Will I have to have another c-section?

If you had an emergency csection a few years ago and were expecting again. Is it true you have to do csection again if baby is big consider 9-10 pounds I’m stressing about this since my OB said that. I want it to be natural my first born was in the range of 6 pounds. They think this baby is going to be big since I’m measuring big but that’s how I was with my first my stomach would be measuring big.


They can never know for sure until the end. My son measured big and ended up only 7 lbs. I know a lot of people who have had a vaginal birth after having a c-section.

You do not have to, there are drs that will do VBAC but they are rare. I would google some :slightly_smiling_face:

I had an emergency csection with my first and then a scheduled with my 2nd. Zero regrets.


I had an emergency c section first pregnancy was allowed tk try natural second but ended up havin another c section

I’m in the same boat. My first kid was a boy he was 9lbs 12oz. & I had a c-section.
This time I’m pregnant with a girl but I ended up with gestational diabetes with her & she’s estimating to be big too. I was hoping for vaginal but doctors are saying ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I had a scheduled C section with my first and I’m planning on having another one. My doctor offered me a VBAC but I feel more comfortable having another scheduled one.

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My OB told me that I could do a V-bac but because my first son was 9 pounds 3 oz, he was considered big and their hospital policy was to do another c section.
So I guess it depends on the hospital policy. But I will say, they thought my first son would be 6 pounds and he was 9. And they thought my second son would be big and he was 7 pounds so don’t go off measuring lol

I had 4 C Sections. All my babies were under 8 pounds

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Emergency c section 9 lb baby my ob let me try vaginal with my second but it also ended in a c section she was 10 lbs.

My first was an emergency c section he was 10.7lbs. I am opting for another c section planned this time - labour was way to long 36 hours & I failed to progress so it was what we decided . I could of done a VBAC but I’m also getting my tubes out and with the c section it can get all done at once .

It depends on the reason you had the first csection. And how long ago your first csection was. Talk about it with your ob and discuss the risks. They know what’s best. If you don’t agree try another doctor. I had emergency with my first, scheduled csection with my second and I’m having another csection this time. It all depends on why you had to have the first csection


This depends on the reason you had the first C-section, of you or baby are at risk of the same thing happening again & your doctor.

I had 2 vag births & 1 emergency, near death C-section. Besides the near death, emergency part if I was to have another baby I’d choose a C-section. Everyone talks about recovery with C-section. I walked over a mile less than 24 hours after my son was born without pain meds (my ex wouldn’t allow me to have any pills). My 2nd baby was 3 days of the worse pain & the worse expirence of my life & I’ve through a lot of shit.

I had a emergency csection for my first. (She was Stuck in birth canal as baby was big)…
they said vbac at first for my second but then Cos I got transferred to another hospital they booked me in for a planned csection due to them losing my file an there wasn’t enough time to plan an go over my information seems I was 37 weeks by then. An they seen I previously had csection due to big baby so I guess they weren’t chancing it again.
Maybe ask for a reason as to why u can’t have vbac, I just had my 3rd baby an he was 95% percentile an I was told he was going to be big but he was 7 pound. I thought they tried vbac unless there’s a medical reason as to why.

I had an emergency the first, and two more scheduled after that. Actually went into labor the night before both scheduled dates and by the time I went in I was almost emergency status again :woman_facepalming:

You do not need to have a csection with a larger baby. It can always be a possibility if their are complications or issues but talk to your doctors because they can explain everything. I had both mine vbac and my first was 8pounds 13 ounces and second was 9pounds 14 ounces and with him they induced me 2 weeks early because he was measuring big

I know women who have had a 10lb baby naturally. I would discuss your wish to have a vbac with your Dr

If your OB says he won’t do it, then you can’t. However you can try to find a physician that allows VBAC and will accept you at whatever gestation you are. You always have other options, it’s just whether or not it’s feasible with how far along you are.

I just went for a vbac 6 weeks ago and ended up having to have another c section anyways. From experience if they recommend the c section instead of natural do it. My baby couldn’t handle the stress of labor and he ended up with bruises from being stuck up against my hips bones!

Absolutely not true!! Doctors will often use that as a scare tactic, very very rarely will a woman’s body ever make a body it cannot deliver naturally. You never have to schedule a csection, or go in for one if you don’t want to. If you show up to the hospital in labor they cannot turn you away because you didn’t schedule a csection, and they CANNOT force you to have a csection. Hospital policy is not law, you can decline anything and they cannot turn you away if youre in labor. It’s your body and your birth, you have the right to have that baby you want to, with trained staff their IN CASE you need something. I suggest finding some vbac groups to join here on Facebook’s. Those momma’s can give you lots more info, evidence based research, links/articles, and help you learn how you can fight for yourself!! They are warriors.

