Will I have to have another c-section?

I believe in order to have a vbac you have to sign off saying you know the risks and want to have one anyway. At least that’s what my sister said a few yrs back when I was wanting a vbac and she was an ob nurse for almost 15 yrs at the time.

I was told I was carrying massive I ended up with a 7 pound baby small for me as my first born was 9 pound :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My first was an emergency c section. My second I was given a choice. I could do a c section again or I could try vaginal

Depends on what your doctor’s!! What do they say??

“Small baby, maybe 6 lbs…” 1 week later: came out over 8lbs.
I dont take the estimates seriously!

I had a csection with a 8.9lb and 13 months later delivered naturally to a 8.11lb :grimacing::grimacing:

I will say I had to sign some document stating “I wanted” to try for vaginal

No my baby was 9 lbs 13 1/2 ounces and I had him vaginas

My first was a c section and since have had 4 successful VBACs vaginal birth after cesarean. It also depends on the type of csection you had. Of course I watched wat I ate so I could keep my babys small due to ky first was over 8lbs. So it is possible talk to your ob and consult with a MD on your chances because you need to sign papers to try for a VBAC. Also it depends on the hospital you are delivering at some do.not allow VBACs and some do.

I had a c section with my 1st I demanded a vaginal with the next 3 and was successful

My sister in law had a emergency c second with her first. She had a c second with her other two babies

Get yourself a referral or start asking for recommendations from others on vbac friendly doctors.

I went natural, caesarian, natural, caesarian and in that order

Depends on OB and your health if they think you can do a v-back


I had a natural delivery in 1986.
An emergency
c-section in 1988.
A natural delivery in 1990.
A natural delivery in 1997.

Talk to your Dr. Let him/her know. Go from there.

You should have the option of natural

Most Of the time. CSec.

They should do a ultrasound before they determine how big baby is. But as long as you pass all the other criteria for vbac, I don’t see why you can’t keep that as the goal. That was my goal but got repeat csection for the health and wellbeing of my rainbow. Im glad I did because babys umbilical cord was short and the placenta was small.

I’ve had two c sections we are pregnant with our final baby and have to do another I’m not able to do a Vbac cuz the hospital won’t allow it due to if something went wrong they wouldn’t have all the people they need or and couldn’t get them there fastest enough but all is good I love my ob she delivered both my babies and my csections went great :+1:

I wld advice u against VBAC since there is a risk ur old inner wound would open up n u might bleed…plus u might stay in labor for longer hrs n still go for a Csection in the end…i had a section after 18hrs of labor with my first(who weighed 4kg) and went for a scheduled csection with my second(who weight 4.150kg) i thought it is easier…faster…some pain for the first day n then everything went fine…
A friend of mine insisted on VBAC n went through a whole lot of pain and labored for 20hrs with her second…just weigh ur options n think if it is worth it!

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I measured big with both if mine and they were in the 5 lbs range. I had a c section with my oldest and a vbac with my youngest. My kids are 4 years apart so my obgyn at the time was fine with me doing a vbac.

Each case is different but my sister had seven kids. Her first 2 were cesareans and she had the remaining 5 VBAC without issues. If your physician agrees and you want a natural birth, many are successful.

First off, ultrasounds are often inaccurate when it comes to guessing their weight. 2nd, as long as they cut you the right way & there were no complications, you’re able to have a vaginal birth. I’m having a vbac after having 2 c sections. My doctor & hospital fully support my decision based on the facts


I had a ceaser for my first as he was breached, and now I’m pregnant again I’ve got to choose either normal or ceaser and in myself I feel it’s safer for me to have a ceaser as I know it’s been 5years between my first one I still just don’t like the risks that could happen. I’m in on Tuesday yay ! Good luck for yours hun !

I pushed very hard and had a vba2c. (Vaginal birth after two c sections.) It was amazing, I would do a vbac any day. He was my third and largest baby. I was even overdue and induced. Anything is possible.

I’m guessing your in the states. But over here in England, if they think the baby will be over 4kg (9lb 1oz) they give you the option to induce you so that you can have a vaginal birth and yo help prevent and complications or emergency c-sections. I know over in the states it’s a different story and they dont always let you give birth how you want (like making you have epidurals - c-section ect) but why not ask to be started off when baby reaches that weight? As long as your around 38 weeks you should be fine.

Depending on where you live and are giving birth may or may not allow it. I have to have mandatory c sections where I’m at.

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Since it’s your second pregnancy you can try vaginal delivery. I had it as an option but I chicken out, I dialed 4 cm in 48 hours. I also read how my csection can open up and I could bleed out. I ended choosing a csection. I’m pregnant for the 3rd time and I’m going for an other csection. I’ve googled vaginal delivery and I couldn’t lol.

Um I had a emergency csection with my first and with my second they made the choice up to me

It should still be an option unless they believe you could be higher risk for tearing due to size. I would seriously consider a long talk with your OB and see what they say or even get a second opinion if they are not willing to consider it I had two csections but was given the option with my second

Have you had an ultrasound to get a better estimate of size ?

Definitely try for a VBAC! Look up vbac calculator!! :heart:

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I had a vbac with my second and he was 9.5 lbs

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It’s not up to anyone on here. You need to have a long talk with your OB.


Vaginal is an option for you, be your voice alot of providers shy away from vbacs, find a new one. I’m currently 37 almost 38 weeks with my second. First one was emergency C-section. This time I wanted a vaginal birth sooooooo bad… But my pregnancy had other things in mind… My last couple weeks I’ve become extremely high risk and they need to have baby out by next week. If I don’t go into labor between now and the date they have picked I will be getting another C-section. I called all over even to a high risk specialist and no one will induce me to give me that chance. Make sure you do what you can to prevent anything that could put you in my situation, I ended up with hypertension and gestational diabetes that is uncontrollable which is why no one will induce me and baby needs to come out. Super devestating but before all that happened I was a great candidate for VBaC. Definitely find a provider who is supportive because you should be a good candidate as well given your last csection was a few years ago. Best of luck momma

Edit to add, my baby has measured 4 weeks ahead sense 15 weeks and I was never told that’s why I can’t have a VBaC it’s all based on my health conditions that’s keeping me from having a vaginal (unless I go into labor on my own in a few days) but they can’t induce me based on my health issues

It depends on how your section was done the first time. My first was an emergency section and bc I was only 30 weeks they had to cut my uterus vertically instead of horizontal, bc of that I could not ever deliver naturally and I could never go past 37 weeks. I would look at getting a second opinion if its really something you may want to try.

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My OB also said that babies who grow a bit too big, needs to come out soon. They fear the worst when birthing naturally for big babies, so they opt for c section

I did because I wanted to be able to know the exact date I was going to have my second but it was by no means mandatory. After going through labor for almost 3 days and the fear that something might go wrong again . my 1st was a little over 6lbs and I wasn’t able to have him naturally so I didn’t want to take the chance. I wouldn’t change a thing. My second one was so easy scheduled. So much more prepared and cut out a lot of anxiety .

My first and third was vaginal. Both were huge babies 9.8 and 9.12. My middle child was a c section. Depending on yr own physical circumstances and the baby it’s possible . The one I had the c section for was only an 8!lber…just wrong position to dive out

Whatever is safest for you and baby in my opinion is the best method of delivery. Every woman is different and every pregnancy situation is different.

I had to after having an emergency c-section got pregnant after had to have another one but my first 2 kids were natural and last 2 were c-section