Would it be wrong to go on a trip with my child without my husband?

Nope! Enjoy your time with your children. :heart:

Absolutely not! Do it :heart:

You’re allowed to do things without your husband

Why would not be able to do that

My husband’s brother and his mom (husband’s step mom) go on annual trips alone without their dad !! Nothing wrong with some bonding time !! :slight_smile:

Nope nothing wrong with it at all

Not at all. Enjoy the bonding time

Not wrong at all. Me and my mom took little trips all the time

Nope! Go on that trip without him

I take my kid on trips without my husband all the time.
At the end of the summer I would have taken my kid on 3 different trips just me and my kid

Nothing wrong. He may even enjoy some time to himself.

Mommy and me day :slightly_smiling_face: my son and I went to a mommy son dance and spent the whole evening just him and I. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this!

Not wrong at all. Every child needs some one on one with their parents. I love daddy daughter day or mother daughter day. I always looked forward to it and now that I’m grown I miss doing it with my Dad. Thankfully I still have my Mom to keep our tradition going

Not at all! I took a trip without my husband or my youngest. My oldest (from a previous relationship) and I went and we had a great time! It’s important to have that time with each other. They grow up too fast and those are the memories that are so precious!!!

Not wrong at all. Go for it. Be honest and transparent about why you want this. He should support it.


I went out of town my mom and just I without my stepdad or my other 4 siblings. My mom and I tried to bond and mend our relationship. I was in my early twenties however

What makes you feel like spending quality bonding time with YOUR child, not yours together, would upset him?

Go do it… My oldest told me he loves when its just me him n his brother recently a kid needs that

No just tell him that you want a bonding time with your son. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal and if it is that’s gunna have to be his problem. No reason why you can’t do that :blush:

Nothing wrong with one on one time with your lo

No mommy son time is very important. Maybe he can take a trip with your husband soon too. Like a dudes day out.

I took my kids to Tasmania 1 at a time and their dad stayed home with the other kid… 1 on 1 is great for parents and kids! Do it. You wont regret

We do with our kids even though they are both our kids, sometimes you/they need special bonding time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Now I wouldn’t leave him out of Disney or something like that lol, but a little getaway is perfectly good and normal.


My oldest and his father planned a weekend for a school trip. So I took the other 2 kids out of town for a long weekend. There is nothing wrong with it. Maybe he can do one too with your son some time. Go have fun


If it bothers him I don’t know if I would. But no I totally get this. My husband loves when we do it because he can sit and finally play video games lol


I’m going on a weekend trip with my kids and my mom without my husband. :woman_shrugging:t3: You are married. Doesn’t mean you can’t do things without him.


You should and he should as well if he is so inclined. One on one time is invaluable.


You’re not wrong at all.

Not wrong at all. We have 2 boys & we always do mom & boy or boys days & they do the same with their dad. We are a happy family of 4 but sometimes they just need that extra. I just recently took our boys to Hersheypark with 2 other friends that also have boys & my hubby did not come (we had a blast) Then he is doing a camping trip just the boys & I’m staying home in a quite house :rofl::rofl: Dont get me wrong we do plenty of things together but its ok to take separate trips too. Just my opinion

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No. Even if he was bio dad. My daughter and I have done overnights without dad and brother.

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I do date night with my boys all the time or lunch took one to San Diego , couple over night stays up north and my husband stayed home and stayed with the other kiddos no questions asked :slightly_smiling_face: do it! Your hubby may enjoy the break

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No, just explain it… you want some mommy and me time.

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I took my 5 year old on a 5 day holiday last year, I left my partner and other 2 kids at home lol

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No, I often take my daughter to my mums for a few days and the hubby is fine with that. He sees it as we get some mother, daughter, grand daughter bonding time

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Maybe you should try asking your husband…?

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I used to keep each of my children home once a month just so we could have that precious 1/1…

Not only not wrong … but occasionally necessary!

I think it’s a great idea

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Hopefully your husband is not jealous of time spent with your son.
My daughter makes time for one on ones with her son and her husband, the step dad, understands completely. Makes everyone a lot happier.

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My daughter is 22 and we have been going on “just us” little trips for years. We actually have an over nighter next week. It is memories that you will both cherish.

It shouldn’t even be a question to ask. Make those memories and have that time together. We all know those moments with our babies go by so quickly. Go on that trip and savior every minute. :heart:

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I think that is great and there is nothing wrong with having some special time with your child. They grow up so fast so make memories while you can. Enjoy and don’t feel guilty.


Yes my daughter does that with her son. Great bonding time

Take the trip! Make it an annual thing. I take trips with each of my sons individually and also with just my husband. It does wonders for the relationship.

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No! I went on a trip with my daughter when she was 8 and it is one of the best memories she has! Mom/child bonding is so important!

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It’s a great idea. My husband takes his two adult children on a trip every year and they take turns picking the trip but don’t let each other know until they are at airport. I love seeing how happy they are :heart:

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If you feel you need it, you do. Women need to trust their instincts. I wish I had.

Take time with your child. If you have a good relationship with your husband, talk to him. He should understand


No you are not wrong . A loving husband would understand. I wish you and your child a happy time together.

