Would you leave if your husband had an emotional affair?

Would you leave if you found out your husband had an emotional affair?


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I would personally try to figure out why, because generally in most cases, people cheat when their needs aren’t being met. Maybe try to figure out why he did what he did and then make your decision from that on if you want to continue or not.


No but I would try n figure out y he is going to another woman emotionally so I could try fill that void so he don’t feel the need to go elsewhere for support

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Think about it he would leave you if you did that🙃


An affair is an affair emotionally or not


That’s the worst kind. Getting drunk and sleeping with someone that means nothing is awful but at least there was no attachment. If I couldn’t stay if he physically cheated with another woman then I definitely couldn’t if it was emotionally.


Emotional affair?.. What the…? How is that even a thing?.. lol

I personally don’t see anything wrong with a man (or woman) having close friendships with the opposite sex while they are in a relationship with another person…
It’s normal for both sexes to have friends… Their friendships shouldn’t make a difference if they are either gender…
I’ve got quite a few close male friends… and my husband has a lot of female friends he’s close to… Close friendships are emotional friendships/relationships (same diff)… It shouldn’t be a big deal…
If you’re in an intimate relationship with a person you should be able to have 100% trust in each other… If you don’t and you find it wrong or believe your partner shouldn’t be so emotional close to his friends that are the opposite sex then you need to either search deep into yourself and work out why you feel that way and work on fixing whatever your issue is or you shouldn’t be in the relationship…
The partner isn’t having an affair… Calling it an affair is ludicrous and is a red flag that you have deeper issues in yourself you need to work through… Your partner isn’t the issue… You are!
Your partner isn’t doing anything wrong and shouldn’t be expected to stop being friends with people he is close to just because they are the opposite sex…

Yes. Once it’s gone there he has no interest in coming to you for it.

Depends how much money he has. is it enough to be quiet and revenge cheat while I live a good life


What’s an emotional affair? :flushed:

Oh FFS :roll_eyes: there’s obviously a deep rift between you. If you want to work it out, couples therapy both of you. If you’re going to dwell on it, break up and move on.


For me… emotional is worse than just f’ing around.


I think emotional cheating is worse then physically cheating because you have actual deep emotinal feelings for someone else so yea I think I would. Physically cheating doesn’t necessarily mean they have feelings for that person just means they want some. Not saying either one is right just saying I think emotional cheating is worse.


Ladies - doesn’t matter emotion affair or physical affair - repeat after me I don’t want a guy who doesn’t want me. I don’t want a guy who doesn’t want me. It’s the best feeling in the whole wide world to be in love with someone who is wild about you !! Why settle ??


I think it’s worst then physically

I wouldn’t even have to think twice about leaving him . doesn’t that tell you.his love for you has gone.think about it girl.:thinking:

Yep. Bloody oath I did. :sweat_smile:

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I’m prone to emotional affairs. Yes, you should leave. Believe it or not… The emotional stuff goes deeper than the physical.

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I will share my own personal experience with you in hopes you can learn from it. My ex-fiance had feelings for someone else (let’s call her casey) at one point and during a fight said he wanted to leave to go be with casey. I begged him to stay and insisted on therapy. I asked him to block and delete her and he did… for a while. A year later I found her Casey on his friends list again and noticed several likes on her profile from him. And then the end all. I picked up his phone one day to bring it to him because he was in the shower. It was a message from Casey. I opened it because at this point he had betrayed my trust. And as I scrolled back through i found I love you messages and hearts and all the other stuff, dating back over 6 months. Needless to say we broke up.

My point is this. If they have feelings for someone else it’s probably gonna end one way or the other. Leave him now and don’t waste your time


What do you exactly mean lol
I’ve never heard of that!!?

Physical is bad enough, but being emotionally connected with someone else is a WHOLE other ballgame. I’ve heard of people(not many) actually being able to get through the physically cheating with couple’s therapy, but never have I heard of anyone staying with someone who once had feelings for someone else inside their relationship.

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I’d figure out why he felt the need to do that and see if there’s a way to fix it before walking

What Angelina said above :100::100::100:

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Absolutely! Physical I could get past more than likely. We all have temptations and some of us are just stronger willed than others. I acknowledge that.

Emotional? No. You’re giving a piece of yourself to someone that should have already been mine; you shouldn’t have had it to give to someone else. So, absolutely I’d leave over an emotional affair. Emotionally, you should not be connected with anyone else the way or as close as you are with me. If you are, you aren’t the one for me. Period.