Am I wrong to not going to my daughters graduation because her dad is there?

You are in the wrong be civil do it for your daughter

It’s awful, You literally chose this man to be her father and now you are punishing HER for it?!

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You are completely selfish for making it about you and him…

Grow up , its not about you its about your daughter . Do not make her feel like she has to chose .

WTF is wrong with you? I mean, really. You’re so petty that you would even CONSIDER missing her graduation because he’ll be there?? You are the perfect example of selfish. Smfh. You don’t deserve to be there, honestly. If I were your daughter, I wouldn’t even WANT you there


Suck it up it’s still her dad

Yes you are being selfish and immature

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I wouldn’t forgive you. You need to go. Sit somewhere separate. Take a few pictures then leave. But if you don’t go, she will never forget that.

What? You go and be present for YOUR DAUGHTER! He being where you are should not deterrent!

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Yikes. Of course you must go. Sit somewhere else. Hundreds of people are at graduations. Don’t be this petty you’ll definitely regret it.

You are very very wrong. It’s not about YOU.

How selfish are you…
Not attending to one of your daughters biggest life milestones because of something like that. Would you miss her wedding too?

Your definitely wrong and it’s sad your willing to lose your daughter bc of a difference with her dad :roll_eyes:
She will never forgive you

Yes you are wrong! Sit away from each other.

Umm this not about you or him , it’s about your daughter. So stop acting childish and grow the fuck up

You’re being selfish. Put your daughters needs before your own. Suck it up and go. Just don’t speak nor sit by him.

Your very wrong and childish. So you wouldn’t go to your daughters wedding if her dad walked her down the aisle?
Your a grown ass women, if you can’t put your feelings aside for your child’s big day then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

Um. Wow. Yes, you’re wrong. Get over yourself.

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You are her mother don’t let anyone ever come in between you being there for her

So your daughter should be punished because you don’t like him? Are you serious? Get over yourself.

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You are so selfish.
Get over it. It’s not about you it’s about your daughter celebrating graduating.

If you wanted to be there, you would. Stop making excuses and act like a damn adult. :roll_eyes:

You need to push your feeling aside and do whats best and needed for your daughter on her special day! End of!

Yes you are wrong tf? I don’t understand how you could let someone stop you from being there for your daughter especially on one of her biggest moments and accomplishments. You don’t need to sit next to each other so I don’t see why you wouldn’t go. By not going, you are showing your child that she isn’t worth you being uncomfortable for a few hours for her. You just sound selfish tbh

You are absolutely wrong. This isn’t about YOU or HIM. It’s about YOUR DAUGHTER!!! Think how she will feel if you’re not there I hope you get your s*^t together and be a mother and attend your child’s graduation.

You’re in the wrong. :woman_shrugging:t4: it isn’t about either one of you. It’s about her working her butt off to graduate and I’m sure she would love to have her parents there. You need to hold your own grudges to the side and be there. Personally I would feel hurt and or betrayed. It’s unforgivable.

Yep you’re wrong. That day is about her, not you. Grow up.

You dont have to be near him! Keep your distance. I totally get where your coming from. My parents absolutely HATE eachother…they both went to my grad,and were in the same room when i had my first daughter.the next time they will be “together” is a wedding.


Hell nor high water wouldn’t keep me from my daughters graduation…I was in this similar situation…I went…he sat below me in another seat I could care less I went for my daughter…I’m sorry but that’s just my own opinion


Your daughter will always remember that you couldn’t show up for her.
I wouldn’t want that on me.

Especially if I’ve been the parent who she COULD count on.

Your dislike for someone should never come before your love for your child.

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Omg I would never miss anything for mine Idc how uncomfortable I am shame on you! My step son graduated last year an although it was somewhat uncomfortable for me I went bc I love him and it’s their day not ours!

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Be there for her. Sit far away. Don’t feed into his bull shit. Also I do not blame you but she’s always gonna remember you being there. That’s what counts.

Yes you’re wrong, end of story. Put your shit aside for your DAUGHTER, this ain’t about you.