I had an emergency with my first, then 3yrs later had a vbac and he was 9lb1. 4years later had another and he was estimated to be big and was given a choice of vaginal or section but due to size chose section he was 10lb9.

I had a vbac. Vaginal birth after c section. You just have to find a hospital that had an anesthesiologist on call 24/7 in case things end up in another c section. Also don’t let them induce you your body let’s you know when baby is ready. Also I’ve read sooooo many stories where they say baby is ,10 pounds but come out 6 pounds. Ultrasounds are way off. There’s a lot to learn just have to educate yourself. I would rather push 100 babies out then to have another c section

My 1st was an emergency c-section as well. I wanted to do vaginal with my 2nd,but my Dr had checked and advised against it cuz off him being big. If i would’ve had him he would’ve been almost 9lbs or bigger. I had him a few weeks early and he was 8lbs 15oz. I’m glad i didn’t cuz he was a big boy. I’ve had 4 c-sections and each one has been different,but my last was the best one I’ve had.

I had an emergency c section with my first one after 24 hrs in labor. Her heartbeat dropped and I wasn’t dilating like I should have. My last 2 were scheduled and I am so happy for that. Mostly because my husband was allowed in for the other 2 and I was awake for them as well. I was put under for my oldest and I hated waking up from it.

I had an emergency c section with my first he was 6lbs 6oz, he’s 8 now. My ob and MFM doctors both say it’s my choice! Your doc may not be pro VBAC?

It depends on how they cut you on the inside “vertically or horizontally” because if you have a vertical cut it’s likely to reopen while you are getting bigger or pushing and you can bleed out in a matter of minutes because ALOT of your blood flow is in that area while you’re pregnant. Your doctor will have to look at your surgical history and talk to you about it. There are still some risks no matter what. I’m 28 weeks and had an energy c-section 6 years ago. I’m trying to do vaginal this time! Good luck

None of my babies have been big so I can’t speak to that, however I did have to have an emergency c section with my first. And then had a successful vbac with my second. I am currently pregnant with baby no.3 and going for vbac again. I much prefer natural to c section. But you have to do what feels right for you.

How long between each baby can be a reason to as well as other health issues. Id definitely talk to Dr. If u can vbac I would. I give u mommas props. I don’t think I could do c-section sounds scary. I had 8 yrs between kids my last was 10lb 3 oz 23inches. And from first contraction to delivery was 5 hours. And like 5 pushes he was here. I tore of course but ppl always say u did it natural i say yes like our bodies r all different and its amazing what they can do!!

If it’s for your safety or the babies , I’d listen to the doctor . But if it’s just cause the baby is “big” then I’d keep on about a vaginal . Many women have had a successful vbac

I had my daughter 2 1/2 years ago via c section and found out I was pregnant a couple months before she turned 2. I’m due in 2 weeks and am completely free to do a vbac (as long as everything looks good during labor) it really depends on how long between kids, and how your delivery/recovery went the first time around

My friends first baby was c section and the next two she did ALL natural so it’s definitely possible.

If you have already had a C you will more than likely need to have another. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have a vaginal but the chances are lower.
Having an emergency c section is more difficult than having a scheduled, if it it an emergency then that means either you or the baby are under stress and something could happen.
I had an induction, emergency C, then 2 scheduled Cs, those last 2 were the best! I knew when that baby was coming and I wasn’t on labor for hours putting unnecessary stress on myself or baby.
Have a talk with your doctor explaining what you want. How you want to try a vbac if it is the right move for both you and baby.

