Would you lie for your spouse?

What happens on my household stays in my household! Ain’t no body’s business what goes on in my four walls !!

That’s not lying. That’s spreading your SO’s business around. Lying would be lying. Lol If someone straight asks you, tell them “talk to him”. Also, why in the heck is it anyone’s business outside your home who he works for or why? This is a non-issue. Choose your spouse. Keep those lips zipped.


Wtf? Is that even a question? :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:. Back your husband up, Why would you be telling your business to other people. It’s not called lying it’s called not informing your business to people who don’t need to know everything.

I won’t lie for no one,


It’s always a SIN to lie period.

You and your spouse are a team, no matter what is going on in your personal life. It’s no one else’s business unless you chose to share that with them. Choosing not to tell his sister something about him is not lying to anyone. It’s yours and his right to privacy. You don’t have to share everything going on in your lives with anyone else. Regardless of who they are!

I would lie and I guess I don’t understand why it would be any of her business where or what he does for work his job or jobless shouldn’t have any effect on their relationship.

Personally, I wouldn’t lie. That being said, I would tell the sister to ask her brother instead of me. 🤷

I’d lie to my spouse, for my spouse, and about my spouse. Oh and her parents…lll

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For the better part of everything I stand behind my husband, if its just wrong n my eyes then no. In your case I would, no ones business anyways.

Umm only way I’m not lying for my other is if has to do with murder or hurting my kids

It’s your spouse. They confided in you. Keep your mouth shut or else there’s no trust!

Stand behind your spouse always :heart:

I wouldn’t lie. I’d just tell the nosey person, if my partner hasn’t told them anything, then it’s not my business to do so either.

It’s no ones business. I wouldn’t say a damn thing✌🏼


Why is her business? Is she paying your bills? If not, this is between you and your husband.

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Keep what happens in your house in your damn house… Thats the way it is at my house

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I would 100% lie for him.

I think you should respect you SO wishes. If and when he wants her to know, it should be his choice to tell her.

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Why would the sister even be asking randomly about the employment of a family member?