Advice on lice?

Use a lice shampoo then apply conditioner 1/2 - 3/4 of a bottle DO NOT RINSE (cheap brand), wrap head with plastic wrap let sit on wet hair for about an hour. Once done pin up hair, use a lice comb and a head light (yes this is important) and start at the base on the skull and divide into sections. Comb small sections right to the base, Wiping off comb each time. The smothering of the conditioner kills the little ones and helps dissolve the glue in the nits. Bag up bedding and pillows and any stuffies. Wash, wash, wash. Vacuum mattress. If it’s cold like -10 C or more, toss bags out side and let freeze for a couple of days then wash. This is war, not just one battle. Day 2 repeat hair regime, repeat for a week conditioner etc, Nits hatch in 7 days so your in it for the week. At the end of 7 days, I retreat with nix. Wash all linen in hot water and hot dryer. Every few days. Tee tree oil in shampoo help keep them away, and yes day care has them. 100%. Also, probability of you having them as well is high. So… go into the bath room and hang your head in sink and scratch your head aggressively, you will see them in the sink if you have any. Hair dye after a mix treatment should get rid of them for you. Or see above.

I got this lice spray I don’t know if it can be used on babies. But I spray my girls every day their school had a bad bad cycle of lice and because of policy the kiddos kept giving it back and forth to eachother. Since using it they haven’t gotten lice again. if I have a school event I will be near other children I give myself a spritz Robot or human?

Apple cider vinegar works good

Tea tree oil shampoo also have to pick all the nits out

My 3 girls had it at the same time. It was horrible. Sprayed their hair, there schoolbags, bought all new brushes, used several products and the one that worked for us was the brown Listerine.

Put drops of tea tree oil in shampoo. Good deterrent

My daughter had them like 4 times in one school year last year!! I was so pissed by the 4th time. I ended up taking her to a place that did her hair and my hair. They did an awesome job and it was so much easier for me cuz I only had to do the beds and house stuff. And they sent home the rest of the formula to do our hair with 1 more time. The spray is all natural and works like magic! Just Google lice prevention center near you, it’s totally worth it. And get the fairy tales spray, it keeps them away after you get rid of them. It’s like rosemary and tea tree oil and you just spritz it in their hair before school and they will usually stay away. Good luck mama :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Comb comb comb every 3 days.

Put hair conditioner on her hair and go through with nit combs. Make sure you click the lice or they can lay eggs etc again. Do it daily till all the comb is clear. Put some conditioner in her hair for school everyday. Make sure it is also tied up.
None of the headlice things we bought worked, when in nursery. I tried this and there hasn’t been a issue since.

Ps you can leave conditioner in but not shampoo. Shampoo damages their hair if any is left in.

Put tea tree oil in your shampoo and use it from now on. It keeps the little buggers gone.

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Leave the treatment in overnight & wash in the morning- the bugs should be dead… my son started prep last year & got lice within the first year- thankfully we have boys and can cut their hair really short so the treatment is effective. I remember growing up with lice and mum would always treat our hair only for us to go back to school and bring them home again… was a never ending cycle

Use the comb. Use the comb. Use the comb. The comb is more important than the shampoo/treatments. Use the comb every single day and section the hair like you are dying it with foil, its long and painstaking but you have to. Change her sheets and wash her pillowcase every day until they’re gone. They make a spray for furniture that you cant wash, I used that. My now 13 year old got it real bad when she was in 3rd or 4th grade and they were so persistent. They’ve been gone ever since but they were a real pain.

Sooooo many schools don’t know take it seriously cuz they areore worried about attendance

Use Mayo! I know it sounds gross but it has worked every time my little sister got it. Cover head with mayo and let it sit for at least 30mins (we did it for a hour) and comb it out. They also sell those lice sprays that u use on furniture just to prevent kids from getting it back!

Lice shampoo doesn’t work anymore!! They are basically immune to it now. You have to use lots of coconut oil and seriously just smother them all in the oil and sit there and comb for hours to get every single one out. Wash hair with tea tree shampoo and then put a buttload of coconut oil in hair again and comb again. The only way I got rid of them in my daughters long hair.

Also straightening her hair with flat iron.
No sharing stuff. Keep hair up. Don’t bother unbagging stuff until it’s well over. It’s an awful mess. As long as parents are sending their kids to school not checking or still have it it’s going to be a frustrating cycle.