I took my step daughter on a trip for her birthday. Just me and her. Dad didn’t come with us

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Yes! And then your husband can have special bonding time next! Sounds like healthy moves to me!

I take my daughter on girls trips and they have taken trips together.

Not at all! My boys and I go to Minnesota every year to visit my best friend and her family. Hubby is more of a homebody, so it works well for all of us!

My daughter and I traveled all over when she was younger father didn’t go. We had the best time

My son and I had every Wed as our date night when he was young

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I think it is a wonderful idea! Mom/child bonding time it very important. Memory making time. Take lots of pictures!


Not at all! I always had mom and son time and my husband had father and son time then there was family time!

Differently, do it. Parent, child bonding is very important. If your husband cares about you and your child I am sure he would think it is a great idea.

Not at all! We did mom and daughter dates and overnighters all the time! Daddy daughter dates it’s completely ok

My daughter & i go on a girls trip every summer for a few days! She’s now 10 & looks forward to it every year!


Step or biological doesn’t matter. Kids thrive when they get alone special time with one in one. Talk to your husband and have fun!


My boyfriend encourages alone time for me and my son. It’s important for that one on one time.


I would do this even though my husband is my kids biological father just because we all need one on one time with each child in my opinion. Hubby does the fishing/camping trips mum usually the shopping or footy trips away.

Hell no. Not wrong at all. I’ve taken my kids on little get aways many times. Sometimes all of them. Sometimes 1 or 2 of them
Make memories while you can. You can’t turn back time. The “why didn’t I ….” will haunt you if you don’t

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Absolutely go on the trip. And if your husband pictures of fit well may need to talk about that too and why he feels like he does


Why would that be wrong? My children and I get alone time when we can. I have 5 and they all get individual time as well.

Your not wrong. Go and have a good time. My daughter and I have done it before.

Go with your child- your husband should understand - explain the child & you need this time! Nothing wrong- just bonding time!

Please take your daughter once a month for an over-nighter, spa day, museum tours, the zoo, a musical, a play;
Before she’s a teenager and no longer wants to spend time with you


Something wrong with the relationship if you have to get permission to be with your child.

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Absolutely something you should do for you and your child
No special reasons needed!

My daughter and I take road trips several times a year without my husband.

Of course not! It would be wrong if he objected to it.

Of course you are not wrong. Your child needs your undivided attention sometimes. It’s the reality of blended families.

No but I would make sure my husband does not feel rejected. Explain why you want to do it then promise him a weekend for you 2 to go away as a couple.

I did it with my son.it wasn’t overnight.we went to the movies once sometimes twice a week. His real dad never minded. He didn’t like the movies.

No, you’re not wrong. Mother and son boding is important

Just ask your husband if he would ever appreciate a special, bonding overnight trip alone with you without your child :heart:

I did many times when my husband had to work. Camping, the beach we went. But he did go to Hawaii with us​:wink::wink:

No you are not wrong not even a little bit.

Go for it! No harm in spending solo time with your child

I would ask him how he’d feel but can’t imagine a guy who isn’t insecure having an issue with it.

Depends , how old is child nd does hubby work.

I just got home from a 12 day road trip & vacation from Arizona to Georgia and back with my 4 year old and my husband stayed home, I think we all gained from the experience.

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I have done it. I don’t think my husband liked it but we did it anyway

Not wrong at all! And your husband should agree!

I took my three children on a week long vacation two Summers ago… we had a blast

I finally did! I shouldn’t have waited so long! Just do it!

No. Relationships are built 1 on 1. Take your trip.

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You could also have a bonding day when your hubby is at work
You could cook with him
Or take him out for the day to a theme park or a special shopping day with a nice meal
These things are bonding even turning the tv off and having a chat or playing games it doesn’t have to be over night
But even if it is one night won’t hurt xxx

Ur sounding scared. Whats wrong in travelling with ur child? Are u in an abusive relationship? As a Counselor dats how I see ur post. Nothing is wrong abt it ok.

Why do you feel that you can’t bond when your husband is there?

Would you be ok if he did the same ,i see nothing wrong either way

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My husband would go to major league ball games & NFL games & misc other stuff with his ex wife & their kids to spend time as a family. They did this at least twice a year. We had primary custody but they needed time with both parents. It was good for them. Special time is special. Whatever it’s takes. You don’t need your husbands permission. My one daughter was grown married & had a child. She was living in Alaska. I live in Maryland. She had flown out of the country through NY. When she returned her flight arrived Saturday night but her flight to Alaska didn’t leave til late Sunday afternoon- Mother’s Day. I drove up to NY to spend the night with my daughter & Mother’s Day. Had not seen her in a year & didn’t know when I’d see her again. My husband & other 3 kids were so annoyed with me that I messed up Mother’s Day. But it was my day & I DID WHAT I WANTED.

Being part of a couple does not remove your autonomy

Of course there is nothing wrong with taking your child on a holiday

I see nothing wrong with it? Does hubby?

No! Do it! Took my Son to colorado when he was 4! We had a ball!

Why would it be wrong? If your husband can’t go it shouldn’t stop you