Would you let your 14 year old get their septum pierced?

Idk for me I feel like it’s a little young. But it’s your daughter and you know her maturity level. You would know best if she’s old enough to have it. She really just needs to be responsible enough to keep it clean. So I’d look at her bedroom for example… Is it clean or dirty? It’s such a small area to keep clean and everything in her room is her responsibility… How does she treat it?

I hope when she gets it, she loves it and takes great care of it :heart: good luck mama

My 11 year old got her nose pierced this year. I think if they know the pros and cons, it’s okay. Teaches them responsibility in a way lol

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I would. She can always take it out when she’s tired of it

My mom didnt let me pierce my nose at 13 . . Instead I did it myself :joy::woman_facepalming: I’d be happy shes still asking for approval and take her to get it professionally. A septum is easily hideable so i dont see an issue .

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My daughter pierced her own nose at 13. She called my bluff :joy::joy: didn’t think she would

I would let mine as long as they show they are mature enough to take care of it and they earned it. I have already told them we are open to the idea as long as they wanted it for more than a year then we will. Our 7yr old son wants his ears done like daddy’s and I told him to wait a couple years and if he still wants it we will go do it

I would.
If it’s something she really wants, and you feel like she is responsible enough to care for it (it doesn’t take that much work, tbh. I’ve had mine done 3x), then I would let her do it. People make piercings such a big deal, when it’s something you can just remove if you decide you don’t want it. It’s not a permanent decision.

Yes. I got my belly button done at 14. My little sister was too impatient to wait until 14 and tried doing it herself, it didn’t go well. It’s better to allow it and get it done well. Especially since she’s been asking a while. Just check where she can get it done and at what age, for a lot of things it’s 14 with parents permission, and then if she has to wait a bit at least she knows why and knows it will happen.

I would! It’s better to take her to a safe, clean, sterile place who will do it properly.

Let her know you support her and the ways she wants to express herself!

It’s always better to take her to a safer place to get it done instead of her trying to get it done where she get can get an infection or disease.

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I would I had my belly and nose done around that age. If you don’t she might just do it herself.

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I say go for it! Piercings can always be removed if she chooses to. Plus, you would rather take her & make sure it’s done safely, rather than her sneak & do it on her own!

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I got my lip piercings at 16 they are called snakebites. Although I took them out years later because I found out they can damage your gum line on the bottom row of teeth. Take her to a safe and clean tattoo shop to get it done. It’s better that way than her doing it herself, causing injury, and/or getting an infection.

I got my belly button piercing at 14

Why are you asking… is it the age, safety or you’re not sure you/ others like the way it will look? age - to me, a non issue because that age should be learning responsibility for their body and choices. safety - to me, also a non issue because you will take her to a clean and reputable piercer. not liking the look, or concern of others opinions - that’s a you issue.

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Honestly that’s completely up to you and how you feel as far as her being able to keep it clean and take care of it.
To start out I’d get her a fake one that is magnetic and try that to see how she feels about it and if she loves it then go get it professionally done.

Yes!!! Let her express herself! Take her to get it done where it’s safe & clean… so she won’t do it behind your back somewhere not safe… also piercings grow up… so it’s not permanent if she no longer wants it

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Mines got her ears, nose, eyebrow, bellybutton and lip done :woman_shrugging: she’ll be 15 in November

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Why not :slightly_smiling_face: Her body, her choice. If she doesn’t like it, it’s a piercing. She can easily take it out.

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Nope. I got my belly done at 16. Same with my first tattoo.
Another ear hole or a nostril at 14 is fine but I’d make her wait til she was 16 for eyebrow, lip, septum or tongue

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Yes. My mom paid for mine for my birthday when I was 14 or 15. It heals quickly, and if/when she takes it out you can’t see the scar at all. Plus if she’s got horse shoe shaped jewelry it’s really easy to hide because you can just flip it up into the nose. Honestly for a facial piercing it’s definitely one of the more mild ones. I used to have 25 piercings above the neck and I have a few scars now from them, but you can’t see the scar from the septum at all!

My daughter got her naval ring at 16 had she asked at 14 the answer would have been yes.

Yes or she might end up doing it herself!!

sure I’d take them to get it done professionally obv I got my belly button done a cupple days before my 13th birthday so as long as they take care of it I’d be ok with it

Yes, i let my granddaughts get there belly button pierced. At 13 & 14 years old. They said they not sorry about it. They are now 19 & 20 years old.

Yes! It’s your daughter and your choice. Who cares what other people think. My daughter is 15 with her tongue and belly done. It’s her body,her choice,:heart:

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Yes, I had my belly pierced at 13 and at 14 had my septum my labret my tongue and my eyebrow and at 15 I got my cheeks done, now I’m a piercing apprentice at a tattoo shop 3 years later, kids will always find a way to do what they want, piercings can also always be taken out and with a septum there’s no visible scarring and she can always flip it up to hide it !

I let my 11 year old get hers pierced :person_shrugging:

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Yes absolutely because I’d rather take them to get it done at a shop the right way in the right spot safely and in a cleanly environment than have her end up having a friend pierce it and possibly it getting done wrong and getting infected or etc. also she has her body figured out now and it’s her own. I’d wanna let her express herself how she pleases. She’s more likely to come to you about more things if you let her decide these type of things for herself


Holes will close up, it’s not a permanent thing. I say let her get it done. It’s also easy to hide.

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My parents let me get my belly button done at 15. I would let my daughter as well once she reaches around that age. Piercings can be removed thankfully so I don’t think it would be a problem really as long as you are ok with it.

Yes as long as they know the aftercare I don’t see why nit

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Yes. By 16, I had 6 piercings. I’m a big fan of my septum because it hasn’t scarred my face like some of the others did.

If she takes care of it and keeps it clean then yea sure but she has to promise to take care of it and keep it clean cuz I am not paying for it to be done and then she has to take it out cuz it gets infected cuz she didn’t take care of it

Absolutely, it’s an easy healer, easy to care for, and leaves no scars on the face. I love my all my piercings but my septum is one of my favourites.

Yes. That way you know it gets done right.

get her fake one for now. and she can do it when she 16? is she not at school ? they usually dont allow that sort ofg thing

Healthy and safe ways of expression are always best! Let her do it! I got mine done at 16 and took it out at 22 for a job requirement :woman_shrugging: I was sad it had to go

No, I waited till my daughter was 16 . She got a tattoo on the top of her foot in memory of her daddy. It said STRENGTH and the date he was born/ date he passed.

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Yes!! Better it gets done by a professional. Teens will find a way to do it… but it wouldn’t be a safe option lol I still have ugly marks on my body from trying to tattoo myself with a needle and a mixture of cigarette ashes & water. :laughing::woman_facepalming:

Unless your a bull no one should have that piered


If my child has been wanting it done and is 100% sure, then yeah, even if they don’t like it, it can be removed. I rather have my child do body modifications with me there, than go to a back room of a house and get it done by somebody who isn’t a professional.

Sure, why not?! I hate that piercing, but you are only young once. Of course I would take into account how responsible the kid is beforehand because they would have to take care of it.

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I personally don’t care for that piercing……but if the child decides she doesn’t like it in the future…. At least you won’t be able to see the hole! So that’s a plus!

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Why not? If her grades are good and behavior at home is good.

She can take it out if she doesn’t end up liking it.

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Why not. I’d make sure she knows to take care of it tho