Also letting her know it’s not her fault and they always find their way to the best kids ever. Put some kind of positive spin on it so she doesn’t feel shame or dirty. It sucks. Been there done it lol.
My daughter was in kindergarten. My son never had it. One night I was shaving his head as it was due time. My daughter wanted hers shaved to be his real twin. Sigh. I actually did it. ONLY because of the long process of dealing with lice!!! I told everyone she’s bringing the Sinead O’Connor back :grin:

Put tea tree oil in baby shampoo after you get rid of them

For future reference, if you have a hair straightener, use that. The heat kills the eggs (negating the need for the comb) then liberally oil her hair, focusing on the scalp. Put a shower cap on for 2hrs with the oil in her hair. This was something I discovered when my cousin was kind enough to give me lice and I’m allergic to the chemicals in lice kits.

Also, a few drops of tea tree oil in shampoos and conditioners will keep them from coming back.

Listerine the alcohol in it kills them and the eggs. To actually comb them out olive oil worked and kills the live ones. The otc products don’t work because they’ve become chemical resistant

Tea tree oil works amassing! Pour it into your shampoo and shake… The smell is awful but it works

Tea tree oil in the hair helps prevent it makes it harder and when treating u have to wash/spray everything bed couches clothes and EVERYTHING comb through their hair and blow dry their hair for 2 weeks will help get rid of them the blow drying helps kill the eggs and the combing help u get everything out it’s normal at elementary school and under :woman_shrugging:

Tea tree oil in your shampoo

Add tea tree oil to the shampoo
My daughter is dealing with it,
Someone at school is giving it to her and they don’t do shit about it. So I’ve started spraying some of my hair oil too. I’m combing everyday

Knit pickers will do it and gurantee it to be gone

Tea tree oil is good for keeping them away. Dont use around pets though

Oh and make sure you wash all bedding the dryer works wonders and spray things you can’t wash with tea tree oil

I put tea oil in the shampoo and also I went and got fairy tales and spray it in their hair daily.
For treatment. I did left it soaked in their hair until dry and redid it again and washed it out. I went through their hair first and pulled all the live Louse out then treatment. After it dried twice I rinsed it went through and pulled the rest out (if I missed) and eggs (if I missed)
Bedding/stuffed animals etc I washed in hot bleach water

I have used tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner every day for my girl in kindergarten.

We used vamoose…also spray the car seat …we had a hairstylist tell us to do that

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You have to wash literally everything. Sheets, blanlets, clothes, stuffed animals, use the spray on all mattresses and upholstered furniture. Its way more than just treating the head and vacuuming. Id even put barrier mattress protectors on all the beds.

Treat your vehicle!!! Everyone forgets the cars!! And car seat!

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Alcohol in a spray bottle and a lice comb. And a hair straightener

Make sure u wash bedding every night. Check for the eggs in their head every night.

Spray everything with the alcohol. Dip comb in it and go thru hair. And the heat from straitener pops and kills the eggs

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We use vinegar I’ve got 4 daughters 1 is a baby so she doesn’t count yet but the vinegar dissolved the glue that hold the eggs to the hair then they actually come off with the comb key is to repeat within the week before other eggs hatch long tough battle don’t give up and don’t cut the hair not the kids fault

Bag up any stuffed animals and leave them sealed for about a week. Unless you can put them in the dryer then do that, on high. Same with all bedding, clothes, towels, etc. Vacuum everything. You also need to go through her hair legit strand by strand making sure you remove every last egg. The comb will not do this. We always pinched our thumb nail to our index finger just above the egg and pull it all the way off the strand of hair. It’s best to go through her hair 2-3 days in a row to make sure nothing is missed. To prevent her from picking it up again you can switch to a mint shampoo and/or add tea tree oil to the shampoo you currently use on her. Or you can mix it with water or detangling spray. Or you could spritz her hair with hair spray. Lice don’t like hair product. They like clean scalps. I’ve dealt with lice a number of times in my own hair growing up and my oldest daughter has brought it home from school 3-4 separate times. Only 1 of those times did her little sister catch it.

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Tea tree shampoo and conditioner full time during school term has worked a treat over all.the years my children

Ladybug worked for us.

Throw away pillows too!

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My daughter, 2 at the time… got it from daycare…and she has a lottt of hair… we used OTC nix. Kept her hair parted and greased. Combed and rebraied everyday for like 2 weeks and of course washed thw sheets, pillows…got new brushes etc. Never had any issues after that. Its a process I don’t wish on anyone… especially with a toddler :woman_facepalming:

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Hair straightener work, the heat will kill them and you just gotta comb them out.


