Would it be weird to have a wedding after 30 years?

Hi! Not exactly a mama question, but I would love opinions/ideas pls. I have been with my hubby for 32 years, married 28 have three grown kids. We got married at 18 and 21 our parents found out I was five mths pg. And had a quick courthouse wedding, no pics, nothing. This was really not what we wanted but at the time had no choice because of our parents. We wanted to get married but not this way. Would it be weird or crazy if our 30 year anniversary we have a wedding?? Does anyone have any advice?


Do it! It’s not weird at all. So many people have renewed their vows and had a bigger wedding later. That’s what my plan is. We got married at a lawyer’s office with very few people there. We wanted kids and I was getting older. Plus we didn’t want to start our marriage in debt. We will do bigger wedding later in life

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Not weird at all. Everyone deserves to have a proper wedding​:blush::blush:

Definitely not weird . Do whatever makes you happy .

That’s sounds wonderful!! My parent never had a wedding until they’re 25th

Go for it!!! I think it’s an incredible idea

A vow renewal is cool. Go for it!

Definitely not wierd it’s super cute :heart_eyes:go for it love

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Think that be lovely

Why not do it renew your vows and have the wedding you both want 30 years married is incredible in this day and age xxxx


You should totally have a wedding, white dress and all! :heart:

A 30 year wedding anniversary is pearl….just like 25 is silver & 50 is Gold….Do it!!!

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I believe it would be a wonderful way to celebrate​:balloon::balloon::balloon:

Wouldn’t even hesitate you do you! Xx


Not weird at all! Someday I’d love to have my wedding the way I want. Lol

Absolutely do it! Marriages don’t seem to last these days! Celebrate your accomplishments! Congratulations to you both! We are approaching 39 years in Oct🥰

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Why Not? I think it would be WONDERFUL! Just go for it!:+1::heart::+1::heart::+1::heart:

Absolutely not! We did the same thing and once we get some extra money we will be having one!

Do it … do it … do it and take bunches of pictures :heart::heart:

You go and do it your way as if you was planning on doing it

Vow renewal… Yesss!!!

Do like a vowel renewal or just have a reception type thing to celebrate!

That would be very nice,awesome idea

Definitely do that. :heart:

I believe it would be like a vow renewal wouldn’t it?

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Yes do it! My husband and I plan on renewing our vows for our 10 year anniversary❤️

Make your hearts smile. Congratulations on ur up coming nuptials! Happy Wedding Day 👩‍❤‍👨:ring::womans_hat::tophat:

If you want it. DO IT.

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Yes do it! 30 years together is definitely something to celebrate :tada:


Plan and have your beautiful wedding.


D o the wedding. Have fun and enjoy the excitement of it all.

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Got for it. U deserve it

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go for it and confirm your vows most churches are willing

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Go for it my mum and step dad did after 34 years xx

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Not weird. But the way the last few years have been . I say DON’T do it. I know 3 couples together 10 plus years one for 21 years. They got married 2019 and 2020. All 3 are sepersted😞 might be a jinx

anything goes nowadays–I say go for it!!

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Not odd at all, renewals are definitely a thing!

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I think it’s a wonderful idea, you should do it.

It would actually be a vow renewal and it’s a wonderful idea!

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Shoot! You made it that long. Girl you do whatever you want!! Congratulations. Happy wedding day


i think it would be lovely x

Have a Wonderful Wedding! Enjoy!

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Yes do the wedding of your dreams

Life too short! Do want you wAnt you what to do !

Your life, your decision! It should not matter what other people think!!!

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Not at all, have your wedding :wedding:.

Do it,as a jeweler I’ve seen this a lot,especially if the couple is wealthier now…they do upgrade the rings and held another wedding ceremony only with close friends and family

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Not at all odd! 1 it’s something you guys wanna do and 2 honestly being married for 30 years is something to celebrate! Congratulations! I hope you have the best wedding!

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Why not? You could very much renew your vows! My parents have done it I think for one of their wedding anniversaries (I think their 20th, maybe??? I don’t remember, I was younger when it happened.

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Not weird at all. Lots of ppl “renew” their vows at 20, 30, 40yrs of marriage.
It’ll be perfect :heart:

U should do it! Ur love has withstood the test of time, celebrate it :slightly_smiling_face: congrats to u both x

Go for it!!! Don’t worry about what other people think.

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Not wierd at all. I married my husband in the court house. We canceled our chruch wedding plans when we found out I was pregnant and decided to do a courhouse wedding. We married the night before I went into labor. We have talked about getting married in the church and having a reception in the future. 30 years together is definitely something to celebrate so go for it

Heck no! God for it!!!

Have the wedding you’ve always wanted!!!

People do all the time!!! Have a great renewal Wedding/Anniversary!!!

Of course its never to late to have a wedding… its a renewal by then. Have your dream wedding y’all.

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Yes. Do a vow renewal. The way you want.


I think it would be awesome. Have your day and enjoy.

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Renew your vows and have the wedding you always dreamed of. That’s not weird. I hope you do it. :heart:


Do it! It’ll be your vow renewal! Do all the things you didn’t get to have the first time!


We just had our 50 th vowels redone, and had our grandchildren stood up with us. Life is to short. 30 years, you deserve it.


Have the Wedding you allways wanted!!

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Go for it if that’s what you both want.

Do it have the wedding youve always dreamed of!

NOT AT ALL! You celebrate your love!

Renew vowels with big white dress and all the trimmings x

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My parents got remarried for their 25th anniversary and it was beautiful. It was nice as their adult children could all be there to see it :black_heart:

That’s a wonderful idea

Have your wedding! Don’t lose your opportunity!
You will always regret it if you don’t !

I would do an anniversary party!

I wouldn’t have a wedding, I’d have a vow renewal ceremony. You can still have your vows, cake,meal reception & dance, pictures taken.

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Absolutely! Plus you’re grown ass people and can celebrate what you want and how you want.


It’s 2021! Do a wedding and the way you want! Who cares what others think! Everyone loves weddings and if they are real family and friends they will come no matter how long you have been together

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Fantastic very memorable

I love that idea
Have the wedding of your dreams

I think vow renewals are beautiful. I’d do it.


I think it would be WONDERFUL!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I say go for it. Have whatever kind of wedding/vow renewal that you dream of!!

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100% you should do it! :star_struck::heart:

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If you still wanna get married after 30 years, ain’t that the most beautiful thing!


I think that would be fantastic. Many couples renew their vowels on their Wedding Anniversary. Have your full wedding day.

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I know of quite a few people who have done this and think it’s beautiful. I belive people call it “renewing their vows”… Do it gurl!!! Will be another beautiful night to remember :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::bouquet::purple_heart:

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I know a lot of people that have another ceremony on their anniversary.

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People renew Vows All The time for an Anniversary! You Two should have a Party And Enjoy!


Do it. You can still have your dream wedding

Do your dream if you have the money an both of u want it, i woukd in a second if he hadnt taken my youth an then divorced me in my old age

We did a renewal of our vows for our 25. It was amazing.

I don’t see anything wrong with it I plan on doing a vow renewal one day

It’s never too late !! Go for it it’ll
Be the best day ever

Simple: live your life to the fullest

It would be lovely :blush:

Follow your heart it’s not crazy at all to celebrate your love and devotion to one another no matter how many years

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I knew a couple that had a renewal ceremony for their 50th. It’s not uncommon.

I also want to do this, renew our vows.

Renew your wedding vows… and have a little ceremony. My parents did this on their 50th anniversary and it was so beautiful… They eloped and we did this for me…

i love this idea, do it !

No way! Do
It! Do