It’s not about you and ex, it’s about your relationship with your daughter. Put away your feelings of hate and concentrate on your Love for your daughter. HATE IS A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY…FREE YOURSELF AND BE FREE.

You’ll regret not going. Forget about him. Pretend he is not there. If he tries to talk to you tell him you are there for your daughter, not to speak with him. Enjoy her special day, and don’t let him ruin it for you. I’d imagine she’d be pretty hurt if you didn’t go.

YOU ARE WRONG, you need to go for your daughter, just keep away from the ex, its just about you being there for her

You are wrong show up for your child

Yes it’s wrong that you can’t show your daughter how to keep your composure when around someone you don’t like. It’s time to grow up and be the bigger person especially for your daughter this is her only graduation from high school ever. Shit my poor child didn’t even have a graduation because of COVID. Why do you even have to sit near him? I would think it is big enough you wouldn’t be close

As mother’s we often have to put our feelings aside for our children. Ask yourself will your hurt of seeing him there be as bad as your daughters hurt if you’re not there to see her graduate. You and she have spent years working towards the goal of graduation. Don’t let your ex take that from you. Set as far away from him as you can get. Please don’t spoil this wonderful accomplishment of your daughters for a scrum bag man that isn’t worth the time of day.

You have been there for 17 years! Nothing could stop me from being there! You have seen her through her first day of kindergarten all of her milestone. You have as much invested in this Graduation as she does! You and her did it together and alone. Don’t you dare let that child walk that stage alone! It will break her heart and yours and I promise it will not phase him. I repeat don’t let that child walk that stage by herself! Please!

For heavens sake it’s a no brainer! Sit on opposite sides away from him!Don’t look at the man! Don’t engage in communication with him! Ignore him if he engages you in conversation!BUT FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY DO GO AND SUPPORT YOUR DAUGHTER!! I can’t believe this question is even being asked. THIS IS ONE TIME THAT ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!

You should still attend your Daughter’s Grad, just sit in a different area then her Father if you are able to. Bite the lip and be a good example for your Daughter for her special night. Try not to let hard feelings control a special moment in time. Your Daughter knows and understands who has been around for her, if she would like him there, maybe she wants to include him in her life and try to have a little bond. If you show her that you are disliking it or not going to be there for her, then she may feel different toward you and see that that is the way to act instead of being respectful and acting decently. Go and enjoy your Daughter’s moment :slight_smile:

This is about your daughter, not her father. Besides, nothing can change the fact that the said man is her father, whether you show up or not. So you better go and support your daughter. Period

Grow up. That is your daughter. Who gives af if he goes? Your love for her needs to be stronger than your disdain for him. Your desire to be there for her needs to trump your need to not see him. If it’s not that is shitty and she will NEVER forget that. The fact you even said that to her is so heartbreaking

Yes you are absolutely in the wrong and will regret not being there for your daughter. Stay on opposite sides so you don’t have to see him but you have to be there. Imagine how your daughter will feel knowing you’re not there on this pivotal part of her life! I don’t care if I have to stand next to the devil himself, I am not missing my daughters high school graduation.

I know damn well there ain’t not a single mf on this planet that would stop me from being there for my kids. This shit is dumb. You ain’t even gotta be around him. Sit somewhere else. Don’t acknowledge or engage with him. Giving her an ultimatum is extremely manipulative and toxic as fuck.

Sorry but you’re wrong. It’s not about you and it’s not about your ex it’s about your DAUGHTER! the focus should be on her. You think it’s hurting you? Think how she will feel if her own mother doesn’t show up for her.

YES you absolutely are , stop acting like a child and act as a mother , you do not have to talk to him , you can be in the opposite direction of him .