U don’t have to have a caesarean second time but they do advise it due to potential tearing of the old scar I had an elective second time round and a vaginal 3rd time it just depends on what the doctor says all women are different good luck and congratulations :sparkling_heart:

I had 2 c-sections followed by an all natural vaginal birth and then 3 more C-sections

I think there’s also something to do with the way your incision was made with your csection. I forget which is which but one type makes it very dangerous for you to go into labor naturally. Where I work, if you choose to vbac you have to be induced before your due date. Weight can make a difference even if you haven’t already had a csection. There is something called shoulder dystocia that can cause problems for the baby. I’d just ask your OB to explain it in more detail so that you have the full picture and know what decision you can make that’s safe for you and baby

its more likely if you had a C section with your first then you’ll need one w/ your other babies . my doc told me that

I’ve been told that most women who’ve had cesarean sections normally do it again. Ask your doctor to be sure though

I had a c-section the first time and switched doctors so I could attempt a VBAC. It is very possible. I had a uterine rupture so unfortunately I’ll never be able to have a vaginal birth but there is a very low chance of that happening. The doctor I had said she has only had 2 before me in her whole career. You have to call the OBGYN available in your area to see if any of them do it because once you go into labor the doctor can’t leave the hospital until you deliver, that’s why a lot won’t.

It depends my OB-GYN told me while I was in the hospital recovering from my c-section that I could definitely have a vaginal birth next… I had to have a C-section because of the way my Placenta grew the cord was on the side of the placenta instead of in the middle like it was supposed to be…and my baby was not taking pitocin well… his heart rate dropped through contractions

I had a natural birth with my second on the advise it would be fine even though baby was measuring big. I had a full catastrophic rupture and me and my son both lucky to still be here. He was 9lb6 c


I was told that I HAD to have a c section because of this with my second. I feel like I wasn’t listened to at all. Scheduled an early c section to be induced because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Never was a problem, didn’t gain too much weight while pregnant and never had to be medicated for it. My baby was only 7lbs 3oz. My concerns were not priority, I should have gotten a different dr.

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I was told the same by all my OB-GYN my first baby was 9.3 (now 21) was a horizontal C-section and all the rest (18,13,9) were vaginal. They weighed 8.6, 7.14 and 8.8 so have faith and try your best :wink: and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There’s always a risk of uterine rupture. From my experience you don’t have to have the repeat unless something concerning happens. They can calculate how risky it is for a mom by many factors, like what caused the original c-section, maternal age, etc. It can’t hurt to ask at your next visit.


My OB told me it depended on whether the incision on your uterus want vertical or horizontal. I was allowed to labor then had a uterine rupture! We both made it, went on to had 2 more pregnancies, 1 successful 1 not…

Depends! My midwife told me when you have a c section your chances of needing one again increase by 50% on average. My son measured big in the womb so they said he was going to be 10lbs. He came out 6 lb 15 oz, just very long. He was an emergency c section baby and she told me to wait 2 years before getting pregnant again, if I even wanted to, because of healing time.

If u find the right doc no u can try naturally if the doc deems it safe. But usually most docs reccomend a repeat csection. I’m one of those that have to have a repeat csection due to an emergency csection almost 4 years ago… I go in tuesday to have my son

That’s not true. They cant make you have a csection if they think he’s going to be big. My first was a emergency csection and I got pregnant 6 months later (had to have a repeat csection due to getting pregnant to soon) and they said baby number 2 was gonna be around 10 pounds, he came out 7.8, smaller than my first which was 7.13.

I’ve known many friends to have VBACs. It is definitely possible. My advice would be to seek a fantastic midwife who has excellent experience in VBAC births to explore your options and review the safety aspects.
Good luck Momma, it’s totally achievable! Often it’s finding the right people to support you and your wishes :revolving_hearts:

My first was a big baby (10pound 13oz) and I ended up having and emergency c-section. My second they wouldn’t let me go over a certain date as the all said second child is bigger (she was smaller :joy:) and scheduled a c-section. If they had just me give an extra week i would have had her natural.

Think it might depend on where you are and who you see. I’m in UK, had C-section with my first (emergency) as she wouldn’t come out (not a big baby either, 8lb 7.) They gave me the option with my second as they said it could have been the position my first was in or the meds given. Ended up have a emergancy C-section for my 2nd also due to same circumstances. They have said I would have to have section if I have another. I would always prepare for a section just incase but I planned for natural birth. I will always do whatever it takes to make sure myself and the baby are healthy then I’m happy.

It’s possible in the UK but it depends mainly on how your first procedure went and obviously how your subsequent pregnancy goes and the health of the baby etc. Your doctor should have advised you at the time of your 1st c-section so best to check! X

I had an emergency c section and my kids are 13 months apart second baby I delivered vaginal with no problems I stressed to my ob that I wanted a vaginal delivery and she agreed with me

Depends on how you were cut. Where you were cut. How well it healed eternally. Don’t let them force a c-section if it’s not necessary. They’re in the business for them with all this going on. They tried to make me get one and said that if I didn’t I would have to find another doctor cause that’s all they’re offering. They delivered my daughter and I successfully pushed!