Results works good for treatment. You have to do a treatment in 6 /7 days. Every day until then you have to comb the hair. Also tea tree oil in the shampoo and conditionar. Everyday until both treatment are done. I vacuum couches, beds floors. Car seats. Then spray with vinigar and water mix… vinigar kills them on the spot. Wash bedding. Pillows. Stuffies … clothes… all hair brushes are soaked in a jar with vinigar until treatment is done. And we do everyone even if only one has it.

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Fairytales detangler, nit comb dont forget to soak hair brushes in bleach water, stuffed animals shluld be washed or even just thrown in a dryer on high for awhile to cook the little jerks…while ur kid is at daycsre, u can sprinkle borax laundry powder on carpets nd let it sit a couple hours then vaccuum them.

Need help I got it from my daughter she has long hair but mine is short so do I treat it first or straighten it help

My grandma always put mayonnaise in our hair and take the lice brush and comb throw wrap it up with the mayonnaise and leave over night and wash the next morning and recheck. That always worked depending on how bad it is maybe do it 2 or 3 times. As far as everything that has been touched wash and lysol everything

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Wash all bedding in hot water, and dry on high heat.i would spray bug spray on the mattress, living room furniture and car seat. Boil all Combs and hair brushes. Lice have become become immuned to the over counter head lice Medicine.

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93% rubbing alcohol…soak hair cover with shower cap brush then comb thru hair. Cheapest easiest quickest results.

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I believe any oil will do the trick. We’ve used coconut oil on our girls, it stuns the lice so they can’t run away while picking at them. They say to keep doing it for at least 10 days but depending on how bad it is, 3-4 tops should be fine. Plus cleaning everything else too in the meantime like beds, brushes, etc. Yes, it’s a hassle but you’ll be happy once they’re gone. The killing shampoos sometimes are overrated and expensive. To each their own tho. 🤷 Good luck. :love_letter:

Hair dye works awesome

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Have them sleep with mayo and shower cap/plastic wrap. Works wonders.

We got it in our house probably 3x in 6 months and got checked and cleared by the health department as well.

I have been adding tea tree oil to our squirt bottle that we use to do hair in the morning and we haven’t seen it since. Our day care was great about notifying parents, but the school wouldn’t do anything until so many children had it in each grade or something like that.

Hairspray all parts of the scalp and dont wash for 24 hours. It relieves the itching instantly and will kill them as they have to eat within a certain time frame. Extra hold hairspray is best.

Vamous is the best thing to use. Also the school has to inspect every child by law or they can be shut down.

Lice Center of America. Guaranteed.

I seen on fb. Never used but saw this comb that u just comb there hair and the comb collects the lice in it. I used mayo left cover and wash our before

I would ask other daycare parents if they got an email about lice. It’s perfectly normal for kids to get it.

We use vinegar and lice combs. Tea tree oil is your best friend

I lice combed twice a day for two weeks. The over counter stuff didnt work. Get a good comb.

You need to keep combining the hair with a nit comb daily and re treat in approx a week. The eggs can hatch at any time hence the need for re treat and keep coming to get all eggs out.

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You have to use the shampoo to kill the lice. Then you need a fine tooth comb, a gnit comb, to comb out the eggs. Then you need to wash all bedding towels and clothes including coats and towels and mitts. Then you need to shampoo a few days later. Then you have to use the comb again
As you brush, look for eggs on the comb. If you find eggs after the second shampoo you need to do it again in a few days. This needs to be done to all members of the family

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Comb her hair and your own every morning and night for two weeks. Braid her hair everyday. Put all your bedding in the dryer. All your coats and hats also need to be cleaned. Tea tree oil keeps bugs away , just a couple drops go a long way. Consistency is key. Also, even after the lice has gone, do weekly, or even daily, hair checks.

With my son we had to shave his head to completely get rid of them…his school said the same thing… once they are gone get tea tree essential oil and put several drops in the shampoo…lice hate the smell they wont come back

Bag all stuffed animals that cant be washed in hot water and dryer in garbage bags for 30 days, wash all bedding in hot. If all else fails check and see if there is a “salon” that does live treatment and removal. There’s one and hour from me and guarentees live free in one treatment or 2 I cant remember

Once you use the lice shampoo stuff and wash everything and vacuum everything put Tea Tree Oil in the shampoo. Just 2 or 3 drops depending on the size of the bottle and shake. My daughterbis famous for getting lice and this has helped her tremendously. I even put it in my shampoo and my son’s as well as a junst-in-case situation

Hellman’s mayo. Lather the hair with it, then put something over it, and let them sleep on it overnight. Works great, smells terrible.