Let go of what he never done right by her side all those years. Let’s hope he can do so now and in her future :purple_heart::purple_heart::sparkles::sparkles:

Yeah you’re wrong. That’s your daughter and you’re going to miss out on her biggest accomplishment thus far in her young life because you can’t be a grown up? Seriously? My parents divorced when I was in high school, guess what- my mom, dad, and stepmom all came and sat through my graduation because they were there FOR ME. They had one big graduation party together FOR ME. There was A LOT of anger and hurt feelings between both of my parents and my stepmom and my siblings, and my brother and my dad still don’t speak, but when my son was born, they all grew up and sucked up them being uncomfortable for ME and MY CHILD. I graduate from nursing school in a week, and my parents and my stepdad and my siblings (my stepmom passed ten years ago) are all going to be in the same space two days in a row FOR ME! My bf shows up for my sons things as a dad, and I show up for his children’s things as the bonus mom. Do I, my bf, his ex wife, and her bf all are eye to eye and be super friendly and do things together? No. But we do it for the kids we share because the kids are what are important. Grow up.

I totally understand the situation, I would not put myself in the same room as my ex. Especially since he loved to make a show and play the victim. In private he was physically and verbally abusive. A real narcissist, who could spin a tale to his advantage. BUT this is a once in a lifetime event, and you really should be there. I’m sure it will be hard as he will probably play the proud supporting dad (mine would have), the spouse who is friends with you and act hurt that you aren’t friendly towards him, go on about how you wronged him, ect… But again, it’s your daughter’s day. Keep as far away from him as possible, bring a date or friends who know what to expect from the ass, but don’t let him have the satisfaction of knowing he has the power to control and keep you away. It’s just a few hours. Find out what your daughter’s plans are after the event, and make your plans accordingly. Do not let him win this game he is playing.

Yes, you are completely in the wrong. It’s your child’s graduation day and you should celebrate your child! It’s a huge milestone in her life that you can never redo. NO ONE will ever stop me from supporting my child ever!

GO show your support nothing worse than not having a parent show up to a special event and supporting you.

My experience:
l invited my dad to my wedding and he came to town but because l was busy getting everything ready for the big day and couldn’t give him the attention he wanted he left.
I got so upset at my wedding because l was so busy l forgot untill that moment when the celebrate askes who gives this bride away?
My father in law stepped up.
It was humiliating and it broke me.


l have only just started talking to my dad again because l had someone tell me he passed away, l had to find out if it was true and l have been married now for 12yrs.

Dont let anyone stop you for supporting your child/ren. LIFE is to short and you just dont know when you or those you love will be gone.

Your kid would never ever forget this! Can’t you just not sit together? & leave when it’s over? Don’t miss such a huge milestone bc of someone who she sees “once in a blue moon”.

Graduation is about your daughter. Not you and your ex. You need to put it all aside for this time. Keep your distance, be civil for your daughter. Just because you can’t stand him doesn’t mean your daughter has to pay the price. You need to go for her.

You don’t have to sit next to the dude that’s your daughter there’s no kind of excuse in the world to not show up for your daughters graduation

Your in the wrong for not going! Who cares if he is there!! You don’t have to sit by him or have any interaction. You will regret not going!

It’s about your daughter, not your non relationship with her dad. Go to show your love for her but keep your distance from your ex. This is from my personal experience.

Do NOT allow him the satisfaction of your missing your child’s milestone- just steer clear, but BE there.

Why would you give that man so much power over yourself. Get yourself a mini makeover,hold your head high, sit away from him,and watch him eat his heart out.

You can go to the graduation and sit on the opposite side and do what you need to do to avoid him, if he’s the problem.

In my opinion, I think you should go. You will regret not going just because your ex is there and if I was your daughter I would feel like she did not matter.

If you don’t go, the only one you will be hurting is your daughter,

Your baby only graduates once. Show up and sit opposite of him. Be there for your daughter and it’ll mean the world to her. It’s not about you dear.

Your daughters graduation is about her not you, I’m sure you can put your feelings aside for a few hours

This is about your child not about the father or you!

You should support your baby. He prolly won’t even show up

Yes she is YOUR DAUGHTER grow up it’s not about you but her ignore him

Do not, let him being there, stop you from being there!! That isn’t fair to your daughter at all!!