It also depends on the reason for the first c-section. I had 3 of them. Some doctors will let you try for a vbac and if you don’t or can’t they will schedule a c-section. Every mother and every pregancy is different.

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Thats exactly how mine was. Small baby emergency csection and big second baby he was 8 lbs and I did do a csection with him at 39 weeks. My doctor told me I had to go into labor on my own and I just wasn’t and I was so ready to have him out even though I really wanted to do natural but now that he’s here I don’t even care how he got here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are well within your rights to find an OB that supports VBAC. It is absolutely possible to have a vaginal delivery after a csection. I would recommend speaking with a midwife as well.


If the baby is 9 or 10 pounds they will do c-section mainly because if you decide to go natural you can harm the baby or his/her shoulder might dislocate. If that happens then you will go into another emergency c-section and that will just cause more stress :pensive:

Vaginal delivery is of course the natural way to give birth. But if you’ve already had a c section and are expecting a big baby. Listen to your dr. The main thing is to walk away with a healthy baby. I had vaginal delivery twice and begged for a c section both times. There’s nothing wonderful about screaming for 6 hours.

My daughter was a emergency C-Section. She is 2 and I am pregnant with my second. My doctor said I can do a VBAC but recommended a repeat c-section because it was safer. I say get a second opinion if you are unhappy with your doctor’s recommendations

No it’s not true. You can have a C- section and then have a regular birth. First of all I would say this. I would prepare myself and schedule my C-section if that’s what the doctor is saying, regarding you measuring on the larger side that there’s a possibility of a C-section going to happen. It’s better that you prepare mentally and get your family members prepared. Bc if you go into labor and the doctor decides to a C-section at that time you might panic


I think it just depends on the doctor. I had an emergency c section & my doctor told me if I had more kids she would only do a c section for me. But I know some doctors will let you try naturally. Just have to do research on doctors :slightly_smiling_face:

I had an emergency csection with my first due to not dilating. My hospital has a no vbac rule, so I had to have a planned csection with my second.

Also, they said my daughter was going to be close to 6 lbs and she ended up being 8.3 lbs :sweat_smile:

I had 1st baby vaginal 8lbs 6ozs. 2nd by c-section because big and breach 10lbs 13ozs. Then had 3rd VBAC 9lbs 2ozs and 4th VBAC 9lbs 3ozs. My doctor was great. But I had to fight like crazy to get a doctor who would do it.

I wanted to do a VBAC. I had 2 naturals first then a c section with my third.
VBAC was planned until I was a week over due and my old incision started bothering me (I got pregnant again a year after my c section, so it was fairly still fresh). Doctors then said “nope” and did the c section again that day. If she came on time I probably could have done it though. I couldn’t be induced either.

I was told you have a greater chance of rupturing after you have had previous csection but I was offered the choice with my 2nd child in which I decided to have another one my 3rd and 4th were csection without choice because each csection u have your chance of rupturing increase I was told after 4 it gets dangerous hope this helped

i had an emergency c-section with my first and my OB said i could definitely try natural birth whenever the time comes for my 2nd

I had an emergency c section woth my twins, fast forward 5 years and i had to fight hard to have a natural birth after a csection, but i was able to do so.

I had an emergency c-section with my second one and a planned c-section with my third… nope he came in less than a hour naturally and he was 9lbs 13 oz!!

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I had to have an emergency c section cause I have an extra vaginal wall that was only discovered when waters broke/labour started. Plus he was breech.
Drs said I could probably have surgery to allow for a vaginal next time but honestly I’m not fussed if I don’t experience that so I’m just gonna opt for a c section again.

My 1st born was a vaginal birth, 2nd was a c-section, 3rd baby was gonna be a vbac but at 38 weeks she was already measuring at 8lbs 11oz, she hadnt dropped at all, and I wasn’t dialated at all so they scheduled me for a c-section for a week later, which was the day I turned 39 weeks, she was 9lbs 2oz.

