Would a potty party be too much?

My 3 year old is so close to being successfully potty trained! I’m looking into a potty party! Do you think a potty party is to much?? I’m all about celebrating achievements!!!


It’s definitely a reason to celebrate! We always took our kids to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate

I think it’s sweet you wanna celebrate it.

I wouldn’t. But definitely take them to pick out a toy, underwear, and maybe to their favorite place to eat out or make their favorite meal. Keep it personal, like a few other people said it may cause regression with a party.


I didn’t even know it was a thing lol, but to each their own! Celebrate whatever you want!

I’d say a small reward for doing so well! But a whole party is a bit much imo, of course to each their own and it’s a unique idea, but I wouldnt, lol.


A family in house party maybe but that’s not we celebrate with friends. Just like we don’t have period parties. I used to throw my kids parties all the time for any reason. Celebrate your kids, they deserve it but everything doesn’t have to be celebrated with the world. Maybe let them pick out some big kid underwear and a special big kid toy.

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I mean it’s your decision but if you’re doing a potty party be prepared to have to big things for small accomplishments.

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What ever works for y’all me personally what I do is go shopping they go pick out there own underwear maybe a new outfit and a toy then take them somewhere they love to eat :person_shrugging:


I mean it’s a necessary achievement, so yea lol I think it’s too much :joy:


Being potty trained is a personal private thing , make a favorite dinner, a new toy, no party, that’s kinda gauche


Just buy her a reward she may start to think she will get a party every mile stone achievement lol

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If you want to be extra for your kids and make them feel special then you do it!! It may not be necessary and the kid might not remember it but they will always remember how special you made them feel. Dont ever feel embarrassed about going the extra mile for your babies.


I did that with my kids. Balloons, streamers and a cake etc. Celebrate no more diapers :tada:

Congrats you go in the potty like every other human!

Everybody trying so hard to outdo each other… :rofl:

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Celebrate achievements however you like but this is real cringe to me :woman_shrugging:t3: lol


Cringe, but you do you. Every family is different - who am i to judge.

I’ve taken my kids out for ice cream when they’ve successfully been potty trained. I think that would be embarrassing for a child to have a party thrown about it


That’s like a pick out a cool toy achievement. You’re setting yourself up for a lot of unnecessary stress. That’s entirely too much especially for for all purposes a basic task (yes it’s definitely a milestone however nothing worth getting ballons for. Tbh she’ll never remember so anything extra is for you.


That sounds super cringy and embarrassing for the kid. A toy or ice cream would do the trick.

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I wouldn’t let my mates or their kids live it down if they threw a potty party

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I would not attend a potty party, that’s weird…lol

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I just let my kid run around with no pants with toilet targets in his potty. A party for doing what every human on the planet does?!:rofl: bro.


Some of these comments are so judgemental it’s upto her we don’t need to shame her for it

You have got to be kidding. Get a life.


Ngl this is weeeird😂 almost as weird as puberty parties but not quite there. Thin ice tho.


Just delete this and forget you ever thought about it :joy:


Throw a party for brushing their teeth, washing their hands, breathing…


It’s your child your decision. 99% of people do not throw a potty party. It might be embarrassing to your child also and he could regress. Just buy him a new toy.

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Weird. Are you gonna throw a party when they ride a bike for t her first time too? These things are normal and yoire going to set the expectation to be praised by everyone when they hit a normal milestone in their life lol.

To each their own but potty training is literally something everyone has to learn and do besides special circumstances of course. So making a big deal out of it is just very weird to me. Some people these days are doing too much.

You can if you want. Perwonally i wpulsnt its as cringy as a period party. Although taking your child and doing something special would be celebrating just not a ‘party’.

If that’s what you want to do then do it. Who cares what other people think

Buy them a toy lol :joy: don’t need a party


Do what you want but I would say no to me 3 is late

That’s a bit ott
If you are going to throw a celebration for every mile stone
Your setting yourself up for a lot of stress and empty bank accounts

If someone invited me to a potty party I wouldn’t even respond to the text. Y’all out there doing too much these days


Do what’s right for you and your family…screw what anyone else thinks…tell them they are not invited!

Fairies came and Visted my boys (they were into Fairies at the time) when they completed potty training…the Fairies also took away their binkies and left small trinkets in the mail box as well…lol…I got lots of judgment that Fairies visited my boys…they are now 12 and 8

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This is weird lmao

I’m all for a personal “celebration” but a whole party seems weird


This is a private don’t do a party. Do something simple a meal, game or toy.

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All these people are so mad they never got a potty party.:sneezing_face::joy:


I wouldn’t only bc children sometimes regress and that might be a bit much.

Too many people say when they’re young they won’t remember these things. Mine remember stuff from when they were toddlers. They will remember it. Even if it’s not a “potty party” just throw the party. Even if it’s just you and the kids. Get one of those big ass confetti poppers. Life is too short. Fuck it :tada:

We had a small one for my niece. We gifted her panties,a book for the long sits, and a helium mylar ballon because she loves balloons. We had cupcakes with the immediate family. It lasted maybe 30 minutes but it was fun and she was excited. So I think it was worth it.

Didn’t know people do that. I think mine got ice cream or a toy…not sure they are 18 and 15. That’s been awhile. However just know this, you are setting a precedent. If you go big for this milestone, she may start to expect it for every achievement big or small. Unless you are rich (which we all know can change quickly anyway), remember just because you can afford to throw a big party for this doesn’t mean in two years, or 10 years you will be able to everytime there’s a basic achievement. I’d say always celebrate the accomplishments, but keep them realistic for any schedule/budget. Icecream, family movie night at home (her choice of course), new small toy (like a $5 limit, or just let the child choose dinner). Then the super big accomplishments feel bigger and better when they are celebrated bc they mean more. Just my opinion.

As long as you keep it within your family i think it’s ok.
And when you say party i think for this age you can just take him for a treat

Kid picks a celebratory toy & you get your nails done pretty to celebrate no more changing nappies.

We told my 3yr old great nephew that when he poops on the potty we would have a poop party! So now he’s completely potty trained and we’re planning a poop party, what ever works.

Yes buy him a ool toy and be done with it

The kid should already be potty trained by now. Throwing a party for something expected only sets up further expectations of something for nothing. This leads to every kid getting a trophy for average, or below average performance.