Would it be wrong of me to move back home?

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You need to let him be with his family and you need to go with yours. You guys are clearly in two different places and that’s okay. If I were you I’d go back home. You can give him the option to come with you but don’t try to talk him into it and let him make the choice for himself. Just don’t be upset if he chooses to stay there.

Let him go, let him go, let him go!


Definitely visit your family with or without him as soon as it works for you and them. Once there, take time to consider ALL your options. at least a week to get back in grove You may very well find you don’t want to return. Then you’ll have you decision.

Personally, I would never put myself in a chronically toxic situation again. If your guy doesn’t want to leave, you can’t rescue him. If he really wants to leave but feels trapped or doesn’t know how to, you might be able to help. Otherwise protect yourself. No person deserves abuse. The longer you stay, the harder it gets to leave and undo the damage.

From what I gathered and I didn’t even read the whole thing you’re in a toxic relationship yourself, with somebody who doesn’t value or understand your feelings…: If you have to ask then you probably already know the answer go home and don’t look back. cut him loose.


He’s controlling leave him with his toxic family. I guarantee your mental health gets better! I hope your move back home goes smoothly!

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No it ain’t wrong you did it for him he should do it for you. He is probably just toxic tho and told u all that just to get you to move and to be away from any1 u know and be isolated. His ex probably kept him away from his family bc they did to her what they do to you… perspective is important. 2 sides of the story then the truth. If he knows his family is toxic and treat y’all like shit then why is he putting his family first over your mental health if he does then that tells you what u need to know .move with family and be happy he will follow if he knows what’s right

Id say go home alone he dont need to be with you, stay at least 2 weeks see how you feel about being back with your family then make a decision about whats right for you and not him.
How does your family feel that youve not visited them at all?

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I don’t understand why you haven’t visited your family
You make that sound like his fault when YOU are the one CHOOSING not to go
Also you don’t want to live where his family is and he doesn’t want to live where yours is so your relationship sounds kinda doomed

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go home if he go’s fine if not go anyway you think!

You’ve got to do what you think is best for you. He’s a grown man, and can make his own decisions. If he moves with you, he’s “all in” the relationship. If he doesn’t, then the move will do you good. Either way, the move is a win-win situation. You’ll be doing what’s best for you.

For whatever reason that he feels compelled to stay near his family, he’s not leaving them until he is ready. If you push him to leave them, and he’s not ready, he’ll resent you for it later.

You already know what you need to do, for your own sanity & well being. Do it. If he goes with you, that’s great! If he chooses to stay, then he’s not placing the importance of your relationship at the top of his priority list … and he never will … so it’s a sink or swim situation. You can’t save him … only he can do that … you need to save yourself.

Good luck, my friend

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Let him go move back to your family sounds toxic either way if you stay with him


Women move on and live your life. You don’t need him. Be happy


Your health and family always come first. Go home and if he truly loves you then he will follow you, and if he doesn’t then you will at least know where you stand in his life. You tried it his way so now its time to do what’s best for you. Good luck!!

Sounds like a toxic relationship

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You have to make choices in life for your own happiness, move home that’s what you want to do you just want someone to tell you to do it!!

Go where you are safe and have support. If he cares he will follow. If not not. PTSD is difficult enough without the extra hate and trauma

Move back to your home town. He sounds too controlling and maybe some of his family’s toxicity has rubbed off on him. GO BACK!!!

Honey, he’s toxic too. Go home and heal.

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I’d move back home and leave him behind. He sounds a little toxic himself and that’s just not good for your mental health.

Any grown man who blames a “controlling x” is most times lying and telling on himself as your finding out.


He sounds selfish if he’s not willing to do for you what you did for him.

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Y’all live there with him family or what? How bout leave his family alone, don’t be around them. :thinking:

Life’s to short. Get the hell outta there!

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Go back without him…he and his family are abusive.

No, go back home… If you really do want him to come with you… I would have a chat with him and ask. Weather he stays or goes will be your answer… I hope you figure everything out babe … Sending good vibes

Go back home WITHOUT him and take care of yourself. It sounds like the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His family is toxic and so is he.

You said you haven’t seen your family because you want him to go and he won’t. So you can only blame yourself for missing your family. If you wanted to see them so bad you would have went without him. But yea, move. You’re a grown up and can do what you want.

Leave him and them and go home

You say he is a good guy, and I hope he is. Toxic families can be hard to leave BUT it sounds like you have tried your best. Its time to put your mental health and yourself in general first. Tell him you are going (and why) and that he can either go with you or stay with them. He is more than welcome to visit his family anytime but you don’t have to go. If he chooses to stay than you have a chance to leave and move on. Maybe he will go with you and get away from them. It comes down to each of you making a choice, no matter how painful or hard. And doing whats best for yourself.

If I were you I would leave asap. If he won’t come, so be it. Good luck to you.

Go home for a visit and see how you feel from there.

Sounds like you already made up ur mind and if not please go home to ur family even if he doesn’t go with u

First of all your mental health is the #1 most important thing to take care of first period! You are miserable there, his family is toxic and you’re headed for a total breakdown that you may not come back from if you don’t make some changes QUICK!! No man on this earth or his family is worth you having a break down over no matter who it is, his, yours or anyone else’s. You both needed to pack up yesterday and get the hell out of Dodge. Best would be to find neutral in-between ground not to close to either family and live your own lives inviting the desirables to come visit and go visit them and ignoring the undesirables letting him visit them if he wants to. Maybe halfway between your family and his. A new start is always good. If he refuses to work with you and compromise with you on this then I would be saying hasta la vista baby because no one deserves to live in misery including you. Get outta there before you end up in the looney bin :crazy_face:

Your mental well-being is more important. If he truly cares about you, he will understand. MOVE.

Move. Life is too short to put up with all this!

Move back, life’s too short to be unhappy and for you to be treated like that.

Think of your needs now and what makes you happy. You’ve tried it for about a year and you are miserable, are anxious with PTSD and his family treats you horribly.

Probably better to leave him there with them.

If he’s that controlling and manipulative using you as a shield while attacking them then definitely go back to a loving environment.