I had an emergency c section for my first, planned a c section for my 2nd. At 35 weeks I started having contractions and they kept stopping them when I went in because I wasn’t dilating past 2. Mentioned at my 37 week visit to my doc that every contraction felt like my c section scar was ripping open. She ROLLED HER EYES AT ME, said “that doesn’t happen, I’ll prove it” and walked out of the room coming back a minute later with an ultrasound machine. My c section scar had stretched 6 cm in 6 days. I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital from my 10 am appointment, had to wait awhile because I ate breakfast, had another emergency c section and was back in my room by 5pm with an 8lb 15oz baby. Your risk of needing a 2nd c section is more than double the 2nd time around, I suggest planning it just to be safe, but even then, you might not have a choice. If she hadn’t been a smart ass and tried to prove me wrong, I would have probably split open at home. She listens to me when I say something feels weird now, lol.

I had planned for a VBAC but the baby didn’t drop. My dr up until the end was supportive of a VBAC.

Look up VBAC. Many times after one c section, they do a second because of the scar tissue and risks, but it IS possible, just listen to your doctor

I VBAC’d after an 8lb c section and delivered an 8lb 3.5oz naturally… they just had me come in as soon as I started laboring instead of waiting until later to watch me!

I would find another doctor. Many will do vbacs. I absolutely won’t go that route but a lot of women are successful. Good luck!

I had a vaginal delivery with my first. My second, I had a section because it was six weeks early and he was feet down. They told me that I could have vbac the next time. I did 11 years later. The labor was long but recovery a breeze!

You would have to discuss this with the doctors you see becuz I was told after I was fully healed that I was able to do a VBac if I had a second kid… they never discussed the size of the baby being an issue

No it’s not always necessary. But there are risks depending upon many factors. A good obgyn should explain everything and help you determine if you are a candidate for having birth without another surgery.

Absolutely not. They work FOR you. You absolutely do not have to consent to ANYTHING.

If they keep pushing, find a new doc.

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I had emergency c-section for my 1st and then 13months later I gave birth naturally to my 2nd 9pound baby in hospital. So no u have a choice. Xx

I had 1st baby Emerency c section and the drs prepped at second baby birth and once the water was broke I had baby natural and 3rd baby all natural

My first born son was a emergency c-section and weighted 7.12 but my other 2 girls I went with Mid wifes and they helped me with both vaginal delivery one weighed 8.12 and the other was 8.5

If your baby is big you do not want to risk its life with natural birth! It can get stuck and be stillborn! It actually happens a lot still in this day and age, you just don’t hear about it! Trust me you want to do a c section!

I had an emergency c-section with my first. My doctor gave me the option for my second child, I chose another c-section.

I had a c-section then 2 natural and my last was a c-section. It depends on you, the baby, and your doc. All were 7 to 8lbs and my last was almost a 10 pounder!

That is the MD’s CHOICE. Ask around!! There are a LOT of reasons to repeat & NOT!!


I successfully gave birth to three subsequent children after an emergency c-section for my first. Every ones case is different. Do your own research and ask your health providers a lot of questions.

Nope! I had emergency C section and then turned around a had my other 3 kids v-back… It was amazing

My first was csection, 8.4. second was vbac, 9.5.

I had a c- section with my first pregnancy and I had twins and then I had a VBAC twice after that

I had an emergency c section with my first and due to that the on said I could try natural but the risks become higher giving natual after a cs but it is possible and doable. I just wasnt willing to risk it. Women do it all the time tho so depending on why the emergent warrents the decision

Depends on the doctor and county also. Ventura county doesn’t do VBAC’s so i will have another c section unless i go to LA county. They worry about your uterus rupturing which is why they don’t want to usually.

My first born was a c section then went on to have 3 naturally , the healing after a c section is a lot longer than a natural birth

I had a c-section in 2018 and am having another baby this year and was told I could try to go vaginally if I wanted to.

My ob said that if you only had 1 c section you can have a vaginal one after that but not if you’ve had 2 c sections in a row to risky for a vaginal birth after 2 of them

Depends where you live and their laws, I was going to be a VBAC when I lived in Texas but when I moved to Florida the doctor said he would only do c-section because of possible risk during a vaginal birth after a C-section. I was able to find a doctor that would do it but I had to sign some forms. In the end I had to get a c-section because of possible uterine rupture is what he said when he opened up he said. :woman_shrugging: I tried lol in total mommy of 4 so 4c-sections

I was told I would have to have a c-section after my 1st c-section, but I delivered my youngest vaginally and was just fine.

Depends on your body really.
If you want to try a v-bac you absolutely can! Just be prepared that you may end up with another emergency c-section if things dont go well.

I had an emergency C section in 2017. My daughter was born 14 months later all natural child birth.

I had a vbac and my girl was almost 9lbs.