Would It Be Wrong of Me to Address My Neighbors Being Loud While Doing the Deed?

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"How do I address my neighbors who are…very vocal about their love making? I have 5 kids and i swear these people go at it like 3 times a day…and they do not hold back. We live in an apartment and our walls are paper thin and i dont even know how to handle this…my husband doesnt think i have a right to say anything but i am tired of my kids hearing this… what do i do"

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"Bang on the ceiling next time they will get the picture"

"Honestly just give the wall a good ol bang bang with your fist or a broomstick. They will figure out they are being too loud"

"Call in a noise complaint if you don’t think you can say something to them."

"Unfortunately, that happens with apartments."

"If you wanna say something do it. Your child doesn’t have to hear that. But also banging on the ceiling next time will make them get the hint"

"Turn up the tv or when they are doing it just bang on the wall then they will maybe be quieter"

"I know it’s embarrassing… Maybe a wee nice note first of all suggesting being bit quieter with young kids below hearing them… Maybe they will hopefully be quieter after the note? Is it owned or rented property? It’s a delicate situation I know"

"I mean they’re in the privacy of their own home so u kinda don’t have the right to say anything!!! Put some music on so the kids don’t hear them"

"Eh I’d probably play loud music if it were me. Particularly not sexy music. So weird to me because it sounds like they’re being obnoxious."

"I would say something. Like a “I totally get it, but we can hear you through our walls and I have 5 kids, so could you just please be quieter about it?” Honestly, it might be embarrassing to them if they know you can hear them. So tell them, but like, don’t shame them."

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I have had the same issue and I live alone. The apartment must’ve been vacant next to me because all of a sudden I can hear EVERYTHING! chatting on the phone and now doing the deed. Its gotten to the point that I’ve actually banged on the wall and haven’t heard a peep since! So DO IT!!