Ok. So. My little girl came home with it from summer camp this past summer. We treated her, checked everyone else and cleaned the house. They kept showing up. It got to the point I was treating her every Sunday. We tried every OTC kind. We called the pediatrician and did what they said. NOTHING kept them away. I literally spent $2k on treatments, combs, sprays, you name it. Then a coworker told me about Lice Clinics of America. $185 per head. BUT it worked. They are gone! Their treatment is non invasive, there is no pain and it completely dehydrates the hair and scalp so nothing survives. Totally worth the money. I will never buy another OTC treatment again. I seriously feel traumatized by this. Not to mention my little girl who had to sit through all of that!! AND I had actually looked up wigs…I was desperate enough to shave her head. The last time I found them I just cried. A few minutes later I said that’s it I’m calling them. And I’m so glad I did!!! Oh and it’s guaranteed for 30 days!

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Definitely for the places that do it for you like a salon - if you google one near you

Oh it’s terrible they don’t even send home notes anymore where I live! You have to check everyday! Winter is harder with kids and hats scArves etc. Always put her hair up or braided etc. Peppermint oil helps prevent . But you have to do the treatment and get every egg out as well or they will hatch in about a week. Do another treatment to be safe in a week!

Hairspray and flat irons work the best

My kids had it 2 years ago, first time I ever had to deal with it and it was HELL! It took several weeks to be done w it it seemed like heads would be done then someone would have it again we would be done and someone would have it again. I finally realized it was because of a certain friend one of my kids hung out with.
Pack EVERYTHING up and go to a laundry mat - all clothes even clean ones, towels, pillows, all blankets, cloth window coverings stuffed animals - WASH IT. Theres a spray for things you can’t wash like couches beds chairs. Vacuum and revacuum

Before you comb out the nits put coconut oil with some tea tree oil in it. The coconut oil makes them all come off and the tea tree oil lingers, if any are left they’ll leave because of e tea tree oil. If you’re worried use Fairy Tale hair products, I still use the detangler on the kids before school, them having it once was enough for me. They also use tea tree oil shampoo, just be careful with the tea tree oil if you have pets it’s toxic to dogs and cats

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Id tell other parents and you should try white vinegar it helped me get rid of it with my siblings it will be good for you to start using some kind of lice prevention treatment I buy the FairyTails spray it helps my daughter not get it from daycare, or dance class

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My daughter got them when she was 3 as well. Day care said the SAME THING “we haven’t had ANY CASES”

Well, she goes here, and home. That’s about it. No one has it at home (no one else GOT it either). So I’m PRETTY sure it came from the day care. We too ended up using the prescription, the pediatrician told us that most lice nowadays are resistant or immune to the OTC stuff now. So called “super lice”

Day care however would not let her go back until all the nits were out. Which is HELLA annoying on a 3 year old. They don’t sit still, their hair is so fine the hair AND nits slip right though the comb.

So I’d sit for hours at a time picking those feckers out one by one. The thing is. If you can SEE the nits on my daughters dark hair, they’re already empty. When the lice are in the eggs, the nits are dark and blend right in. It’s when they’ve hatched that you can see the shells because they’re white. Even the health department nurses say that there’s no reason to keep kids out of school for lice once they’ve been treated with the prescription as it’s both an insecticide AND an Ovacide. Even if the damn nits are still stuck to hairs, the lice are all dead. But that “glue” the lice use is like friggin cement.

Incidentally, lice like soft clean hair to scurry through. So don’t wash her hair that often, and keep it in braids when she’s at day care. They also do not live for long at all if they’re not attached to a host. So the obsessive vacuuming can probably stop. They aren’t waiting in the carpet fibers for a new host. They most often transfer between young children because they play so closely and they scurry from one head to the next. Not through hats and brushes like we were always told. Not unless you’re wearing or using it JUST MINUTES after someone with lice has.

And now my head is itching just thinking about it.

Saturate hair in tea tree oil!! Wash everything, bedding, pillows clothes and dry them. Vacuum everything! Put tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle and spray everything you can. My daughter’s had it once and this did the trick in one day. Also saturate the hair a week later just to be sure. The die instantly!

I use coconut oil and tea tree, cover the kids hair in glad wrap for an hour or so then comb the heck out of it. Wash it all out then spray with tea tree oil and water solution. Then I comb every 2nd day and repeat the whole process a week later. The eggs are the tricky things you meed to get them all out. And change the bedding often

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My girls got it from school once. I confined them to a sheet covered couch for the duration. Washed and changed sheets and pillow cases off the couch every day. Washed, vacuumed, laundered, and bagged all stuffed animals. Bought all new combs/brushes. Took forever to finally get rid of because my one daughter kept getting reinfested due to her teacher having fuzzy beanbag chairs in her classroom for reading time. UGH

Fairy Tales! Best stuff ever!!

