 3 months old

My daughter had hiccups at least twice a day every day lol i miss those little hiccups! Enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face: completely normal

Mine hiccuped all the time in utero and he still hiccups at least once a day now and hes 5.5 months

Hiccups are good and normal. I always liked it when mine had hiccups inside me bc I could feel her for longer stretches. It’s kind of cute

It doesnt stop there! My 2 week old daughter constantly had them when I was pregnant with her and now she gets them all the time! They annoy her lol