Yes you’re in the wrong . I only had to read the first sentence

It’s not like you have to sit together or be near him. Grow up.

Put your feelings aside this is your daughters day. You don’t have to sit near him.

You need to be there for you daughter regardless who is going to be there it is her big day…you two can keep your distance for a few hours to make her happy

Sounds like you need to grow the f up. I don’t care how much I hate my ex nothing would stop me from being at my kids graduation.

F that!! I wouldn’t miss my daughter’s graduation for anything!!

You need to go for your daughter, just don’t sit with him

You’re in the wrong. Suck it up and put your child first

You will regret it going …go

Sit in the back don’t look for him

Yes. Your absolutely wrong.

So your punishing your child because you can’t stand her father ? This is a one in a lifetime situation which a parent should be there to support her. You are definitely wrong. Your daughter will hold that against you for years to come. Put your big girl pants on and stand by your daughter. It’s her day not yours.

Oh my God, grow up! You need to be there for your daughter and just ignore her father. She graduates once in her lifetime.

:100:% YES, you are wrong!!!

Wait… what!!! Grow up! This is seriously the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard…That day is not about you… it’s about celebrating your child on her graduation day…. Which is a huge accomplishment! Sit away from him if you must, but your behind needs to be there cheering on your child! If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then it will serve you right if she never speaks to you again.

Yes ur wrong that’s ur daughter’s graduation whi cares if he’s there or not b an adult watch that milestone in ur daughters life and fuck ur ex I mean really ud miss that over him sounds very childish to me

You bash him so bad but you are so childish that you are gonna miss out on one of the biggest moments in her life because you can’t just put y’all’s childish actions aside FOR HER for a couple hours. In my opinion YOU don’t deserve to go anymore then he does…

100% yata in this situation. Absolutely horrid to not go. I would find a buddy to help keep me calm (not fire me up) if I needed to but I wouldn’t miss my baby’s grad.

Yes you are wrong. Time to grow up.

Definitely wrong. Your going to let a man you despise dictate the memory of your daughters graduation. You got her to this point in her life and you should share and celebrate with her. The auditorium is big, big enough that you don’t have to sit anywhere near don’t stop showing for your child because he is around. Thats not setting an example. He probably knows he has that much power over you and will pick pick to get under your skin because he knows u despise him. I can’t even believe you fixed your fingers to type that out for this thread. Like seriously… What do you think :speech_balloon:?? Of course you should be there and of course you’re wrong if you do not go. Your child counts on you not him so don’t disappoint over him.

Are you a child? Are you really not attending a milestone of your daughters because of her sperm donor? This is ridiculous.

I’d pick the scariest of my friends willing to kick his ass or keep him quiet. Police escort is necessary. I don’t care who the hell is there and how much I hate them. Graduation?!? You can’t get that back. She made it all the way there, YOU made it all the way to graduation. It’s celebrating not only her accomplishments but yours as a mother. FIND A WAY. There’s not an excuse on the planet aside from a restraining order that should prevent an active and present parent from supporting their child on this ONCE in a lifetime moment

You lady are incredibly selfish. And if you miss Thai event then be prepared to have your relationship with you daughter change forever.

Imo you are in the wrong. No it won’t be easy but abandoning your daughter on graduation day isn’t the answer

Yeh you are wrong… grow up you sound like a teenager

You are so wrong! Grow up

Wow. I just have no words. The fact that you even have to ask that question…

Just go. It’s not about you or him, It’s about her.

Mbe there for her! You don’t have to sit with him! You will be there for your DAUGHTER!

If you cant be an adult and put your differeances aside for a few hours, YOU dont deserve to be there. You dont have to sit with him. But if you rather miss one of the most imoortant days of your daughters life thats on you.

It’s time to put on your big girl panties and get off your butt and go to your child’s graduation! Be the adult in the room, do not interact with him in any way. Ignore if he says something to you. You need to set an example for your daughter, who obviously knows your feelings. Let her know that SHE is more important to you than anything in the world!