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There are so many comments. As for the school. I work at a very amazing childcare center and we take any reports of lice very seriously as should all schools because it can become a problem!
Once we hear that a child in a classroom has lice the child can not come back until checked by the director. She is very sweet and will just do a quick check in her office with the parents at drop off to make sure.
But as for the schools part, we remove any and all fabric from the classrooms. When you go there make sure you check the classroom for pillows and stuffies . They should be washed or bagged and quarantined for I think 14 days. Not exactly sure how long. And all children’s bedding and any fabric belongings in cubbies should be sent home to be washed. All of this needs to be done in one day. As well as in any classrooms the child may have visited. The schools should absolutely never release the name of your child!! But should inform parents so they can be vigilant about washing their child’s stuff. All carpets in the classroom should be vacuumed that night

Also! Don’t forget to wash your brushes

I had this problem with my daughter try tea tree oil. Add it to your shampoo and use hairspray it helped me out

Go to a lice clinic and let them treat her! There is a type of lice called Superlice now that regular OTC treatments don’t even touch. Wash everything that can be put in a washing machine on super hot water. My daughter got a case of lice that lasted nearly an entire school year because it was Superlice and we didn’t know that existed so we just kept treating her with home remedies and OTC kits. They aren’t worth the money.
My daughter’s school said they don’t do lice checks anymore so they wouldn’t have known she or anyone else had it and sent home a note about it. Don’t rely on the school.

Stay with it. Get a fine nit comb and comb hair every day while wet. Apple cider vinegar dissolves the glue that holds eggs on hair so wash hatr with it and leave it in while you comb it out. Adult lice lay eggs when they reach 10 days old so don’t let babies reach adulthood. Good luck.

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My mom always used flea shampoo with me. Works like a charm and cheaper then nix. You get more uses out of it too cuz you don’t use the whole bottle. Shampoo and use a lice comb to get the bugs outs. To get the nits (eggs) out you can use olive oil and the comb.

You might need to change the pillow. You can also try spring themed. We had to get Rid home lice.

Put tee tree oil in your shampoo. Lice and ticks hate it. It will help prevent your child from getting lice in the future. Its very hard to get rid of lice. Make sure u put all clothing and blankets in the dryer . the heat will kill the bugs.

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Make sure you toss stuffed animals in the dryer as well as pillows on high heat for a good hour, along with hats scarves anything else that cannot be washed easily to get rid of hidden eggs.

I live by olive oil and a towel on the head for an hour or so then shampoo and repeat if need. I also wash and dry everything from pillows to blankets to their rugs.

Don’t FORGET the carseat!!!

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Put mayo in hair with wrap overnight then wash. The mayo will suffocate them

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Mayonnaise and siran wrap!! Put mayonnaise all over hair/scalp cover with siran wrap for few hours, rinse and comb through hair. Adding tee tree oil to shampoo helps keep them away.


Oil was what we used when I was little google some stuff to help you. My mom put everything outside in the cold in garbage bags for a couple days.

Get this! I use it once a week to prevent lice and my daughter hasn’t had it for over a year, she went 3 years in a row getting it every month for a few months
Then use tea tree oil, rub it on her scalp and have her sleep with it


Whenever my children have gotten it I would use home remedies. I liked olive oil…I’d saturate their hair with it, and wrap their hair overnight. The next day comb through and pick everything out with lice comb. Then would use tea tree oil or shampoo for awhile to keep the lice away

Over the counter treatment (once a week until done) vacuum - make sure you empty the bag or canister outside every time otherwise they just crawl right back out of the vacuum. Wash all bedding/blankets/stuffed animals every day in hot water or store in sealed plastic in a cold environment for two weeks. Vacuum beds, couches, etc every day. Wash towels in hot water every day. Pick hair every day and remove any nits until gone.

Coke cola washes them out really cheap put on head let dry then wash away bugs and nitts

Lice clinic… tried to treat countless times with OTC meds and 200 later … super lice are immune. Clinic did it in one treatment

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My mom always Put tea Tree oil in the lice Shampoo itself, and our Shampoo and Conditioner as well.

Check out the cootie queens page! Shes a lice expert!

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Use a hairdryer on high warm to blow dry her hair. It will burn all eggs and lice. Trust me it works

My daughter kept getting them. Turned out to bed from the girl she was next to at nap/rest time. I asked my daughter who she was near at that time. I told her teacher and she told her parents and turned out she had them bad and noone knew.

Some might disagree strongly but…
Frontline spray lol … dead within minutes, wash out and comb eggs out. Works great order their products and do it yourself